Downspout adapter

Prinsco® Goldline® Downspout Adapter, 4" x 4" x 3"


This downspout adapter measures 4" x 4" x 3" and is designed to connect large roof downspouts to 4" pipe.

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This downspout adapter measures 4" x 4" x 3" and is designed to connect large roof downspouts to 4" pipe.

  • Downspout adapter
  • 4" x 4" x 3"
  • Connects large roof downspouts to 4" pipe


Product NamePrinsco® Goldline® Downspout Adapter, 4" x 4" x 3"
Manufacturer SKUAD443
Size3", 4"
ISPU OnlyYes
Store PickupYes
Fitting TypeAdapter

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3" x 4" x 4" Downspout Adapter Sewer & Drain Sewer & Drain SDR 35 PVC

About the 3" x 4" x 4" Downspout Adapter Sewer & Drain Sewer & Drain SDR 35 PVC

This PVCSDSA344 is a downspout adapter that comes with a hub female connection. It is made of highly durable and corrosion-resistant PVC material. This downspout adapter is compatible with any schedule 35 sewer and drain pipes made of PVC material. It is primarily designed to connect rain gutter downspouts to underground sewer piping. In addition, this downspout adapter conforms to the ASTM D2852 standard for material and mechanical requirements. It also contains zero average lead content. Here at PlumbersStock, we make it our top priority to offer you quality fittings for your plumbing needs. You may now get this downspout adapter for a discounted price!

Product Details

Product:Couplings and Adapters
Connection Type:Glued
Weight0.42 lbs.
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Square to Round Metal Downspout Adapter

Downspout drain square to round adapter

Available in copper, zinc, galvalume plus, colored aluminum and steel

If you're looking for something better than those ugly plastic downspout adapters we have what you need. Our custom made metal downspout adapters work with connecting square or rectangular down pipes with several different sizes of drain pipes.
the top and bottom portion extend past the dimensions A x B and C by 1" to act as tabs for securing this item.
An adapter for a gutter pipe works by changing the size of the downspout used. It connects a square or rectangular downspout to a round one.
Although there are circumstances in which there are 2 different size downspouts, this is mostly used on situations when connecting a gutter downspout to a sewer line pipe or a runoff area pipe, both of which are normally round.
Custom colors, sizes and materials are available as custom items. Please, contact us for a quote.


1 - Cut the downspout to receive the adapter. Make sure to not cut too much. The bottom portion of the adapter is flexible and smaller than the circumference of the pipe, like a funnel, and will slide down quite a bit in place.
2 - Place the adapter in place.
3 - Secure the 1" vertical portion of your adapter to the downspout with rivets, screws or by soldering. You may choose to secure the bottom portion as well or not depending on your application. We recommend both top and bottom to be secured, if possible, although some customers don't even secure the top.

SizeABCDEF / Height
2"x3" to 3"3.25"2.125"2.5"1"1"8"
3"x3" to 3"3.125"3.125"2.5"1"1"8"
3"x4" to 3"4.25"3.125"2.5"1"1"8"
3"x4" to 4"4.25"3.125"3.5"1"1"8"
4"x5" to 4"5.5"4.125"3.5"1"1"8"
4"x5" to 5"5.5"4.125"4.5"1"1"8"
5"x5" to 4"5.25"5.25"3.5"1"1"8"
5"x5" to 5"5.25"5.25"4.5"1"1"8"
4"x6" to 4"6.25"4.25"3.5"1"1"8"
4"x6" to 5"6.25"4.25"4.5"1"1"8"
4"x6" to 6"6.25"4.25"5.5"1"1"8"

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Adapter downspout

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