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Skyrim: 10 Things Most People May Have Missed In Dawnstar

The Elder Scrolls series has one of the largest and most expanded upon universes. Bethesda was sure to include a lot of hidden details within the RPG world of Skyrim with some being easy to find and some being more difficult. Some of these are hidden in plain sight and one of those places is the city of Dawnstar.

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While it may not be as grand a city like the dwarven-built Markarth or the Imperial-influenced Solitude, there's a lot to uncover in Dawnstar if you take the time to take a look around town. Here are some things that most people might have glazed over in Dawnstar.

10 It Has A Bloody History

Until 2E 283, Dawnstar was just an average village trying to make ends meet. That changed when a fortress in the village was destroyed causing it to be ruled by martial law. This would lead to one of the most violent periods in Tamriel's history in which Dawnstar would actually be destroyed.

The city was eventually rebuilt at some point before the end of the Third Era with it eventually returning to how it once was.

9 It Lies In Perpetual Snow

For whatever reason, it never seems to stop snowing in Dawnstar, or at least the snow never melts. Dawnstar is actually one of three cities, the other two being the city of Winterhold and Windhelm.

It's a good way to show off Skyrim's cold climate that it's known for and its similarities to Norway, the land of the Vikings who inspired the Nords. It would also explain why some of its people are pretty miserable.

8 Its Jarl Really Hates The Empire

Speaking of miserable people, Dawnstar's jarl is Skald the Elder who has ruled it for over 35 years. When first arriving in the city, the Dragonborn will encounter Skald arguing with two Legion war vets, Brina and her husband Horik.

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Asking about it will reveal Skald's strong distaste for the Empire. He even thinks Brina and Horik are spies and that the dragons appearing in Skyrim are a direct result of turning their backs on Talos, the divine whose worship was banned by the Empire. He is also fanatically loyal to Ulfric Stormcloak, in case that wasn't obvious enough.

7 The New Jarl Of Dawnstar

Should the player side with Empire in the Civil War questline, they will eventually have to take Dawnstar and the Pale, the region of Skyrim Dawnstar resides in, from the Stormcloaks.

Once it is done, Skald will be replaced by Brina as jarl due to her prior history with the Empire. Seems like karma hit Skald hard who will now be in Windhelm's palace for the rest of the game.

6 A Town Plagued With Nightmares

Upon doing some investigating, the player will discover that Dawnstar's people are all suffering from bad nightmares. It is eventually revealed that a daedric prince, Vaermina, is corrupting the peoples' dreams to grow more powerful.

A priest of Mara, Erandur, will request help with ending the nightmares. At the end of the quest, players have the option of either helping the priest of Vaermina who gives them the artifact Erandur is trying to destroy. Either outcome will finally end Dawnstar's nonstop nightmares.

5 A Game Of Mines

Business is always a competitive thing regardless of the era. This is evidenced by the rivalry between two mines in Dawnstar, Iron-Breaker Mine, and Quicksilver Mine. The workers of both mines are always trying to outperform the other in who can mine the most ore.

The rivalry is pretty one-sided in favor of Quicksilver Mine since quicksilver is much more profitable than Iron-Breaker's iron. Regardless, both places are good for the player to mine each ore to use in blacksmithing.

4 The Hidden Chest

Speaking of Iron-Breaker Mine, there is a hidden chest that players can find with some neat goodies waiting inside.

There are a group of three rocks that form a triangle. Once finding this, sneak and look at the rock towards the back. The chest, which is invisible, can be found here containing a variety of goods that are scaled based on the player's level.

3 A Good Place To Farm Dragon Souls

Despite being a staple for medieval fantasy, dragons did not appear properly in an Elder Scrolls game until Skyrim. For some reason, dragons have a higher chance of spawning around Dawnstar.

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Defeating dragons will net the player dragon souls which can be used to acquire and upgrade different shouts depending on if the player has acquired new words of power. Since Dawnstar has a higher chance of spawning dragons, it is best to look for dragons here to find new items.

2 A House Cannot Be Purchased Within The City

Since Dawnstar is pretty small, there are unfortunately no houses that can be purchased in the city. Because of this, players do not have to purchase property in order to become thane of the city. Instead, players who want to live near the city will need the Hearthfire DLC.

Having the DLC means that players will be able to buy a plot of land, Heljarchen Hall, in the Pale and then build a house themselves.

1 A Callback To An Oblivion Faction

When going into the main part of town for the first time, players will see an argument that results in a man in red robes, Silus Vesuius, being warned about opening a museum. That museum is a museum dedicated to a faction Oblivion veterans will recognize, the Mythic Dawn.

The Mythic Dawn was the main enemy faction of Oblivion who were trying to bring the daedric prince Mehrunes Dagon, who they worshipped, into Tamriel by trying to wipe out the Septim dynasty. They ultimately failed and were wiped out in between Oblivion and Skyrim.

Talking to Silus will have him give the player a tour and start a quest in which the player tries to retrieve the pieces of Mehrunes' razor, a daedric artifact. Nothing can go wrong with this right?

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Skyrim Dawnstar Guide: Merchants, Loot, Quests, And More

By Callum Archer


Dawnstar is one of the major cities in Skyrim, and there are certainly a lot of reasons to visit this city.

One of the major cities in Skyrim and located in the aptly named Pale Hold, there may not be a lot going on inside Dawnstar's walls, but there is certainly a lot of reasons to visit this bustling city, located in the frozen wastelands of Skyrim. Although Dawnstar is most well known for its mining operations, it is also one of two Holds, alongside Winterhold, with one of the highest dragon spawn rates in the game.

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Despite being a relatively unguarded settlement, with very little in the way of walls and protection from attack, it does have the terrain advantage, walled on most sides with either high cliffsides the ocean, forcing would-be attackers to come through the main gates, or risk braving the stormy seas of Skyrim's north.


Although Dawnstar is considered a major city, there isn't a lot here in the way of merchants. There is, of course, the local blacksmith, Rustlief, that works out of his house with his wife, Seren, and is spitting distance from both the Quicksilver Mine and Iron-Breaker Mine, meaning players can easily make use of whichever ore they require for their armor and weapons. The only other store in Dawnstar is the apothecary, The Mortar and Pestle, run by Frida, the widow of the previous store owner.

The local inn, Windpeak Inn, is run by Thoring, a Nord whose daughter is also the bard of the establishment, though the only reason to visit the inn is to either find radiant quests or begin the Waking Nightmare Daedric Artifact quest. Madena, the court wizard, also sells spell books and various other magical items, such as robes, staves, and Soul Gems.


Although it should have been patched out long ago, there is a secret chest in Dawnstar, to the left of the Iron-Breaker Mine, that is connected to the Khajiit caravan that stops just outside of the city. If you get into the right position, you are easily able to steal everything that the Khajiit would otherwise force you to pay for, and is a good way to quickly find Soul Gems and enchanted items for leveling your Enchanting skill, as well as potions and poisons that are always useful in battle.

There is also a chest inside Beitild's house that contains randomized items, though you are unlikely to encounter this unless you have undertaken the Dark Brotherhood questline, as she is one of several targets given to you by Nazir. Irgnir's house also contains a similarly randomized chest, though they have no quest associated with them and their house will have to be broken into in order to loot it.

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Inside Silus Vesuvius' house, which also doubles as a museum dedicated to the Mythic Dawn cult from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, you can obtain the Mythic Dawn Robes, Boots, and Gloves by picking the locks on the display cases, though this is best done once Silus is dead after completing the Daedric Artifact quest The Pieces of the Past.

Like most cities, there are several different skill books hidden among the houses and shops in Dawnstar, though there are quite a few Destruction skill books in particular. In The Mortal and Pestle, 2920, vol 09 - Hearthfire, a Conjuration skill book, can be found behind the counter where Frida normally stands. Inside Brina's house, you can find the One-Handed skill book, The Importance of Where, in a basket left of the chest at the end of her bed. The Lockpicking skill book, The Wolf Queen, Book 1, can be found inside the jail cell of the Dawnstar Barracks and is most easily obtained by spending the night in prison.

The White Hall has two skill books, one for Destruction and one for Enchanting. Catalog of Weapon Enchantments, the Enchanting skill book, can be found on the floor in the room to the left, while The Art of War Magic, the Destruction skill book, can be found in the second-floor room on the right, sitting on a table.

Both the Quicksilver and Iron-Breaker Mines also have skill books. Inside Quicksilver Mine, the Smithing skill book, Cherim's Heart of Anequina, can be found in a crate on the bottom level next to two veins that are side-by-side. Besides the only bedroll inside Iron-Breaker Mine is a Destruction skill book, Response to Bero's Speech, on top of a barrel.



There are several quests and errands that can be completed in Dawnstar, though the most notable are the two Daedric Artifact quests: Pieces of the Past, where you will be rewarded with Mehrune's Razor, and Waking Nightmare, where you can either obtain the Skull of Corruption or destroy it. Should you chose to destroy it, you will instead gain Erandur as a follower. There is a similar choice in Pieces of the Past, but it isn't recommended to take the option to spare Silus, as he will only give you 500 Septims and he won't become a follower, unlike Erandur.

If you are doing the Dark Brotherhood questline, you will eventually end up in Dawnstar to take over the abandoned Dawnstar Sanctuary, as the Falkreath Sanctuary is destroyed during the last few quests in the questline. Dawnstar is also home to one of the assassination targets, Beitild, though her death happens much earlier in the questline than the move to Dawnstar.

You can begin a short quest for Captain Wayfinder aboard the ship, Sea Squall, Salty Sea-Dogs. Wayfinder will ask you to find fine-cut void salts, which he will reward you with a  leveled amount of Septims if you return them to him. Unlike most other fetch-quests, this one can be done multiple times and each successful completion will reward you with a leveled amount of Septims. Another short quest can be found inside the Mortal and Pestle, where Frida will ask you to find the Ring of Pure Mixtures for her as a memento of her late husband. Once this ring has been retrieved and returned to her, however, it can be bought back from her through her regular shop menu.


There aren't that many secrets inside Dawnstar, though there are some notable interactions that can shed some light on what it's like to live in Dawnstar. While many miners working in Dawnstar claim that Quicksilver Mine is the better of the two, the mine itself only has five ore veins, whereas the Iron-Breaker Mine has six and is located much closer to the smelter. However, Iron-Breaker Mine only has one bedroll for all of its workers, indicating that the owners don't expect their workers to rest at any point.

The Nightcaller Temple also has some interesting facts surrounding it, which should be no surprise considering it is the location for worshipping a Daedric Prince. Unlike most other buildings, followers of any kind aren't allowed inside the temple, including permanent summons from the Dead Thrall or Atronach spells. The temple itself is also claimed by Erandur to have been abandoned for many years before the priests used it as a temple, which indicated that it may actually be the fort that was historically destroyed in the Second era.

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Dawnstar has always been described as a large port city with a lot of activity. What was presented in the game didn't quite do it justice, but until recently putting one's finger on why wasn't so easy. As it turns out, Dawnstar was run by cruel heartless nobles! The miners were condemned to live out their lives neck deep in grime in the mines. Well no more! Now these poor miners have homes like everyone else, and in the process Dawnstar feels more like that larger port city we've been told about too. With six extra homes in it, that shouldn't be much of a surprise. Plus the miners will now go home to sleep, and visit the inn after their shifts are up too. So there will be some of that missing activity now too.

* Each NPC now has their own home.
* All added houses are radiant quest enabled, so you may get Companions missions and anything else that's properly configured to use NPC homes for quests.
* LOD has been generated for the area, including trees, that account for the changes.

My Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/arthmoor

What's New in Version 2.0.5


Two of the new houses were missing their window emmitance settings.

Sours: https://www.afkmods.com/index.php?/files/file/2035-dawnstar/
Skyrim - Baú Invisível de Dawnstar - [PT-BR]


Dawnstar is a city on the northern coast of Skyrim, and the capital of the Pale.

It is a fishing and mining settlement which is initially controlled by the Stormcloaks.

The residents will report having horrible nightmares, which some initially blame on a witch's curse. It is frequently attacked by dragons.

For historical information about Dawnstar, see the lore article.

Dawnstar People[edit]

^aThis person only appears after the completion of Hail Sithis!.

^bThis person only appears if he survives The Cure for Madness.

^cThis ferryman can be hired to transport you between cities via boat.

^dThis person only appears during Unholy Vigil.

^eThis person only appears after the completion of Thane of the Pale.

^fThis person only appears during Rise in the East.

Related Quests[edit]

Quests Starting Here[edit]


Miscellaneous Quests[edit]

Player Owned House[edit]


  • The Quicksilver Mine is located just to the left of Fruki's House (when facing it), in the upper left hand corner of town.
  • The Iron-Breaker Mine is located to the left of The White Hall (when facing it) at the far end of town.
  • A blacksmith's Forge and Hide Tanner are at Rustleif's house in the northwest, by the water.
  • Dawnguard adds a permanently disabled map marker for Dawnstar Docks.
  • Ahkari's hidden merchant chest is located in Dawnstar and is accessible due to a bug. See Ahkari's page for details.
  • A tent can be found northeast of town, past the hill on which the lighthouse is situated. Inside, someone has set up a lovers' retreat, complete with two (unowned) bedrolls, a few articles of clothing, wine, flowers, and an amulet of Mara.
Sours: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Skyrim:Dawnstar

Skyrim dawnstar

Skyrim Player Finds Secret Invisible Chest in Dawnstar With A Ton of Loot

By Dalton Cooper


An Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim player shows new players where they can go in Dawnstar to find a secret invisible chest full of loot.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim features a massive open world full of secrets for dedicated explorers to discover. With the game having been out since 2011, it's safe to say that many diehards already know where to go to find the best secrets, but those who are new to Skyrim may not know where to look. One Reddit user has decided to help those newer Skyrim players out by showing them where to find a secret chest in Dawnstar.

Reddit user Reasonable-Device-66 has uploaded a video showing Skyrim players exactly where they need to go to find the secret chest in Dawnstar. This chest is full of valuable loot, and so anyone that needs to get a ton of items at once should definitely make the trip. To start, Skyrim players should fast-travel to Dawnstar, and then head to the entrance of the Iron-Breaker Mine.

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Instead of going in the Iron-Breaker Mine, Skyrim players should check just to the left of the mine's entrance. There are some rocks here near the wall, and if players look at the snowy ground between the rocks and the wall, they will see a prompt to search a chest. Inside the chest is a ton of loot that Skyrim players can freely grab for themselves, which will definitely help on their adventures.

There is a secret chest in Dawnstar that has a crap ton of supplies inside, no mod, this video is a guide to it, I'm doing this to help newer players, good luck and happy adventures! from skyrim

As previously stated, many diehard Skyrim players likely already know about this secret Dawnstar chest, but newcomers may have no idea of its existence. And even though Skyrim is nearing its 10th anniversary, there are definitely still people who are discovering the game for the first time. There are also those who are revisiting Skyrim and may have forgotten about the secret Dawnstar chest, and so there are many who may find Reasonble-Device-66's video helpful.

While Skyrim's secret Dawnstar chest isn't a new discovery, there are those who have found "new" discoveries in the game in recent years. For example, one Skyrim player recently discovered the Archwind Point dungeon despite having played it regularly for seven years.

Skyrim's sheer depth has kept players enthralled for a decade at this point, but it's safe to say many fans of the franchise are growing anxious for a new adventure. The Elder Scrolls 6 release date is still years away, so it seems fans will have to make due with SkyrimOblivion, and Morrowind while they wait for more information on the next entry in the long-running series.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is out now for PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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The Full Story of the Mythic Dawn Museum - Elder Scrolls Skyrim Lore

Skyrim: 10 Unanswered Questions We Still Have About Dawnstar

Immersion is the main factor that separates The Elder Scrolls franchise from most RPGs. Bethesda's intricate worlds are packed with many stories and quests for players to find. One of the best areas to find these quests are the capital cities of each of Skyrim'snine Holds.

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Dawnstar is frequently regarded as one of the game's lesser Holds, lacking the impressive scale of Whiterun, but it does make up for this with some of the best Daedric quests in the game. It is certainly a town everyone should visit, but that doesn't mean that Dawnstar is perfect. Many conflicts and the design of Dawnstar itself lead to many unanswered questions. Here are the 10 largest ones we have with Dawnstar in Skyrim. This article contains spoilers for Oblivion.

10 Why Is Ahkari's Inventory Stored Here?

As with most capital towns in Skyrim, players might find Khajiit caravans make shop outside of the town to sell various goods. Dawnstar is no exception to this, but what is bizarre is that their entire inventory is stored here.

Left of Iron-Breaker Mine is a small grouping of rocks. Crouch and aim the camera at the back of the rocks will reveal a hidden chest containing every single item Ahkari sells. There are multiple chests in the game that house vendor goods, likely to prevent pickpocketing a vendor's entire inventory, but why is this chest in Dawnstar? Bethesda could have picked any location in the game, so why Dawnstar?

9 How Can Dawnstar Support Trade With One Dock?

Nearly every reference that describes Dawnstar will mention the town's rich mines and bustling trade. Trades occur on the town's dock. Yes, dock, not docks. A town that relies almost entirely on trading to keep its citizens fed only has one dock to trade goods with.

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Trading through main roads is unlikely as the Pale is one of the coldest Holds in Skyrim. For a trade-reliant town, they certainly seem limited in their ability to transfer goods.

8 Are Dawnstar And Danstrar The Same?

Certain books in Skyrim that refer to Tiber Septim mention a strange town north of Skyrim named Danstrar. This town supposedly had some of the best warchiefs in all of Skyrim and ambushed Tiber Septim's men with great success. Of course, Danstrar doesn't exist in Skyrim. It does sound awfully similar to Dawnstar, however, which begs the question if Danstrar and Dawnstar are the same or at least related.

7 How Does Dawnstar Feel About Tiber Septim?

Assuming that Danstrar and Dawnstar are both related, then it would make sense that Dawnstar would have an immense hatred towards Tiber Septim. Danstrar hated what he was doing to Skyrim while he was alive, going as far as to ambush any member of his army to stop them from taking over the Pale. This conflict is explained in detail in the Ice and Chitin book present in both Morrowind and Skyrim.

Since the Stormcloaks are comprised of Nords that—for the most part—worship Talos, wouldn't that make Dawnstar supporting them a major betrayal for what the town originally stood for? It's a moral grey area since Tiber Septim worked for the Empire. It would be more plausible for Dawnstar to follow Whiterun's footsteps and be neutral in the war instead of siding with Ulfric Stormcloak. Regardless, it seems that the town has forgotten its roots entirely and never speak of Talos or the capital's history.

6 How Is Quicksilver Mine Better Than Iron-Breaker Mine?

Two mines exist in Dawnstar that make up most of the town's income. Quicksilver Mine and Iron-Breaker Mine are run by a recently separated couple. As a result, there is major hostility between both mines. Those that live in Dawnstar will frequently mention that Quicksilver Mine is overall better than Iron-Breaker, yet what exactly makes it better?

While it's true that quicksilver is worth more than iron in Skyrim, the mine has a pitiful amount of veins to harvest. Only five veins can be mined for quicksilver, which is significantly less than what Iron-Breaker Mine offers.

5 Who Put The Hit On Beitild?

One of the Dark Brotherhood's contracts involves assassinating Beitild, the owner of Iron-Breaker Mine. Since every Dark Brotherhood contract is requested by a client, who exactly wants her killed? It's highly implied that her ex-husband, Leigelf, was the one to put a hit on her. Talking to him after killing Beitild will reveal that he is happy that she is gone.

Players can't rule out certain workers inside the mine, however. Fruki seems to have personal feelings for Leigelf and various miners can be heard complaining about Beitild and how she has ruined their reputation. While Leigelf might be the most likely suspect, no one knows for certain who put the hit on his ex-wife.

4 Who Owns The Lover's Tent?

Northeast of Dawnstar lies a unique tent near the shoreline. This tent has two unowned bedrolls, various flowers, empty wine bottles, and an Amulet of Mara.

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These items highly imply that this is a lover's tent, which is coincidentally what Prima's Skyrim guide calls this location. Who exactly used this tent? Is this a romantic spot that anyone can use? No one in the town talks about it.

3 Who Sells The Skull Of Corruption To Whiterun Guards?

Completing the "Waking Nightmares" Daedric quest in Dawnstar can potentially grant players the Skull of Corruption, a unique artifact that can harvest dreams to become stronger. Like most items in Skyrim, it can be sold to vendors for a large amount of Gold.

Strangely, the Skull of Corruption can be found on Whiterun guards if they sell the item. Not bandits, mages, or any common enemy in the game. Only Whiterun guards can obtain this weapon once sold. Why would a Whiterun guard be interested in a Daedric artifact? Thankfully, they only hold the item and don't actively use it. Jarl Balgruuf might want to make sure Mephala or Vearmina aren't influencing the inhabitants of the city.

2 How Did The Mysterium Xarxes Enter Silus's Possession?

For those that never played Oblivion, the Mysterium Xarxes is a critical main story item that, when all four pages were combined, would create a portal to the Mythic Dawn's Daedric realm named Paradise. Creating the portal during the campaign seems to have scorched all four pages, but it seems that once has survived.

It seems that Silus Vesuius has a page from this coveted item that can be viewed at the Mythic Dawn museum in Dawnstar. How exactly did he obtain this item? These pages were thought lost after they were used in Oblivion. It wasn't inherited from a family member. Also, shooting the book with a Destruction spell will spawn a bucket for some reason. Why is that?

1 Why Do Dragons Attack Dawnstar So Frequently?

No matter how in-tune a player is with Elder Scrolls lore, nearly every Skyrim fan can attest to how much of a dragon-magnet Dawnstar is. Nearly every time a player travels to this zone a dragon can be seen flying near the capital.

There doesn't seem to be any particular reason as to why dragons love to terrorize Dawnstar out of all places. It isn't uncommon to fight two or even three dragons upon fast-traveling to this location. Nothing in the game's lore can explain why their spawn rate is so high in Dawnstar. No NPCs acknowledge their dragon invasion problems, either.

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Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse May Have An Official Title

Fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel to Sony's acclaimed animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which may have a title now.

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