Installation 01

Installation 01

Installation 01, also known as Beta Halo,[5] is one of the seven ring-shaped superweapons that comprise the Forerunners' Halo Array. One of two Halos located in the Orion Arm (the other being Installation 04),[2] Installation 01 is the farthest Halo from Installation 00. It features a limited atmosphere and a desert-like landscape.[1]


Construction and early history[edit]

The Forerunners had Installation 01 constructed by the Foundry of Installation 00[6] approximately around the same time as the rest of the Halo Array, circa 97,445 BCE during the Forerunner-Flood war.[3][7] The array was designed by the Forerunner Builders to combat the parasitic Flood by eradicating them and all sentient life in the Milky Way. After the rings were built, Installation 01 and its fellow Halos were distributed from Installation 00 to positions across the galaxy through slipstream spaceportals,[3][8] with Installation 01 being positioned the furthest from the Ark.[1]

Afterwards, the Halo Array was fired and eradicated all sentient life from the galaxy. The Forerunners proceeded to reseed the galaxy with life from the species that were preserved on the Halo installations. Like its fellow installations, Installation 01 became home to dormant specimens of the Flood that were intended to be used to help find a cure to the parasite in the future. With the Flood defeated, the surviving Forerunners exiled themselves from the galaxy.[3]

Human-Covenant War[edit]

"Fail-safe protocol: In the event of unexpected shutdown, the entire system will move to standby status. All remaining platforms are now ready for remote activation."
— 343 Guilty Spark, after the Halo Array is placed into standby mode[9]

On November 3, 2552, during the Battle of Installation 05, ChieftainTartarus of the Covenant activated Installation 05, though United Nations Space Command and Sangheili forces managed to terminate the firing sequence before the Halo could fire. As per fail-safe protocol in the event of an unexpected shutdown, a signal was sent to Installation 01 and the rest of the Halos from Installation 05, placing all Halos of the array on standby mode, ready for remote activation from Installation 00. A readout from Installation 05's control room showed that Installation 01 was fully prepared to fire on demand.[1][9]

However, during the Battle of Installation 00 on December 11, 2552, the UNSC and allied Sangheili forces fought to prevent the Covenant from firing the Halo Array from the Ark, as Installation 01 and its fellow Halos were still in standby mode and was prepared to receive the signal to fire. Eventually, Master Chief Petty OfficerJohn-117 succeeded in deactivating Installation 01, as well as the rest of the array, before it could be fired.[10]

Post-Covenant War[edit]

In March of 2555, monitor000 Tragic Solitude of Installation 00 utilized a captured human to activate the Halo Array's firing sequence, triggering a countdown set for the Halos firing in five weeks from March 8, 2555.[11] After discovering the countdown on Installation 07, the UNSC and Swords of Sanghelios launched a joint operation to Installation 00 in which a team destroyed Tragic Solitude and ended the Halo Array's firing sequence.[4]


Like its fellow ring installations of the Halo Array, Installation 01 is approximately 10,000 kilometers (6,200 miles) in diameter and has a surface width of 318 kilometers (198 miles).[1][3] Perhaps due to its primary designation within the array, Installation 01 was designed by the ForerunnerBuilders with a very simple environment in mind. Instead of the verdant landscapes seen on most of the other rings, Installation 01's environment is comprised of a large desert with a limited atmosphere; this may have been by design, due to a lack of proper maintenance or some other incident after the original firing of the Halo Array. The farthest Halo from Installation 00, the Halo was capable of wiping out all sentient life in a 25,000 light-year range, along with its fellow Halo installations.[1]


  • The symbol representing Installation 01

  • The surface of Installation 01

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Installation 01 is a fan-made Halo game that aims to recreate the experience of the series’s past, and developer Soon Studios is teasing something big for the near future. The Installation 01 Twitter account sent out an ominous, 45-second teaser video overnight. The only thing featured in the video is the word “soon” along with some music and a quick flash of the words “no more” toward its end.

At the start of this year, Soon Studios put out a call for artists and coders to help the team push for “a goal promised in 2013” with Installation 01. With this tweet in mind and the almost seven-year buildup, many fans are wondering if maybe a beta announcement is imminent. If anything, the “no more” tease at the end of the video only makes things more complicated.

If a beta is on the horizon, 2020 might be a bigger year for Halo than fans previously thought considering Halo Infinite is already expected to come later this year.

Installation 01 started back in 2013 as nothing more than an attempt by one fan to bring some version of Halo to PC, but it ultimately snowballed into something much grander in scale.

The Gameumentary crew spoke with Soon Studios about Installation 01 and all of the work that has gone into the game thus far. This discussion resulted in Gameumentary’s documentary on the group, which was published just one year ago. Check out the footage in its entirety below.

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Installation 01

Video game

Installation 01 is an upcoming fan-made first-person shooter video game based on the Halo series and developed by Soon Studios (previously known as The Installation 01 Team). Installation 01 is being developed for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems in the Unity game engine.


The build of Installation 01as demonstrated in the March 2017 multiplayer FAQ footage.

Installation 01 is a fan-made, multiplayer-only[1] project designed in Unity for Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux by Soon Studios.[2][3][4] The intent is to replicate the multiplayer gameplay of Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 4, and Halo 5 as a tribute to the series of games—with a specific target of Halo 3—and to do so without re-use of Microsoft assets.[5] The game is named after the Halo ring created by the Forerunner race in the Halo universe.[6]

The studio planned to support some features from later Halo games, but only in custom game modes.[5][7] Game artist Seth H. described a tension in the art and game design of Installation 01 caused by the Halo series' individual game designs.[7] They plan to provide map-making tools.[7]

An extremely-early version of the game was displayed in August 2014.[3] In November 2015, the game was displayed with functional multiplayer in "very small counts" of players; Kotaku noted that the game had not progressed far since August 2014.[3] The team sought to have a playable version of the video game in Q4 2016.[2] The studio was composed of over 30 people at this time.[4]

A test for the multiplayer mode was scheduled for November 2016, with plans for a later single-player mode.[4] At the time, the studio had made a number of familiar game elements, as well as both refreshed and remade versions of certain game maps.[8] Animation polish and additional gameplay elements remained.[8]Kotaku said the game was progressing well in March 2017.[9] In May, a cinematic trailer was released,[1] which featured character and weapons models based on Halo 3 designs.[10] Animator Matthew Lake animated a trailer for both his final academic assignment and to generate excitement for the game.[11] The game's release date was still unknown.[10]


Soon Studios approached Microsoft around August 2016 regarding Microsoft's intellectual property, but did not receive a reply at the time.[5]GameSpot also inquired, without receiving a response.[5] In June 2017, Soon Studios announced their ongoing communication with 343 Industries and Microsoft.[12][13][14] The studio has been transparent with 343 Industries regarding plans for the game. 343 Industries confirmed that the developers are "not under imminent legal threat".[6]Installation 01's development is covered under Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules, as long as the game remains non-commercial.[12][15] He elaborates that they will never accept donations, or sell Installation 01 or Halo related merchandise as to keep a respectful distance between the studio and Microsoft's intellectual property. He also notes that these rules and assurances from Microsoft are specific to Installation 01 as a project, and do not apply elsewhere.[13][14] The studio hopes that the project can continue to be a positive driving force within the Halo community.[13][15]


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