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Maplestory Legion System 2021

The Legion System is a very useful game mechanic in Maplestory. If you’re confused as to what this is, it is also known as the Maple Union system in the game. With the help of this, you can get various stat boosts and bonuses for all your characters. This allows you to level up all your characters in the game. So, scroll down and find out how the Maple Union system works.

How does the Legion System work in Maplestory?

Maplestory Legion System

The Legion System is an unlockable feature in the game. With this feature equipped, you will be able to create a Legion of characters. You also can introduce several character buffs to all your classes in the game.

You will be able to get Stat Boosts from both the characters you put in your Legion as well as the squares that you cover in the Legion Synergy Grid. These boosts are known as Member Bonuses and Grid Bonuses respectively. The total boost that you get on your character is known as the Legion Bonus.

If you use a High Ranking character, you will be able to boost them up, even more, using the Legion System in Maplestory. Due to this your character will cover up even more squares in the grid. This in turn also boosts all the characters in the grid around you as it increases the overall bonus for the grid. All this works out very well for players as it can net you a significant increase in attack stats and EXP.

Every character you assign to the Legion System in Maplestory becomes an attacker and you can have 5 of them at one time. You can also unlock more presets with the Legion Preset Coupon after 30 days.

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How to unlock Legion?

You will need to have a minimum of 500 Legion-eligible character levels. A Legion-eligible character needs to have reached at least level 60. If it is a Zero class character, you need to level it up to 130 at the very least. This is easy as Zero Class characters are available directly as Level 100 legends.

Now, if you have a total of 500 Character Levels, you will have to go and speak to Dame Appropriation. Dame Appropriation is easily available in any major town in the game. You will now get 2 quests known as ‘Legion Introduction’ and ‘We Are Legion’ respectively. Once you complete both these quests you will be able to access and use the Legion System.

You can access the Legion System by clicking on the three lines at the bottom of the screen. This will give you access to the menu. Now, at the bottom, you will find the ‘Manage Legion’ option.

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How to use Legion System Synergy Grid in Maplestory

When you open the Legion window, you will be able to see a grid. This is the Legion Synergy Grid.

You can access the Legion System by clicking on the three lines at the bottom of the screen. This will give you access to the menu. Now, at the bottom, you will find the ‘Manage Legion’ option.

  • Click on Assign Characters.
  • After this select a character from the gallery.
  • Now, place these characters in any grid piece of your choice.

Every square in the grid will give you one of 16 stats boosts. So, for every character you add to the Legion System, you get a stat boost equal to the number of squares covered by that particular character. You can place characters in the Inner Grid when you unlock the Legion Square. With the Grid, you move outwards, beginning from the inner grid.

So, as you start moving outwards, you unlock more Legion Ranks. Therefore, the more squares you cover, the more powerful your team.

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Inner Grid Square Values

  • ATT squares: +1 ATT per square (+15 ATT Max)
  • DEX squares: +5 DEX per square (+75 DEX Max)
  • HP squares: +250 HP per square (+3750 HP Max)
  • INT squares: +5 INT per square (+75 INT Max)
  • LUK squares: +5 LUK per square (+75 LUK Max)
  • Magic Attack squares: +1 M.ATT per square (+15 M.ATT Max)
  • MP squares: +250 MP per square (+3750 MP Max)
  • STR squares: +5 STR per square (+75 STR Max)

Outer Grid Square Values

  • Abnormal Status Resistance squares: +1 Abnormal Status Resistance per square (+40 Max)
  • Bonus EXP squares: +0.25% Bonus Experience per square (+10% Max)
  • Boss Damage squares: +1% Boss Damage per square (+40% Max)
  • Buff Duration squares: +1% Buff Duration per square (+40% Max)
  • Critical Damage squares: +0.5% Critical Damage per square (+20% Max)
  • Critical Rate squares: +1% Critical Rate Chance per square (+40% Max)
  • Ignore DEF squares: +1% Ignore Enemy Defense per square (+40% Max)
  • Knockback Resistance squares: +1% Knockback Resistance per square (+40% Max)

Legion System Squares Unlocking Pattern in Maplestory

  • Nameless Legion 4: Unlocks at First ring of squares outside of the inner grid
  • Renowned Legion 1: Unlocks at Second ring of squares outside of the inner grid
  • Synergy Grid Renowned Legion 3: Unlocks at Third ring of squares outside of the inner grid
  • Renowned Legion 5: Unlocks at Fourth ring of squares outside of the inner grid
  • Heroic Legion 2: Unlocks at Fifth ring of squares outside of the inner grid

As mentioned before, your goal is to start from the inside and work your way outwards. This will change with different gameplay styles as well as your class. It is also better to have high-ranking characters for the same as this will help you cover a lot more squares.

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Legion System Ranks

  • I Nameless Legion Rank: You can assign up to 9 attackers
  • II Nameless Legion Rank: You can assign up to 10 attackers
  • III Nameless Legion Rank: You can assign up to 11 attackers
  • IV Nameless Legion Rank: You can assign up to 12 attackers
  • V Nameless Legion Rank: You can assign up to 13 attackers
  • I Renowned Legion Rank: You can assign up to 18 attackers
  • II Renowned Legion Rank: You can assign up to 19 attackers
  • III Renowned Legion Rank: You can assign up to 20 attackers
  • IV Renowned Legion Rank: You can assign up to 21 attackers
  • V Renowned Legion Rank: You can assign up to 22 attackers
  • I Heroic Legion Rank: You can assign up to 27 attackers
  • II Heroic Legion Rank: You can assign up to 28 attackers
  • III Heroic Legion Rank: You can assign up to 29 attackers
  • IV Heroic Legion Rank: You can assign up to 30 attackers
  • V Heroic Legion Rank: You can assign up to 31 attackers
  • I Legendary Legion Rank: You can assign up to 36 attackers
  • II Legendary Legion Rank: You can assign up to 37 attackers
  • III Legendary Legion Rank: You can assign up to 38 attackers
  • IV Legendary Legion Rank: You can assign up to 39 attackers
  • V Legendary Legion Rank: You can assign up to 40 attackers

How to Increase Legion Rank?

If you want to increase the Legion Rank in the Maplestory Maple Union system, you will need to complete 2 things:

  • Firstly, the total number of Legion-eligible characters.
  • Secondly, the number of Legion Coins.

To increase the Legion Rank you will have to go and speak to Dame Appropriation. Click on the ‘Talk To’ option. You shall now be able to see an ‘Increase Legion Rank’ option. Dame Appropriation is available in any major town in the game.

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How to get Legion Coins?

You will be able to get Legion Coins from the Legion System. There are only two ways to get these coins in the Maple Union System

  • Firstly, from the Legion Raid.
  • Secondly, from the Legion Daily Quests.

These are basically matchups where you fight powerful bosses. Every boss that you defeat will net you 1 Legion Coin. Each Legion character can hold up to 200 Legion Coins which you have to manually claim.

To claim your Legion Coins from the raids you will have to follow these steps:

  • Open the Legion Window.
  • Now, you will have to click on Start Raid and choose ‘Yes’ on the corresponding pop-up notification.
  • Once the Raid begins click on the ‘Retreat’ option.
  • After this talk to Dame Appropriation.
  • Doing so will allow Dame Appropriation to hand over all the Legion Coins your Legions have won.

To claim your Legion Coins from the Daily Quest you will have to follow these steps:

  • You will have to first go and talk to Dame Appropriation.
  • After this, you will be able to find the Daily Quest option.

There are two Daily Quests that you can play.

  • Firstly, there is ‘Whip the Whelps’ that needs you to defeat 100 Dragon Whelps for a reward of 10 Legion Coins.
  • Secondly, you will have to complete ‘Defeat the Golden Wyvern’ that asks you to defeat 20 Golden Wyverns for a reward of 20 Legion Coins.

This is everything you need to know about the Maplestory Legion System. While you are here have a look at the Maplestory Guides to learn more about the game.


MapleStory Legion Guide

MapleStory Legion is a character progression system that gives you stat bonuses and benefits for leveling up all the different types of classes of MapleStory. Every single level on any character can now contribute to your Legion; the benefits are given to all characters in your world, making it easier to start new mains and boost your existing ones. This guide will look at how the Legion system works, the Legion Member Bonuses and how you can earn Legion Coins for the Legion Shop.

Legion is a progression system that every serious MapleStory player should work on. The stat benefits are amazing and can really boost your character into the next tier of progression.

How Legion Works

The general idea behind how the Legion System works in MapleStory is that every character on your account counts towards your Legion and can be used to pass on bonuses to other characters. Because MapleStory has over 40 different jobs and classes, the Legion system makes it a benefit for trying out all the different characters, allowing progress to be shared amongst them.

Legion Grid MapleStory

The Legion system unlocks as soon as you have accumulated 500 levels between all the characters on your account. You can access it from the Main Menu in any town map; upon loading up the Legion UI you'll be presented with a grid system that you can customize to your liking.

Your Legion Level is the accumulative total of all of your character's levels on your account. Only the top 40 characters on your account will count towards your Legion Level.

Every character that is above level 60 will count towards your Legion Level.

Legion Rules

Grid Bonuses

Each character is represented by a block on the Legion Grid. You can only place a limited number of character blocks on your grid based on your Legion Rank. In the first rank, you can place up to 9 characters to your grid.

A player will add their first block to the center of the grid and from there they can go in any direction but the blocks must be connected together.

When you place a block on the grid you gain stat bonuses from the Legion Grid, as well as a job-specific bonus that each character block gives. The higher the level a character is, the bigger their block is and the more stat bonuses you'll gain.

Your character's block and rank increases upon reaching certain level milestones.

Character RankLevel ReqBlocks
BLevel 601 Block
ALevel 1002 Blocks
SLevel 1403 Blocks
SSLevel 2004 Blocks
SSSLevel 2505 Blocks

Many players will first get their characters to S rank (Level 140) because it is one of the most logical stopping points. It allows players to get the Level 2 Link Skill for that character and leveling becomes a lot slower between level 140 and 200. In today's MapleStory, many players can get to level 140 in a couple of hours.

Your character's block shape is determined by it's rank and job-type. You can use the table below to see all the different block shapes.

Legion Raid Power

Legion Raid Power

As well as earning stat bonuses, players will also earn Legion Coins passively. Every character that you assign to your Legion Grid will add towards your total Legion Power.

Legion Power is affected by the character's level and the amount of Starforce a character has (Starforce is another upgrade system for equipment). Your characters will be constantly battling a giant dragon (which you don't need to participate in); each time they deal 100 billion damage, you'll earn a Legion Coin.

The more characters you have assigned to your grid and the more stronger they are, the more Legion Coins you'll earn. See our Legion Coins section for more details.

Legion Ranks

Your Legion Rank is based on the total amount of levels of all your characters.

You'll start your Legion at rank Nameless Legion Rank I as soon as you hit 500 accumulative levels. You'll be able to sign a max of 9 characters to your grid.

Legion Ranks

As soon as you reach the next threshold of total levels, you can increase your Legion Rank by paying Legion Coins and talking to Dame Appropiation NPC in most major towns.

The table below shows you all the Legion Ranks available.

RankLevelsMembersCoin CostGrid
Nameless Legion Rank I50090
Nameless Legion Rank II100010120
Nameless Legion Rank III150011140
Nameless Legion Rank IV200012150Grid Increase +1
Nameless Legion Rank V250013160
Renowned Legion Rank I300018170Grid Increase +1
Renowned Legion Rank II350019430
Renowned Legion Rank III400020450Grid Increase +1
Renowned Legion Rank IV450021470
Renowned Legion Rank V500022490Grid Increase +1
Heroic Legion Rank I550027510
Heroic Legion Rank II600028930Grid Increase +1
Heroic Legion Rank III650029960
Heroic Legion Rank IV7000301000
Heroic Legion Rank V7500311030
Legendary Legion Rank I8000361060
Legendary Legion Rank II8500372200
Legendary Legion Rank III9000382300
Legendary Legion Rank IV9500392350
Legendary Legion Rank V10000402400

Legion Grid Bonuses

Each block on the Legion Grid gives a specific stat bonus. Some stat bonuses are only available once you have increased your Legion Rank.

A character can take up to 5 blocks a character rank SSS (Level 250). Below are the following grid bonuses:

Inner Blocks

  • STR
  • MP
  • DEX
  • INT
  • LUK
  • ATT
  • M.ATT
  • HP

Outer Blocks

  • Critical Damage
  • Abnormal Status Resistance
  • Bonus EXP
  • Critical Rate
  • Boss Damage
  • Knockback Resistance
  • Buff Duration
  • Ignore Defense

Legion Member Bonuses

As well as earning a Legion Grid Bonus, you also gain a member bonus based on the type of class you are adding to your your Legion Grid.

Below is a table of all the bonuses and the character rank for each bonus.

JobBonusB RankA RankS RankSS RankSSS Rank
Dark Knight+MAXHP %2%3%4%5%6%
Arch Mage (Fire / Poison)+MAXMP %2%3%4%5%6%
Arch Mage (Ice / Lightning)+INT10204080100
Night Lord+Critical Rate %1%2%3%4%5%
Marksman+Critical Rate %1%2%3%4%5%
Corsair+Summon Duration %4%6%8%10%12%
Dual Blade+LUK10204080100
Jett+Critical Damage %1%2%3%4%5%
Blaze Wizard+INT10204080100
Thunder Breaker+STR10204080100
Dawn Warrior+MAXHP250500100020002500
Wind Archer+DEX10204080100
Night Walker+LUK10204080100
Mechanic+Increase Buff Duration %5%10%15%20%25%
Battle Mage+INT10204080100
Demon Slayer+Status Resistance12345
Demon Avenger+Boss Damage %1%2%3%5%6%
Wild Hunter20% chance to increase damage by %4%8%12%16%20%
Blaster+Ignore Defense %1%2%3%5%6%
MercedesDecrease Skill Cooldown %2%3%4%5%6%
Aran70% chance to heal MAXHP by %2%4%6%8%10%
Evan70% chance to heal MAXMP by %2%4%6%8%10%
Phantom+Increase Mesos Obtained %1%2%3%4%5%
Shade+Critical Damage %1%2%3%5%6%
Kanna+Boss Damage %1%2%3%5%6%
Hayato+Critical Damage %1%2%3%5%6%
Angelic Buster+DEX10204080100
Zero+EXP %4%6%8%10%12%
Beast Tamer+Ignore Defense %1%2%3%5%6%

Legion Coins

Legion NPC

Legion Coins are a currency that you can earn by increasing the power of your Legion. Known as Legion Power, it is the total sum of all your character levels and their corresponding Star Force Power.

You can view the Legion Power for each character underneath their character card in the grid.

Legion Raid

Your Legion Power is then used to take down a giant Dragon Boss in the Legion Raid, which you can manually enter to help out (there isn't much point to doing this apart from collecting your saved Legion Coins and doing your Daily Legion Quests). All your characters in your account will automatically attack the Dragon for you to earn you coins.

On average, for every 1,100,000 Legion Raid Power you have, you'll earn 1 Coin per day.

At first your coins are stored passively in your Legion and must be collected by entering the Legion Raid. You can only store a finite amount of Legion Coins in your Legion; once you hit the limit, you won't earn anymore coins until you collect them. Legion Coins are shared across all characters once collected so no need to transfer them.

You can also earn Legion Coins by completing two daily quests from Dame Appropriation. These quests can be completed in the Legion Raid.

  • Defeat 100 Welps (+10 Coins)
  • Defeat 20 Golden Wyverns (+20 Coins)

Legion Coin Shop

Depending on whether you play Regular or Reboot World, the items in the Coin Shop will vary slightly.

Legion Raid Shop

ItemLegion CoinsLimitEffect
Legion's Might Lv.11010 per week+30 att/matt for 10 mins
Legion's Might Lv.22010 per week+30 att/matt for 20 mins
Legion's Might Lv.33010 per week+30 att/matt for 30 mins
Legion's Expertise Lv.13010 per week+100% EXP for 10 mins
Legion's Expertise Lv.25010 per week+100% EXP for 20 mins
Legion's Expertise Lv.37010 per week+100% EXP for 30 mins
Legion's Luck Lv.13010 per week+50% Drop Rate for 10 mins
Legion's Luck Lv.25010 per week+50% Drop Rate for 20 mins
Legion's Luck Lv.37010 per week+50% Drop Rate for 30 mins
Legion's Wealth Lv.13010 per week+50% Mesos Obtained for 10 mins
Legion's Wealth Lv.25010 per week+50% Mesos Obtained for 20 mins
Legion's Wealth Lv.37010 per week+50% Mesos Obtained for 30 mins
Epic Potential Scroll 50%1403 per weekGives Epic Potential to an item with a 50% chance
Gold Potential Stamp403 per week80% chance to increase the lines of Potential on an item
Master Craftsman's Cube1403 per weekRerolls the potential on item, chance to rank-up to max of Unique
Powerful Rebirth Flame1003 per weekAdds random Flame stats to items
Karma Rejuvenation Flame5020 per weekAdds random Flame stats to items
Karma Eternal Rebirth Flame15020 per weekAdds random Flame stats to items
Karma Black Rebirth Flame25020 per weekAdds random Flame stats to items
Basic Legion Meso Box3050 per weekGives a small amount of mesos
Intermediate Legion Meso Box5030 per weekGives a sizable amount of mesos
Advanced Legion Meso Box7020 per weekGives a large amount of mesos
Basic Legion Growth Potion755 per weekGives +49% of the total EXP needed to level up + a 30 minute 2x EXP Buff (Lv100-129)
Intermediate Legion Growth Potion1105 per weekGives +49% of the total EXP needed to level up + a 30 minute 2x EXP Buff (Lv130-159)
Advanced Legion Growth Potion1505 per weekGives +49% of the total EXP needed to level up + a 30 minute 2x EXP Buff (Lv160-179)
Legion Preset Coupon5003 per weekAllows you to use 1 Preset in your Legion Grid Board for 30 days
Bonus Potential Scroll 100%2002 per weekGives Bonus Potential to an item with a 100% chance
Arcane Catalyst3003 per weekAllows you to transfer one Arcane Symbol to another character.

Maple Lab World

Maple Lab World was introduced in August 2018 as a new world that players could create characters in. This world was a limited-time world and had the following restrictions:

  • If you died, your character progression would be completely lost.
  • All Mobs have twice as much HP and their stats are five times stronger
  • There is a 10 second cooldown for potions
  • Reaching Level 200 allowed you to gain an Enhanced Legion Block for your Legion Grid
  • You also gained a special Legion Block based on your final level at the end of Lab World

You can see the patch notes here.

The legion blocks you earned were sent to your main server for your main characters to use. They have the following stats:

Legion Block

  • B Rank - Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +5
  • A Rank - Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +10
  • S Rank - Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +15
  • SS Rank - Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +20
  • SSS Rank - Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +25

Enhanced Legion Block

  • B Rank - Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +7
  • A Rank - Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +14
  • S Rank - Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +21
  • SS Rank - Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +28
  • SSS Rank - Weapon ATT/Magic ATT +35
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MapleStory Legion Guide – Ranks, Grid, Effects & Coins

Last Updated on September 9, 2021 by Samuel Franklin

MapleStory Legion Guide – Ranks, Grid, Effects & Coins

This MapleStory Legion guide breaks down this important progression system with the effects, grid bonuses, ranks, coins and raid mechanic covered. Also known as Maple Union on some servers this system was first introduced in early January 2017 to KMS replacing the character card system that was previously in place. For many wanting to fight the mid to late game bosses that MapleStory offers like Chaos Root Abyss (CRA), Lotus and Damien reaching high Legion ranks (6k or above) is a critical step due to the powerful stats of IED, Boss Damage and Critical Damage on offer.

Similar to the old character card system the intent of Legion is also to encourage players to play other characters by rewarding them with passive benefits to all of their other characters. The Legion system also has a coin based system that players can spend on key important account boosting items with both passive and active methods for earning these Legion coins.

In this MapleStory Legion guide you’ll learn the basic overview, how the grid works, Legion character pieces and ranks, the best Legion effects and how to earn Legion coins.

MapleStory Legion Overview

Legion is a diverse MapleStory system with many mechanics that can make it confusing on first introduction. The basics of the system are included below with further detail available in the respective guide sections of this page.


  • The Legion system is unlocked via a quest from Dame Appropriation (available in most towns) once you have a cumulative 500 levels on a single server. In order to contribute to this 500 requirement characters must be at least level 60 with a second job advancement (level 130 for Zero). Once unlocked you can access the Legion through the game menus.
  • Each character that reaches this minimum level can contribute to your MapleStory Legion. This contribution includes generating passive Legion coins overtime, providing you a piece to place on the Legion grid for passive stats that you select and giving you fixed passive stats based on their specific class in MapleStory.
  • Higher level characters and StarForce on equipment that is equipped by each character impact on the amount of passive Legion coins generated.
  • Higher level characters boost their rank from B, A, S, SS and SSS which boosts the size of Legion grid pieces and the fixed class specific passive stats they provide.
  • As your Legion rank grows (based on cumulative levels and Legion coins) you can have more active characters up to a maximum of 40 of your highest level characters.
  • Legion coins can be spent at Squire Pancho Sanza for a number of useful items that have weekly caps or in upgrading your rank noted above.
  • Players can complete two daily quests from Dame Appropriation to gain additional MapleStory Legion coins.
  • The maximum Legion rank is currently 10k achieved by having 40 level 250 characters.


MapleStory Legion Grid Bonuses

The Legion grid is the heart of the Legion system and the inner grid is unlocked as soon as you reach the minimum requirements to unlock the system. the outer grid first unlocks at 2k total Legion levels and is only fully available once players reach the elusive 6k Legion and pay the necessary Legion coins to upgrade their rank to Heroic Legion 2.

Unlocking the Legion grid is just the first step though and in order to actually obtain any stat benefit players need to place character pieces onto the grid. The more grid squares covered by character pieces the higher stats you’ll receive passively for your MapleStory characters.

The inner grid has 25 squares per stat as follows:

  • Stat (STR,DEX, INT, LUK) – 5 per grid square
  • Attack/Magic Attack – 1 per grid square
  • HP/MP – 250 per grid square

Each outer grid area has 40 squares per stat and is as follows:

  • Bonus Experience – 0.25% per grid square
  • Critical Rate – 1% per grid square
  • Boss Damage – 1% per grid square
  • Knockback Resistance – 1% per grid square
  • Buff Duration – 1% per grid square
  • Ignore DEF – 1% per grid square
  • Critical Damage – 0.5% per grid square
  • Abnormal Status Resistance – 1% per grid square

maplestory-legion-gridPlayers can not just simply place pieces in the outer squares though as you are only allowed to place your first piece in the middle 4 squares and all your pieces from this point must be connected together either horizontally or vertically. Accordingly, the most common setup for grid bonuses to setup the bottom 4 inner grids left to right to be Attack or Magic Attack (depending on your class), your secondary stat, HP and then your main stat. This ensures that the bulk of your grid effects are set to your required attack type and main stat as you build horizontally towards the outer grid. Archers are a favourite in the Legion for this as their long horizontal pieces can be used to achieve the setup noted above.

Once reaching the outer grid the majority of character builds will be focusing on Ignore Defence, Boss Damage, Critical Damage and Critical Rate. Players can also setup a Legion preset for bonus experience and critical to activate while training.

Determining these setups can be a daunting task but there is a community developed Legion Solver to assist with this and worth using as your Legion grows over time to ensure you have as little unnecessary overhanging pieces into non wanted stats as possible.

MapleStory Legion Character Pieces

The Legion character pieces size and shape available to you varies based on the archetype of each class and their level. Each character level corresponds with a Legion rank that applies to Legion pieces and passive Legion character effects as follows:

  • Level 60 (130 Zero) – Rank B
  • Level 100 (160 Zero) – Rank A
  • Level 140 (180 Zero) – Rank S
  • Level 200 (200 Zero) – Rank SS
  • Level 250 (250 Zero) – Rank SSS

Each piece is the following shape at the various ranks and character archetype:

maplestory-legion-rank-piecesThe Lab Server Legion block comes from a 2018 MapleStory event and has not been repeated since, it is unlikely to return which leaves many without access to the powerful legion effect it provides.

MapleStory Legion Effects

In addition to the grid stats from placing each piece on the Legion grid your characters offer their own member Legion effects based on their specific class and the same Rank B to SSS. The best Legion effects that players will want to prioritise are listed below with many of these also having some of the best Link Skills that make them even more valuable. While reaching Rank SSS can be a significant investment reaching Rank S (level 140) ties in nicely to obtaining Link Skills (level 120) and can easily be done through daily Zakum bossing with minimal effort slowly overtime.

Zero: A great early addition to your MapleStory Legion with a boost to experience gained that can assist in future Legion and general account progression.

Mechanic: Offering the rare buff duration statistic this can be a quality of life improvement while also boosting your training speeds and boss safety by requiring less rebuffing of your character.

Hayato/Shade/Jett: All 3 of these offer deadly Critical Damage and should be prioritised accordingly for both boss fighting and regular training.

Demon Avenger/Kanna: Both already popular classes for their damage boost through Link Skills their attractiveness continues with their Legion Boss Damage boost and thus worth having in your grid for boss orientated players.

Phantom: Ideal for Reboot players due to the boost in Meso that this offers and can significantly add up over 100s of hours of Meso farming.

A full list of Legion effects is available on the MapleStory wiki.

maplestory-manage-legion-menuMapleStory Legion Coins and Coin Shop

Legion coins add an element of regular choice to the Legion system with a Legion coin shop that sells various strong consumable items. These coins are shared across all your characters and shown within the Legion coin shop window.


How To Earn Legion Coins:

  • Passive: As your active Legion characters fight in the Legion raid you’ll generate coins. By dealing damage to the large dragon they will generate coins up to a cap. Players must start a Legion raid to collect these points (recommended to do this after accepting the daily quests).
  • Active: If players want to earn additional coins they can enter the Legion raid and attack the dragon themselves. These active coins are limited and when the maximum daily amount is obtained a shield will appear to protect the dragon. Given the time involved to earn this I do not recommend doing this regularly unless you are only a few coins short of an important item or rank upgrade.
  • Daily Quests: Every day players can accept two quests from Dame Appropriation which are both done during a Legion raid. These quests require players to kill 100 Dragon Whelps (10 Legion coin reward) and 20 Golden Wyvern (20 Legion coin reward).maplestory-legion-daily-quests

Legion Coin Shop

Squire Pancho Sanza provides access to the MapleStory Legion coin shop which resets weekly. Each item has a weekly cap that limits the number that players can purchase each week. The shop includes Legion buffs to damage, experience, drop rate and Meso drop, clean slate scrolls, epic potential scrolls, potential stamps, cubes flames, Meso boxes, growth potions, legion preset coupons, potential scrolls, bonus potential scrolls and arcane catalysts.

While your best purchase needs will depend on your current progression and goals purchasing the Legion Expertise (experience gain) is a fantastic boost to your training efficiency. Luck and Wealth are also viable ways to maximise your Arcane River drops or boost Reboot Meso rates.



Get Stronger With The Legion System

Grow your characters and earn buffs when you join the Legion System! This new system is replacing Character Cards and Part-time Jobs. It helps you grow all the eligible characters within the same world, so that everyone gets stronger together!Join the MapleStory Legion System!


The Legion System is open to characters Lv. 60 and above (Lv. 130 and above for Zero characters) who have completed their 2nd job advancement. As part of a Legion, your characters can become Legion Members and be given specific places on the Synergy Grid.

Each character has a different shape that it occupies on the Synergy Grid. Depending on their rank, some characters may take up a larger space on the Synergy Grid than others. A bigger area is good, as some spaces on the Synergy Grid give special grid bonuses! The more area you control, the more likely you’ll have access to those benefits. Use the Synergy Grid like a puzzle to fit your characters in just the right way to maximize the bonuses you want.

Each of your characters that gets placed on the Synergy Grid has certain member bonuses based on their job and rank. Bonuses include increases to STR/DEX/INT/LUK, percent of HP and MP, percent of boss resistance, and more. Grid bonuses and member bonuses will be applied to all the eligible characters within that world.

At first, you will only have access to a small portion of the Synergy Grid. As you upgrade your Legion ranking, you can unlock more of the Synergy Grid. Then you can place more of your Legion Members on it, and reap even more effects! You can upgrade your Legion ranking by achieving a certain level in Legion, and then paying a fee of Legion Coins.


There are four tiers in the Legion: Nameless Legion, Renowned Legion, Heroic Legion, and Legendary Legion. Each tier is sub-divided into four ranks.


In addition to leveling up and gaining stat effects, your characters can participate in the Legion Raid! When you join a raid, you will be able to control one character, and the rest of your Legion Members from your Synergy Grid will be controlled by AI. Everyone needs to attack the fierce dragon that appears in the map! It also spawns smaller dragons, so look out for them as well. Your damage will depend on the attack power of your characters. The boss has two HP bars—one for its regular HP (which you can damage) and one for its shield HP (which your AI Legion Members can damage).
As you do damage, you’ll earn Legion Coins which you’ll need for advancing your Legion ranking. You can also use them to purchase buffs, scrolls, growth potions, and more from the Legion Coin Shop.
Depending on how many Legion Coins you earn per week, you may find yourself a spot on the weekly Legion Coin Collector ranking! If you rank within the top 100 characters, you can earn rewards such as chairs and mounts.


Legion maplestory

If you’ve been playing MapleStory you might’ve heard about Legion and how it can help you get more Stat, Boss Damage, IED, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, and even Bonus Exp. A high legion grants you more options and more legion coins which you can use at the legion shop for multiplier coupons. 

Legion utilizes other characters in your account. The higher level characters you have, the better your legion and your entire account will be. 

What Is Legion


Legion is this empty grid where you place character pieces into and depending on where you place the piece, you’ll get that bonus. Note that characters also have their own bonuses too. 

As you can see from the image the grid is quite large and has a great number of beneficial bonuses. But, when you first start out, your legion will look a lot smaller and will increase in size as you raise your legion rank. To fill out your legion you need to create and level up different characters.

Why Should You Work On Your Legion?

As you play on your main you’ll quickly hit a point where you can’t progress anymore. Levels get harder and finding sources of IED, Critical Damage, and Boss Damage become impossible. That’s where your Legion and Link Skills come in. Check here for Best In Slot Link Skills for Mobbing and BossingOpens in a new tab.. MapleStory rewards you for trying other classes and making different characters. 

Working on your legion will also give you access to the Legion Coin Shop. This shop has great coupons that can increase your Meso Obtained, Drop Rate, Damage, and even has potions that give you half a level at a certain level range. The shop also has Epic Potential Scrolls, Stamps, Master Craftsman Cubes, and Powerful Rebirth Flames.

The game also requires a ton of Mesos to become truly strong and by trying other classes you could find classes you love and eventually make them in bossing mules or side mains. 

Also once you unlock your Legion every character in your account will get the Legion benefit no matter what level they are. 

How To Check Your Legion

There are some prerequisites before your legion is unlocked. First off, you’ll need at least a 500 legion score. Which means the total levels of your account and characters has to be at least 500. 

Secondly, you’ll need at least one character that has reached level 200 and completed the 5th job advancement. quest Remember that only, level 60+ characters count. To quickly unlock your legion you just need to make at 9 level 60 characters. 

Once you have at least a 500 legion, go to your menu (to the right of settings) and select manage Legion. 

How To Get Legion Character Pieces

Legion character pieces come from the characters you make in your account. A character can only start showing up in your legion when they reach level 60. When that character reaches higher levels the shape will change depending on the class type. 


You’ll notice that as you level up there are different ranks for each piece. The level requirement to reach each rank is listed below.  

Legion Piece Level Ranges

Reaching higher ranks will give you a bigger character piece and a better character bonus. 

RankLevel Range

Legion Character Effects

Every class has their own effect and when you place that character’s piece on the grid you’ll get that character effect. You’ll only get the effect when that character is on the grid. 

The best effects for leveling are the Bonus EXP, Critical Rate, Meso %,  and Critical Damage. The best effects for bossing are IED, Boss Damage, Critical Damage, and chance to deal extra damage

Angelic BusterDEX10204080100
Aran70% chance to heal X HP%246810
Battle MageINT10204080100
Beast TamerIgnore Def %12356
BlasterIgnore Def %12356
Blaze WizardINT10204080100
CorsairSummon Duration %4681012
Dark KnightHP %23456
Dawn WarriorHP250500100020002500
Demon AvengerBoss Damage %12345
Demon SlayerStatus Resistance12345
Dual BladeLUK10204080100
Evan70% chance to restore X MP%246810
Fire / Poison MageMP %23456
Ice / Lightning MageINT10204080100
JettCritical Damage %12345
MarksmanCrit Chance12345
MechanicBuff Duration %510152025
MercedesCooldown Reduction %23456
Night LordCrit Chance12345
Night WalkerLUK10204080100
PhantomMesos obtained %12345
ShadeCritical Damage %12356
Thunder BreakerSTR10204080100
Wild Hunter20% chance to deal X% more damage48121620
Wind ArcherDEX10204080100
XenonSTR, DEX, LUK510204050
ZeroBonus Exp %4681012

When Is The Legion Grid Fully Unlocked?

When you hit 6000 legion, Heroic Legion 2, you’ll have the entire grid unlocked. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to fill up the entire grid at 6000, For that you will still need more character pieces.

Legion Grid Max Stats For Each Section


The Inner Grid can be rearrange as you like, the max stats for that is, 

  • STR, 5 per square (MAX 75)
  • DEX, 5 per square (MAX 75)
  • INT, 5 per square (MAX 75)
  • LUK, 5 per square (MAX 75)
  • ATT, 1 per square (MAX 75)
  • M.ATT, 1 per square (MAX 75)
  • HP, 250 per square (MAX 3750)
  • MP, 250 per square (MAX 3750)

The outer grid regions cannot be moved around and max stats are,

  • Abnormal Status Resistance 1 per square (MAX 40)
  • Bonus Experience 0.25% per square (MAX 10%)
  • Critical Strike Chance 1% per square (MAX 40%)
  • Boss Damage 1% per square (MAX 40%)
  • Knockback Resistance 1% per square (MAX 40%)
  • Buff Duration 1% per square (MAX 40%)
  • Ignore Defence 1% per square (MAX 40%)
  • Critical Strike Damage 0.5% per square (MAX 20%)

Building Your Legion Properly


When you are filling out your legion you have to start with the center. The center of the piece must be within one of the 4 squares of the center. In the image above the blue block must be within the red square to start your grid. 

After you get your center started the next pieces you have to place down must be connected to another piece. Note that pieces do not connect diagonally. You’ll know if a piece can be connected if it’s in red or not. 

If you have a ton of pieces and aren’t sure how to fit them, you can use this Legion SolverOpens in a new tab. to help you fit everything. 

Legion Rank Name and Requirements

The number of characters you can assign to the grid will be based on your legion rank. Each rank upgrade costs legion coins which you can get from the daily legion quest and the passive legion raid. To upgrade talk to Dame Appropriation.

Rank NameRequired Account Level Grid Characters AllowedLegion Coin Required For Upgrade
Nameless Legion 150090
Nameless Legion 2100010120
Nameless Legion 3150011140
Nameless Legion 4200012150
Nameless Legion 5250013160
Renowned Legion 1300018170
Renowned Legion 2350019430
Renowned Legion 3400020450
Renowned Legion 4450021470
Renowned Legion 5500022490
Heroic Legion 1550027510
Heroic Legion 2600028930
Heroic Legion 3650029960
Heroic Legion 47000301000
Heroic Legion 57500311030
Legendary Legion 18000361060
Legendary Legion 28500372200
Legendary Legion 39000382300
Legendary Legion 49500392350
Legendary Legion 510000402400

Best Way To Level Up Your Legion

The easiest way to level up your legion is to create every single character and get them to Lvl.100. Then every day you log on to each character and do the Zakum boss. (Horntail when you can). Zakum gives a ton of EXP and it’s an easy way to get all your characters to 140 where they can reach level 2 links and the S rank for legion. 

Getting to Lvl.100 is very quick and will get easier after each character. Focus on the ones that give Critical Rate, Critical Damage and Bonus EXP (Zero) first to speed that up. This method will get you to 6000 Legion Level once they are all level 140 pretty quickly.

Another tip is to take advantage of Tera and Mega burning and burn the characters that are not enjoyable to level or require a high level for their level 3 link skill.

Legion Raid Guide

Legion Raid is necessary when trying to get more Legion Coins. There will be 2 daily Legion quests, click your yellow lightbulb to accept it. Then open your Maple Legion and click “Start Raid” to do the quests. The quests will be to defeat Dragon Whelps (100), and Golden Wyverns (20). 

The characters in your grid will fight a big dragon and their damage will help you get Legion Coins passively till a maximum of 300 coins. If you are at max coins you have to go into the Raid to collect the coins and it will reset. 

If you see a green health bar you can attack the big dragon till the green part is gone and you’ll receive more coins. Once the green bar is gone, a shield will appear on the dragon and you won’t be able to damage it anymore.  

Legion Raid Power is calculated with each assigned character’s Level and equipped Star Force.


Legion Guide

Legion's Might Lv. 1att/m.att +30 for 10 min1010Legion's Might Lv. 2att/m.att +30 for 20 min1020Legion's Might Lv. 3att/m.att +30 for 30 min1030Legion's Expertise Lv. 12x exp for 10 min1030Legion's Expertise Lv. 22x exp for 20 min1050Legion's Expertise Lv. 32x exp for 30 min1070Legion's Luck Lv. 150% drop rate for 10 min1030Legion's Luck Lv. 250% drop rate for 20 min1050Legion's Luck Lv. 350% drop rate for 30 min1070Legion's Wealth Lv. 150% mesos obtained for 10 min1030Legion's Wealth Lv. 250% mesos obtained for 20 min1050Legion's Wealth Lv. 350% mesos obtained for 30 min1070Clean Slate Scroll10% chance360Gold Potential Stamp80% chance340Master Craftsman Cube-3140Basic Legion Meso Boxsome mesos5030Intermediate Legion Meso Boxsizable number of mesos3050Advanced Legion Meso Boxlarge number of mesos2070Basic Legion Growth Potion49% of level 100-129, 50% exp for 30 min575Intermediate Legion Growth Potion49% of level 130-159, 50% exp for 30 min5110Advanced Legion Growth Potion49% of level 160-179, 50% exp for 30 min5150Legion Preset Couponunlocks 1 preset for 30 days3500

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