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20 Best Customer Experience Quotes

Customer Experience Quotes

Customer experience is a growing discipline and has become more important than ever. Good customer service is important for businesses to not lose customers or gain a bad reputation. Customer experience is essential for any business. Customer experience is the end result of what people think about your brand. Customer experience transforms the brand image, increases retention, and creates loyalty.

Customer experience quotes will help motivate and boost positive marketing. Here are some shining pieces of wisdom in the customer experience zone that will make your day. Here’s hoping these customer experience quotes will make your organization customer-centric.

1. Jeff Bezos

Customer Experience Quote-Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos emphasizes the importance of treating customers in the best manner possible. Companies need to act like hosts who don’t humiliate, ruin, or make the party bad for guests. If the guests like the party, they will be back for more sooner.

2. Steve Curtin

Customer Experience Quotes-Steve Curtin

Steve Curtin is widely known in the field of customer service. His bestseller book on customer experience – ‘Delight your customers’ mentions simple ways to raise customer service to extraordinary. He mentions how lifetime loyalty is what companies look for and the enabler for this is CXM or Customer experience management.

3. Jeanne Bliss

CX Quote-Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss needs no introduction. Her stellar contribution to customer experience inspires companies to improve their business practices. Her quote reiterates that customer experience is rooted in trust. They will become your brand ambassadors if there is alignment in values.

4. Annette Franz

Understanding customers and designing an experience best suited for them is the core of customer experience. Annette Franz says companies need to focus on putting the ‘customer’ in customer experience.

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5. Steve Cannon

Best CX Quotes-Steve Cannon

Steve Cannon emphasizes that customer experience is important in this business era. By making your customer experience better, you are in a sense, marketing your product better. There is an increased positive boost, better word of mouth marketing.

6. Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker, the creator of modern management has focused on the customer a lot. In his timeless writings, he has emphasized customer experience as critical for continuing business operations. Peter Drucker also said that the end product of any business is a satisfied customer.

7. Kerry Bodine

Kerry Bodine places importance on the need to improve customer journey experiences to educate, foster, and nurture customers. Growing customer loyalty is the most sustainable way to grow your business and brand. Her book, Outside In looks at how companies can achieve success via customers.

8. Bhavish Aggarwal

Best Customer Experience Quotes-Bhavish Aggarwal

“Our focus is on the customers and improving their experience. We believe that if we do that well, competition, prices, and profits will all take care of themselves.”

The founder of Ola Cabs places strong importance on customer experience. This is the key, he believes to success. Customer-driven growth is becoming necessary to get the numbers, drive loyalty, and design personalised experiences.

9. Jerry Gregoire

The most popular quote around customer experience is this one by Jerry Gregoire, CIO at Dell. Nearly 89 percent of companies are expected to compete only on the basis of customer experience.

10. Richard Branson

Customer Experience Quotes-Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson has numerous books to his name. The British magnate trusts the power of customer-centricity. He placed employee and customer care at the focus of his business strategy.

11. Clare Muscutt

Clare Muscutt is the founder and director of CMXperience. She feels companies must make huge differences to their customers via a focus on CX. Customer experience strategy is emphasized in her quote. She firmly believes that customer experience should be at the center of any business strategy.

12. Stan Phelps

Stan Phelps is an author, Ted Speaker who works to increase customer loyalty through differentiated experiences. Your customers will tell others about their experience with your brand, and not your features. He stresses the need to make sure customers feel amazing about the brand experience.

13. Meghan Keaney Anderson

Best CX Quotes-Meghan Keaney Anderson

Meghan Keaney Anderson leads customer marketing at HubSpot. She places her bets on customer experience and satisfaction to make a mark. A happy customer will increase prospects of business growth better as compared to any marketing strategy.

14. Kate Zabriskie

What customers perceive is the brand’s reality. It is important to keep track of what customers perceive of the brand. Customer perception should be taken seriously to devise plans that will improve customer experience.

15. Steve Jobs

Best Customer Experience Quote-Steve Jobs

The Founder of the iconic Apple brand worked closely on the heels of customer experience. His goal was to make sure customers went wow over the product. The focus on customer experience was ultimate according to him. He suggested working with customer experience as the focus of product development.

16. Penny Wilson

The MarTech Maven from HootSuite bursts the bubble of viral marketing. Customer experiences when personalised and curated perfectly impact customers like no other. Viral advertisements have lesser impact as compared to the overall long-term effect that customer satisfaction provides.

17. Nelson Boswell

Giving people what they don’t expect is always surprising. This may match up or even cross their expectations making their loyalty and trust in the brand increase. Meeting customer expectations is a great way to improve customer confidence and eventually boost customer success.

18. Sam Walton

Customer Experience Quote-Sam Walton

Sam Walton, the founder of the iconic Walmart understood the importance of customers. He said,’ the customer can fire anybody from the chairman by simply spending his money elsewhere.’ He also vocalised the need to exceed customer expectations to reduce customer churn.

19. Shep Hyken

CX Quote-Shep Hyken

The award-winning customer service speaker vouches that customers do not compare a company with competitors. They compare services and this build loyalty. He emphasises focus on how customers are dealt with and how they feel throughout the customer journey.

20. Doug Warner

Best CX Quote-Doug Warner

The Senior Vice President, Operations at Vonage and former chairman of the J.P. Morgan and Co board stresses the importance of customer experience. A disappointed customer will open another tab in seconds. Since the levels of connection with customers are more than before- there is need for increased focus on CX.

Bottom Line

Customer experience quotes are a way of knowing other’s learnings. By knowing customer success quotes or customer experience quotes, you can learn from the wisdom and advice of these industry stalwarts. This can also improve our understanding of customer experience and the need to have a customer experience strategy for better growth.

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Quotes & Sayings About Bad Experiences

Bad Experiences Quotes By Sarah Dessen

So you should remember that, when you're thinking about what other people can deal with. Maybe it's not so bad. — Sarah Dessen

Bad Experiences Quotes By Faith Baldwin

When our personal world is dark, we seek to fix the blame on any one of a number of factors - heredity, parents, destiny, what is known as bad luck or the bad break, and occasionally even on God.

It takes a long while to learn that sometimes we, ourselves, put out or, at least cloud over, our own sun, and that all things balance in the end. In nights of darkness we forget the shining days, though everyone experiences both. — Faith Baldwin

Bad Experiences Quotes By Lysa TerKeurst

God is using all of your experiences, both good and bad, to develop your character to match your calling. — Lysa TerKeurst

Bad Experiences Quotes By Alan Cumming

Had I not had the childhood I did, would these traits not be so at the forefront of my personality? Who knows? All I know is that I am the product of all the experiences I have had, good and bad, and if I am in a happy place in my life (as I truly am), then I can have no regrets about any of the combination of events and circumstances that have led me to the here and now. — Alan Cumming

Bad Experiences Quotes By Tim Fargo

Great experiences are built on a foundation of bad experiences. — Tim Fargo

Bad Experiences Quotes By Donald L. Hicks

What happens to you during Life may seem out of your control; how you perceive each experience, however... good or bad... is totally up to you. — Donald L. Hicks

Bad Experiences Quotes By Gautama Buddha

A fool thinks it like honey so long as the bad deed does not bear fruit, but when it does bear fruit he experiences suffering. — Gautama Buddha

Bad Experiences Quotes By Ustad Bismillah Khan

Music lets me forget bad experiences. You cannot keep ragas and regrets in your mind together. — Ustad Bismillah Khan

Bad Experiences Quotes By Margaret Atwood

I myself discovered many authors through school reading lists and through school anthologies. The positives are: young readers can find the world opening up to them through books they study. The negatives may include bad experiences kids have - if they don't like the book or the teacher, or the way the book is taught. — Margaret Atwood

Bad Experiences Quotes By John C. Maxwell

When you reflect, you are able to put an experience into perspective ... reflective thinking enables you to distance yourself from the intense emotions of particularly good or bad experiences and see them with fresh eyes. — John C. Maxwell

Bad Experiences Quotes By Edward Burnett Tylor

Aching all over, we reached level ground again, and Mr. Christy withdrew his claims, and agreed that no road anywhere else could possibly be so bad as a Mexican road; a decision which later experiences only served to confirm. — Edward Burnett Tylor

Bad Experiences Quotes By Sam Maggs

fiction, no matter the form, allows you to live a thousand meaningful experiences and relationships that you could never have in real life. Getting invested in a fictional world means you have a wonderful imagination, a big heart, and the capacity for endless creativity. No one can say anything bad about that. — Sam Maggs

Bad Experiences Quotes By Brandon R. Chinn

There seldom is a single wave. Another way to look at it is, 'when it rains, it pours.' Good luck or bad luck often followed by more of the same. Whatever path you begin, it's almost impossible to change your direction. You're sent hurtling through space, crashing through experiences decided by the first few decisions you ever made. Binary choices set against something as simple as a yes or no in your earliest stages of development. As a Future Child, that would be your primitive choices in Genus. Actions, friendships, whether to smile in one moment or frown in the next. Those are all paths that, once set upon, are entirely unchangeable. At least, that's what I was designed to think. — Brandon R. Chinn

Bad Experiences Quotes By Justina Chen

But the truly brilliant geocachers?"
"Yeah?" he says. "What about us?"
"They know it by its real name. Terra Firma."
"Terra Firma," he repeats. At last, he slips his backpack off his shoulder. I know what he's looking for.
I take a breath. "You don't need your GPS for this cache."
His eyes don't move off mine; he's watching me so carefully. "You don't, huh?"
"Nope," I say.
Some things are meant to be kept - what you learn from experiences good or bad, smiles from an orphaned girl, a boy who is your compass pointing to your True North. So I look at Jacob full in the face with nothing obscuring him. Or me. And then I step closer to him. And closer. And closer yet.
"Here I am," I tell him. "Here I am. — Justina Chen

Bad Experiences Quotes By Paul Azinger

Great champions learn from past experiences, whether those be good or bad. A lot of times a guy needs to be knocked down before he gets up and fights. — Paul Azinger

Bad Experiences Quotes By Christian D. Larson

When you see evil do not form ideas that are in the likeness of that evil; do not think of the evil as bad, but try to understand the forces that are back of that evil - forces that are good in themselves, though misdirected in their present state. By trying to understand the nature of the power that is back of evil or adversity, you will not form bad ideas, and therefore will feel no bad effects from experiences that may seem undesirable. At the same time, you will think your own thought about the experiences, thereby developing the power of the master mind. — Christian D. Larson

Bad Experiences Quotes By Megan Thomason

I came to accept and embrace my past - both the good things and the bad. I wouldn't be who I am, or where I am, if I hadn't had my experiences and trials. — Megan Thomason

Bad Experiences Quotes By Henry T. Blackaby

The fact that God can bring character development and personal growth out of any situation is conditional on people's willingness to submit to God's will. God is sovereign over every life, but those who yield their will to him will be shaped according to his purposes. When God directs a life for his purposes, all of life is a school. No experience, good or bad, is ever wasted (Rom. 8:28). God doesn't squander people's time. He doesn't ignore their pain. He brings not only healing but growth out of even the worst experiences. Every relationship can be God's instrument to mature a person's character. — Henry T. Blackaby

Bad Experiences Quotes By Richard Rohr

It is not that suffering or failure might happen, or that it will only happen to you if you are bad (which is what religious people often think), or that it will happen to the unfortunate, or to a few in other places, or that you can somehow by cleverness or righteousness avoid it. No, it will happen, and to you! Losing, failing, falling, sin, and the suffering that comes from those experiences - all of this is a necessary and even good part of the human journey. — Richard Rohr

Bad Experiences Quotes By Lois Lowry

You can pretend that bad things will never happen. But life's a lot easier if you realize and admit that sometimes they do. — Lois Lowry

Bad Experiences Quotes By Joshua Oppenheimer

I don't really want to leave anything in life behind. We have bad experiences, we have difficult experiences, but if you leave everything behind, you have no past. — Joshua Oppenheimer

Bad Experiences Quotes By Archie Manning

I think the main thing is trying to be fair, sometimes there has to be a little bit of discipline, maybe even punishment involved in trying to make your child understand, learn from bad experiences and make sure they don't happen again. — Archie Manning

Bad Experiences Quotes By George Sheehan

Disease, then, is one of those bad experiences that turns information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. The bad experiences that make you love yourself and your body and the world. And make you know that you are in a game that has to have a happy ending. — George Sheehan

Bad Experiences Quotes By Megan McCafferty

The stories teach them valuable life lessons. That good things happen to bad people. That it's possible to make a bad situation even worse if you don't think it through. That parents are clueless except when they're not. That it's good to try new things even when a new thing is kind of disgusting, because new experiences make you a well-rounded person. That art can be transcendent. That lust is all-powerful, that drugs are fun, and that not everyone who does them is a loser. That losing people is part of life. That where comedy goes, tragedy isn't far behind. That everyone has issues with their bodies, but some take it too far, almost to death. That fear can be exhilarating. That boys are assholes. That it's important to look forward and never look back ... — Megan McCafferty

Bad Experiences Quotes By Nina Hagen

You see, you learn from all your bad experiences, so they're really positive. It's all part of the cosmic knowing. — Nina Hagen

Bad Experiences Quotes By Keiko Tobe

It's hard to forget hurtful things, isn't it? Children with autism have good memories. So it's much harder for them to forget bad experiences than it is for us. So fill them with as many good experiences as possible. — Keiko Tobe

Bad Experiences Quotes By Michael Morpurgo

Good experiences give us happiness but bad experiences teach us good lessons — Michael Morpurgo

Bad Experiences Quotes By Rick Hanson

The brain is good at learning from bad experiences, but bad at learning from good ones. — Rick Hanson

Bad Experiences Quotes By Thomas Hora

The meaning of all addictions could be defined as endeavors at controlling our life experiences with the help of external remedies. . . . Unfortunately, all external means of improving our life experiences are double-edged swords: they are always good and bad. No external remedy improves our condition without, at the same time, making it worse. — Thomas Hora

Bad Experiences Quotes By Wolfgang Beltracchi

Sometimes I smoked opium. And I also took LSD - for a while, quite a lot of LSD, in fact. But I never had any bad experiences. I stopped in 1985. I'd had enough, and I don't miss it, either. — Wolfgang Beltracchi

Bad Experiences Quotes By Brenda Shoshanna

All experiences are welcomed and fully digested, not judged good or bad. — Brenda Shoshanna

Bad Experiences Quotes By Lisa Edelstein

I've always thrown myself into different kinds of experiences, sometimes into really bad things. But, you grow up. You become more of a woman and you know yourself. I think knowing yourself is a wonderful thing especially when you're in your 40s and you're kind of in your skin. Life is not so confusing anymore. — Lisa Edelstein

Bad Experiences Quotes By Shannon L. Alder

I don't believe in the Law of Attraction. There were things I wanted in my life that no amount of positive thinking was going to make it a reality for me. However, I have learned to believe in the Law of Tough Love. Life has thrown a dozen tragedies at me. I did what any Christian would do
prayed for the outcome I wanted, but God was tough and only gave me what I needed. I now realize that life is not about fulfilling a wish list; rather a need list. Good and bad experiences are on the horizon. How else does a person change, grow and evolve? And just like any warrior woman, I won't simply survive
but thrive! — Shannon L. Alder

Bad Experiences Quotes By Ellen Bass

So often survivors have had their experiences denied, trivialized, or distorted. Writing is an important avenue for healing because it gives you the opportunity to define your own reality. You can say: This did happen to me. It was that bad. It was the fault & responsibility of the adult. I was - and am - innocent. The Courage to Heal by Ellen Bass & Laura Davis — Ellen Bass

Bad Experiences Quotes By Michael Nyqvist

What Stieg Larsson was up to - it was the Swedish guilt over World War II. All of our neighbors had the most terrible experiences with the bad forces, but Sweden didn't. I think we use the thrillers in a different way. We never write a thriller like 'Who is the murderer?' The big question in most of our thrillers is ... 'Why?' — Michael Nyqvist

Bad Experiences Quotes By Blake Griffin

I'm thankful for some of bad experiences I've had. They helped me with the way I view people and see them for who they really are. — Blake Griffin

Bad Experiences Quotes By Lady Saw

I don't hide anything about my life, I talk about everything. I talk about it - all kinds of things. I've done songs about bad experiences, a couple about growing up in the ghetto and being abused, sexually. Being raped. And I talk about it. — Lady Saw

Bad Experiences Quotes By James Patterson

My anxiety level was rising pretty fast now. Visits with the FBI can do that to you, I guess. I'd had bad experiences with them before. Ironically, so had Kit. They're good people, mostly, but something got screwed up along the way. I guess that's what happen when J. Edgar Hoover is your daddy. Talk about the road to perdition. — James Patterson

Bad Experiences Quotes By Malcolm X

I want to say before I go on that I have never previously told anyone my sordid past in detail. I haven't done it now to sound as though I might be proud of how bad, how evil, I was.
But people are always speculating-why am I as I am? To understand that of any person, his whole life, from birth, must be reviewed. All of our experiences fuse into our personality. Everything that ever happened to us is an ingredient.
Today, when everything that I do has an urgency, I would not spend one hour in the preparation of a book which had the ambition to perhaps titillate some readers. But I am spending many hours
because the full story is the best way that I know to have it seen, and understood, that I had sunk to the very bottom of the American white man's society when-soon now, in prison-I found Allah and the religion of Islam and it completely transformed my life. — Malcolm X

Bad Experiences Quotes By Jessica Livingston

Livingston: Why did users like Viaweb? Graham: I think the main thing was that it was easy. Practically all the software in the world is either broken or very difficult to use. So users dread software. They've been trained that whenever they try to install something, or even fill out a form online, it's not going to work. I dread installing stuff, and I have a PhD in computer science. So if you're writing applications for end users, you have to remember that you're writing for an audience that has been traumatized by bad experiences. We worked hard to make Viaweb as easy as it could possibly be, and we had this confidence-building online demo where we walked people through using the software. That was what got us all the users. — Jessica Livingston

Bad Experiences Quotes By Tom Golisano

What made me this way was watching my father go through bad employment experiences. When I was 17, and he was 65, I saw him go through the experiences working for a boss that was rude and obnoxious. I swore if I was ever had the capacity to run a company that I would do it in a different way. — Tom Golisano

Bad Experiences Quotes By Hina Hashmi

Negative experiences lower our personal vibrations and we feel bad. This state attracts more negative experiences leading to negative vibrations. Lower vibes are bad for health of the soul. — Hina Hashmi

Bad Experiences Quotes By Sanhita Baruah

I had seen the world as either white or black.
It is only when I read the pages of her diary that I understood why the sky looked so grey. — Sanhita Baruah

Bad Experiences Quotes By KoKo Nervelli

Through my writing, I learned my Life Lessons from all the experiences in my past, good and bad. Letting go of the drama we create for ourselves is the biggest gift we can ever receive. — KoKo Nervelli

Bad Experiences Quotes By Bobby Flay

I think people are intimidated by grilling .. maybe it's the flame, maybe it's the big grills, maybe they've had some bad childhood experiences .. but I think that grilling is actually the easiest technique in cooking. — Bobby Flay

Bad Experiences Quotes By Rod Dreher

Sex and commerce are fine things, but man cannot live by Viagra and the Dow Jones alone. A life led collecting things and experiences in pursuit of happiness is not necessarily a bad life, but it's not a good life either. Too often, the Democrats act like the Party of Lust, and the Republicans the Party of Greed. Both are deadly sins that eat at the soul. — Rod Dreher

Bad Experiences Quotes By Violante Placido

I've done movies that were maybe not worth it, but I try to take the best from every experience. You learn more from bad experiences sometimes. It gives you more will to overcome your mistakes. They give you determination. — Violante Placido

Bad Experiences Quotes By Ogwo David Emenike

See your hard times through the spectacles of your experiences. They, too, shall pass away. — Ogwo David Emenike

Bad Experiences Quotes By Julie K. Norem

In fact, being able to tolerate negative feelings can be crucial to a wide variety of life situations: delaying gratification, learning from bad experiences, truly hearing what other people have to say, and assessing our own circumstances, risks, and opportunities. — Julie K. Norem

Bad Experiences Quotes By Richard Branson

A setback is never a bad experience, just another one of life's lessons. — Richard Branson

Bad Experiences Quotes By Leighton Meester

I think love changes you over time, and whether you have good or bad experiences, you always grow and learn from them. — Leighton Meester

Bad Experiences Quotes By Elijah Wood

Our bad memories and our bad experiences are what make us who we are and what make us grow and allow us to learn, if we choose to see the lessons in those experiences. — Elijah Wood

Bad Experiences Quotes By Michello Borgo

Live your life remembering good experiences, the bad ones were just lessons — Michello Borgo

Bad Experiences Quotes By Brian A. Jackson

One of my goals is to reduce the possible negative moments in life that I can have direct influence over. Bad situations and events will inevitably happen in everyone's life, at some point, but your reaction can affect the situation more than the initial problem if you allow it to. You have power over your actions. A negative moment can ruin your life, or be the foundation of your success. Being nice and smiling allows you the most opportunities to gain positive experiences in life. — Brian A. Jackson

Bad Experiences Quotes By Rainer Maria Rilke

At the bottom no one in life can help anyone else in life; this one experiences over and over in every conflict and every perplexity: that one is alone. That isn't as bad as it may first appear; and again it is the best thing in life that each should have everything in himself; his fate, his future, his whole expanse and world. — Rainer Maria Rilke

Bad Experiences Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

To me, he was saying that our reality is shaped by our perceptions. That something is good or bad only because we- you and I- believe it to be so, based on our own experiences. — Nicholas Sparks

Bad Experiences Quotes By Bob Goff

None of us want to make God look bad. But in the end, being fake makes God look worse. It makes people think he tastes like Crisco.
Not only that, but when we meet people who have been fed the fake stuff about who God is and what He's about, it's not surprising that they have a little indigestion. So we can either spend our time talking about wrappers or we can show them what God is really made of. We can show them that God is full of love and is the source of hope and every creative idea. People don't want to be told that their experiences were wrong or that their wrapper or someone else's wrapper is made of the wrong stuff. Instead, we get to be the ones to show them real love from God. — Bob Goff

Bad Experiences Quotes By Luis Miguel

I think we all wish we could erase some dark times in our lives. But all of life's experiences, bad and good make you who you are. Erasing any of life's experiences would be a great mistake. — Luis Miguel

Bad Experiences Quotes By Sharon Salzberg

When we learn to respond to disappointments with acceptance, we give ourselves the space to realize that all our experiences - good and bad alike - are opportunities to learn and grow. — Sharon Salzberg

Bad Experiences Quotes By Nutan Bajracharya

You need to respect people either good one or bad. Every person in this world have something good and something bad. You need to see the positive side of the person rather than the negative ones. By doing this you can never hate anyone in this world.
Some time ago I use to think to shoot few peoples, but seeing the things they gave me when they love me, I use to forget their bad things. They taught me what's life, how to survive, how to struggle, how to be success, but they also left me on the middle of the desert ... ... but with due respect and the lessons they gave to me I easily come out from that desert ... . And now I am trying to teach all these life experiences to them who need it ... ... . — Nutan Bajracharya

Bad Experiences Quotes By Carolyn Bramhall

It is now recognised that dissociation is a way of forgetting, for a time. The mind siphons off the bad memories into a separate part, and reclaiming those hidden-away memories us a complex process. So, when the memories resurface it does not feel as though they belong to you, it feels alien, more as if someone had told them to you, or you had seen the images in a film. — Carolyn Bramhall

Bad Experiences Quotes By Paulo Coelho

It is imposible to understand sex as we see it nowadays - a mere response to a few physical stimuli. In reality, it is far more than that, and carries with it man's and humanity's entire cultural burden. Each time we face a new experience, we bring with us all past experiences - both good and bad - as well as those concepts which civilization has made into rules. — Paulo Coelho

Bad Experiences Quotes By Mata Amritanandamayi

Life is like a garden. Quite naturally, leaves wither and flowers fade. Only if we clear the decay of the past then and there can we really enjoy the beauty of the new leaves and flowers. Likewise, we must clear the murkiness of the past bad experiences from our minds. Life is remembrance in forgetfulness. Forgive what ought to be forgiven; forget what ought to be forgotten. Let us embrace life with renewed vigor. We should be able to face every moment of life with renewed expectation, like a freshly blossomed flower. — Mata Amritanandamayi

Bad Experiences Quotes By Lisa Ferentz

In the course of therapy, we often witness clients' capacities to report abuse stories with intellectualized, detached demeanors. And they are quick to add disclaimers that minimize their experiences such as "It wasn't so bad," "I probably deserved it anyway," "I know my parents did the best they could," "It didn't have any negative effect on me," or "That was a long time ago, and it can't be relevant to my life now." Many clients expend tremendous amounts of energy disavowing traumatic or abusive histories, believing that revisiting old feelings and thoughts will keep them stuck or are irrelevant to who they are today. — Lisa Ferentz

Bad Experiences Quotes By Danny Gregory

There are no bad drawings.
Drawings are experiences.
The more you draw, the more experienced you'll get.
In fact, you'll learn more from bad or unpredictable or weird experiences than from those that go exactly as you'd hoped and planned.
So let it go.
Release your ego's desire for perfection.
Take risks.
Create as much as you can, whenever you can. — Danny Gregory

Bad Experiences Quotes By Violetta Botzet Luetgers

You all know from past experiences that the white man only sees the bad that our people do to them. They are blind to their own indiscretions. — Violetta Botzet Luetgers

Bad Experiences Quotes By Dalai Lama XIV

Fortunately, however, during times of comparative ease, periods before or after acute experiences of suffering, we can reflect on suffering, seeking to develop an understanding of its meaning. And the time and effort we spend searching for meaning in suffering will pay great rewards when bad things begin to strike. But in order to reap those rewards, we must begin our search for meaning when things are going well. A tree with strong roots can withstand the most violent storm, but the tree can't grow roots just as the storm appears on the horizon. So — Dalai Lama XIV

Bad Experiences Quotes By Garry Kasparov

I dropped the King's Indian in 1997 after one too many bad experiences against Kramnik. — Garry Kasparov

Bad Experiences Quotes By Nick Swardson

I was always pretty broad. I've had a couple bad experiences. One time, I showed up late for a gig in Brooklyn at an Italian restaurant. I ran on stage, did my show, and then some guy in the audience threatened to kill me because he didn't like my joke. Instead of talking to him, I just ran off stage. And then, because I was late, the owner of the restaurant threatened to kill me. And I was 19 years old and so scared that I almost started crying. But, I've done every gig you can imagine, in every state. — Nick Swardson

Bad Experiences Quotes By Frederick Lenz

Everyone experiences desire. Desire is not bad. There is no good or bad from the point of view of karma. There is only structured reaction. — Frederick Lenz

Bad Experiences Quotes By Leon Brown

Nothing goes to waste on the journey of life. Both good and bad experiences shape your mind and heart for what is to come. — Leon Brown

Bad Experiences Quotes By Tony Robbins

One of the finest beliefs I developed years ago that helped me to enjoy all of my life experience was the idea that there are no bad experiences, that no matter what I go through in life - whether it's a challenging experience or a pleasurable one - every experience provides me something of value if I look for it. — Tony Robbins

Bad Experiences Quotes By Angelina Jolie

I do believe in the old saying 'What does not kill you makes you stronger.' Our experiences, good and bad, make us who we are. By overcoming difficulties, we gain strength and maturity. — Angelina Jolie

Bad Experiences Quotes By John C. Maxwell

Ninety percent of those who fail are not actually defeated; they simply quit ... As you face bad experiences, it's important for you to remember that you can rarely see the benefits while you're in the midst of them. You usually gain perspective on the other side of it. — John C. Maxwell

Bad Experiences Quotes By Christine Swanson

I immensely enjoy any experience directing. I've never hated it, and I've had bad experiences. At the end of the day, I just feel like I'm supposed to be on a set. I'm supposed to be working with creative people. I'm supposed to be working with actors and I'm supposed to be manning a project in this capacity. It's interesting. — Christine Swanson

Bad Experiences Quotes By Jenny Han

My best advice is to first write for yourself and stay in your story and just pour all of your good stuff and bad stuff into it. By 'stuff,' I mean all the experiences and pleasures and little hurts that make up a life. Because even (and especially) the really hard experiences are worth having, if you can channel those emotions into something beautiful. — Jenny Han

Bad Experiences Quotes By Megyn Kelly

Here is an entry from June 12, 1989, three and a half years after my father's death: I feel so helpless sometimes. I know that my destiny is in my own hands, but to what extent? There is so much to think about - family, friends, career, LIFE! Will my grandchildren read this, years from now, and see it as the only thing to remember me by? No legacy? We're here for such a short time. But what exactly are my ambitions? I thought ambition was viewed as bad, as wrong. It turns out it's the key to everything. Where will I be in ten years? I want to be successful. What do I believe in - really believe in? Hell, Megyn, what do you even know about the world? I want to know what my teachers know. Where is it all? In books? I know where it is - it's in years and years of research and experiences. That's not something I can just have. I have to get it all for myself. I'm just sitting here wondering who I really am inside and - who am I to become? — Megyn Kelly

Bad Experiences Quotes By Tamera Alexander

Just as hundreds of brushstrokes comprised a finished canvas, people were made up of a lifetime of experiences, both good and bad. And without knowing what someone had endured, it was impossible to truly know them - and accept them - for who they were. — Tamera Alexander

Bad Experiences Quotes By Neal H. Moritz

So what'll happen is there'll be some very good cinema experiences are going to see 3D where you have to pay more. And there'll be some bad experiences of going to see movies in 3D. And I just hope that this kind of gold rush mentality doesn't kill what could actually be something that really, really benefits the industry. — Neal H. Moritz

Bad Experiences Quotes By John Waters

I really didn't have any bad hitchhiking experiences. The only bad experiences were standing by the road for 10 hours. I never thought I'd get a ride with a ministers wife or a coalminer or a Republican elected official. It was all pleasant surprises. The only drag was the waiting. — John Waters

Bad Experiences Quotes By Strother Martin

Age is as much an asset for character players as it is for good wine. Human experiences, both good and bad, leave their marks on one's face and bearing. A few lines on the face and a few gray hairs coupled with the idiosyncrasies an actor adopts throughout life help out round out the actor's personality. So far as I'm concerned, the older a character actor gets, the firmer his position is. — Strother Martin

Bad Experiences Quotes By Paulo Coelho

We learn in the past, but we are not the result of that. We suffered in the past, loved in the past, cried and laughed in the past, but that's of no use in the present. The present has its challenges, its good and bad side. We can neither blame nor be grateful to the past for what is happening now. Each new experience of love has nothing whatsoever to do with past experiences. It's always new. — Paulo Coelho

Bad Experiences Quotes By Ed Catmull

As we try to learn from the past, we form patterns of thinking based on our experiences, not realizing that the things that happened have an unfair advantage over the things that didn't. In other words, we can't see the alternatives that might well have happened if not for some small chance event. When a bad thing happens, people will draw conclusions that might include conspiracy or forces acting against them or, conversely, if a good thing happens, that they are brilliant and deserving. But these kinds of misperceptions ultimately deceive us. And this has consequences in business - and for the way we manage. — Ed Catmull

Bad Experiences Quotes By Holley Gerth

Stress and bad days seem to empty our hearts and our hands. We think, "I've got nothing . . . or at least very little." But the reality is, you still have a lot going for you. You have circumstantial strengths that become part of who you are through God's power when you need them. And you have a stash that includes your education, your experiences, and most of all a God who loves you and promises to see you through even the toughest times. — Holley Gerth

Bad Experiences Quotes By Francis Ford Coppola

Of all the human evils, of which we have thousands of years of record and our own contemporary experiences, the most horrible evil of all is hypocrisy. It's this idea that there are those who do bad and there are those who do good, when, in fact, even the people who supposedly do good are saying they do good to mask the fact that they do evil. — Francis Ford Coppola

Bad Experiences Quotes By Sarah Dalton

Then there are the optimists. The story continues, but it stays the same. The princess lives happily ever after with her prince, probably pops out a few kids and carries on the bloodline. Marriages survive, families continue, and good prevails over evil. These are the people who cannot bear deviations from the rule. Everything fits into neat little boxes. When bad things happen, they ignore it, or use some quote about everything happening for a reason, or what doesn't kill us make us stronger. They carry on without even talking about their bad experiences, pretending everything is all right. — Sarah Dalton

Bad Experiences Quotes By Alfie Kohn

When you stand by and let bad things happen, your child experiences the twin disappointments that something went wrong and you did not seem to care enough about her to lift a finger to help prevent the mishap. — Alfie Kohn

Bad Experiences Quotes By Shyla Colt

Love is pain. You can't have one without the other. There's no picking and choosing experiences. The good comes with the bad. — Shyla Colt

Bad Experiences Quotes By Justin Guarini

For the second album I look forward to doing a lot of serious collaboration and taking the experiences I've had over this last year, good and bad, and working it into the album. — Justin Guarini

Bad Experiences Quotes By Joseph Gatt

Drama school was the first place I learned that looks can affect your career. It was very horrible at the time. I had a lot of very bad experiences at drama school because of that, from the teachers and the students. In the end, I think it was good for me because it hardened me to the realities of the business early on. — Joseph Gatt

Bad Experiences Quotes By Brene Brown

Courage is a heart word. The root of the word courage is cor - the Latin word for heart. In one of its earliest forms, the word courage meant "To speak one's mind by telling all one's heart." Over time, this definition has changed, and today, we typically associate courage with heroic and brave deeds. But in my opinion, this definition fails to recognize the inner strength and level of commitment required for us to actually speak honestly and openly about who we are and about our experiences
good and bad. Speaking from our hearts is what I think of as "ordinary courage. — Brene Brown

Bad Experiences Quotes By Will McIntosh

I knew her type. She'd had some bad dating experiences and now she focused more on what she didn't want than what she did want. Avoidance dating. She was already angry with me for the thoughtless things I would potentially do if we dated. When — Will McIntosh

Bad Experiences Quotes By Susan Jeffers

Dancing with life is moving into the flow of our experiences - good or bad - with a feeling of harmony, trust, guidance and love. — Susan Jeffers

Bad Experiences Quotes By Tony Robbins

Basically, you can live your life in one of two ways. You can let your brain run you the way it has in the past. You can let it flash any picture or sound or feeling, and you can respond automatically on cue, like a Pavlovian dog responding to a bell. Or you can choose to consciously run your brain yourself. You can implant the cues you want. You can take bad experiences and sap them of their strength and power. You can represent them to yourself in a way that no longer overpowers you, a way that "cuts them down" to a size where you know you can effectively handle things. — Tony Robbins

Bad Experiences Quotes By Pema Chodron

Even though peak experiences might show us the truth and inform us about why we are training, they are essentially no big deal. If we can't integrate them into the ups and downs of our lives, if we cling to them, they will hinder us. We can trust our experiences as valid, but then we have to move on and learn how to get along with our neighbors. Then even the most remarkable insights can begin to permeate our lives. As the twelfth-century Tibetian yogi Milarepa said when he heard of his student Gampopa's peak experiences, 'They are neither good not bad. Keep meditation.' — Pema Chodron

Bad Experiences Quotes By Paul Strathern

Rose's experiences had transformed her from a provincial innocent with a Caribbean accent into a woman of sophistication and hard realism, but the uncertainties of her position had taken their psychological toll, inclining her to extravagance and promiscuity. The bloom of her youth was beginning to fade, and she had such bad teeth ("like cloves") that rather than open her mouth to laugh, she maintained a tight-lipped smile whilst snickering through her nose, and went out of her way to avoid eating in company. — Paul Strathern

Bad Experiences Quotes By Pema Chodron

As the twelfth-century Tibetian yogi Milarepa said when he heard of his student Gampopa's peak experiences, 'They are neither good nor bad. Keep meditating.' — Pema Chodron

Bad Experiences Quotes By Susan Jeffers

While non of us understands the Grand Design, we can commit to using all our experiences, good or bad, as the building blocks of a powerful and loving life. Then it is, indeed, all happening perfectly. — Susan Jeffers

Bad Experiences Quotes By Puneet Kumar

By correcting your daily life which includes your thoughts too, you can save yourself from many bad experiences of life. — Puneet Kumar

Bad Experiences Quotes By Brooke Burke

I do a lot of sexy publicity, but I have yet to have any bad experiences regarding jealousy. — Brooke Burke

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Bad Life Experiences Famous Quotes & Sayings

List of top 40 famous quotes and sayings about bad life experiences to read and share with friends on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs.

Top 40 Quotes About Bad Life Experiences

#1. I get my inspiration from everyday life, things people my age are going through in life, good and bad experiences. - Author: Manika
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1421555
#2. Nothing goes to waste on the journey of life. Both good and bad experiences shape your mind and heart for what is to come. - Author: Leon Brown
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1045614
#3. With engineering, I view this year's failure as next year's opportunity to try it again. Failures are not something to be avoided. You want to have them happen as quickly as you can so you can make progress rapidly. - Author: Gordon Moore
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1053096
#4. Happiness at work is not about eliminating all the bad stuff from your job. It's about being happy at work even though some of these bad things are present. It's about building your skills and your energy to fix the problems, and to create more and more positive experiences at work. - Author: Alexander Kjerulf
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1062632
#5. In fact, being able to tolerate negative feelings can be crucial to a wide variety of life situations: delaying gratification, learning from bad experiences, truly hearing what other people have to say, and assessing our own circumstances, risks, and opportunities. - Author: Julie K. Norem
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1120207
#6. By correcting your daily life which includes your thoughts too, you can save yourself from many bad experiences of life. - Author: Puneet Kumar
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1165152
#7. Our experiences always teach us something. If the experience is "bad", then the lesson is even more powerful and meaningful. Every unfortunate incident makes us stronger and better equipped to handle new challenges. - Author: Miya Yamanouchi
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1183166
#8. I don't really want to leave anything in life behind. We have bad experiences, we have difficult experiences, but if you leave everything behind, you have no past. - Author: Joshua Oppenheimer
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1207561
#9. Through my writing, I learned my Life Lessons from all the experiences in my past, good and bad. Letting go of the drama we create for ourselves is the biggest gift we can ever receive. - Author: KoKo Nervelli
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1214485
#10. Somebody spoke and I went into a dream. - Author: The Beatles
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1279783
#11. failure deflates illusion, while success only makes illusion worse - Author: Nassir Ghaemi
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #879845
#12. Live your life remembering good experiences, the bad ones were just lessons - Author: Michello Borgo
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1523424
#13. So you should remember that, when you're thinking about what other people can deal with. Maybe it's not so bad. - Author: Sarah Dessen
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1698628
#14. Dancing with life is moving into the flow of our experiences - good or bad - with a feeling of harmony, trust, guidance and love. - Author: Susan Jeffers
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1705537
#15. Everything that God puts in our life is a lesson, even the bad experiences. Learn from them, adjust your direction, grow and move on. - Author: Claudia McCants
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1730581
#16. While non of us understands the Grand Design, we can commit to using all our experiences, good or bad, as the building blocks of a powerful and loving life. Then it is, indeed, all happening perfectly. - Author: Susan Jeffers
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1774026
#17. You are the only common denominator in everything that has happened to you in life, be it good or bad. To learn/grow from these experiences, you must accept the role you played in each of them. - Author: A.C. Anderson
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1782627
#18. I'd rather have a lot of talent and a little experience than a lot of experience and a little talent. - Author: John Wooden
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1793931
#19. Belief has nothing to do with facts,
especially for the unbelievable facts. - Author: Toba Beta
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1803176
#20. We could say that the totality, life wants the sapling to become a tree, but the sapling doesn't see itself as separate from life and so wants nothing for itself. It is one with what life wants. That's why it isn't worried or stressed. And, if it has to die prematurely, it dies with ease.. - Author: Eckhart Tolle
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #1843748
#21. Baby, I'm yours until two and two is three. - Author: Barbara Lewis
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #488669
#22. Getting 'SNL' was pretty amazing, so just to be able to have an eight-year career there and be really happy with everything I did, it was pretty big. - Author: Bill Hader
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #67805
#23. Children don't heed the life experiences of their parents, and nations ignore history. Bad lessons always have to be learned anew. - Author: Albert Einstein
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #71597
#24. Luck comes and goes; you have to seize it. Bad luck comes and goes; it must be overcome. But I will never, never sit at the side of the road showing my wounds and shouting, 'It's destiny'! - Author: Jean Van Hamme
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #133188
#25. I don't hide anything about my life, I talk about everything. I talk about it - all kinds of things. I've done songs about bad experiences, a couple about growing up in the ghetto and being abused, sexually. Being raped. And I talk about it. - Author: Lady Saw
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #167635
#26. I think we all wish we could erase some dark times in our lives. But all of life's experiences, bad and good make you who you are. Erasing any of life's experiences would be a great mistake. - Author: Luis Miguel
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #266790
#27. We are precarious. Which is to say some good things (accumulation of diverse
knowledges, skills and abilities through work and life experiences in permanent
construction), and a lot of bad ones (vulnerability, insecurity, poverty, social
exposure). - Author: Lisa Adkins
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #282600
#28. The mind can calculate, but the spirit yearns, and the heart knows what the heart knows - Author: Stephen King
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #335084
#29. A setback is never a bad experience, just another one of life's lessons. - Author: Richard Branson
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #367701
#30. What happens to you during Life may seem out of your control; how you perceive each experience, however... good or bad... is totally up to you. - Author: Donald L. Hicks
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #432966
#31. I have no animosity against any living soul. - Author: Heber J. Grant
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #5044
#32. There comes a moment in our lives when some of the pieces of the puzzle come together - where all our past experiences, both good and bad, are brought to bear in causing us to become who God intends us to be. - Author: Michael Card
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #532484
#33. We were playing a small club in San Diego and the power had gone out in the building. Eddie had a lighter and kept us lit backstage. We became very good friends and spent a lot of time together including hearing Eddie sing in some of the bands he was in at the time. - Author: Jack Irons
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #558304
#34. When we embrace our Intuition, be embrace a new way of living ... The intuitive process is an adventure. There are new discoveries around every corner, and we always have the power to change our lives. - Author: Kim Chestney
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #566704
#35. You can pretend that bad things will never happen. But life's a lot easier if you realize and admit that sometimes they do. - Author: Lois Lowry
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #580151
#36. One thing is undeniably clear. We have all had bad experiences, we have all had tragedies in our lives which help to shape who we are. - Author: J. Loren Norris
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #584176
#37. I am too much of a control freak to be a drinker. - Author: Emilia Fox
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #723465
#38. God is using all of your experiences, both good and bad, to develop your character to match your calling. - Author: Lysa TerKeurst
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #734494
#39. Maybe there came a point in life where you had to quit categorizing whole groups of people by a few bad experiences. - Author: Lisa Wingate
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #790252
#40. My personal style reflects my music. My music and how I dress is just how I express myself; it's just me. My music is urban pop, and my style of dressing is urban but still girly. I like that combination. The contrast is very nice. - Author: Becky G
Quotes About Bad Life Experiences #823936

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Top 15 Experience Quotes and Sayings 2020 - (Experiences and Living Life)

Bad Experience Quotes

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work

The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary

Together is my favorite place to be

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I try to learn from every experience, good or bad  (Bad Experience Quotes)Desperate Housewives’ was a good experience, though, as I got to play the bad guy for once. My only complaint was they had me in a lot of sweaters  (Bad Experience Quotes)Win or lose, good or bad, the experience will change you  (Bad Experience Quotes)Every experience, good or bad, is a priceless collector’s item  (Bad Experience Quotes)Judgement comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgement  (Bad Experience Quotes)I know when I go to a movie I want to experience something, whether to laugh, to cry, to feel bad  (Bad Experience Quotes)Hillary Clinton has experience, but it’s bad experience  (Bad Experience Quotes)Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment  (Bad Experience Quotes)Good judgement is the result of experience and experience the result of bad judgement  (Bad Experience Quotes)Whenever I have a bad performance, I look at it as a learning experience  (Bad Experience Quotes)A bad love experience is no reason to fear a new love experience  (Bad Experience Quotes)In my experience, nice guys are boring, and bad guys are fun to play  (Bad Experience Quotes)Experience comes from bad judgment  (Bad Experience Quotes)Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment  (Bad Experience Quotes)There’s something special for everyone to do. Remember, no experience is a bad experience unless you gain nothing from it.  (Bad Experience Quotes)Actually, I have another record I made with them in 1976, but I’ve had such a bad experience with record companies, because I keep my head so much in music and not in business.  (Bad Experience Quotes)Don’t be so bitter about a bad experience from your past that you miss the opportunities in front of you.  (Bad Experience Quotes)Hillary Clinton’s got experience, but it’s bad experience. And America can’t afford to have another four years of that kind of experience.  (Bad Experience Quotes)If the only thing that you are good at is convincing others that you are good, then being in biz with you is bad experience.  (Bad Experience Quotes)I say the one thing Hillary Clinton has over me is experience, but it’s bad experience, because what she has done has turned out badly.  (Bad Experience Quotes)One thing is undeniably clear. We have all had bad experiences, we have all had tragedies in our lives which help to shape who we are.  (Bad Experience Quotes)IE6 was a bad experience for consumers, but it was a terrible for developers. Not only it was technically bad, but it was closed, and you couldn’t do much with it.  (Bad Experience Quotes)I did a TV show called ‘Unit 1.’ It wasn’t a bad experience, but yes, the first season I didn’t have a good time because I was coming from Nicolas Winding Refn films where the corners were sharp and radical, but now we had round corners.  (Bad Experience Quotes)Frustration is a bad experience. What you have to stress is the satisfaction.  (Bad Experience Quotes)There’s never been a mathematical equation that says a good experience making a movie equates to a good movie, or a bad experience on a set is going to lead to a bad movie.  (Bad Experience Quotes)Why is it when we have a bad experience with a product, we assume it is us, but a bad experience with food, we blame the food?!  (Bad Experience Quotes)Intelligent people should learn from their experiences. With people on the street, the bad experience has beaten them.  (Bad Experience Quotes)The bad experiences make you stronger and makes you focus on the next project  (Bad Experience Quotes)We are learning, day by day, about the gift of agency that allows us to experience the consequences, good and bad, of our own choices.  (Bad Experience Quotes)If you never tasted a bad apple, you would not appreciate a good apple. You have to experience life to understand life.  (Bad Experience Quotes)

Experiences quotes bad

Negative Experiences Quotes

Mark Manson

“Because here’s the thing that’s wrong with all of the “How to Be Happy” shit that’s been shared eight million times on Facebook in the past few years—here’s what nobody realizes about all of this crap:
The desire for more positive experience is itself a negative experience. And, paradoxically, the acceptance of one’s negative experience is itself a positive experience.
This is a total mind-fuck. So I’ll give you a minute to unpretzel your brain and maybe read that again: Wanting positive experience is a negative experience; accepting negative experience is a positive experience. It’s what the philosopher Alan Watts used to refer to as “the backwards law”—the idea that the more you pursue feeling better all the time, the less satisfied you become, as pursuing something only reinforces the fact that you lack it in the first place. The more you desperately want to be rich, the more poor and unworthy you feel, regardless of how much money you actually make. The more you desperately want to be sexy and desired, the uglier you come to see yourself, regardless of your actual physical appearance.”
― Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life


45 Life Lessons From A 90-Year-Old

The girls, or rather the fact that I did not know what to expect from them. It turned out that I decided to start a fire near the ammunition depot. I smiled slightly.

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Boris Petrovich, you are expected, her voice sounded sweet. Yes, well, now she will come in, hung up the phone and turned in my direction. You can go, nodded her head at the door.

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