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An affordable dobro with authentic tone and feel.

One of the brands offered by Saga Musical Instruments, Regal is known for its affordable National-style metal- and wood-body resonator instruments. The company’s RD-40 line is available in several configurations, with various colors and wood combinations, and with a round or square neck. The RD-40VS is part of Regal’s Studio series. It has a square neck, a sunburst finish, and is constructed with mahogany back and sides and a spruce top. A spider resonator with a US-made, hand-spun cone is installed in Regal’s Power Reflex resonator chamber and is designed to produce authentic dobro tone.

Peghead Nation Dobro instructor Mike Witcher’s first dobro was a Regal RD-40 and he recently had the opportunity to check out one of the company’s current Regal RD-40VS models. In this video, Mike plays the guitar and discusses how Regals make a great, affordable entry-level instrument that can be upgraded with different components as a player progresses.

SPECS: Wood-body, square-neck resonator guitar. Spruce top. Mahogany back and sides. Mahogany neck. Rosewood fingerboard. Aluminum spider bridge. Hand-spun, US-made aluminum cone. 25-inch scale. Two-inch nut width. Nickel-plated, enclosed tuning machines. Made in China. $549 list/$400 street.

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Regal  RD-40 Resonator Guitar Reviews

Submitted by Johhnydobroboy (see all reviews from this person) on 12/19/2011

Where Purchased: Musicians Friend (online)

Year Purchased: 2011
Price Paid: 384 ($US)


I really like this guitar, i was going to get a traditional acoustic, but after doing an 8 page research paper on resonators, i wanted to get this one. It has a very unique sound a lot of low to mid growl and trebles that cut through anything in our band. sounds pretty good all the components of a professional guitar except for the cones which i will upgrade.

Sound Rating: 7


I thought the action was set way to low when i got it, quite comparable to my electrics which made it really hard to play loudly or accurately. I cut up a milk jug, and stuck a plastic shim under the nut and it played harder for fingerstyle but i could finally learn slide.

Setup Rating: 8


This guitar is simply beautiful i play on the street randomly, and i have had countless amounts of people young and old complement my guitars looks, it really takes you back to a byegone era. im actually pretty brutal on any instrument and this one only looks better as it gets more and more beat up.

Appearance Rating: 10


I know that this guitar will last a very long time i am never going to trade this one in, even when i get that republic ive been dreaming of, i always take this guitar everywhere in class in stores and even in bed :P

Reliability Rating: 9

Customer Service

Customer Service: not rated


I might upgrade cones later on, but im broke.

Components Rating: not rated

Overall Comments

I love this guitar tighten the spider and place napkins under the spider legs to get rid of buzzing this guitar has literally been infused to my soul it is a part of me, do yourself a favor and buy this under priced guitar before the manufacturers catch on.

Overall Rating: 8

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Jackstrat - Posted - 10/07/2009:  15:07:41

Hello All!!

My name is Jackstrat and I'm brand new to Resohangout...thanks for having me!!

I've been playing guitar for about twenty years - mostly for my own entertainment at home but have ventured into the 'live' arena on a few occasions too. I'm very new to Resonators, having bought my first (Busker Delta) and my second (Busker Hobo lapsteel) in early and mid 2008. I'm currently awaiting delivery of my third, and this brings me to my first question...

The guitar I've ordered is a Regal RD40 squareneck...anyone else on here got any experience of this 'breed' of guitar? Should I be excited or apprehensive?!

Thanks and best regards to all,

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

haza - Posted - 10/07/2009:  16:11:12

hi jack i my self have the same dobro that you are waiting for i have had it 2 years now and yes it is a dam good instument but that is only my thought s on it ther will be some folks for it a against but it is only a natural thing as now one are going to say there dobro is crap and why should they its there s just enjoy it for what it is and maybe one day down the line you may want to change it for somthing better but then you will be playing at wembley ha good luck let me know what you think of it peace and love [phil haza]

RED - Posted - 10/07/2009:  20:52:09

My RD-40 is a round neck like most RD-40 Love it. Also have an RD-38 upgraded cone and an RD-45 that is also upgraded and set up. I am going to upgrade the cone in my RD-40 and raise the action a bit for a more blues quality sound. Enjoy!

Jackstrat - Posted - 10/07/2009:  22:46:31

Thanks for that guys...good to hear that you're enjoying your Regals!...and Red, if you've got three models from the same company then I guess that says enough about it!!

I'm hoping to have mine before the weekend...fingers crossed...I'll keep ya'll posted on progress!!

Very best regards,

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

Ride - Posted - 10/07/2009:  23:06:36


I've got a RD-40 squareneck, I upgraded it with quarterman cone, change nut and saddle. It's the best you could get for the price, perfect for a beginner, and it's tone is pretty good for a entry instrument.

But sincerely, I don't think you'll find better than your busker.

IMHO i would safe a little, and get a "next step" reso: GoldTone, Wechter/Scheerhorn...

Jackstrat - Posted - 10/08/2009:  00:35:49

Hello again,

Thanks again for the replies guys...much appreciated...

Interesting that a lot of people seem to recommend changing the cone etc. in the RD40...yet I read in the various blurbs/specs about the RD40 that all of the hardware has been updated...bone nut, new cone with more rounded edges, a special alloy spider – light but v. strong apparently – rhombic tone ports and a 'power reflex chamber' to enhance tone and volume...I'd be very interested to know when folks bought their instruments and when these updates were introduced by Regal? I know that ya'll know when you bought your guitars, but does anyone have any info on when the changes by the manufacturers were brought in? (also of course it'd be good to assess whether or not these updates have actually made any difference to the performance compared to that of the older version?)


Thanks again for the info/opinions guys...appreciate it!


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

Alan Walker - Posted - 10/08/2009:  02:37:22

Hi Jack,

When I started on the dobro nearly 2 years ago, I bought a squareneck RD40. My only choice locally which I could actually try was that or the Black Lightning model. As I was a complete musical novice, I couldn't justify even the extra £100 for the B.L. which came with a quarterman cone, bone nut etc. At that time (December 2007) the RD40 was definately not as you have described yours. I think the update is pretty recent. Certainly within the last 6 months.

I think for the money they are as good as you can get if you're buying new but with hindsight, I should have bought a used Beard Goldtone (which I upgraded to after a year).

The biggest problem for me with the Regal is that the action is too low. This actually makes it much harder to play. If they have addressed this with the model you have, I should think this will serve you well. However, if you get bitten by the reso bug badly (as I did), you will be hankering for a better instrument eventually.

2 years down the line and I've now got my trusty Gold tone AND a Beard R. So be aware of the risks of getting RAS (reso aquisition syndrome). The only cure is just one more reso.......I've seen this really nice Rayco and.......................................................

haza - Posted - 10/08/2009:  05:24:46

hi jack and what ?? HA HA and yes i agree with you in what you say but like i said the black lightning for what you pay for it . it as to be vary good value [haza]

Alan Walker - Posted - 10/08/2009:  07:37:21

Yes, it's the squareneck. I remember when I switched from the Regal to the Goldtone, the difference in the action was the first thing I noticed. I went back and played someone else's Regal a while later and couldn't believe how hard it was to play by comparison.

Jackstrat - Posted - 10/08/2009:  08:00:27

Is it a case that your steel is banging/buzzing off the frets on the Regal because the action is too low?


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

Alan Walker - Posted - 10/08/2009:  11:18:52

Yes, that's the problem I had especially when I went back to it after my Goldtone. The height of the action on the Goldtone is 5 eighths of an inch and on my Beard R it's 4 eighths of an inch measured at the nut. I'd be interested to know how your Regal compares.

I guess a lot is down to what you get used to.

billy bob - Posted - 10/08/2009:  16:59:20

i have a omi f60 s and a beard vintage r and a couple of months ago i bought a rd40ms and i love it .it sounded good when i got it but im a beard head so i took it to beards for a set up and it sounds really good now .really nice guitar worth every penny.

Edited by - billy bob on 10/11/2009 16:12:03

Jackstrat - Posted - 10/13/2009:  01:16:56

Howdy Guys,

Got my Regal RD40 on Friday (my internet/email's been out of whack all weekend though so sorry for the delay in getting back). Anyway, I'm delighted with it so far. Sounds great, looks amazing (really well finished – cherry red sunburst top with gorgeous dark mahogany neck, back and sides). The set up is spot on, and while I'll admit it's probably not quite as loud as my Busker Delta for example, it's still got loads of power and the clarity/mid-range tonality makes it sing right out past any instruments around it. Well impressed...and highly recommended in my opinion.

Thanks for all the help and discussion...much appreciated.

I'll be posting a sound clip on myspace a.s.a.p. Will keep ya'll posted!


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy...

haza - Posted - 10/13/2009:  02:17:45

hi js pleased you are happy with your regal as there are so many instuments on the market it so hard to decide but in my opinion you choice was a good one [haza] good luck

Musikmesse '13 - Regal RD-30V Resonator Guitar

Regal RD-40MS Squareneck Resophonic Guitar – Natural Mahogany

At the top of the line of our Regal Studio Series Resophonic Guitars, the new and improved RD-40 has been redesigned from the inside out making it the best value when it comes to truly vintage inspired, professional featured, resophonic instruments available. Using our many years of experience in the development and construction of traditional American acoustic instruments, we have also discovered ways to improve upon the most legendary designs from the past without pricing them out of the reach of any level player. Only the finest materials are used to create these new designs that reminisce of the past, while still meeting the demands of today’s modern players. The new body shape takes its cues from instruments of the past; while the real secret to the tone of these instruments lies within. It all starts with a combination of Regal exclusives such as the patented Power Reflex Tone Chamber for added volume, the patented DP-126 Die-cast spider for its bell like response, and a US made, hand-spun aluminum cone. All together work in perfect harmony to assure the maximum, most articulate tone that can be heard in any playing situation.

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