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Pros and Cons of a Career as a Traveling Cath Lab Technician

Cath lab technicians can advance their careers in multiple ways, including the option of hitting the road as a traveling cath lab tech. When faced with any major decision, it can help to start with a comparison of the pros and cons of each option. There are plenty of great aspects to traveling cath lab tech jobs, but just like any other job, it may not be the best fit for everyone. To help you determine if this career path is right for you, here’s a quick look at the pros and cons of a career as a traveling cath lab technician.

Pros of Being a Traveling Cath Lab Tech

Combine Love of Traveling with Your Career

One of the main benefits of working as a traveling cath lab tech is the ability to travel as part of your job. If you’re a cath lab technician who has a passion for traveling to new cities, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Not only will you have the chance to visit new places for extended periods of time, but you’ll be earning great money while you do so. Our jobs often get in the way of vacations and traveling, so how great would it be to travel as part of your career for a change?

More Job Opportunities in More Places

Cath lab technicians have a good amount of career choices, but nothing compares to the opportunities provided through a travel staffing agency. You can open up more doors in more places by marketing yourself for cath lab tech travel jobs all across the county. You’ll be able to find the best jobs, no matter where they are.

Get a Pay Raise

Traveling cath lab technicians often enjoy a higher rate of pay than those who work in permanent locations. Pay varies by location and assignment, but since traveling jobs are in such high demand, they often offer a higher base salary to lure in top talent. Some travel agencies, like LRS Healthcare, also offer other ways to increase your earning potential, including referral bonuses and more.

Incredible Benefits

Since you’ll be moving to a new location every 13 weeks, healthcare staffing agencies like LRS Healthcare will offer excellent benefits that include free housing or a tax-free stipend to cover your living expenses. Regardless of which option you choose, it’s very freeing to have such a large portion of your monthly budget completely taken care of.

Cons of Being a Travel Cath Lab Technician

Constantly New Work Environments

For some people, traveling to new cities and adapting a new routine can be exciting. To others, getting used to a new job, a new apartment, and a new city all at once can be overwhelming. If you’re a creature of habit, frequently changing locations and jobs may not be the best fit for you. As a traveling cath lab tech, you’ll need to be adaptable and open to change.

Pay Rates Aren’t Constant

A lot of full-time workers are used to receiving the same base pay throughout the entire year, barring any raises. But for traveling medical professionals, that’s not always the case. New jobs and new assignments will have varying levels of pay, depending on location and other variables. Financial planning will be important when dealing with changing pay rates, but having free housing should help make the transition a lot easier.

You Could Get Homesick

While some people have a desire to spend time exploring new locations, others can get homesick very easily. Vacations may be glamorous, but spending birthdays, holidays, or other important dates away from family can be difficult. For this reason, many traveling cath lab technicians will bring family or pets along with them on assignments. Also, if you work with LRS Healthcare, you’ll be able to contact your recruiter at any time so you’ll never be alone.

If you’ve decided that a career as a traveling cath lab technician is a good fit for your lifestyle, apply with LRS Healthcare today! As an industry leader in healthcare staffing, we work to connect you with some of the best medical lab tech jobs around the country.

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Travel Cath Lab Tech Jobs & Career Overview

If you're a cath lab tech – also called a cardiac catheterization laboratory technologist or cardiovascular technologist – your specialized skills are in demand. And if you’re interested in the excitement and adventure of a travel cath lab tech job, you’ll have nationwide travel opportunities at your fingertips. As a travel cath lab tech, you can choose to spend your winters enjoying the sunny, delightful weather of Florida, California, or Arizona, and you can summer in New York, Washington, or New England. You can even find your ideal travel cath lab tech job near your home. The choice is yours.

You’ll enjoy outstanding benefits as a travel cath lab tech with Cross Country Allied. You can live in our beautiful and free private housing, earn a rewarding salary, have all the health benefits of a permanent position, and receive bonuses on many assignments. Plus, you'll be able to visit locations you always dreamed of seeing

And with each new area and setting, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on your skills and capabilities – like providing specialized patient care, learning advanced techniques, and working with cutting-edge technology.

Whether you’re a new or experienced cath lab tech, we will help you meet your goals. Call us, complete our online application, or check out our latest travel cath lab tech jobs to get started on your travel career.

What Does a Travel Cath Lab Tech Do?

As a cardiac cath lab tech, you play a critical role in providing heart patients with the best in care. Depending on your position you may be participating in procedures like:

  • Angioplasty
  • Arteriography
  • Catheterization
  • Electrophysiology
  • Vascular angiography
  • Hemodynamic measurements
  • Pan studies
  • Tilt studies
  • Pacemaker insertions and replacements
As an essential member of the cardiac care team, you can work with patients of all ages with a range of conditions affecting the heart. At Cross Country Allied, we continually receive new cath lab tech travel jobsin an array of environments, schedules, and locations.

What is the Salary of a Cath Lab Tech?

The median cath lab tech salary was $58,730 in 2018 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Travel cath lab tech salary reflects the salary range of permanent cath lab techs; however, travel cath lab tech salary is in the form of hourly compensation through cath lab tech travel companies. In addition to their hourly pay, cath lab techs who travel with Cross Country Allied receive referral bonuses, comprehensive health benefits, subsidized or free housing, and more!

How to Become a Travel Cath Lab Tech

If you want to become a cath lab tech, you will typically need an associate’s degree; however, a bachelor’s or master’s degree may be considered more valuable to employers. Degree courses usually include cardiovascular physiology, medical instrumentation, and physical principles of medicine. You will also have lab work and supervised clinical hours as part of your education.

Credentialing for cardiac cath lab techs is through Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI). Depending on your state, you may need to have a state license or certification.

Find Your Perfect Travel Cath Lab Job

Discover what Cross Country Allied can do for travel cath lab techs! At Cross Country Allied, the possibilities for where you can take your career as a traveling cardiovascular tech are endless. When you take a traveling cath lab tech job, you can be rewarded for your hard work not only with high pay and great benefits but the ability to visit places you have only wished you could go before. Whether you love the sunshine of Florida and Southern California or the rugged mountains of New England and the Pacific Northwest, or you just want to stay close to your hometown, you will gain a fresh, new perspective on your skill level and capabilities as you explore the country as a travel catheterization laboratory technologist.

The talented recruiters at Cross Country Allied will get to know you and help you find the ideal assignment that meets all of your expectations. Plus, wherever your travels take you, an excellent benefits package will be waiting:

  • Comprehensive health benefits
  • Free private housing OR subsidy (please contact your recruiter for details)
  • Tax advantage plan
  • Referral bonuses
  • 401(k)
  • Competitive salaries
  • Licensure reimbursement and more

Let Cross Country Allied help you meet your goals as a travel cardiac cath lab tech.
Call us at 800.223.9230 or search our cardiac cath lab travel jobs and apply online!


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