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Not to be confused with OpenBroadcaster.

OBS Studio (formerly Open Broadcaster Software or OBS, for short)[8] is a free and open-source cross-platform streaming and recording program built with Qt and maintained by the OBS Project. There are versions of OBS Studio available for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux distributions,[a] and BSD.[b] OBS Project raises funds on Open Collective and Patreon.[9][10]


OBS Studio is a free and open-source software suite for recording and live streaming. Written in C, C++ and Qt, OBS provides real-time source and device capture, scene composition, encoding, recording, and broadcasting. Transmission of data is primarily done via the Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) and can be sent to any RTMP supporting destination, including many presets for streaming websites such as YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Facebook.[11]

For video encoding, OBS Studio is capable of using the x264free softwarelibrary,[12]Intel Quick Sync Video, Nvidia NVENC and the AMD Video Coding Engine to encode video streams into the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC format and the H.265/HEVC format.[13] Multiple tracks of audio can be encoded using the AAC codec. Advanced users can choose to use any codecs and containers available in libavcodec and libavformat, as well as output the stream to a custom FFmpeg URL.[14]

User interface[edit]

The main user interface is organized into five sections: scenes, sources, audio mixer, transitions, and controls. Scenes are groups of sources like live and recorded video, text and audio. The mixer panel lets the user mute the audio, and adjust the volume through virtual faders, and apply effects by pressing the cogwheel next to the mute button. The control panel has options for starting/stopping a stream or recording, a button to transform OBS to a more professional Studio Mode (see below), a button for opening the settings menu and a button to exit the program. The upper section has a live video preview, used to monitor and edit the current scene. The user interface can be switched to a variety of themes, including both dark and light themes, depending on what the user prefers.

When in Studio Mode, there are two canvas preview windows, the left one for modifying and preview of non-active scenes, while the right window is for preview of the live scene ("Preview" and "Program" respectively). In the middle there is a secondary transition button, allowing for transitioning to the non-active scene in the left window using user-defined "quick transitions".

There are some simple tutorials on the Internet that show how to use OBS Studio,[15][16][17] including more in-depth tutorials designed to cover every aspect of the application.[18]


OBS Studio started out as a small project created by Hugh "Jim" Bailey, but quickly grew with the help of many online collaborators working both to improve OBS and spread the knowledge about the program. The first version was released in August 2012.[19] In 2014,[20] development started on a rewritten version known as OBS Multiplatform (later renamed OBS Studio) for multi-platform support, a more thorough feature set, and a more powerful API.[21] In 2016, OBS "Classic" was no longer supported, and OBS Studio became the primary version.[22]


OBS Studio supports plug-ins to extend its functionality.[4] Plug-ins are loaded as native dynamic libraries,[23] although a wrapper plug-in[24] is available that allows hosting of plug-ins written in the .NET Framework.

Streamlabs OBS[edit]

Live streaming software service

Streamlabs OBS is a live streaming app that integrates OBS Studio with viewer interactions, chat management, and tip donations.[25][26] Streamlabs OBS uses OBS Studio for media streaming and Electron for user interface.[27] Streamlabs OBS distributes their user's content over platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live.[28][29]

The developing company, Streamlabs, was founded in 2014, and has offices in San Francisco and Vancouver.[30]Logitech purchased the company for $89 million on September 26, 2019.[28][31][28]

In March 2020, Streamlabs OBS was launched on macOS.[32][33]

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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OBS_Studio

“Osmoflo will provide a key new element in the company’s integrated water treatment and management system. The new plant will increase the flexibility and capacity to treat contaminated water at the Ranger mine, generating release water quality consistent with the highest standards of environmental protection during rehabilitation activities.” Peter Anderson, Technical Studies Manager at ERA.

Challenge Energy Resources of Australia required further water treatment at the Ranger site  to help maximise the conversion of contaminated waste water to water for environmental release.

In partnership with ERA, Osmoflo conducted extensive pilot studies prior to this contract award to ensure the right solution is delivered to ERA to solve their unique water requirements.

Solution  The project will include a 3,000 m3/day OBS plant in 3 trains, with BWRO polishing of the water to meet stringent environmental discharge standards. Osmoflo is responsible for installation of the complete plant in a shed, including all mechanical and electrical integration to ERA infrastructure

The contract includes operations and maintenance of the plant, which is expected to operate until all processing and major rehabilitation activities cease at the mine.

This is the third major installation by Osmoflo at the Ranger site since 2008, with the continued relationship illustrating ERA’s trust in Osmoflo’s water treatment solutions, and strengthening Osmoflo’s credentials in ‘difficult-to-treat’ water applications.

Result  This will be a significant OBS installation for Osmoflo and ERA, with construction of the plant expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

Sours: https://www.osmoflo.com/en/markets-water-treatment/mining/ranger-mine-obs-project/
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1. Strategic Project Management

The implementation of business strategies is carried out through project management, specifically, through the management of programs and portfolios, and with the help of governance mechanisms ('Project Governance') and PMO ('Project Management Office') structures. However, it is necessary to first understand some fundamental concepts such as: company, strategy, strategic planning, management styles, structures and cultures organizations.

Lecturer: José Barato, CIO in PM People.

During this module, students, are going to focus, first, on the Project Scope Management, because reaching the project’s objective is the first check of project management effectiveness and it is clear that this check is prior to the evaluation of the approved schedule and budget. And, second, they will focus on the project finance, since a Project Manager has to be able to understand the language, structure and processes that take place in the financial management of projects; to lead that management and / or to collaborate with financial managers in their development, both at the project level and at the organization level.

Lecturer: Elena María Bulmer, Coordinadora de Biodiversidad en Worldwatch Institute Europe.  

2. Project Planning and Control

In this module, students are going to deepen, first, on the project schedule management. This is not a trivial process; it has to draw the attention of the project managers, so a correct estimation of the activities of the schedule (their durations, necessary resources, deliverables, monitoring and control) will be key elements in the achievement of the objectives and goals of the project. And, second, they will focus on the project cost management. Cost management, together with scope and time management, is a part of the foundational pillars of project management. More specifically, the information related to costs is always very sensitive for the steering committee of the project. Besides from making a correct estimation of the project costs, a strict control and monitoring to ensure project success is required.

Lecturer: Evis Luzmila Rosales, IT Senior Project and Service Manger.

This module is divided in two different parts. In the first one, project quality management, students are going to study current quality management systems and basic principles of Total Quality Management and several current quality models, including EFQM and ISO standards. The differences between the implementation of a Quality Management System in an organization and the development of the Quality Manual will be identified. This will lead to determining their differences with respect to the elaboration of a Quality Plan for project management. In the second part, project risk management, a very broad and detailed view of the current ‘state of the art’ of the professional in charge of managing project risks would be offered.

Lecturer: Marisa Andrea Lostumbo, Project Management Consultant and Trainer en GoFlow.

During this module, students will focus, on the one hand, on the procurement management and the legal aspects in projects. This part of the module will give students the ability to develop the most correct contractual strategy in each single project, as well as to evaluate the most suitable types of contracts for each project deliverable and to elaborate the corresponding bidding documents. On the other hand, students will focus on the project sales management, where students will analyze in which environment offers are developed, how to maximize their effectiveness, how to increase the sale options of the project, (always maintaining a solid basis for its execution), the role of the buyer and the aspects of negotiation and strategic sale.

Lecturer: José Rafael Alcalá, Consultor TI in Repsol.

3. People Project Management

During this module, students will focus, first, on the human factor in project management where they will learn topics related to project team management, interpersonal skills and leadership that a good Project Manager should have, as well as the main techniques of conflict resolution. You will know the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and its application in the Project Management profession. And, second, on the project change management, where they will focus on topics such as change management concepts, organizational project change management and project people change management, among others.

Lecturer: Francisco Javier Rodríguez Blanco, Head Global Services Delivery in Nokia.

4. Project Integration, Knowledge management and methodologies

Along this module, students will focus, fist, on the project integration where they will learn about the integration of actions, the unification, consolidation and coordination necessary to complete the project. And, second, they will deepen on the traditional methodologies, where they will focus on the methodologies or frameworks of projects aligned with the PMBOK®Guide.

Lecturer: Victor Ruiz, Project Management Director at Urban Development Agency.

5. Agile Project Management

The application of Agile Methodologies requires a major change of mentality. To address them, it is necessary to know the fundamental concepts of this type of management and the differences they have with traditional process management, as well as the techniques and tools that are used.

Lecturer: Ana Victoria Bardoneschi, Consultant at BK manager.

In this subject students will learn how to choose the most suitable project management approach for each project, having understood the need for the methodology based on innovative products, how they are managed and monitored, what roles are involved and how the high performance teams that are required are managed.

Lecturer: Paula Kvedaras, Consultant at BK manager.

6. Advanced Project Management

During this subject, the student will be able to do another step forward in the learning process by analysing specific types of project management. Students will focus on topics such as bimodal and multimodal projects, international project management and specific industry project management, among others.

Lecturer: Marcelo Granieri, IT portfolio manager & agile facilitator at ICBC Argentina.

Final Masters' Thesis and Additional Activities

The main objective is to carry out a project that allows students to apply the groups of learned processes throughout the program, and at the same time achieving a specialization in the management of a specific project. It focuses on applying best practices from different industries, understanding its benefits and exercising management skills that every Project Manager should have.

The Master in Project Management is complemented with lectures and seminars which will be held in each of the blocks. These additional activities are performed by renowned professionals in the project management field who, through videoconferencing, will introduce students to their experiences and case studies.

Workshop: Advanced Project Planning Course: MS Project.
The Microsoft Project version Professional application allows planning, scheduling and project control, and is a de facto industry standard. In this workshop and through videos, exercises and debates, the student will be able to obtain an advanced knowledge in the management of the project planning through the use of this tool.

Workshop: Project Management Information Systems (PMIS) and Tools.
This workshop will allow students to obtain skills to analyze, select and apply PMIS (Clarity PPM, Planning IT, Cardinis, EnterpriseTrack, Power Steering, etc.) and Tools (Redmine, Remember The Milk, TeamViewer, etc.); and thus make the daily life of the Project Manager easier. It also explains how to work with the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Workshop: Project Management Simulation. Simultrain.
SimulTrain is a project management simulation tool developed by STS (https://sts.ch/en) that provides simulation of calls, reception of emails and voice messages to create a realistic project management environment, through which attendees to the workshop can implement fundamental procedures, tools, and techniques of project management learned throughout the Master.
This workshop is organized by teams and allows to 'simulate' the role of Project Manager through the planning and management of the execution of a fictitious project, facing the most relevant events that occur in the real life of the management of a project: the customer requests some changes in the scope, difficulty in obtaining the necessary resources, technical difficulties during the development of the product, etc.

Workshop: PMI-PMP certification preparation: Introduction.
During the academic year all the students are registered as members of PMI, being able to access to all the benefits of this membership. It should be noted that, upon completion of the master, the training hours required by PMI are obtained to meet the enrollment requirement for the PMP certification.

The PMP certification is considered fundamental in the professional development of the specialists of different disciplines in diverse industries and it is every day more required in the labor market of the project management. The program is structured in three areas: application, knowledge areas and process groups and practices.

Workshop: PMI-ACP certification preparation: Introduction.
The objective of this workshop is to support student in the preparation process of the PMI certification: Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®). The program is structured in three areas: application, theoretical guide and practical guide.

‘Case studies’: Método del caso
The practical component of the program is essential and complements the theoretical training. Therefore, during the course discussions are held of topics of current or particular interest in each of the subjects, simulations of decision-making applied to real situations or to resolve practical cases where problems and their proposed solutions are analysed from an academic point of view, as well as the criteria taken into account to carry them out.

Most of the training is done asynchronously; it means that the exchange of knowledge is done through a software platform that allows sharing written texts without having people to be connected at the same time.

Additionally, in each of the subjects’ synchronous sessions or 'webinars' are organized, in sessions in which all participants are connected at the same time through a program allowing the exchange of knowledge in 'real time'.

Softwares tools
The Masters in Project Management offers a broad and open vision of project management, training students to be experts in project management methodology to ensure successful implementation. To achieve this goal, it is essential to support training through professional software tools that allow students to better understand the concepts and also to know some important and useful tools that surely they will have the opportunity to use in their professional environment.

Throughout the course students will have the opportunity to master the following software tools:


OBS has an online methodology where the core is the student. Always endorsed by active lecturers of international prestige, who share their knowledge to enhance the professional development of students through a flexible, collaborative method and with personalized monitoring. The objective is to create a unique educational experience that allows the assimilation of knowledge in a practical way.

Student ON has the student as a fundamental pillar and, therefore, throughout the course the students have their Program Manager, an academic figure who accompanies them in a personalized way.


After successfully completing the Master and having carried out the pertinent procedures, you will receive the OBS Business School diploma. In addition, you will have the possibility of obtaining a diploma from the University of Barcelona, as long as you meet the academic, documentation, payment and administrative requirements.

In order to obtain it, you must have a university degree. If you do not have a degree, once you have successfully completed the Master's evaluations, you will obtain a university extension diploma from the University of Barcelona.

At OBS we are committed to our own qualification that allows the updating of the programs in each edition, unlike the official qualification that requires long periods of approval by government institutions that hamper us to be at the forefront in the knowledge that companies demand today. Our programs are focused on professionals who want to update their skills while living an international experience. The value proposition of OBS Business School is based on a global academic approach rather than on the officialization of the contents by local administrations.


Admissions Process

The fundamental objective of our admission process is to ensure the suitability of the candidates. All participants should get the most out of this learning experience, through a context in which it is possible to develop a long-term relationship with classmates, teachers, and former students.

After completing the application for admission to one of our programs, you will receive an email with information about the School and a member of the Admissions Department will contact you to start the admission process. Having successfully passed the personal interview, you must submit all the documentation required to continue the admission process and be able to certify that you meet the requirements of the student's profile. After holding an Admissions Committee, if it is positive, you will be able to enroll and enroll in the requested program.

Sours: https://www.obsbusiness.school/masters-online/master-in-project-management-in-english


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    OBS Studio - Free and open source software for live streaming and screen recording

    C 31.7k 5.2k


  • obs-bot Public

    Source code for the obsproject Discord bot

    Python 10 GPL-3.0 12 1 2 Updated

  • rfcs Public

    RFCs for changes to OBS Studio (and supporting toolset)

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    AMD Advanced Media Framework Encoder Plugin for Open Broadcaster Studio

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    Use VST plugins in OBS

    C++ 122 GPL-2.0 57 17 6 Updated

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