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Mason "mason" Venne is an American professional Dota 2 player who last played for Infamous.


Mason made his competitive Dota 2 debut in September 2013 playing for Take Five. The team was put together by DeMoN in order to participate in RaidCall EMS ONE Fall Americas, which the team ended up winning. Take Five however disbanded shortly after.

In March 2014 mason was a stand-in for Fear of Evil Geniuses, who was recovering from a forearm injury at the time. During his time as a stand-in, mason helped Evil Geniuses qualify for Star Ladder Series Season 9 as well as place first in the MLG T.K.O Tournament. Mason became a full-time member of Evil Geniuses after Fear was officially ruled inactive due to his arm injury.[1] During his tenure as a full-time member of Evil Geniuses, mason helped the team secure third place at The International 2014. After The International 2014, Mason was removed from Evil Geniuses and would go inactive until joining High Council of Wizards&Priests after The International 2015 shuffle.

Mason joined Doo Wop on September 15th, 2016, only to leave the team 6 days later.[2]
In March 2017, mason's new team, Team Onyx, qualified for the The Kiev Major in the North American qualifiers by defeating CompLexity Gaming.


2021-05-22BA2ndA1Tier 2Dota Pro Circuit 2021: S2 - North America Lower DivisionDota Pro Circuit 2021: S2 - North America Lower DivisionArkosh GamingArkosh GamingArkosh Gaming6/-/1Grp S.$16,000
2019-03-24IC9 - 12thA0Tier 1DreamLeague Season 11DreamLeague Season 11InfamousInfamousInfamous0 : 2Team SecretTeam Secret$15,000
2017-08-12IC9 - 12thA0Tier 1The International 2017The International 2017Chaos Esports ClubDigital ChaosDigital Chaos0 : 2LGD GamingLGD Gaming$370,319
2017-04-30IG9 - 16thA0Tier 1The Kiev Major 2017The Kiev Major 2017Chaos Esports ClubDigital ChaosDigital Chaos0 : 2Team VGJTeam VGJ$62,500
2014-07-21CA3rdA0Tier 1The International 2014The International 2014Evil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses1 : 2Vici GamingVici Gaming$1,037,778
2014-06-29BA2ndA0Tier 1ESL One Frankfurt 2014ESL OneESL One Frankfurt 2014Evil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses1 : 2Invictus GamingInvictus Gaming$42,180
2014-06-24AA1stA0Tier 1HyperX D2L Western ChallengeRaidCall Dota 2 LeagueHyperX D2L Western ChallengeEvil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses3 : 0Natus VincereNatus Vincere$29,629
2014-06-16FA6thA0Tier 1DreamLeague Season 1DreamLeagueDreamLeague Season 1Evil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses0 : 2mousesportsmousesports$19,500
2014-06-08AA1stA0Tier 1The SummitThe SummitEvil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses3 : 2Team DKTeam DK$59,558
2014-04-05AA1stA1Tier 2MLG T.K.O. AmericaMLG T.K.O. AmericaEvil GeniusesEvil GeniusesEvil Geniuses3 : 1Team LiquidTeam Liquid$14,000
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Top 5 Dota 2 memes on Reddit that left the community in chuckles

Being one of the oldest esports titles with an active community, Dota 2 has witnessed countless memes over 10 years.

Ranging from memes referencing popular hero voice-lines to absolutely hilarious situations in the professional scene, Dota 2 features some of the most chuckle-worthy memes on Reddit.

Despite featuring the same map in every game, Dota 2's infinite hero-item combinations make it one of the most unique and fresh gaming experiences, even for gamers who have played the game for over a decade.

This article features five ageless memes on Reddit that left the Dota 2 community in splits.

Best Dota 2 memes on Reddit

#5 - It's not if you don't

One of the most annoying moments as a core in a game of Dota 2 is when someone else steals a guaranteed kill for themselves. However, in low-mmr matches, players can often find support players holding on to their abilities for an opportune kill-stealing moment.

Despite how hilarious the meme looks, situations where a core hero dies because of a support hero's lack of spell casting can be extremely tilting and can even lead to drastic overturns over the course of a match.

#4 - Every Dota 2 player ever

Every game in Dota 2 is filled with mistakes from both teams. Some of these mistakes can even lead to a team throwing a massive lead away at a crucial stage in the game.

However, more often than not, players will try to find mistakes that other players have made instead of focusing on how they could have done better themselves.

What makes this meme hilarious is the fact that almost every Dota 2 player can relate to a scenario like this popping up in one of their games.

#3 - Right in the feels

This meme is relatable to every Dota 2 player who finds themselves spending hours in the game. Axe's voiceline that is meant for his enemies in Dota 2 is one of the best combinations for the "Who do you have" meme for players who prefer spending time in solo-queue lobbies on Dota 2.

#2 - Eternal Envy and Ceb

Jacky "Eternal Envy" Mao and Sebastian "Ceb" Debs are widely regarded as two of the most controversial players in Dota 2 esports. Eternal Envy has become famous for various antics in the professional Dota 2 scene since 2013.

However, with recent controversies rising against Ceb as well, this meme fits perfectly with the present situation in Dota 2.

#1 - Dazzle's only weakness

Also Read

Dazzle's Shallow Grave ability is one of the best saving spells in Dota 2. However, Axe's ultimate ability, Culling Blade, can be used to dispel Dazzle's spell and bring down imminent death for the respective hero.

Situations where Dazzle casts the Shallow Grave ability only to see their ally die instantly to Axe's Culling Blade can be absolutely hilarious in Dota 2.

  1. Purple guitar pedal
  2. Aternos com
  3. animals
  4. Neutral watercolor
  5. Nexus 7 hack

Post-TI10 Dota 2 Roster Reshuffle Mega-thread: PSG.LGD roster to stick together next season (Latest)

We’ll keep you up to date on the roster reshuffle

It’s only been a few hours since TI10 but we already have roster news as the Post-TI reshuffle mayhem begins. With contracts expired, aspirations of greatness perhaps shattered after a two year grind, we’re likely to see a huge change in rosters. So strap yourselves in for a ride!

We will be updating this article throughout the Reshuffle, so revisit it to see what’s changed!

October 19th

PSG.LGD roster will stick together for next DPC season

According to a Chinese post by PSG.LGD’s manager Pan Fei on Weibo, the roster of PSG.LGD will be sticking together for “at least one year”.

PSG.LGD finished runners-up at TI10 after losing 3-2 in the Grand Finals to Team Spirit. The current roster Ame, NothingtoSay, Faith_Bian, XinQ and Y’ was formed in September 2020.

Manager Pan Fei said the decision to continue was unanimous and was decided during a team meeting earlier today.

October 18th

No Ping Esports release entire roster ahead of new DPC season

NoPing Esports, who finished 4th in the TI10 Regional Qualifiers and top 12 at the WePlay AniMajor have released their entire Dota 2 roster. The roster included the likes of William “hFn” Medeiros who rose to international fame as part of Pain Gaming in the 2018-2019 season, as well as Farith “Matthew” Puente who was No Ping’s team captain.

In their official Twitter post on the topic, No Ping confirmed they would be forming a new roster ahead of the new DPC Season.

Former No Ping Esports roster:

  • William “hFn” Medeiros
  • Gonzalo “Darkmago” Herrera
  • Oscar David “Oscar” Chavez
  • Fairth “Matthew” Puente
  • Jose Leonardo Padilla “Panda” Hernandez

October 17th, 2021

Lelis departs Quincy Crew

Quincy Crew’s manager Jack Chen hinted at upcoming roster changes on October 16th and within 24 hours the team’s offlaner Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos has announced he will be moving on. However, more changes may be on the way during the roster reshuffle period.

The Brazilian went into details in a Twitlonger post:

“First of all I would like to start this by thanking my teammates from Quincy Crew and our manager Jack for the opportunity to have played with them and be part of the team. It was an amazing experience for me and something I am very proud of being part of, even though our results were not that good, it impacted my life in a very positive way.

The team ending/disbanding was something inevitable, at least in my eyes, since we grinded for 2 years for TI and got a relatively bad placement. Our performance at TI was a bit lackluster especially in the groupstage, but we managed to crawl out of the dumpster and collect some wins in the end. It wasn’t all that bad and some teams would have probably crumbled in our situtation. I am very proud and happy we managed to pull through and survive the groups and win our bo1.”

Lelis on his departure from Quincy Crew via Twitlonger

Lelis went on to say he will be returning to streaming next week as he evaluate his best options for the future. Quincy Crew placed 9th-12th at TI10, but were expected to place much higher.

TNC predator - post-TI10 roster reshuffle

Entire TNC Predator roster is released (October 17th)

  • GKim “Gabbi” Villafuerte ➤ Free agent LFT
  • Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios ➤ Free agent LFT
  • Jun “Bok” Kanehara ➤ Free agent LFT
  • Timothy “TIms” Randrup ➤ joins Boom Esports (15th October)
  • Marvin “Boomy” Rushton ➤ joins Polaris Esports (15th October)

The TNC Predator roster who finished 2nd in the TI10 SEA Qualifiers – just one spot away from qualification – has been released by the organisation. The roster finished 2nd in the DPC SEA season 2 and top 8 at the WePlay AniMajor. For the SEA region this is a significant roster reshuffle news, especially given how well the team did.

SEA veteran Timothy “Tims” Randrup has already found a new home at Boom Esports, while the former TNC captain Marvin “Boomy” Rushton has joined Polaris Esports. Polaris Esports is a brand new Filipino org where Boomy will join forces with 11K MMR player Mc Nicolson “Mac” Villaneueva.

Tims ends five years with TNC. Gabbi departs after three

Tims and Gabbi’s departure is significant given their tenure in the team. Tims joined TNC all the way back in December 2016, and competed for them at TI7, TI8 and TI9. He was also part of the TNC roster that won the WESG 2018 and the MDL Chengu Major.

We will be updating this article throughout the Reshuffle, so revisit it to see what’s changed!

October 16th, 2021

Five-man roster leaves Thunder Predator and looks for new org (October 16th)

Thunder Predator were the first casualties of TI10 after their 8 defeats in 8 saw them eliminated in the group stage. Despite the heavy defeat, the roster’s captain MoOZ said they had no choice but to “come back stronger”.

South America's final team exits on Day 1 of TI Main Event

South America's final team exits on Day 1 of TI Main Event

MoOz said the former Thunder Predator roster wishes to stick together for the next DPC season. The are currently looking for an org.

We’ll be keeping you posted on any new roster reshuffle news!


Lawrence "Malystryx" Phillips

Director of Content | Twitter: @MalystryxGDS | Twitch: MalyPlays

Malystryx is a content creator, journalist, interviewer, and personality. He has been involved in the esports scene since 2004 and has worked with many different organizers and portals, including SK Gaming, ESL, Dexerto, GINXTV, Razer and Monster Energy. Malystryx was also a broadcast talent on Valve's Dota 2 Pro Circuit over the last few years, creating on-site video content for PGL and Starladder. In his spare time he streams on Twitch as MalyPlays.

Dota 2 Best Moments of Reddit - Ep. 147

This is a list of popular Memes amongst the Dota 2 community.

All-Time Memes[]

James is an ass. FIRED[]

Relating to a reddit post by Gabe Newell firing the host of the Shanghai Major, James "2GD" Harding and calling him an "ass". "FIRED" is used as a reaction to personalities cursing or using any mildly suggestive language.[1]


The community uses this meme whenever the current gameplay version gets too old or unbalanced, "Mr Lizard" relating to IceFrog.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give DIRETIDE[]

A meme commonly used during the Halloween season asking the developers of Dota 2 to bring back the Diretide event. First used in Diretide 2013. It has also been used to ask for different things, under the form of "つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give X". A notable incident of this was during TI6's arcana vote, where people kept spamming ""つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Giff Io Arcana".

Relax, game is still in beta[]

Relates to the folder name of Dota 2 in the steam library which is "dota 2 beta", this meme gets used when someone complains about game issues or bugs.

Literally nothing[]

This meme gets used when a patch changes only unimportant or insignificant things. Alternatively, "literally something" is used when a patch makes a change of any significance.

Free game so no bitching / What rules?[]

Used when Valve release a cosmetic that breaks their own workshop rule: "Never break the color scheme of the hero". Used in conjunction with this image for maximum effectiveness. Originated from a common response to complaints about cosmetics ("Why are you complaining when you didn't pay for this game?").

The technology just isn't there yet[]

This meme gets used when the game developer doesn't deliver the highly requested, easy to implement features to the game. This is a reference to Starcraft 2 not implementing LAN play at launch because "the technology just isn't there yet", despite the fact that previous versions of the game had supported the feature for over a decade.

OSfrog Nothing wrong here / Balance in all things / Looks fine to me / My finest creation OSFrog[]

Spammed by the community whenever a hero they deemed overbuffed gets a kill or makes amazing plays, while simultaneously poking fun at the frog's idea of balanced. "OSFrog" is still in current use though the twitch emote affiliated with it has been moved to OPFrog. On April 14, 2018, the emote was moved again to OSFrog. Balance in all things is a reference to a voice line by Ember Spirit.


Originating from the player 'Solo' who won $322 after betting $100 against his own team.[2] Originally used to suggest that a team might be throwing a game, and matchfixings. However, today 322 is also used whenever a player makes a questionable play, a player gets picked off for no reason, a team loses a teamfight while they are in the lead, or if the enemy team manages to make a comeback. In cases of back and forth throws 644 (322*2) and 966 (322*3) may also be used.


The RNG percentage roughly approximated to "literally always". The meme comes from Spirit Breaker minimap icon.pngSpirit Breaker's Greater Bash having a 17% proc rate while usually permastunning the enemy with no chance of retaliation. The meme started to die out when Greater Bash began using Pseudo-random distribution.


The most tilting thing to type in all chat after a misplay on the enemy's part. Usually used after every little enemy mistake. Since 2017, the International Battle Pass contains a "?" icon for denies as opposed to the usual "!" as a level reward. Additionally, when the system clock is set to April 1, all deny symbols are replaced with "?".


Spammed on twitch whenever a player misses a last hit on stream.

B-God's Dynasty[]

Arguably the most popular player in China, Burning, according to Chinese players, has his own Dota dynasty, which includes multiple family and court members consisting of the top Chinese players. Some examples include Fy being the crown prince since he and Burning share the same surname and Rotk being the royal concubine, due to his long-standing relationship with Burning. Burning's most trusted men also include Team DK's TI4 squad.


A combination of s4 and the 4Head Twitch emote, the term is often used sarcastically whenever s4 or his current or former teammates (most notably AdmiralBulldog and Alliance's TI3 squad) make a terrible or questionable play.

Babyrage Arteezy[]

Arteezy is often known for having loud outbursts during stream, occasionally reporting people for bad plays, being annoying to deal with, picking Techies and other miscellaneous reasons. Due to his younger age, and his relationship with the "old man", Fear, Arteezy's whining has been compared to that of a baby.

Additionally, any baby that appears on stream is referred to as "Arteezy".

Arteezy's 3rd Curse[]

A joke at how many of Arteezy's placings at events would be 3rd or top 3-4. Examples cited would be his performances at TI4, TI8, the Shanghai Major, the Boston Major and the Frankfurt Major. This would imply that Arteezy's curse will only bring him up to 3rd place in valve events

Scientists Baffled[]

A phrase used to make fun of EternalEnvy's tendency to throw games, or make ridiculous plays that lead to him, and his team, losing games. Originated from a parody of an Onion article of with the title, "Scientists Baffled by Man's Incredible Ability to Fuck Up Every time", but with Envy's mug shot being photoshopped into the article.

Jacky Mao, the Artist[]

One of EternalEnvy's nicknames in the Chinese community is "The Artist". The reasoning is primarily due to how people often struggle to understand art, much like EternalEnvy's decision making skills.

FiftEE / FiftEE[]

Known for playing high risk, regardless of the reward, EternalEnvy is known for either being able to make huge or efficient plays or making mistakes in a horrible and humiliating fashion. As a common trend in Reddit, the usual format is as follows: "[50/50] EE makes a x play | EE makes a y play".


An acronym for Aeon of Strife Styled Fortress Assault Game Going On Two Sides. Used to make fun of people trying to fit Dota 2 into genres like ARTS or MOBA.


KA LE (卡 了) is a Chinese term for game stuttering / Lagging. Often spammed in chat whenever the stream lags.

Fuck Slacks[]

During a segment in the Boston Major, Purge and SirActionSlacks interviewed the Major's host, and he was asked what the community says whenever they wanted something to be fixed. While the correct answer was "Volvo plz", Purge mused that he would've accepted "Fuck Slacks" as well. Whenever SirActionSlacks performs something, people may spam "Fuck Slacks", be it on online threads or forums or during streams.[3]

Purge still reading patch notes[]

A joke made whenever Purge makes a patch analysis video whenever a new patch is released. As his videos are obscenely long (7.00 patch video was more than 9 hours, while 7.07 exceeded 10 hours), the community generally believes that Purge will endlessly read the patch, occasionally even long after a new patch is released. Humorously, a post containing his 7.00 patch was released to Reddit ASMR, and quickly reached the subreddit's front page.[4]

Another note is how he points out that his guides for the previous patch can be rendered instantly worthless by major changes such as the removal of Ring of Aquila.

Gods of Dota[]

Dating back to the Warcraft 3 Dota days, the Chinese, who went on to dominate the competitive scene, were famous for giving the "God" nickname to outstanding players. These players were highly respected for their skills and knowledge regarding the game, and held real-life influence towards the direction of the scene. Ironically, some of the first gods were foreign players, which included Merlini, Loda and Vigoss. As time went on the south-east asian and Chinese scene grew, the list would also extend to players like Burning, Yaphets and Yamateh.

The influence of the "Gods" would eventually spread to the west, and if a player makes a skillful play either during a fight or throughout the game, that person will use the "God" nickname.

A nickname often uses the first letter of the player's id followed by the suffix "God". e.g (Merlini = M-God, Burning = B-God.)

MMR is just a number[]

A term made by Dendi during an interview at Malaysia in 2014. Over time, due to Na'vi's slump as well as the rise of pubstars to the pro scene such as w33 and Miracle-, the term has been used sarcastically by twitch chat whenever a player with notably high MMR is able to escape a gank or make a skillful play and is occasionally accompanied by DendiFace emotes.

The TI Sequence[]

Refers to how every odd numbered International was won by a Western team, and how China has won every even numbered International. The sequence was finally broken with OG's victory in The International 2018.

The TI Curse[]

A "curse" that afflicts all International winners, seeing the team have a sharp decline in results leading up to future Valve events.

Natus Vincere: The curse hit Na'vi much later than most of the other winners. While the team was able to take go to a grand finals series in the next two Internationals, the team saw a rapid decline during TI4 where they only finished 7th-8th, last place at the succeeding Internationals and failing to qualify for Frankfurt, Shanghai, Boston and Kiev Majors.

Invictus Gaming: Invictus Gaming shared a similar fate to Na'vi, where they also only finished 7th-8th at TI4, which saw declining performances with a 9th-12th place at TI5, and failures to even qualify at all the succeeding Valve events until the Kiev Major. Notably, TI2 member, Faith, was caught in a match-fixing scandal as part of Newbee and became the first TI Champion to be indefinitely banned from Valve events.

Alliance: Despite dominating TI3 and the season leading up to TI4, Alliance failed to even make it to the main event during TI4, and did not qualify for TI5. The team later finished 7th-8th at Shanghai while also finishing bottom half of TI6, Manila and Frankfurt Majors before failing to qualify for Boston and Kiev Majors.

Newbee: Newbee suffered a horrible season for most of 2015 and early 2016, where the team saw a sharp decline in performance to TI5, where the defending champions finished last. After another last place finish at Frankfurt, the team ended in the bottom half of TI6 and Shanghai, though the team had a resurgence at Manila, which carried on after TI6. After the team's poor slump in 2019-2020, the organization was caught in a match-fixing scandal and became the first TI-winning organization to be indefinitely banned Valve events.

Evil Geniuses: By far the least scathed of the winners. EG suffered a last place finish at the Manila Major; the team has since recovered. The team once again hit a brick wall during TI7, however, where the team finished at a highly disappointing bottom half finish. In the new Dota 2 Pro Circuit, EG failed to make enough points to qualify for TI8, and were forced to undergo open qualifiers once again. After changing the roster by adding S4 and Fly, the team has made another recovery and defeated then-champions, Team Liquid, at TI8.

Wings Gaming: Going into The International 2017, Wings Gaming showed a drastic decline, finishing bottom half of the tournaments on their way to defend their titles. In the lead up to the Kiev Major 2017, the squad held many conflicts with the organization's management, and subsequently departed to form Team RandomTeam Random, which placed poorly at the Kiev Major. Shortly afterwards, amidst rumors of disbandment, shadow revealed that all 5 players had been banned by ACE (Association of China E-sports), which prevented all members from participating in any tournament held within China, but y丶 and Faith bian had sold out the rest of the team and broke the promise of not cooperating with Xie, Wings's owner, anymore. The meltdown that ensued later led to y丶 and Faith_bian's departure from the team. By the time The International 2017 invites were being given out, the squad had completely disbanded, and it became the first International, where the previous year's champion were not present to defend their title.

X [Player], Win TI[]

Common posts by members of the community regarding notable roster changes in the lead-up and after The International, though the very first set of examples revolved completely around EternalEnvy. The very first example of the meme was after The International 2013, where Alliance, who had kicked EternalEnvy for EGM, had won the tournament, and the result was "Kick EE, win TI".

In the conclusion of Evil Geniuses's victory at The International 2015, the meme shifted into the form of "Kicked by EE, win TI", which refers to the decision to kick Aui_2000 from Cloud9. This was later altered into "Win TI, kick Aui", as a jab to ppd's decision to kick Aui immediately after the International for Arteezy.

During Wings's victory at The International 2016, it was revealed that Shadow had been a great fan of EternalEnvy, and the quote "Fanboy of EE, win TI" was made.

At an AMA after The International 2017, Kuroky was asked about how he would deal with the TI curse. In response, he replied that he followed Digital Chaos and Evil Geniuses's example of kicking Bulba and getting a good result during the next International and would counter-act one curse with another.

Literally taking no damage[]

A crude comic with poorly-photoshopped text and images whenever a hero's base armor is increased slightly or when a hero is given a new survivability tool (e.g Necrophos' Ghost Shroud, Clinkz's Strafe being reworked to avoid projectiles). Originated from a tumblr comic about 6.77, where Doom's base armor was increased by one.


An overly exaggerated response to small issues, primarily grammatical errors, certain texts and images not being updated to new patches, aspects that are worthless (e.g: Refresher Shard having a counter even though it is not possible to stack them together) and inconsistencies in the map (the river of the map flowing from the northwestern portion to the map mysteriously passing the high ground of the southeastern portion without any point of entry or exit.)

The Chinese Dota 2 Team and Lebron James Relation[]

It is unlikely coincidence about any Chinese team and Lebron James win title or lose title at the same year in The International/NBA Finals except 2013 and 2014. Start from 2011, while Lebron James lost against Dallas Mavericks and in the International 2011 Chinese team EHOME lost against Na’Vi. In 2012 Lebron James lift the NBA title 1st time and Chinese team Invictus Gaming won the International 2012. Only in 2013 and 2014 this effects are reversed. In 2013, Lebron James lift the NBA title, while non-Chinese team, Alliance won The International 3, and 2014, Lebron James lost the NBA title, while Chinese team, Newbee won The International 2014. Starting from 2014, it happens again the relation about Lebron James and Chinese team in The International. While Lebron James lose at Finals, the Chinese team does it too, and vice-versa.

Another reason the relation of Lebron James and Chinese Dota 2 Team is on NBA/The International runner ups. It happens in 2011, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018 while Chinese teams are runner up in The International Finals and Lebron James lost in NBA Finals at the same year. In 2012, 2013, and 2016 non-Chinese teams are lost in The International Finals and Lebron James win the NBA Finals at the same year.

Chinese Retirement[]

A "trend" for the older members of the Chinese players to announce their retirement from active play, only to return after a few months to a year from said statement. Notable examples include the "retirement" of Burning and ROTK after The International 2014 only for both to return by the next year.

Bulldog being kept out of the International.[]

After his retirement from professional play in 2016, Bulldog would be invited over to TI7 as a guest talent. He was, however, unable to secure a proper visa and was unable to attend. In the next year at TI8 in Vancouver, Bulldog once again failed to earn a visa to enter Canada and was denied entry. Gabe Newell referenced Bulldog's failure to attend at TI8 in the event's opening day.

In the following year, Bulldog would not attend TI9 due to conflicts thanks to the handling of Skem and Kuku's punishment after their racist remark controversy.

Come 2020, The International was cancelled due to the outbreak of COVID-19, denying Bulldog a shot to attend the event even though it's being held in his home country of Sweden. In 2021, the tournament was moved to Bucharest, Romania instead.

"Lakad Matatag!" ("Walk Steady!")[]

A famous line from a pair of Pinoy (Filipino) casters: Dunoo and Lon; the full line ("LAKAD MATATAG!" "Normalin, Normalin"), in original context, referred to somebody charging in with a BKB, and being hit heavily by right click attacks, which BKB does not protect against. Became a meme when it was included as an in-game voice line with the TI 8 Battlepass, and was repeatedly spammed in both pubs and pro games. This meme is first mentioned during the FNATIC vs Secret during the ESL ONE Katowice 2018 which ends with Underlord teleporting the dire to end the game. Alongside the quotes "NEXT LEVEL PLAY." and "EASIEST MONEY OF MY LIFE." The latter reason means that Filipinos can be millionaires by playing Dota due to the exchange rate of the country which is $1 is cost to Php 50.00. By 2021, it can also be considered a legacy due to Dunoo's passing.

2021 Memes[]

Te Quiero Mucho Arturito[]

At the 2021 WePlay AniMajor, EG with Arteezy eliminated Team Nigma, securing a spot for TI for the SA team Thunder Predator. The phrase, according to some posts made on Twitter, translate to 'Love you so much, Arteezy'.

2020 Memes[]

TP Scroll Hoarding[]

In patch 7.25, the Town Portal Scroll's price was massively increased, nearly doubling the price per scroll. As the patch coincided with the Corona virus outbreak, where it was reported that various people had amassed unnecessarily high amounts of toilet paper to sell online, people are now hoarding TP scrolls due to the hyper-inflated price.

The Great Firestorm of 2020[]

In June 2020, a Twitter user exposed NA streamer and personality GrandGrant for being sexually abusive to women in the past. This was followed up with claims that he had successfully harassed former Dota 2 caster LlamasDownUnder into eventually quitting the scene entirely. This was backed with how Llamas had actually obtained a legal restraining order against Grant. This eventually caused Grant to excommunicate himself from both the Dota 2 scene and esports in general. Grant's departure would lead to several serious accusations against the various personalities for their past behaviours.

Shortly after Grant's outing, Tobiwan was revealed to have acted disturbing towards female members of the community. This included a serious case of stealthing against Meruna, which led to him being fired from CodeRed and Beyond The Summit, majority of the community's casters, including long-time partners Synderen and Capitalist, to disassociate themselves from him, and all his Battle Pass lines being removed.

Following Tobiwan was Redeye, who was called out for physically assaulting many community members, most notably by the CS:GO community. In spite of fighting these claims, the backlash from the entire matter as well the resurgence of an old court case between him and his ex-wife and children soon led to Redeye departing from esports in general. Like Tobiwan, Redeye's Battle Pass lines were also replaced.

Aside from the three, there would also be accusations against many other personalities and players, including but not limited to: Zyori, Demon and Singsing.

2019 Memes[]

Hero Redesign Idea[]

Originally a person's post on reddit, offering a workshop idea for Windranger. Due to the large emphasis to Windranger's legs and thighs, many other reddit users made their own "redesign" ideas with other characters using the same legs as the original creator's.


Originated from one of EG's games against Team Secret in the Chongqing Major. During the game, Arteezy was isolated from a team fight thanks to being cliffed by Dark Seer's Vacuum. Later on, during the Stockholm Major, EG faced Keen Gaming, and Arteezy was stuck on a cliff thanks to a Keeper of the Light's Blinding Light for majority of the final fight. This later "infected" the other members of EG as Sumail would accidentally blink onto a cliff during the MDL Disneyland Paris Major and would be killed without buyback after getting caught by a Wukong's Command.

During ESL One Birmingham, TNC Phoenix members actively attempted to put Arteezy on the cliff during the series and were able to do so twice. At the end of the year, Arteezy was kicked onto a cliff during the series against Gambit in ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational Singapore.

The meme evolved from 2016's Sprouteezy.

GranDGranT's failed analogy on Topson[]

In Twitch stream whilst reviewing some pro players GranDGranT was talking about Topson's mechanical skill and how he will never be in your face tier one player like SumaiL or Miracle and after his statement Topson dominates pro scene in several games. After which Topson wins two TI's back to back whilst defending his title. After such criticism on Topson, GranDGranT was teased by his friends and Valve staff and obviously he admitted that he was wrong and took his words back.

Since analogy was influenced from Twitches TI8 fluke chat. But OG proved them all wrong.

This is a reference to an infamous comment made by Ceb in 2013, where he believed Arteezy was overrated and that the community was prematurely thinking him to be one of the best mids of the game. Arteezy would then go on to consistently place high on tournaments while Ceb's career mostly floundered in comparison up until TI8.


Used in reference to Topson's overwhelming performance on TI9 and also his improved "looks" during OG photoshoot and interviews.

MC is mentally done[]

In the TI9 True Sight trailer this line was heard in the voice over while former liquid player Mind control looked very tired and frustrated.

6 Dragon lance Ogre Magi[]

Originally a post on reddit featuring Tower in demo mode supposedly buffed by ogre magi's bloodlust causing it to increase range. This was caused by a bug with dislocation of dummy target, but despite so caused some people to believe it works.

This ended up occurring once again during 7.27, though the range increase was not limited to the tower, but to any ranged unit that was buffed with Bloodlust.

SirActionSlacks' Hotkeys[]

As Purge was giving SirActionSlacks advice on keybinds, Slacks revealed an incredibly disjointed set of "P", "N", "-", "=" and "$ (which he claims is exclusively for Hand of Midas)" for his items. By 2020, Slacks had only slightly changed his binds to: "P", "N", "C", "-", "=", "8 (keypad)" and 1 (Neutral)

This has led several community members to wonder how Slacks had reached 5k MMR on such terrible binds.

2018 Memes[]


After the 7.15 update bounty runes granted team-wide gold and spawned every five minutes, making them more valuable and rarer. This meant that many players perceived them as more important and pushed for their teammates to pick up bounty runes more often. Admiral Bulldog began yelling "ROOOOONS" at the top of his lungs over voice chat on his stream before or after the runes spawned every 5 minutes, to encourage his team to pick them up.

EternalEnvy's Pizza Party[]

Shortly after Fnatic successfully qualified for the ESL Katowice, Ohaiyo was kicked from the team in order to make room for Universe[5]. In an infamous story, the team held a celebratory pizza party for the qualification but also kicked Ohaiyo during said party. Used whenever a player makes an extremely bad play or when a highly skilled player becomes a free agent, with the implication that a player from a team will be kicked soon.

Offlaners getting kicked[]

Over the course of late-2017 to early January of 2018, various offlaners, both current and former, were removed from teams or became teamless during the incoming shuffle. Such examples include MoonMeander departing from Digital Chaos[6], MSS, Khezu[7] and Bulba having their respective teams disband, Universe leaving Evil Geniuses a second time and Forev leaving Immortals and being replaced by MSS.

Still not top tier?[]

Originally a tweet from Sumail as a response to many reddit users arguing about EG's status as either a tier 1 or a tier 2 team, the tweet's words are generally used to mock certain low opinions on matters or teams. It was initially used sarcastically as Evil Geniuses was quickly stomped by Team Liquid shortly after the tweet was posted.[8]

By far, most advanced scam I have ever encountered[]

A user posted on Reddit[9] about how someone tried to scam him with explanation and after that many people started creating posts with the same title related to the release of the Immortal Treasure III 2018.

Scuttling Scotty Hostage Situation[]

Due to the long wait for the next Compendium for The International 2018, a reddit user threatened to have Bounty Hunter kill a Scuttling Scotty unless Valve releases the Battle Pass. As the release did not come, one of the Scuttling Scotties was murdered and the user threatened to execute another if the Battle Pass did not come.

When the Battle Pass finally came, the other Scuttling Scotties were released.

"Care to elaborate? No."[]

On twitter Nahaz said "Remember there are two sides to every story,[10] referencing VGJ Storm having two coaches during the TI8 group stage. Twitter user @JPV_Haring replied with the tweet "Care to elaborate?" to which Nahaz simply said "No". Minutes later the official Dota 2 twitter account said "Can you please elaborate on what you mean?", to which he replied "I mean nothing malicious or suggestive, only that in my experience one should wait and hear all the explanations from all sides before passing judgement. I meant no suggestion of wrongdoing on anyone's part.".

This coincided with a reddit user claiming to have been scammed by GGBet, only for the organization to reveal private information that implied that said user had abused multiple accounts that he claimed to have belonged to his "friend". At the same time, however, GGbet also leaked personal information of the user and their response was immediately deleted to prevent brigading.

Kyle Curse[]

A "curse" that occurs whenever Kyle Freedman (former player of Team Complexity under moniker 'swindlemelonzz' and later 'melonzz') praises and sides with one team's draft, only for said team to get stomped in the actual game.

The Chinese equivalent involves the caster Danche making similar predictions which falter horribly in the same manner, though Danche's curse started long before Kyle's.

Fly's Betrayal[]

In the lead-up to the Chinese Supermajor, Fly departed from OG alongside S4 despite their qualification, joining Evil Geniuses's squad instead. Because of this sudden roster change, OG was unable to form a suitable team in time and was forced to drop from the event. This also caused a major stir in the team, which saw Ceb play offlane despite having mostly played mid for his career which was unceremonious in its later end, N0tail return to support, a role he had not actively played since the formation of OG, and picking up the unknown Topson, who had never qualified for a premier LAN.

In a twist of fate, OG would dominate and eventually win TI8, which also had an infamous shot of N0tail's emotionless face as he shook Fly's hand after OG sent Evil Geniuses to the lower bracket. Many community members would call this one of "the top ten anime betrayals / comebacks" while some believed this to be a part of Fly's masterplan of eliminating S4 to stop the TI curse so that OG would have a TI win under its belt.

2017 Memes[]

But is it as good as +6 treants? :thinking:[]

After the release of 7.00 every hero got level 10, 15, 20, and 25 talents, with level 25 talents generally being a very powerful buff. However, Nature's Prophet's level 25 talent was an abysmally weak +6 treants. Spearheaded by AdmiralBulldog on his stream[11], it is used sarcastically to compare other heroes' powerful level 25 talents to the laughable +6 treants. This meme was also acknowledged by Gabe Newell himself during his AMA on the /r/The_Gaben subreddit[12].


Related to this clip of a player being surprised on Wagamama's stream when he realizes his teammate is female.

X is Ruining my games[]

With the discussion about the smurf state and if it should be forbidden or penalized; a user in reddit posted that Wagamama a very known streamer, professional dota 2 player and even caster in TI3- ruined a certain game playing a mid Legion Commander. People started to discuss in that post, but some other users started to copy paste the same text in the post and created new posts about Arteezy, PPD, and even Miracle ruining 7k/8k/9k games.

Charlie's Unemployment[]

In early 2016, Charlie Yang, long-time manager of Evil Geniuses announced his departure from the organization in order to take a role with Twitch. Some time after, however, Amazon had acquired Twitch. Citing a conflict of interest, Charlie left the organization as well. Appearing in events after leaving Twitch, Charlie is often given titles such as "Unemployed" and "Trespasser" when introduced.

S4 Talks only To TI Winners[]

While Team OG streamed themselves watching True Sight on Twitch, it was noted at how little dialogue S4 had throughout the episode. In response, Ceb mused that S4 only talks to winners of The International, and that he doesn't communicate with the rest of OG and his family. Also spammed when S4 was featured as a guest for ppd's podcast.

3 Years to kick Bone7[]

EternalEnvy's team, Team NP, faced a major reshuffle after the Dota Asian Championships 2017, with Envy moving from mid to carry, Aui moving from carry to support and 1437 and SVG being kicked from the team. To replace the kicked members, PieLieDie and Fata, Envy's former Cloud9 teammates rejoined him, essentially reforming the old Cloud9 roster (After SingSing's departure) with the exception of Bone7. The meme was spammed even more when NP was signed by Cloud9.


During the after-party and conclusion of TI7, Sccc took multiple photos with other players and fans which were posted over reddit. Due to sccc's attractiveness, there was briefly an obsession over him, with many users posting pictures of him during the early days of TI7 as well as team photos and events already finished. He also briefly had his own banner over reddit. The obsession held a resurgence during the Bucharest Major, when PGL made a memetic video announcing an sccc perfume named "scccuh". Newbee later actually sold these perfume bottles during the MDL Major, and all bottles were sold out in less than an hour.


At the beginning of 2017, LGD did quite poorly, therefore lots of Chinese audiences started to flame LGD. A few extreme LGD fans kept arguing with others, they insisted LGD is the best and strongest team and LGD lose games only because "not in good form", "don't care about these little tournaments", "practice new line-ups" or "keep secret strategies in pocket". Meanwhile, a few extreme fans of Maybe kept saying "Maybe is the best player in the world, he just has trash teammates, our king Maybe will easily win lots of tournaments if he kicks those burdens".

By that time, the arguments about LGD performing poorly wasn't a hot topic. However, the attitude of those extreme fans started to annoy others, more and more people joined the debate but shortly it turned out it's pointless to argue with extreme fans since it's impossible to convince them. Therefore people gave up, their attitude became:"All right, all right, your LGD is invincible(你们LGD无敌), OK?" Eventually, the quote became even more shortened, down to "LGD,______!", and finally down to "___,______!" as the more hardcore LGD fans have become so predictable in their speech and obsession that everyone else would just use the premeditated copy paste of empty underlines to let them fill the blanks themselves.

Later, some people found it funny or ironic to copy&paste 'We LGD are invincible!'(我们LGD是不可战胜的!)on Tieba, SGamers and stream chats whenever LGD was playing.

The Oracle, lgdamefan[]

Amidst speculations over potential roster shuffles post-International, a reddit user named lgdamefan proceeded to leak the rosters of a wide variety of teams, including eternalenvy and pieliedie going to Fnatic, Fear coming out of retirement and ppd forming his own team.

Complexity kicking swindlezz[]

During 2017, Complexity Gaming, which held floundering results at the end of 2016 and the start of 2017 began improving, including defeating long-time rivals, the former Digital Chaos squad, which was under Planet Odd during The International Regional Qualifiers and winning their groups in Starladder. Many attributed this change of results in Complexity kicking Swindlezz for Kyle. The joke refers to most of 2016's losses being attributed to swindlezz, who later changed his in-game ID to Kyle, around the same time when the team was improving.

The Mercedes Benz E400 Sedan[]

Mercedes Benz, one of the big sponsors of ESL One Hamburg, had given each team their own Mercedes Benz to use during the tournament along with a giveaway to the player voted as MVP of the tournament. Due to the high amount of advertisements during the stream (to the point that many complained that there was more advertisement time than DOTA being played), many community members online, especially Reddit proceeded to shamelessly promote the car at every given moment they could.

The copy pasta associated is as follows (note the Reddit version usually features a few sentences of lead in; for example, "You may find that amazing, but you know what's really amazing? The Mercedes E-Class Sedan", followed immediately by the copypasta):

The most intelligent E-Class family of all time welcomes a powerful new member to the dynasty. The E400 Sedan model arrives this year, boasting a 3.0L V6 biturbo engine producing 329 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque — the same powertrain that currently drives its E400 Coupe, Cabriolet and 4MATIC Wagon cousins. Paired with the 9-G-TRONIC 9-Speed automatic transmission and DYNAMIC SELECT, it promises a bracingly smooth way to experience uncommon luxury. Naturally, the 2018 E400 Sedan continues the tradition of E-Class brilliance. Harmonizing advanced automotive intelligence with awe-inspiring interior design, its first-class furnished cabin puts our advanced vehicle systems right at your fingertips — even as its world-class innovations continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of automotive intelligence. "Car-to-X" Communication enables the E-Class to exchange information with similarly equipped vehicles — effectively allowing it to "see" around corners and through obstacles to detect potential hazards. Driver Assistance Systems — including Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC®, Active Steering Assist and Active Lane Change Assist — feature intelligent cruise control: They help keep you between the lines, and can even help you shift between them. Inside, the E-Class cabin provides an environment of pure comfort and responsive technology. Flowing lines and vibrant screens provide a striking visual display, while touch controls, aromatherapy and tailored seats indulge all of your senses at once. It's a vehicle that demands to be driven, and more than lives up to the dream. Look for the E400 4MATIC Sedan at your Mercedes-Benz dealership this winter, with an MSRP of $58,900.

[X] was the problem[]

A term used to refer to players that were recently kicked doing well, or teams that recently kicked or had a roster swap doing poorly. Originated from AdmiralBulldog reading Alliance's article about EGM being kicked, and reading that "EGM was the problem". Other notable instances of the meme being used were when Ohaiyo was kicked from Fnatic and Universe leaving EG

AdmiralBulldog, The 250kg Beast[]

October 8, Bulldog tweeted that when he walked out with the dogs, he met a moose and he described it as "a huge 250kg beast"[13]. An average, adult male moose weights around 500kg to 700kg so people started to laugh at him and that the only 250kg beast in near area is bulldog himself.

Before he lost weight, people used term "250kg Beast" to describe him whenever he showed himself publicly, on stream, a tournament or made an outstanding play (In positive and negative meaning) while playing a game, not necessarily Dota 2.

The biggest oversight[]

Originating from Reddit on Dark Willow minimap icon.pngDark Willow's release, it is a copypasta that basically describes how the OP finds Dark Willow sexy and promiscuous. This copypasta is expected to appear whenever Dark Willow is mentioned in any way on Reddit. The text is as follows:

"The biggest oversight with Dark Willow is that she's unbelievably sexy. I can't go on a hour of my day without thinking about plowing that tight wooden ass. I'd kill a man in cold blood just to spend a minute with her crotch grinding against my throbbing manhood as she whispers terribly dirty things to me in her geographically ambiguous accent."

More copypastas with the same theme about Dark Willow minimap icon.pngDark Willow started popping up in late 2018 to early 2019. This together with a bot posting one of these copypastas every time the words "biggest oversight" was stated on the dota2 subreddit revitalized the meme. This meme was also subtly referenced by Valve later on in Ogre Magi's Arcana Flockheart's Gamble voiceline[14].

2016 Memes[]

The Shanghai Major / The Shanghai shit show[]

The Shanghai Major was a notoriously badly handled event; it was dubbed the "Shanghai Shit show" or the "Major that kept on giving", its host 2GD was FIRED mid event, there were sound issues, delays, machine gun fires, premature low graphics, as well as audible Chinese shouting mid-stream.


A joke made whenever a Sven is trapped by Nature's Prophet's Sprout. The joke originated during the Shanghai Major, where EG's Arteezy was using a Sven with 2 Divine Rapiers, but was isolated from the decisive team fight by a Sprout against Team Secret. Later, during EG's first game against Liquid in the lower bracket finals, Arteezy was isolated twice during deciding team fights of the game, both by a Nature's Prophet's Sprout.


Related to this video when LD shouted "ding ding ding motherfucker" after EGM's Ogre Magi triggered a MulticastFireblast on Universe's Batrider as he was making a last ditch attempt to kill Alliance's ancient.

Why you posting something that is not 6.87 patch notes?[]

This meme was used when someone posted a new post on reddit and it was not 6.87 patch notes, as the community really wanted the patch notes due to the imbalance of 6.86.


Related to this video when Puppey raged and threw his headset on the monitor. From Eternal Envy's blog, Puppey would allegedly tell people to "Fight Me" to determine who's right and who's wrong whenever he got into an argument.


Relates to how Monkey King minimap icon.pngMonkey King constantly used the line I need no introduction while introducing himself after every restart of the game client.

Eh, average play[]

A video of Miracle- playing Shadow Fiend minimap icon.pngShadow Fiend in a match and predicting Queen of Pain minimap icon.pngQueen of Pain blinking with his own Blink and Requiem of Souls. Popular responses to it was as follows:


This meme was reused when rating other cool plays.


In a 2nd game of Team Secret vs. Newbee on Epicenter tournament, Team Secret killed Roshan and took aegis on EternalEnVy Huskar. kaka from Newbee noted down the time Aegis expires (3154), but he typed it into all chat by accident. Team Secret pushed Newbee's base at 31 minutes with 5 heroes, but were repelled with 4 dead. Subsequently 3154 became a meme that Newbee was communicating to EE to throw, due to EE's Chinese ancestry.

The Assassin Strikes[]

Refers to Bulba's unsuccessful runs with Evil Geniuses, Team Secret and Team Liquid in 2016, with all teams getting better and more stable results after his departure. Also based on various games on Arteezy's stream, where Bulba would constantly be teamed with Arteezy and underperform in games but play well in games where he was pitted against Arteezy, which led to Arteezy calling Bulba the "MMR Assassin".

dont question mark lol[]

During one of EG's games against TNC, ppd made a pause due to mic issues. Before he could even state the reason, Demon all chatted a question mark, prompting ppd to chat "dont qeustion mark lol". Used generally whenever someone makes a question mark as a response.

As a reference to this, during various events and as a more recent addition to the Battle Pass's rewards, one of the new unlockables is to replace the exclamation point whenever a creep is denied with a question mark.

Winner's Bus[]

Used when Liquid is losing or has lost a game. Originated from SirActionSlacks's story during TI6, where he was incorrectly informed that Liquid had won their series against Fnatic, where, in reality, Fnatic had eliminated Liquid. Sharing the same bus as them, Slacks openly shouted "Well, looks like I'm on the winner's bus!". The meme held a resurgence when Liquid won Starladder, followed by the succeeding International.

The Artour Cycle[]

Refers to Arteezy being shuffled around between Secret and Evil Geniuses. The meme stated that Arteezy would often complain in the months after TI, leading to Secret picking him up. Under Secret, Arteezy would have a terrible placing at The International before rejoining Evil Geniuses. The cycle, however, was broken in 2016, where Arteezy remained with Evil Geniuses for The International 7.

Can Anyone Even Touch Madara?[]

A meme about the player Madara formerly from team Ad Finem whose impressive play as carry has led to a rework of the "Madara Uchiha" copy pasta.

The Spring and Autumn Hegemon and the Winter Worm and Summer Grass[]

A Chinese joke regarding OG's run during 2015 and 2016. During the Fall and Spring seasons, OG had dominated the scene, winning Boston, Manila and Frankfurt, which is in reference to a Hegemon being the most powerful of China's warlords during the Spring and Autumn Period. The team, however had a terrible placing at both Shanghai and TI6, resulting in them simply being a worm or a blade of grass during this period of time.

Is that balanced?[]

A statement made by Loda during The International 2013's video about the Fountain Hook. Unhappy that Natus Vincere was able to abuse fountain hooking to take a game where Tongfu held a significant lead against them, Loda made a loud outburst about how much of a joke he thought the match was. During the outburst Loda shouted "Is that balanced?"


A nickname for Underlord, comparing his ult with the transportation service company, Uber. Consequently, Dark Rift is also referred to as Uber, especially for highly skilled or extremely poor uses for the skill. Had a brief 2018 surge in popularity when Fnatic.Universe used it to backdoor the Ancient against Team Secret at ESL One Katowice.

Simple calculs[]

Originating from this Reddit thread, used to sarcastically respond to anything maths or calculations related.

Chinese BKB[]

A poor use of Black King Bar, primarily when you are not in the vicinity or at risk from any of the other players on the enemy team and when the duration of the item is still at ten seconds. Originally from China, Yang introduced the meme to the west during the winner's interview at the Manila Major. When asked why his team-mate, Agressif, used his Black King Bar while no one was near him, Yang responded that the Secret Shopkeeper told them that the item came from China, so it had to be tested if the duration really was ten seconds.

Nice Weather[]

Used whenever Secret loses a game, especially to Digital Chaos. Originated from w33's tweet shortly after Secret was left at the bottom of the Manila Major, while Digital Chaos managed to make it to the upper bracket.

Shut up you 2k pinoy monkey[]

A phrase made by Puppey's official Facebook page after it was hacked during TI6 and generally targets Filipino players, organizations and community members. The original post was promptly deleted after Team Secret regained control, and Puppey issued a notice and apology though screenshots still remain, including some of the hacker's other posts such as returning to Na'Vi.

2015 Memes[]

PogChamp WTF 3 Merlinis PogChamp[]

Racial joke when 3 asian casters/players or members of the dota community are shown on the panel or post match discussion at a live event. A joke that refers that all asians look alike.

It began when Merlini, WinteR, and Blitz appeared on the analyst desk together at The International 5. syndereN tweeted a picture of their group, and accidentally tagged Merlini 3 times.

The meme began dying out when Merlini announced his complete departure from casting and analyzing.

Kuroky was right, Arteezy was left[]

After Team Secret's disbandment, there were rumors that a dispute between Kuroky and Arteezy was the cause of the disbandment. The community then split in 2 arguing who was right and who was wrong (left), using 'Kuroky was right' when Kuroky wins (most effective when it's against Arteezy) and vice versa. A frequent example that is used as a comparison is their respective results at the International, where Kuroky has been to two grand finals (one of which he won), while Arteezy has gotten bottom half (two of which were last place) in all but two of his International runs by 2017.

Source 2 will fix it[]

This meme gets used by the community as the game was full of bugs after the release of Source 2 engine despite hopes that the new engine would fix bugs. When Dota 2 used Source 1, people would often dismiss bugs by saying "Source 2 will fix it." Many bugs remain.

BabyRage PEDUUUUUR BabyRage[]

A meme related to this video of how Admiral Bulldog was doing a troll cast of Arteezy's Sven gameplay. During his cast, Bulldog repeatedly whined like a baby, often shouting for ppd's help whenever a hero harassed, damaged or was only spotted by Arteezy. It's also a small reference at the high frequency ppd is given defensive supports like Treant Protector or Dazzle.

hey its me ur brother[]

Ur brother.png

Relates to an incident where an item scammer tried to scam someone by changing his name to the victim's brothers profile name.

6.84 is coming after Starladder[]

A meme about IceFrog when he posted the release date of 6.84 Gameplay Update at DevForums.

Good Jokes mate real funny see u at FUCK YOUJ[]

A meme about Arteezy when he angrily reported a player in his match. The "J" typo is important to the meme as that was Arteezy's original typo.

6 million dollar echo slam[]

Refers to Universe's 5-hero Echo Slam in the last game[16] of the grand final of The International 2015

Aghanim's Scepter: Riki (Pocket Riki)[]

User PotatoLord17 made a satirical post on reddit about a suggestion that would allow Riki able to enter his teammates inventory and hide there with an Aghanim's Scepter icon.pngAghanim's Scepter. A novelty account Pocket_Riki was also created, responding to mentions of Pocket Riki with a blank comment. Another user also made a custom game mode featuring suggestions from the post. The idea is thought to be a source of inspiration for the actual upgrade.

A similar occurrence was when SirActionSlacks suggested that a potential aghs for Lycan involved him biting his teammates and turning them into werewolves.

Thanks Purge[]

About Purge's explanation of how Io minimap icon.pngIo works. Generally used nowadays whenever Purge attempts to explain something, Dota-related or otherwise. Variations include thanks being given to other personalities explaining things or "Thanks" being used in a different language such as "谢谢", "Salamat", and "Arigato"

Brutal, Savage, Rekt[]

During the Frankfurt major, RedEye famously said the words "Brutal.Savage.Rekt" while talking about EG's defeat. After the community uploaded a gif version on gyfcat, the generated link title was "NippyKindLangur". One user on reddit requested that RedEye pay homage to the gif by emphatically saying "NippyKindLangur" on stream. RedEye delivered at EPICENTER, once again users quickly uploaded a gif version to gifcat. A user emailed the Gfycat admins to change its URL to BrutalSavageRekt.

Arteezy Riki[]

Used during Arteezy's runs with Team Secret. During his time with Secret, many often asked Arteezy on stream "Should I should max out Backstab first, like how you backstabbed EG?". This copypasta is associated with it.

The meme died out when Riki was reworked and Permanent Invisibility and Backstab were merged.


Pokes fun at how Digital Chaos would be invited to premier tournaments simply because of how other teams coincidentally were unable to make it. The meme implies that DC's co-founder, SUNSFan sabotaged the other team and has connections with the tournament organizers. The meme was spammed more often during 2016 whenever DC would win a series. The most notable occurrence of this was during the team's miraculous run during TI6. The meme has begun dying out when SUNSFan departed from the organization in 2017, followed shortly by the post-International squad.

Used nowadays whenever a team is able to make it to a premier tournament after initially failing to qualify thanks to the qualifier's victors being unavailable to play for the main LAN.

Does S4 Remember the Million-Dollar Dream Coil?[]

Spammed during s4's second run with Team Alliance after an underwhelming performance at The International 2015. Alliance's lacklustre performances throughout their premier lans, despite reassembling most of their International-winning squad. The meme was spammed even more when EGM returned to recomplete the squad, but was spammed less when SirActionSlacks formally asked s4 the question at the main stage of StarLadder[17], though it held a resurgence when the team began underperforming at Shanghai, and occasionally even after s4 left Alliance a second time. s4 occasionally acknowledges the meme himself, even having an effigy of Puck with the comment "Yes kids, I remember" and referencing the meme multiple times.


A combination of w33 and refresh. Used to mock w33 after it was revealed that he used the "refresh" command to farm an abnormally fast Aghanim's Scepter on Meepo during an in-house league.[18]

Delete your lies/Eul's and apologize[]


Reddit dota2

At the end of each year, Spotify Wrapped consumes the users of the music streaming app by showing off the user’s listening statistics from the past 12 months. And now, the idea has extended to other communities as well.

In this case, one Reddit user, called Mythicize, created a somewhat similar program that uses various databases to show players some of their Dota 2 stats and hero breakdowns from 2019. 

I made a Dota version of Spotify Wrapped from DotA2

Mythicize was inspired to make this program after seeing just how much fun people had with Spotify’s end-of-the-year event, and took the massive statistical resource that is Dotabuff and making something that easily compiles that information into a one-page wrap. It isn’t nearly as detailed as Spotify’s but it does provide a very accurate look at multiple important stats and the numbers behind them. 

It mainly focuses on the basic stats, such as total kills, assists, and deaths for the entire year, but it also shows each user’s most-played heroes and top teammates. The example Mythicize gave was using popular streamer and Alliance Dota legend Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg’s profile. 

It is very simple to use because all you need is a public Dota profile on Steam to login and see your totals. If your account is not public, just go to the options menu in the Dota 2 client and under Social in the Advanced Options menu you can tick Expose Public Match Data to get it working. 

Alternatively, you can also just use your Dotabuff page ID to get your stats without signing in at all. 

Because the program is not meant to be something huge, you may find yourself running into some issues with getting your image to show up. Mythicize advises users to just keep refreshing and entering their info if they run into a 502 error or any other problems.

This is just another example of the Dota community making something that has no bearing on the game but gives others something really cool that they can use to show their stats over 2019. Unless you have a terrible win percentage, want to pretend nothing happened, and just delete the image.

Dota 2 Best Moments of Reddit - Ep. 170

Leaked Dota 2 game files suggest new Battle Pass event

For Dota 2 players, May is the month of the Battle Pass. For the past five years, Valve has released its annual Dota 2 Battle Pass this month and has just shown signs of doing so again this year.

In a post on r/Dota2, Reddit user u/WellisCute posted an image of the new game files added to the Dota 2 client in an update on May 4th. The update wasn't a major one and didn't have any patch notes accompanying it. As such, it was assumed to be just another localization patch by the community.

But the Reddit post suggests that Valve covertly added something bigger to Dota 2. The image of the game files clearly suggests an upcoming Greeviling Event.

Also read: Ranking every Dota 2 Battle Pass exclusive Arcana

The leaked game files in question (Image via u/WellisCute on Reddit)

What is The Greeviling Event in Dota 2?

The Greeviling Event was released in 2012 as part of a larger Frostivus Christmas special event.

The Greeviling game mode is based on regular All Pick. But all the towers remain invulnerable, and creeps do not spawn in this mode. The primary objective of the players is to kill a certain amount of Greevils during the game.

Starting 30 seconds into the game and approximately every 3 minutes after that, three random jungle camps will spawn a "Megagreevil." These creeps can cast spells and are accompanied by Greevil minions. They get stronger and increase in numbers as the game goes on.

To win the game, players must get 11 last hits on the last Greevil in a jungle camp. Damage done to the camp or the total number of Greevil killed does not matter.

At the start of the game, players are also given a Greevil Whistle, an item that allows players to switch between their hero and their very own Greevil. The player's Greevil also gets stronger as the game goes on and can take on new spells and items upon killing Megagreevils.

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The 2021 Battle Pass

The timing of these files being added to the game suggests that the Greeviling event will most likely be part of the 2021 Dota 2 Battle Pass. The community immediately made the connection and showed its anticipation for the event.

The community is eagerly anticipating the Battle Pass (Image via u/WellisCute on Reddit)
Another reaction to the news (Image via u/WellisCute on Reddit)
Fans speculating about the event (Image via u/WellisCute on Reddit)
Fans were willing to spend whatever necessary to get their hands on the Dota 2 BP (Image via u/WellisCute on Reddit)

Additionally, this is not the first time Valve has pre-emptively added files for upcoming content to Dota 2. Files for Aghanim's Labyrinth event were added before the Battle Pass' release last year as well.

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Last year's battle pass was released on the 24th of May which was the latest Valve has ever released the battle pass for the last 5 years. Hopefully, the community will be rewarded with the highly anticipated Battle Pass sooner this year.

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