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(Mostly) Passive aggressive for "I hope you die tonight for what you've done that caused me extreme anger". Other variants are "Wish you all the best", "Best of luck", or anything along those lines.

Here's an example of where "Best Wishes" might be used:
I appreciate you looking after the house while I was out, and I loved how you cleaned it, but I have noticed a few of my items are missing. I am not accusing you of stealing, however, it would be nice if you could tell me where you had my great-great-grandfather'stime keeper, as it is very important to my family. I have looked every possible place for it to be, yet I haven't seen it.
Please tell me where it is, as we have a family reunion in a month, and I will hire you, but you must tell me where it is, as my family wishes to see what it looks like, and what the future holders of it will be given in the future.

Best wishes,

by TheOriginalHobo November 26, 2014

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Wishing someone the "best of luck" or "all the best" is a practice often employed by the middle class as a polite alternative to the colloquial "fuck off". In all recorded instances of its usage, no one who has ever uttered this expression has actually "wished" anything positive on its recipient. In almost all cases, the utterer secretly "wishes" that the recipient would not only disappear, but stop existing as a whole.

"Unfortunately due to the high volume of applicants we are unable to offer you a position. We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors and will keep your resume on file for future reference."

"I'm grateful 4 the many blessings we've shared and I wish her the very best!"

by leifoc April 13, 2010

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When you don't respect someone's ability to take care of themselves or handle reality, you can surreptitiously use this phrase to not only cheer them up (as they're likely to be the dreary idealistic type of wet noodle who would believe in luck anyhow) but you can get your jollies as well by knowing you've branded them as luckless cattle, incapable of steering themselves out of the sad, stifling little corral in which they've imprisoned themselves in life.

Daphne: "Victor, Ramone told me such horrid things about you, and though he's a tawdry wastrel, and though he's been suckling your teat until recently you cast him into the wilds, well... he's a reliable informant, and he says you've such guile as to have seduced me into amiable terms with you!"

Victor: "Why that's a load of bullshit if I ever did hear. Let me tell you about Ramone, how he's a womanizing adolescent with no backbone and merely the soggiest mewlinggnashing of gums to ever grace the earth. Let me tell you about how Ramone has dishonored myself and many past mutual friends, like the honorable Boris, how Ramone's often resorted to this sort of despicable whimpering to exact envious and petty vengeance. How Boris and I have suffered his slights out of sheer pity for the scamp, how very pathetic a creature he is."

Daphne: "Oh, Victor, I refuse to listen to your reasoning. I may have a brilliant intellect but, my heart is pure mush pie, and am but a leaf in the wind when confronted with mush pies. I'm afraid I can relate far more with a steaming lake of mush pie than I can with a man so clandestine, debonair, and unsurpassed as you. Clearly, in your villainy, you have approached me with falsehoods!"

Victor: "So, you choose to side with weakness and lies! You brazen strumpet! You sorry, pithy excuse for a courtesan! To the dungeons with you!"

Daphne: *sob sob sob*

Victor: "Oh bugger it all. You're not even worth the effort. Best of luck!"

by Lord Mangosta August 04, 2008

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1. A remark of profound love, in which one expresses their unconditional support for another;

2. Something that usually, only cool people have the guts to say to others, because it is an remark of unconditional support;

3. (Sometimes) A bittersweet comment made when a person has nothing left to say to someone else, because the other person has not returned affection;

4. A figure of speech that inspired songs by Adele, CeeLo Green, Per Gessle and Eminem, for better or worse...

Fred: "I wish you the best, Hulk, for all that you've done, all you've become, and all your potential."

Hulk: "Aaaw gee Fred, that's really swell - thanks brah!"

Neymar: ..."What about me?"


Peter Venkman: "I wish you the best Dana, you were really a great lover, but I see that you clearly prefer Slimer and his ghouls to my, let us say, human kinda love..."

Dana Barrett: "Uh? Fuck you too, asshole."

by annygallyfukyah June 24, 2014

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Someone who really tries to be "emo" but all the emo kids hate him for being such an imature, wannabe twat. He doesnt understand emo at all and acts goth because he thinks thats what emo is. He is all Oh I hate my life because my parents split up oh how it sucks I better listen to the same band over and over again (Often easy listening bands like Coheed & Cambria or Death Cab For Cutie)

He buys whatever the emo kids buy, about a week later, and is constantly searching EMO on google to try and find out what he is getting into. He takes the stereotypes for truth, making the emo kids hate him even more. He will say he likes a band when he has only heard one of their songs, or even if he has never heard of them, for example
Joe Emo: I love thursday
Emo Wisher: Yeh they are cool (note to self, listen to thursday)

He lives primarily in a huge house and is very stuck up, but calls everyone else snobs. He will call everyone else names like "Wannabe" or "Poser" when he is really them.

He copies everything one particular emo that he has trust in does, he copies the things the emo wears, listens to, signs up for, says and just the way he/she acts.

Nobody, again, nobody likes Emo Wishers. They just pretend to so not to hurt his feelings.

Emo Wisher - Hi guys
Emo Kids - Oh Hi, um, Drake is it?
Emo Wisher - Nooo, my names Edd.
Emo Kids - Oooh. Sorry. *Coughs*
Emo Wisher - Look I bought a The Used CD!
Emo Kids - Oh. Cool I guess, but Panic! At the Disco are in now...
Emo Wisher - Yeh they rock! (Note to self, buy Panic! A.T.D.)
Emo Kids - *Cough* Wisher *Cough* *Group Laughing*
Emo Wisher - Huh?

by Jacob Elland January 07, 2006

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Dictionary urban wish well you

A large cocktail made from all the bodily fluids that one human body has produced. When ingested, it summons Kolgorathnokterranonklus, Great God of Immoral wishes. Once he appears, you may petition him to grant your most "unconventional" wish (e.g. sex with a cousin, eradication of the banana minority, etc.). Beware, though, for the granting of this wish will come with no unintended consequences--except the occasional appearance of a small child's face on one's elbows.

I used a Tennessee Wishing Well to become god-king of Palestinethe other day.

Hey man, can i drink from your Tennessee Wishing Well?

by AllabobibTheGlutton April 30, 2016

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She wishes he was with her...
From the beginning to the end of time.
She wishes he could feel so loved
Every moment, everyday.

She recalls, she wishes...
She wishes everyone could foresee...
So that wrong choices haven't made.
And regrets won't certainly be there.

I am not a fan of the unknowns. I strive to have prior knowledge of everything.

Do you ever feel like life is passing you by?

To me, I feel like I have been on this Earth for the longest time.

I feel like I have an ancient soul that my knowledges were accumulated over the past centuries. Does past life exist?

Yet, the childish side is in me.. causing me to be playful and make mistakes sometimes.

I knew better.
I ignored it.
I let my imagination goes wild.

Watching events happening daily basics is like watching a movie in a slow motion.

You saw it before.
You see it again.
Deja Vu.

I wish I could go back, and rewrite that page. Maybe.. just maybe..I could change something.

Wish is a form of imagination, desire, hope and regrets...789/852/123 - 1475963 - 7412369

by Renaissance® September 02, 2021

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An app where everybody thinks there receiving items like Gucci and AirPods and other crap they don’t really need! Then when it comes in the mail, they just realized they got scammed by a bunch of idiots! Don’t use wish because wish is sheit

911 what’s your emergency?
Yeah I have a guy who just pulled a wish on me!
Honey, Disney isn’t real!
That’s not what I’m talking about! Uggg
Ends call

by Rad dude80 May 04, 2019

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When a person wants something but is not prepared to put in any effort to obtain it.
Often the secondary gain of *not* fulfilling the wish outweighs the benefits of the wish-come-true. And so the "wishing" is merely a way to divert attention from the ulterior motive

Duncan: I wish I had some money
Jim: Fill in your disability forms and the government will give you some for free
Duncan: No. I hate filling in forms
Jim: No worries, I'll do it for you
Duncan: No thanks. (Because as long as I have no cash, my girlfriend will commit to me by buying my drugs with her inheritance money)

by ti1358 February 09, 2012

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