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My name is Igor, now I am 53 years old, my wife's name is Lyuba, she is 50 years old. We've been married for thirty years. We have an adult son Taras, he is now 25. I want to tell you about some aspects of our life, more precisely, the life of my wife.

Dasha went out into the yard, feeling a slight January chill. She walked around the house, looked out into the street, and again did not meet anyone. a little wary, she returned to her business again.

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He liked the smell. We sat down in armchairs opposite each other and began to have supper. God. What a delight to watch him.

Scraps of the red dress were clearly visible even in the bushes. There was nothing left for me to do and I got out. Of the bushes, presenting myself to the guys in all the glory of my ragged and fucked-up appearance. I didn't know what to say. I was originally dressed provocatively.

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Anna was sitting in the kitchen. She knew perfectly well where my cognac was, so she had already poured herself a glass and cut a lemon. There was already a bottle of beer on the table for me, but this time I refused in favor of tea. Yes. I did.

I love to lick and suck it. To make it pleasant for the Master to look at me, I keep my body clean outside and inside, I do not wear. Other clothes except a collar, and I shave smoothly, so that my pussy always shines with love juices when it appears.

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The only planet suitable for human viability within the reach. Of Failed's specific trajectory was Astrea. Gena knew nothing else about Astrea. And in general, no one knew, a couple of people fled there before him, but without any further news.

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