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Does kahoot have baby shower games?

Does kahoot have baby shower games?

Custom Kahoot! games can add fun and interactivity to virtual baby showers. Expectant parents or others hosting a virtual baby shower can easily create a customized trivia game with Kahoot!

Do you have a virtual baby shower game?

Virtual baby shower games act as a baby shower activity and will help you pull off the virtual celebration without a hitch. Mothers-to-be are rightfully cautious with COVID because they are a high-risk group. Still, they want to celebrate this major milestone with their loved ones.

What’s the best game for a baby shower?

11 Virtual baby shower games. 1 1. Trivia time! Before the baby shower, gather trivia questions and answers from your parents-to-be of honor. Their parents could be a good resource 2 2. Blind portraits. 3 3. Make a tipple. 4 4. Lullaby love. 5 5. Play a baby guessing game!

Can you give birth in virtual baby games?

In the below video we see another virtual pregnancy and 3d childbirth from a loving couple giving birth in the Second Life game. It is quite an experience and afterward you can care for the infant in virtual baby games. What’s the website to this?????

Are there any free birth games for kids?

Baby Kids Care – Babysitting.. Barbara Gives a Birth to Six.. Queen Elsa Give Birth To A B.. Cinderella Gives Birth to Tw.. Anna And Kristoff Care Newbo.. Caesarean Birth and Baby Car.. Jasmine Pregnant And Baby Ca.. Mermaid Ariel Gives Birth To.. Pregnant Elsa Washing Clothe.. Talking Angela and the New B.. Minion Girl and the New Born..

What to do with your virtual baby I live?

Have fun growing your virtual baby, every day is different as in reality, your baby is born, grows and changes over time. Complete the daily objectives and receive coins and gifts to buy games and clothes, raise your baby, make him happy and he will love you. Install now “i Live” and give a ‘soul to your device.

Are there any online baby games for girls?

Baby Hazel and Baby Matt are playing together and celebrating Siblings Day. Can you keep Baby Matt happy? This young mom and her friends are celebrating the arrival of her new baby. Join them while they make invites for her baby shower, go shopping for maternity clothes and much more in this online game for girls.


10 Virtual Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

virtual baby shower games: White baby onesie surrounded by gifts and bunting

Baby showers are some of the most delightful events to plan. They’re all about celebrating a soon-to-be new arrival and showering the guest of honor with love and well wishes. And that doesn’t have to stop just because of social distancing — virtual baby showers can be plenty of fun! 

Plan a baby shower that everyone will love with these fun virtual baby shower games. Take inspiration from our list that features virtual games, printables, and some tips on planning the perfect shower. 

How To Plan a Virtual Baby Shower

virtual baby shower games: Baby Can't Wait Invitation by Greenvelope

Design: Jen Montgomery

Get ready to welcome the little bundle of joy with our short and simple guide to planning a virtual baby shower. 

Pick the Perfect Date and Time

With no travel arrangements to think about, finding the best date and time for a virtual baby shower might be easier than with a traditional baby shower

Check in with your guest of honor (or guests of honor, if it’s for both parents) to find a memorable date (or range of dates) that works for their schedule. Then make sure the date doesn’t clash with any major holidays or events. A weekend evening is often a good call, or a Sunday brunch.

Decide on a Theme

Once you have a date and time in mind, it’s time to move onto the fun stuff — like choosing a baby shower theme

There are so many great options out there for baby shower themes. You could go for a nautical theme with rubber ducks, or a sweet pastel rainbow theme. Ask your guest of honor for ideas, or think about what they love most if it’s more of a surprise celebration. 

Create Your Guest List

It isn’t a party without guests, so get building your guest list for your online baby shower. 

Gather a list of the mom-to-be’s loved ones. Make sure it features her close family members, friends, and other people she’d love to celebrate with. Decide whether you want to keep it a small group so you can all see each other easily on the computer screen or if you want to open it up wider. 

Send Out Your Invitations

virtual baby shower games: Shower By Mail Invitation by Greenvelope

Design: Becky Nimoy Stationery

It’s time to let people know all about your plans by sending out gorgeous baby shower invitations

With the party taking place online, it makes sense to use digital invitations to spread the word. Find your favorite virtual baby shower invitation design and customize it to share all the important details about your virtual get-together. You can also use Greenvelope’s handy details panel to share a direct link to the party “location” along with any other information guests might need. 

Plan Your Party Games and Activities 

With a theme in mind and all the essentials taken care of, it’s time to have fun with planning virtual baby shower games and activities. 

Think about how your event will look — will your activities work over a Zoom or Skype call? Will your guests need to download printables? Can you send your guests a party package by mail ahead of time that features little extras for the celebration? These are all considerations that will help shape your event.

10 Fun Virtual Baby Shower Games

Abstract Boho Baby Invitation by Greenvelope

Design: Dotted Line Studio

What better way to celebrate a new arrival than with some fun and games? Here’s a collection of our most-loved virtual baby shower games to inspire you. 

1. Don’t Say “Baby”

This is a fun game to set up at the start of the baby shower, and you can play it all the way through. 

Any time one of your party guests says “baby” they get a point. At the end of the celebration, the person with the most points could win a silly title or a joke gift. If “baby” feels a bit too tricky, swap it for another baby shower themed word — like “diaper” or “bottle.”

2. Baby Shower Charades

You might think charades is better in person, but it can work just as well as a virtual baby shower game. 

Create a list of baby or parenting themed words or phrases for your party guests to act out, while others try to guess the answer. This can be a great way to add some laughter to the online celebration. 

3. Emoji Pictionary

Who doesn’t love a guessing game? Take Pictionary and give it a fun twist with a game of baby-themed emoji Pictionary.

Don’t worry — you won’t need to create your own (unless you want to). There are lots of great printable baby shower emoji Pictionary games out there. Simply send your guests a link to the file to download, or pack it up along with some extras and mail it out to them ahead of the virtual party. 

4. Guess the Baby Photo

Take a look at what your party guests looked like when they were younger with this adorable virtual baby shower game. 

Ask your guests to email a baby photo or two of themselves, then display them on your screen as part of your video call. You’ll have a great time as people guess which baby photo belongs to which guest. 

5. Baby Bingo

Bingo is one of those virtual baby shower games that’s always a hit. Find an adorable free baby shower bingo printable online and share it with your party guests. 

Play along and see whose baby-related items come up first so they can score “bingo” and win. If your guest of honor is opening their shower gifts as part of the celebration, you could even create a shower gift bingo instead.

6. The Price Is Right

Babies are expensive, but how expensive? Play along to try and guess the cost of baby purchases in this interactive virtual baby shower game. 

You can either hold up the baby items in person or create a slideshow with images of baby-related buys. Guests then try to guess the cost of the item, and the closest guess wins a point or small prize. 

7. Guess the Nursery Rhyme

If you love musical virtual baby shower games, this one’s for you. 

Play a few rounds of “guess that tune” with a baby shower themed twist. Load up a playlist full of well-known and obscure nursery rhymes or baby themed songs, then see if your guests can guess them correctly. 

8. Play Dough Babies

Challenge your guests to create the cutest (or funniest!) play dough baby in one of the most hilarious virtual baby shower games around. 

See who can make the best baby out of dough, then show them onscreen to judge the creations. You’ll need to mail out some dough to your party guests for this, or send them the ingredients to make their own as part of the event — so add that to your shopping list! 

9. Baby Animals

Who knows the most about baby animals? Use this fun virtual baby shower game to test everyone’s trivia knowledge on the weird and wonderful animal world. 

Create a list of animals and their baby name counterparts, then mix them up and ask guests to match the two together. You could DIY or find a printable version on Etsy. Stick to easy animals for a simple game, or find the most unusual combinations for a more challenging time. 

10. Baby Predictions

Finish up your celebration with one of the most classic virtual baby shower games — baby predictions! 

Ask your party guests to make their predictions about the soon-to-arrive baby, including date of birth, birth weight, name, and sex. Other ideas include hair color, eye color, color of their going home outfit, and which parent they look most like. Check in with the new parents after the new baby arrives to see who has the most correct answers. 

Add Some Sparkle With Fun Baby Shower Games

It’s possible to plan an online baby shower that’s memorable, sweet, and full of laughter with these fun virtual baby shower games. Challenge people’s creativity with dough, test their problem solving with emoji Pictionary, and “aww” over everyone’s baby photos Even though you can’t gather in person, you can still enjoy a wonderful time together and create real memories that last a lifetime.

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game for virtual attendees Top Chef star Marcel Vigneron and Lauren Rae Levy held a virtual baby shower which wrapped up with a Kahoot! Together Apart at Cisco Galway — Sheila Greaney, 3BL Media. Top 7 Education Apps for the Classroom — Matthew Lynch, The Tech Edvocate If you’re looking for virtual baby shower games you can enjoy and that aren’t too difficult to organize for a group of online guests, here are 9 ideas to inspire you! Guess the baby. Bridal Shower Wedding Couple Shower Mariage Bridal Shower Party Weddings Marriage Bridal Parties Chartreuse Wedding. Your Tulamama baby shower trivia game can accommodate large groups or small groups. Producer Nicki Cortese hosted the Kahoot! With just a few tweaks and alterations, you can enjoy some of your favorite baby shower games virtually, creating a fun and unique online baby shower that feels just like the real thing…or as close as possible as you can get to one, anyway. This includes incorporating (somewhat) new and exciting baby shower games. 2. The structure of the games should be that people feel relaxed. A baby shower is a fun event, and a trivia game is a great way to allow people to relax. Whether you’re celebrating a gender reveal or a baby shower, we hope these ideas get you inspired for your virtual festivities. Two Great Kahoot Features for Math Teachers — Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. ), that included questions around baby facts, my pregnancy facts, and even some polls that are similar to the traditional 'mom or dad' game. In each grid square, guests should write a baby word they think will be said at least once during the shower. It should be a five-by-five grid. Use a site such as Target or Walmart to put together a game with the most up-to-date prices. Baby Shower Word Bingo. If you have a large group of people, divide them into small groups so that they can compete with one another. While a traditional baby shower usually has 3-5 games, the type of party determines how many games you should include.For mail-in and drive-by baby shower games, you can stick to the 3-5 printable games that your guests drop off or mail to you. - Bridal Shower Quiz. The number of games you include is entirely up to you and the baby shower style you are having. If you decide that “Psych!” will be your virtual baby shower game, remember to come up with a backup game just in case, because many people have been playing it recently due to the lockdown, causing it to crash from time to time. We’ve gone ahead and put together one you can copy to your accounts . 'Kahoot' Virtual Baby Shower Game Guests will need to download the app ahead or at the start of the shower, but this virtual baby shower trivia game is a super-cute and of-the-moment way to have some fun online during your gal pal’s baby shower. 9 Virtual Baby Shower Ideas. We planned a 30questions Trivia game using Kahoot (Check out it has 7 days Free Trial for their Pro version now! GUESS THE BABY If you’re looking for virtual baby shower ideas, Guess the Baby is a great ice-breaker. Read on for some creative baby shower inspiration. 3. Play Games “We played a couple of games where people could just type in their answers ― guess the circumference of my belly in inches, and ‘The Price Is Right’ with baby items like bottles, diapers, etc.” ― LeRae Hinz “You can make a virtual trivia game using Kahoot. How Many Games Should You Play? Your Guide to Throwing a Virtual Baby Shower — Gerber Childrenswear. Kahoot! 1. Saved by Keston Murphy. game, hosted by producer Nicki Cortese. Kahoot! Similar to baby shower gift Bingo, this game requires guests to listen for baby related words during the shower.. Each guest needs to make their own Bingo board.
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10 Baby Shower Games For the Zoom App

Baby Shower Trivia Game for Both Parents-to-Be

Co-ed baby showers that include both parents-to-be have become a popular party choice. By not putting any restrictions on the guest list, the couple can be surrounded by all of their friends and family. And that can make for some fun baby shower games.

Hosting a Baby Shower for a Couple

Recruit two people to host together, preferably with each host being closer to one half of the expecting couple. This is a great way to make sure the friends and family of both parents-to-be feel included. And if you enlist a male host, this can be helpful to guide other male guests in party protocol, as they might be new to the baby shower scene.

Have sufficient food and drinks on hand for all of the guests. Just because a mom-to-be isn't drinking, that doesn't necessarily mean others should avoid alcohol. But do keep the couple's food and drink preferences in mind. Finally, pick a theme that appeals to both expecting parents.

A Trivia Game About the Parents-to-Be

Party games can be one of the best parts of a co-ed baby shower. The games often revolve around new parenting challenges or how well the guests know the parents-to-be. They are easy to set up and should make everyone feel included.

For a simple and entertaining activity, enlist all of the guests and the parents-to-be to play baby shower trivia game. Prior to the party, the host should come up with a list of parenting-related questions geared toward the expecting couple and have the couple write down their answers. Then, distribute copies of the questions to all of the guests at the shower.

After everyone has had a chance to consider their answers, the host should read the questions out loud and ask everyone to call out their guesses. Each guest earns a point when their answer matches what the couple said; the person with the most points after all of the questions are answered wins. For some extra fun, provide the winner with a gag gift.

Sample Baby Shower Trivia Questions

Consider these popular trivia questions to use for a couple's baby shower: 

  • What is the exact due date for the baby?
  • How did the expecting couple meet?
  • What are they considering naming the baby?
  • What is the color they picked for the baby's room?
  • Where did each parent-to-be grow up?
  • What did mom crave during the pregnancy?
  • What was the first thing the couple did when they found out they were expecting?
  • What was the first item the couple bought for the baby?
  • How many kids does the couple want to have?
  • What was each parent-to-be's first word?
  • What was each parent-to-be's first solid food?
  • How much did each parent weigh when they were born?
  • Who is more likely to get up in the middle of the night with the baby?
  • Who will be more nervous when labor starts?
  • Which parent is more likely to enforce the rules?
  • Which parent will the baby look like?

Shower kahoot baby

14 Baby Shower Games and Activities

14 Baby Shower Games and Activities

As masks and physical distancing are still recommended for gatherings, some expecting parents are moving their would-be in-person baby showers online. But many of the well-loved games you find at most baby showers won’t work for a virtual party, short of mailing Shower Gift Bingo cards to all your guests (we don’t expect you to do that, but if you want to, more power to you!).

One of the main concerns expecting parents have around virtual baby showers is how to keep guests interested and entertained. If you’re nervous about awkward pauses in conversation, constantly having all (virtual) attention on you or gasp having guests drop out due to boredom, don’t worry—we’ve got tips for ensuring a lively atmosphere at your online shindig.

We’ve rounded up our favorite games and activities, both traditional for baby showers and not, that will work on-screen for groups of four to about a dozen or more.

Printable Baby Shower Games

Word games and puzzles played on paper are a staple of any American baby shower. If you’ve been to one, you know the drill: the host passes around game sheets and tiny pencils, and each guest has a certain amount of time to fill out their sheet before the answers are given and someone wins a prize.

Just because your baby shower has moved online doesn’t mean you should feel the need to forgo this tradition. Below are four downloadable and printable games, made by Babylist just for you, that can be played even across great distances.


If guests have special wishes and hopes for your new baby, here’s where they can write them down so you (and eventually baby, too) can treasure them for life.

PNG Copy of babylist-baby-shower-games-printable-wishes-for-baby-1

Download Game Sheet


Babies need so many things! Here’s a list of baby products (most of which are probably on your registry) for guests to unscrambled and reveal something a baby might use.

PNG Copy of babylist-baby-shower-games-printable-unscramble-1

Download Game Sheet

Download Answer Sheet


Welcome to a baby shower game for the 21st century. Guests are shown a series of emojis that translates to a baby-related word or phrase, and they’ll have to make their best guess. It works exactly like pictionary, just using all the cute (and weird) little icons you can find in your phone.

Copy of babylist-baby-shower-games-printable-emoji-pictionary

Download Game Sheet

Download Answer Sheet


Did you know that all animals have special names for their offspring? In this game, guests are given two lists: names of adult animals and the name of their babies. They’ll have to match them up to create the correct associations.

Copy of babylist-baby-shower-games-printable-animal-match-up-1

Download Game Sheet

Download Answer Sheet

How to download and use these printable games

Click Download Game Sheet below the image of the game you want, then (in the new browser tab that opens to show the game) click the download icon on the right side of the upper tool bar. You can share the game with your guests and have them download it to their own devices by copy-pasting the URL in the image tab and sending it to either in an emailed invite or toward the beginning of the party. After that, the games work just like they would in real life!

If your guests have printers at home, they can print out the game sheet and write their answers there. If a guest doesn’t have a printer, they can still write their answers down on a separate sheet of paper while viewing the game on their screen. Once everyone is ready, have guests show their answers on camera so you can see.

The answer sheets are available for you to download, too. Just click the Download Answer Sheet link underneath the image of the game on this page. (And be sure not to send that link to your guests by accident!)

Creative Virtual Baby Shower Activities

If you think the traditional pen-and-paper baby shower games might go quickly at your virtual shower, you can always throw in a more hands-on, creative activity to entertain your guests. These activities also make a nice alternative to written games, in case that’s not your jam.

Just make sure to let your guests know about these activities beforehand so they can participate (they’ll need some basic supplies). If some of your guests live in your area, you or your shower host might consider dropping off some supplies at their houses the day before or the morning of the virtual shower.

  • Play-Doh Babies: Got two different colors of Play-Doh lying around somewhere? Use one color for the baby and the other color for the clothes. If guests don’t have any Play-Doh, it’s pretty easy to make at home with just flour, salt, water and food coloring.
  • Cupcake Decorating Contest: You can either have guests bake their own cupcakes at home (and who wouldn’t object to that?) or drop off a single cupcake at guests’ homes, then they can decorate to their hearts’ content either before or during the shower. Once everyone is finished, have them show their artistry to everyone on camera. The best part: you get to be the judge!

Easy Baby Shower Activities

These simple activities are great for guests of all ages, and there’s no artistic skills required.

  • Don’t Say “Baby”: This is probably one of the most popular baby shower games because it’s so easy (and yet so hard at the same time!). And it works perfectly for virtual showers. The rules are simple: Don’t. Say. Baby. If you’re caught saying the word “baby,” you lose. To track who’s saying the word, you can keep a sheet of paper to write everyone’s names on. Whoever is the last guest to have their name written down for saying “baby” is the winner!
  • Parenting Advice: Shower guests who are already parents particularly enjoy this one, but it’s open to all guests, whether they’re parents or not. Guests can write down their best (or worst) parenting advice and then show you on camera, but if you want to keep the advice forever, we suggest having all your guests type their sage wisdom into a shared Google doc or emailing it to you.
  • Baby Face: This game requires a little bit of prep from both you and your guests. In the shower invite, ask your guests to email you one of their baby photos (the more embarrassing, the better) before the day of the shower. Then you can compile all the photos into a slideshow and have everyone guess which baby photo belongs to which guest.
  • Name That Tune: This is your opportunity to create your perfect baby playlist. It can feature nursery rhymes and lullabies, popular songs that have “baby” in the title or a mixture of the two. Just play a short clip (about 5-10 seconds) of each song, one after the other, and have guests write down their guesses on a piece of paper. Once you’ve gone through the entire playlist—we recommend about 10–12 songs—give out the answers, and the guest with the most correct answers wins.

Online Games for Virtual Baby Showers

Traditional baby shower games can be a lot of fun, even virtually, but there are some less traditional game options available, too. We like these options if you’re looking for an activity that’s totally online and can get everyone playing all at the same time. Keep in mind: If you have two or more guests who live in the same house and are using the same computer/screen, they’ll have to find extra screens (phone, tablet, etc.) in order for each of them to play.

  • Get your (virtual) crayons ready! This free online platform has guests guessing each others’ drawings under a time limit, and the prompts are totally randomized. Don’t have any artistic abilities? That’s what makes this game even more hysterical. Keep in mind: Private rooms allow up to 12 players at a time, and you can customize your words and drawing time.
  • Much like, is totally free. This website features some basic playing card and tabletop favorites like crazy eights, go fish, backgammon, checkers and even a generic version of Cards Against Humanity (it’s called Remote Insensitivity on this website). You can even create your own custom virtual card game, though it may take some time to figure out how.
  • Jackbox: Meet the king of virtual party games. With six different party packs to choose from, there’s a wide variety available, from quizzes and catchphrase competitions to drawing and guess-who’s-lying games. Jackbox activities are always full of energy, and they’re sure to get your whole party pumped. Keep in mind: The Party Packs cost about $12–$20, and you’ll need a current-gen gaming console, iPad or smart TV to host the games (but guests can play from their phones). Games can hold up to 10 players, and if you have more shower guests than that, non-players can join as audience members. Lastly, Jackbox games are meant for adults to play, so it may not be the best option if you want to keep things, ahem, polite.
  • Kahoot: Well-loved by school kids, teachers and families alike, Kahoot allows you to build your own quiz games from scratch to test your friends’ knowledge on literally any subject you want. Keep in mind: Guests will need to create an account, but it’s free to use for up to 10 players at once; if you need to add more players, it costs $10+ per month (billed annually). Also, games aren’t pre-made, so if you want to use Kahoot, you have to create the entire game yourself. (The site is pretty user-friendly though, so it doesn’t take a lot of skill to make a game—just some patience.)

What to do about prizes

Sure, baby shower games are tons of fun to play just for the sake of playing them, but a virtual shower doesn’t have to mean sacrificing prizes for the winners.

If you like the idea of hand-delivering prizes to victorious guests, a drop-off of a small prize at their front door can be a nice gesture. Something like a small potted plant, baked goods or a candle make for a great in-person baby shower game prize.

If the winner lives far away, or if you just don’t feel like making a delivery, ordering their prize online and having it shipped directly to them is totally fine, too. You could also opt for a virtual prize like an online gift card.

By the way, if you don’t want to go through the trouble of buying and delivering party prizes to your guests, no shame—we totally get it. A nice alternative might be including a quick “Congratulations on winning (so-and-so) game!” in the thank you cards.

This information is provided for educational and entertainment purposes only. We do not accept any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, from any information or advice contained here. Babylist may earn compensation from affiliate links in this content. Learn more about how we write Babylist content and the Babylist Health Advisory Board.Sours:
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