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Final Fantasy XIV guide: How to get every new hairstyle, emote, and mount in Patch 5.45

Each Final Fantasy XIV patch features a bunch of new hairstyles, mounts, and emotes for role-players to drool over. Patch 5.45 is no different. From a Cerberus mount all the way to a spooky dance, there’s plenty in today’s update that players can use to kit out their character’s virtual wardrobe. Here’s how to get all the new cosmetics in FFXIV‘s 5.45 patch.

You can also pick up the FFXIV free trial and take a look at our beginner’s guide if you’re just getting started.

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FFXIV Patch 5.45: How to get the new mounts


FFXIV 5.45 new mount cerberus

By far, the biggest new addition in this patch is the Cerberus mount. Given patch 5.45 mostly revolves around the Bozjan Southern Front activity, it should come as no surprise to learn that you’ll need to brave the battlefield to obtain your own three-headed doggo.

In the past, simple treasure coffers you’d find on your journey through a Relic weapon zone like Eureka would yield some of the most monstrous mounts. Bozja isn’t quite so kind. The Cerberus mount is obtained by clearing the Delubrum Reginae raid on Savage difficulty.

Rather than being tied to a boss loot table, this one is tied to an achievement. So long as you’re there for the final kill, the achievement will trigger, and you’ll be able to redeem your mount from the vendor in Old Gridania.

Gabriel Mark III

FFXIV 5.45 Gabriel mount

For those not quite brave enough to attempt a 48-man savage run, a second mount is available through the Bozjan Southern Front. The Gabriel Mark III mount has a chance to drop from the final chest of the Delubrum Reginae dungeon on normal mode. The chance is likely quite low, but as the spoils of Delubrum chest is personal to each player, you won’t have to fight for rolls.

FFXIV Patch 5.45: How to get the new parasol, hairstyle, and dance emote

New hairstyle

FFXIV 5.45 new hairstyle

No doubt the most highly-requested (and valuable) item of the patch is the Modern Aesthetics — Early to Rise scroll — the new hairstyle. What essentially amounts to bed head, this hairstyle has been in the works for quite some time, being crowned the winner of a player design contest back in 2015.

So how do you get it? The Early to Rise hairstyle drops from the final chest in Delubrum Reginae (normal) in the Bojzan Southern Front. The chance of it happening is likely pretty low, but as the chest is personal to each player, you won’t have to roll against your fellow player. Just expect to run it a few times to finally see it drop.

New emote

FFXIV 5.45 new emote

If you want to get spooky, the new FFXIV 5.45 dance emote is for you. It’s not quite Thriller, but it’ll do. To get the Dark Entreaty emote, all you need to do is spend 50 Bozjan Clusters at the relevant vendor. Use the emote item from your inventory, and you’ll gain access to the /malevolence command.

New parasol

FFXIV 5.45 new parasol

Continuing the promise of adding new parasol designs over time, the Bozjan Southern Front now has its own. No longer tied just to the Ishgardian Restoration effort, getting the blue Pleasant Dot Parasol just requires spending 25 Bozjan Clusters at the relevant vendor. Easy.

FFXIV 5.45: Where to find the new orchestrion rolls

Patch 5.45 brings plenty of new places to explore, and with the promise of adventure comes a bunch of new music tracks to enjoy. As always, you can grab personal copies of these to use at the inn or in your own home. The patch contains a total of four new Orchestrion Rolls to be collected across two different unlock methods.

  • Gogo’s Theme: Redeemable for 500 Allied Seals from the Blue Mage vendor.
  • The Queen Awakens: Obtained as a Delubrum Reginae dungeon drop.
  • Giving Chase (Zodiac Age Version): Obtained as a Delubrum Reginae dungeon drop.
  • The Sochen Cave Palace (Zodiac Age Version): Obtained as a Delubrum Reginae dungeon drop.

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[Top 15] FF14 Best Hairstyles That Look Amazing

As a game that housed many players interested in glamour and fashion, Final Fantasy XIV is a game that also has a variety of hairstyles that a player can choose. A player creating their first character in FFXIV might have found many hairstyles that they can don their characters on, as well as some colors they can pick to suit the hairstyle.

In addition, after playing the game, players might have realized that several hairstyles can be bought or earned and that players can easily change their hairstyle by talking to Jandelaine through the Crystal Bell located at inns all over the city.

This article will discuss 15 of the best add-on hairstyles found all over Eorzea and will not cover the hairstyles that have already been included in the base game, as players can explore them easily only by starting the game. 

Of course, players’ opinions may differ, and this article will give some examples of some of the more popular hairstyles that players love.

15. Battle-Ready Bobs

A hairstyle that makes a player resemble the looks of 2B.

Many players in FFXIV might also be hardcore fans of Nier, especially Nier: Automata. This hairstyle will allow a player to resemble the looks of one of 2B’s, as this hairstyle is the exact same hairstyle that the character wears.

This hairstyle can be earned from the last Alliance Raid of the raid collaboration between Final Fantasy XIV and Nier, Tower at Paradigm’s Breach. The hairstyle will drop on the coffer upon clearing it, and players may roll on it and win if they are lucky enough.

An alternative for players who might be unlucky, have not unlocked this Alliance Raid, or just want to get it immediately can get this unique hairstyle in the Market Board for around 2-5k Gil.

14. Fashionably Feathered

A hairstyle that will allow a player to look as if they’re cutting their hair with only a razor.

This hairstyle is unique in terms of its looks, as short hair can make a player look messy and stylish. 

It is the perfect look for players who would wish a simple, messy look for their characters, which may be a perfect hair for some glamour that suits the messy style. 

Players may obtain this hairstyle through the Storm Sergeant in Wolves' Den Pier with 18,000 Wolf Marks. Wolf Marks is a currency of finishing PVP duties in Final Fantasy XIV, so players may obtain Wolf Marks through clearing Frontline, Rival Wings, and The Feast.

However, players might need to queue up for a long time for PVP content as many players in FFXIV do not like to do it that much. However, Frontline might still have a fast queue when a server is most crowded as finishing Frontline still adds experience to the battle job a player queues it in.

13. Ponytails

The Ponytails hairstyle on a Hyur character.

This hairstyle will allow a character to don a simple ponytail hairstyle available for both men and women. It is the perfect look for players who want a more simplistic and modest look for their own characters.

It is also the perfect look for players who like to don their characters in simple and neat outfits, as this hairstyle often fits perfectly with that type of look and style.

To obtain this specific hairstyle, players must purchase it from the Gold Saucer with 8000 MGP. MGP is a specific currency that a player can obtain through playing mini-games in the Gold Saucer. To get easy MGP, players can simply do Mini and Jumbo Cactpots, clearing Fashion Reports, or finishing the Weekly Logs for the Gold Saucer option.

12. Wind-Caller

A pair of male characters wearing the Wind-Caller hairstyle.

This hairstyle is also very popular among the players right now for its cool, unique look. The white headband with the hairstyle can make a player look cool and ready for the summer.

It is a perfect look for players who like to don their characters in summer outfits, be it tank tops, crop tops, bikinis, or even bare. This hairstyle will make a character ready for the beach and summer events.

To get this hairstyle, players can purchase it with a grand total of 150 Bozjan Clusters, obtained through grinding inside the two instances of Bozja, Bozjan Southern Front, and Zadnor.

As an alternative, players can also purchase this hairstyle in the Market Board with a price ranging from 500k to 700k Gil, depending on the player's server.

11. Lexen Tails

Another hairstyle features a character wearing their hair in a ponytail.

This hairstyle resembles that of Alma, a character featured heavily in Stormblood’s Alliance Raid storyline. It is a hairstyle that looks classy, elegant but also simplistic at the same time.

It is a hairstyle best suited for players who like their character to look simple and elegant with a bit of a flair, as the black ribbon that ties the hair looks fancy and classy on the player.

Players who want this hairstyle on their own characters may purchase it in The Gold Saucer with a grand total of 50k MGP. 

Players can easily get MGP by doing weekly Jumbo Cactpot, Fashion Report, and the Gold Saucer’s Weekly Challenge Log and doing Mini Cactpots daily and playing the plethora of the fun mini-games available in The Gold Saucer.

10. Controlled Chaos

A look of a character using Controlled Chaos with a flower headpiece.

The Controlled Chaos hairstyle is a short hairstyle with long, neat bangs that can make a player look elegant and simple at the same time. In addition, this hairstyle also suits a lot of glamour styles and looks that a player might have in their glamour dresser.

This hairstyle is best suited for players who want a hairstyle that suits the most glamour they own, be it simple, pretty, elegant, cool, or even glamorous. It is a versatile hairstyle that can suit many types of glamour easily.

To get this hairstyle, a player can buy it through Enie in The Firmament with 1800 Skybuilders’ Scrips, a currency obtained through grinding Gathering and Crafting items Ishgardian Restoration content.

In addition, It is also a prize that can be dropped in the Fête event that is currently going on in The Firmament, which a player can check out easily upon entering the area.

As another alternative, players can simply buy this hairstyle from the Market Board, ranging from 180k to 300k Gil, depending on the server.

9. Great Lengths

A female Miqo’te wearing the Great Lengths hairstyle.

Like the Controlled Chaos hairstyle, Great Lengths is another hairstyle that goes along well with many types of glamours and styles that a player might have for their own respective characters.

It is a long hairstyle that makes a player look as if they have smooth, well-cared-for hair. This specific hair can give an aura of elegance to the characters, and paired with the right glamor, can even make a character look scholarly.

This hairstyle can be obtained by buying it in the Gold Saucer with 30k MGP. As has mentioned in the previous points, MGP is a currency specific to the Gold Saucer that a player can earn through a myriad of ways, which includes but is not limited to playing the many mini-games options offered in the Gold Saucer, clearing the Gold Saucer Weekly logs, and doing Mini and Jumbo Cactpots, as well as the weekly Fashion Report.

8. Samsonian Locks

A female character looking pretty while wearing the Samsonian Locks.

Samsonian Locks is another option for players who like to see their characters in long, smooth, and well-cared-for hair. This specific hairstyle is paired with a simple black hair clip that keeps the bangs on their left from obstructing the face.

This hairstyle is best suited for players who want their character to look pretty, elegant, and neat. It is also a hairstyle that is very suitable for players who like to don their characters in formal wear and dresses, as this hairstyle is very suitable for glamorous outfits.

Players can earn this hairstyle through grinding The Palace of the Dead, one of the two Deep Dungeons currently available in the game. In addition, players can also buy the hairstyle from the Market Board, ranging from 40-60k Gil depending on the server.

7. Form and Function

A Miqo’te wearing the Form and Function hairstyle.

This is a short-haired hairstyle with a simple braid on top of the character’s head. It is a hairstyle that can make a player look simple, but with a twist as the braid and messy ends can make a character also have a wild and energetic look, especially paired with specific glamours.

This hairstyle is best suited for players who like to have a hairstyle that can look flexible on different types of glamours and add a different look when donned with a specific outfit and dress.

This hairstyle can be obtained through a Happy Bunny lockbox in Eureka Pyros, so players need to grind through Eureka. This instance is available to players after finishing up the Stormblood Main Scenario Quest.

As an alternative, players can also purchase this hairstyle in the Market Board with a price ranging from 70-100k Gil, depending on the player's server.

6. Gyr Abanian Plait

A Miqo’te looking beautiful on the Gyr Abanian Plait.

The Gyr Abanian Plait is a hairstyle that looks fancy, mainly due to the braids and the way the hair is styled. It is a hairstyle that looks very unique and does not have a similar hairstyle anywhere in Eorzea.

It is a hairstyle suitable for players who like to see their characters look elegant, pretty, and fancy, as this aura brings all three of these auras into the characters seen wearing it.

This hairstyle can be obtained through grinding in Heaven-on-High, the other Deep Dungeons available in the game aside from the Palace of the Dead.

Alternatively, players can also buy this hairstyle from the Market Board with a price ranging from 150k to 300k Gil, depending on the server the player is playing on.

5. Styled for Hire

A female Au’Ra wearing the Styled for Hire hairstyle.

The Styled for Hire hairstyle is another type of short hair, but this specific hairstyle can make a player look badass and cool, mainly due to the messy long bangs and the short braid on the side.

It is a suitable hairstyle for both male and female characters with a cool or badass glamour, as this hairstyle perfectly fits those kinds of styles and look. 

This hairstyle can be obtained in the Wolves’ Den Pier by buying it with a grand total of 18,000 Wolf Marks, a currency that can only be obtained by clearing PVP content, such as Frontline and Rival Wings and The Feast.

Players can easily obtain marks by queueing up for Frontline during busy hours. It is the only PVP content that can have a fast queue. Finishing up Frontline allows a player to earn a huge chunk of Experience for the battle jobs they queued the Frontline up with.

4. Saintly Style

A female Miqo’te looking pretty, wearing the Saintly Style hairstyle.

This is another hairstyle that features short hair. However, compared to the Styled for Hire, the Saintly Style hairstyle is a hairstyle that looks pretty and soft. The messy but styled bangs can make a player look very pretty in beautiful glamours like the picture.

This hairstyle is perfect for players who prefer soft, pretty glamours, dresses, and suits. It is also perfect for players who want an elegant look with short hair instead of a long one.

This hairstyle can be purchased from Enie in The Firmament with 1800 Skybuilders’ Scrips. This currency can be obtained through grinding in the Ishgardian Restoration content with a Gatherer or Crafter.

It can also be obtained from the Fête event that is currently active in The Firmament right now. However, it is a rare drop that can be obtained upon clearing the Fêtes.

Players who prefer to quickly have this hairstyle can instead purchase it in the Market Board with a price ranging from 150k to 200k Gil, depending on the server the player is purchasing the hairstyle from.

3. Modern Legend

A Lalafell looking mighty fine in the Modern Legend hairstyle.

The Modern Legend is another short hairstyle that a player can choose to don their characters on. This hairstyle can give an aura that looks cool and composed.

It is a very suitable hair for players that like this specific cool and composed look, as shown in the picture. It is very suitable for fancy and glamorous outfits. However, it can also still be very suitable for glamours that have a wild and handsome look.

Players can obtain this hairstyle by buying it from Enie in The Firmament with 1800 Skybuilders’ Scrips, obtained through grinding Ishgardian Restoration with either a Gatherer or a Crafter. 

Like the Saintly Style hairstyle, it can also be obtained from a random drop in the Fête events in The Firmament. 

Another option to get this hairstyle is buying it through the Market Board, which costs a player around 170k to 200k Gil, depending on the player's server.

2. Both Ways

Two players wearing the Both Ways hairstyle.

As a hairstyle that has just been recently added to the game, the Both Ways hairstyle is one of the hottest hairstyles among many players in Final Fantasy XIV. It has a unique, one-of-a-kind look with the side ponytail and the strands of hair hanging out from the sides of the face.

It is a very suitable look for players who want a hairstyle that looks flexible and can suit different glamours and styles. This hairstyle definitely suits many glamours that look pretty, cute, or even cool.

This hairstyle can be obtained from Zadnor by opening the lockboxes acquired through grinding the instance.

Alternatively, players can also purchase the hairstyle from the Market Board with a price ranging from 800k to 1.1 million Gil depending on the player's server.

1. Early to Rise

A female Au Ra wearing the Early to Rise hairstyle.

This hairstyle was the bomb when it was first launched in the game, going as far as 8 to 9 million Gil in the Market Board when it was first added. This is a hairstyle that looks messy and neat at the same time and also simplistic and fancy at the same time because of the braid.

It is also very suitable for players who want a short hairstyle that looks good on all types of glamours and costumes and for players who want their characters to look unique with a combination of style that looks simple, messy, neat, and neat fancy at the same time.

This hairstyle can be obtained through clearing Delubrum Reginae, through a rare drop in the chests upon clearing the bosses. It can also be obtained by exchanging 5 Bozjan Gold coins and 30 Bozjan Platinum coins.

Alternatively, players can purchase this hairstyle now on the Market Board with a much-reduced price compared to when it was first launched, at around 150k to 200k Gil.

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Final Fantasy 14: Every Unique Hairstyle And How To Get Them

Final Fantasy 14 is an MMO game with a lot of hairstyle choices in its character creation, though there are limits depending on your chosen race and gender. If you don't like the default FF14 hairstyles, don't worry. All hairstyles are not unlocked yet. You'll still have additional options that you can unlock in the game through various means.

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Once obtained, unique hairstyles can be applied to characters using the Aesthetician in an inn or at your home. Even those who don't like all of the current FF14 hairstyles still have hope as more get released in various patches. With that in mind, it's likely more hairstyles will be available to unlock in the future.

  • Important Note: Recently added races like the Viera and Hrothgar cannot use these hairstyles. (Though hopefully, they'll get more options in the future!)

Updated on June 6, 2021, by Allison Stalberg: Like side-ponytails and braids? What about long, pin-straight locks or perfectly disheveled looks? Final Fantasy 14 has all of those covered with its newest hairstyle updates. Patch 5.55 has introduced a new hairstyle along with the Zadnor content. Players are clamoring for it, just to have as an option to immediately wear or to sell for near one million gil.

Hairstyles Received From Dungeons, Duties, And Raids

Battle-Ready Bobs and Scanning for Style

These two hairstyles are available at the end of The Tower of Paradigm's Breach, the third alliance raid in the Nier: Automata crossover content for level 80 characters.

The entire alliance can vote for the hair though, so it may take many tries before obtaining one of these FF14 hairstyles unlock for yourself.

Early to Rise

This hairstyle is a rare drop from Delubrum Reginae. To unlock Delubrum Reginae, you must undertake the Bozjan Southern Front content (which is only for level 80 players).

However, it's a dungeon many grind anyway to get their resistance weapons fully upgraded. If you get the hairstyle, you can unlock it for yourself or sell it for a significant amount of gil on the Market Board.

Hairstyles Received From The Gold Saucer

The Adventure Hairstyles

Released in patch 3.1, these hairstyles appear differently depending on the character's chosen gender. The male version is a brushed sideways look while the female has a bow and ponytail. Unfortunately, the bow is not dyeable.

To unlock these, go to the Gold Saucer and purchase "Modern Aesthetics - Adventure" from the Modern Aesthetics Saleswoman who stands at x5.4, y6.5. This FF14 hairstyle only costs 14 MGP.


This ponytail-styled hair is another product of FF14's Gold Saucer. However, instead of getting it from the Modern Aesthetics Saleswoman, it's bought and unlocked at the Prize Claim counter for 8,000 MGP under the "other" options in Prize Exchange I.


Like the Ponytails hairstyle, Curls can be claimed by the Prize Claim NPC at the Gold Saucer. It's a little more pricey, costing 9,600 MGP.

The FF14 hairstyle is unisex and was released in Patch 3.1.

Hairstyles Received Through Events


This FF14 hair is currently impossible to obtain, as it was only available during the Gold Saucer's "Make it Rain Campaign" in 2017 and 2018.

At that time, you could get this hair for 5,000 MGP. There is a rumor that the hairstyle may eventually be available at the Mogstation.


Strife is another hairstyle that is currently impossible to obtain. It is the beloved hairstyle of Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7.

This hairstyle was only awarded to those who participated in various contests during the 2019 Fan Festivals.

Lucian Locks

This FF14 hairstyle was given out in the 2019 event, A Nocturne for Heroes. During the event, you could quest with Noctus from Final Fantasy 15.

During that event, this hairstyle could be bought from an Ironworks Vendor for 20,000 MGP. Unfortunately, that event has long since ended.

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Hairstyles Obtained Through Skybuilder's Scripts

Modern Legend

To gain this unique FF14 hairstyle, you must craft in order to gather Skybuilder's Scripts at Ishgard's Firmament.

The hairstyle costs 1,800 scripts and can be bought from Enie at x 12 and y 14.

Controlled Chaos

Controlled Chaos is much like Modern Legend, as it is another FF14 hairstyle that can be bought with 1,800 Skybuilder Scripts from Enie. It's a unisex hairstyle that is short on one side and long on the other.

Saintly Style

The Saintly Style is another FF14 hairstyle option for players to purchase from Enie with 1,800 Skybuilder's Scripts. Like the other two, it is a short cut as well as unisex.

Hairstyles From The Mogstation

Sharlayan Studies

For 15 dollars, players can have Alphinaud's hairstyle for themselves. To get the hairstyle though, they need to purchase the Alphinaud's Attire set on the Mogstation. That will give them this hairstyle as well as his clothes.

Eternal Bonding Hairstyle

This hairstyle is Mogstation-bought with real-world money. Players must get the Eternal Bond bundle, which allows two players to marry each other in the game.

The hairstyle is not commonly used, however, the Eternal Bond bundle is one of the bestsellers on the Mogstation with players also getting unique clothes, a quest, and a two-person mount.

The hairstyle is unisex, but the female characters get little flowers added to their hair (not to be confused with the flowers on the ceremony veil).

The Scion Special Issues

Split images of lalafell, miq'ote, and au ra with scion hairstyles.

These three FF14 hairstyles can only be gotten by buying the Minfilia's, Thancred's, or Y'shtola's Attire bundle at the Mogstation. That includes their hairstyle and the entire outfit. The bundle is 15 dollars.

Only female characters can use the Y'shtola and Minfilia bundle while only male characters can use the Thancred bundle.

Pulse Hairstyle

This FF14 hairstyle was created to commemorate the release of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Like Minfilia's hair, this hairstyle is not sold on its own but as part of a bundle in Snow's and Lightning's Attire on the Mogstation. It costs 15 dollars.

The Pulse Hairstyle will show up as Snow's hairstyle for male characters and Lightning's hairstyle for female characters.

Master And Commander

Aymeric Attire bundle on the Mogstation is how players get this FF14 hairstyle. It is usable for both male and female players. Like all the other costume character bundles, the set costs 15 dollars.

Hairstyles Received By PvP

Styled For Hire

Released in FF14's patch 4.4, this hairstyle can only be received through the payment of 18,000 Wolf Marks.

Wolf Marks are PvP currency in FF14, and PvP is not the most popular aspect of the MMO. So it's not unusual for some players to just do PvP in order to get this unique unisex hairstyle.

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Metroid Dread: Every Compatible Amiibo And What It Does

If you're wondering which Amiibo you can use in Metroid Dread, we have a full list right here detailing what each one gets you.

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FFXIV: Both Ways HairStyle - 5.55
Both Ways Zadnor Lockbox32%5.55 Scanning For Style The Tower At Paradigm's Breach48%5.5 Battle-ready Bobs The Tower At Paradigm's Breach50%5.5 Early To Rise Delubrum Reginae
5 Bozjan Gold Coins & 30 Bozjan Platinum Coins40%5.45 Sharlayan Studies Mog Station (Brand New Alphinaud's Attire)8.3%5.4 Wind Caller 150 Bozjan Clusters21%5.35 Saintly Style 1,800 Skybuilders' Scrips
Fête Present35%5.31 Controlled Chaos 1,800 Skybuilders' Scrips
Fête Present39%5.21 Modern Legend 1,800 Skybuilders' Scrips
Fête Present40%5.11 Great Lengths 30,000 MGP66%5.0 Lucian Locks Final Fantasy XV Collaboration50%4.5 Form And Function Happy Bunny Lockbox - Eureka Pyros58%4.45 Lexen-tails 50,000 MGP56%4.45 Strife Community Events Reward2.8%4.4 Styled For Hire 18,000 Wolf Marks33%4.4 Gyr Abanian Plait Heaven-on-High62%4.35 Fashionably Feathered 18,000 Wolf Marks24%4.3 Master & Commander Mog Station (Aymeric's Attire)8.7%3.55a Rainmaker 5,000 MGP70%3.55a Samsonian Locks The Palace of the Dead54%3.4 Scion Special Issue III Mog Station (Y'shtola's Modish Attire)16%3.35 Scion Special Issue II Mog Station (Thancred's Modish Attire)6.4%3.35 Pulse Final Fantasy XIII Collaboration
Mog Station (Snow/Lightning's Attire)25%3.2 Scion Special Issue Mog Station (Minfilia's Attire)12%3.1 Curls 9,600 MGP67%3.1 Adventure 14 MGP77%3.1 Ponytails 8,000 MGP72%2.51 Eternal Bonding Ceremony of Eternal Bonding43%2.4

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