Groomsmen watches

Engraved Watches for Groomsmen

What kind of groomsmen gifts will you give? You’ve probably seen our huge list by now and there’s plenty to choose from. However, if you’re looking for a specific gift like a watch for your groomsman, you’re going to love the collection we’ve found.

A watch is a classic gift choice since it is a functional one. Who doesn’t love a new watch in their collection? When you choose a watch with handcrafted quality and engraving on the back, you’ve selected a one-of-a-kind gift he’ll love.

Lucky for you, the folks at Modply are experts in handcrafted watches. That’s their specialty so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

One of their best-selling styles for groomsmen is the Harvard Collection and it is also our personal favorite.

The deep rich wood hue is handsome; the back engraving is perfection. Each watch is made with unique styling and quality in mind. And to make your gift extra special, you can choose to add engraving to the back of the watch. You can choose up to 15 characters per line which means there’s room to add that funny one-liner or inside joke you two share back and forth. Or you can keep it simple and put his name or monogram.

They’ll even offer engraving ideas if you get stuck. :)

engraved groomsmen watches

Your engraved groomsmen watches arrive in gift boxes to give during your rehearsal dinner or before the ceremony.

engraved groomsmen watches

Check out several photos they have in the gallery; you won’t find watches like these anywhere else.

engraved groomsmen watches

engraved groomsmen watches

engraved groomsmen watches


engraved groomsmen watches

engraved groomsmen watches

engraved groomsmen watches

Aren’t they incredible? I wish I knew of these watches when planning our wedding! Now that you know about ’em, head over to the shop to get yours for the entire crew. A watch makes a great gift for the groom from the bride the morning of the wedding, too!

We love partnering with Modply as a Featured Artist at Emmaline Bride! They’re awesome to work with, so we know you’re in great hands. :)

Happy Planning!



Best Groomsmen Gifts - Groomsmen Watches

The wedding party is set. The cake has been ordered. The big day is approaching fast! But you still need the best groomsmen gifts to blow your friends away and you need them yesterday. That, and you need your groomsmen to know that you didn’t just buy whatever was available last minute.

Surprise your groomsmen and impress them with your unseen creativity. In our collection of unique groomsmen gifts, you will be sure to find ideas that stand out from the crowd of standard gifts that your guys have received at all the other weddings they have been in.

The groom’s wedding is a special time when groomsmen show their support for him and join the celebration of his new life. To show appreciation for all the wonderful years of friendship they have had together, grooms select a memorable, timeless gift for his groomsmen.

At BOBO BIRD, we’re proud to offer a number of classy groomsmen watches. Our custom wood watches are a great way for the groom to thank his friends for standing by his side on such an important day in his life. Take advantage of the coupon codes above and place your order today!

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Groomsmen Gifts: The Best Watches and Timepieces

There’s something indescribably special about giving a friend something they’ll actually wear on your wedding day. A watch makes a fine choice for a groomsman gift—a finishing touch that commemorates the big day, and will remind them of your friendship in the months and years to come. Oh, and at the very least, it’s a stylish way to make sure the guys show up on time…

When choosing a great timepiece as a groomsman gift, you can approach the purchase from several angles. There’s finding the right price point, of course, but presentation is essential. And you’ll want to match your gift to each of your unique friends. We’ve included watches for men with all different lifestyles and aesthetics, whether your friends are into military history, tinkering, or Spartan races.

If you’re putting together packages, you can always pair these watches with other groomsman gifts, especially items like cufflinks and other accessories. But don’t worry—each of the watches on our list will impress as a standalone gift.

For the guy who loves old spy movies

black watch

Timeless. Classy. But enough about you—this watch, modeled on a vintage piece from the Timex archives, is dressy enough for your groomsmen to wear on the big day, but casual enough for them to wear next time you get together for brunch.

$199 at Todd Snyder

For the no-nonsense stylish guy who likes clean lines


Shinola’s ruggedly handsome, built-in-Detroit watches have been a feel-good story for more than a decade, and their flagship watch is the kind of gift your groomsmen will long treasure.

$550 at Shinola

For the gadget fan who likes art history, too

braun watch

Think of this as the OG Apple Watch—no, it won’t track your steps, but yes, it’s refined, sleek and modern. (Apple creative guru Jony Ive has earned a reputation for, ahem, borrowing from iconic Braun designs.) Oh, and it costs a lot less than the Apple Watch, not that you love your groomsmen any less.

$108 at Amazon

For the rugged guy who's obsessed with old war movies

field watch

These California-made timepieces exude SoCal cool, and this particular watch is made by hand with a durable and eye-catching surgical-grade stainless steel, so it can endure whatever your groomsmen do to it—whether they take it camping or just drop it getting loose on the dance floor. Individually numbered so it feels extra-special.

$1,150 at Weiss

For the minimalist, modern influencer

black swatch

The iconic Swatch, but with a minimalist all-black look that wouldn’t be out of place on the big day itself. Affordable enough you could outfit all your groomsmen with it, and maybe yourself, too.

$75 at Swatch

For the all-terrain extreme sports fan

msar watch

A Rolex-style steel-strap watch at a non-Rolex price. Swiss-made and designed for search and rescue squads (that’s the “SAR” part of the name), though hopefully you won’t need to put that use at the bachelor party.

$795 at Huckberry

For the guy who actually goes to old car shows

autodromo watch

Inspired by the iconic 24-hour car race, this sporty watch is perfect for guys who love cars (or are really into Ford v Ferrari). And slightly more affordable than buying your groomsmen a vintage GT.

$865 at Huckberry

For the puzzle fiend who doesn't mind doing things himself


This is a versatile watch that your friends can wear to the wedding and everywhere after. And because it’s mechanical, not automatic—meaning you need to wind it to keep it ticking—this watch will appeal to a tinkerer type who likes to know exactly what’s going on under the hood.

$525 at Hamilton Watch

For the sports fanatic who doesn't want a watch with his team on it

horween watch

You might not know Horween, but you probably know the Chicago-based leather brand’s best-known work: The leather for footballs used by the NFL. The straps on this Timex are also made by Timex, so it’s a little like wearing a very stylish football on your wrist (but way less awkward).

$114 at Huckberry

For the guy who runs Spartan Races

casio watch

A classic, and a perfect rough-and-tumble gift for the action-oriented guys in your wedding party. There are many options to choose from, but we like this feature-loaded black version, which is water resistant down to 200m.

$69.96 at Casio

For the retro guy who was born in the wrong decade

watch korean war

The MWC A-17 Korean War Watch, a reissue of Korean War-era military watches, is just the thing for your own band of brothers. The light-up dial and 30m of water-resistance ensure it’s as practical as it is nice-looking.

$265 at Uncrate

For the coffee snob who loves a good backstory

mastergraph watch

What’s better than meeting your friends for a cup of coffee? Treating your friends to a watch inspired by one. This popular watch owes its unusual, square-with-rounded edges case to espresso machines. (Hence the name.)

$375.00 at Brew Watches

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