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Any questions. Not. Doctor, come in.

At the same state dacha, I learned to moan loudly, from Hello everyone. My name is Valentina Pavlovna and I am 54 years old. I work at my point of sale of vegetables. I live with my son alone. His character is not very good, so we constantly quarreled.

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No, no, what are you, I really liked it. Everything was great. I think that no one could better introduce you to me with rubbish.

It was found instantly, huge, the entire height of the room. The nineteenth froze in front of her, staring at the reflection, looking at herself. Her new self. The first thing that caught my eye was the hair. As Paw predicted, long wavy hair can be said goodbye.

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This story took place at a dacha in the Klinsky district of the Moscow region in 2014. About the dacha, if in a nutshell, we can say that it is far from the 21st century. There is no water supply, gas pipeline or sewerage system. The only thing is electricity. However, even cell phones are almost never caught, unless, of course, you stand on some kind of hill.

More than a year has passed since her husband died in an accident, and for a while she coped. But now the fruit groves were in bloom, and it was a difficult time for her. Walking through the gardens, her cunt got wet, moisturizing and moisturizing with every step. She remembered how she and her husband ran away from the house in the evening, taking a.

Blanket, and under the lemon trees undressed and enjoyed each other's hugs.

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In any case, the taxi driver did not show it, asking dryly: "where?". Olga categorically did not want to return home in this form. Even with a second glance at Olya it was possible to determine that she was having a stormy night. Olya also categorically did not want to go to her friends, who were among her colleagues, knowing their talkativeness, Olga's exploits.

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