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‘Now Kith’: Funny Mike Tyson Meme Is Making a Comeback on the Internet

Fans know Mike Tyson as one of the baddest men on the planet. Even at 55, he still possesses the speed and power that made him one of the most feared boxers. Outside the ring, however, Tyson is one of the nicest and most genuine guys there are.


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A meme is going viral, that uses Tyson’s lisp to recreate another viral meme. The ‘Now Kith’ meme is trending on Twitter again. So today we take a look at what the ‘Now Kith’ meme means and where it originated from.

Now Kith meme – Where it originated from


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The ‘Now Kith’ meme originated from a meme called the ‘Now Kiss’ meme, which is a webcomic holding up two dolls as if he’s forcing them to kiss. The ‘Now Kith’ meme is the exact same, the only difference is, it shows Tyson holding two pigeons and saying, now kiss.

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson has a bit of a lisp, so he would say it as Now Kith instead of Kiss.

Twitter reacts to the Mike Tyson ‘Now Kith’ meme

The ‘Now Kith’ meme has suddenly blown up, and it’s all that people are using on Twitter. This could be partly because of all the media attention Tyson has garnered recently after his comeback fight against Roy Jones Jr.


What’s next for Mike Tyson?

Mike Tyson is fresh off an exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr. The former champ is still in training and looks to be in exceptional shape for a 55-year-old. ‘Iron’ Mike wishes to fight again after the success of his comeback fight.


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Tyson, on an episode of his podcast Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson, revealed a list of his potential opponents before the end of this year


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“I want Holyfield and I want Lennox Lewis this year. I want both of them, I think I can get em both this year … else if I box an exhibition with Tyson Fury. If I do that – even if I can get those two guys, I’ll say this is a wrap, I can go and live my life. And that’s just exhibitions. I’m going to break all my true records with exhibitions.” (h/t BoxingScene)

Would you like to watch Mike Tyson try to avenge his losses to Lennox Lewis and Evander Holyfield?


Allan Binoy is a Combat Sports Author at EssentiallySports. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in English Literature. Allan is a semi-professional football player for Diego Juniors FC.




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Now Kith


What does Now Kith mean?

Now kith refers to a variant of the now kissmeme, depicting an image macro of professional boxer Mike Tyson holding two doves in his hands, paired with the caption “now kith”.

The captions are a humorous take on the widely known lisp of the boxing legend.

Now Kith

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What's the origin of Now Kith?

The precursor meme of “now kith” is now kiss, a rage comic panel, depicting Fap Guy making two characters kiss.

The original now kiss panel first emerged on a comic from FunnyJunk in 2010.

“Now kith” featuring Mike Tyson first emerged in 2012, although the exact location where it was first posted is not known.

Spread and Usage

How did Now Kith spread?

Over the 2010’s, the image macro had spread on to numerous platforms like MemeCenter, and 9GAG.

Later, several variants and edits of the meme have been created and uploaded to sites like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, parodying the lisp of Mike Tyson.

External References

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He's the most smart, sensible and sweet guy you've ever met. He's the kind of person who spell his name while introducing himself. Doesn't know how to cook. He is bit shy and will find it hard to open himself at first but as the time passes you'll know all of his secrets (well, not all). He loves dark humor, beer and extra cheese pizza. The guy who takes his relationship(s) seriously and will do almost anything for his girlfriend. He have this one friend for so many years that they are bros now. He binge watches F.R.I.E.N.D.S and stand up shows. Can be found playing his favourite sport in his spare time. He's an old school kind of guy who lives for his dream. If you have him in your life don't let him go :)

Me: I love watching ducks. What about you?
Kith: Yeah...Ducks are tasty.

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