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In Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, Yuffie is the anti-Cloud

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Episode Intermission takes away Cloud Strife’s buster sword and replaces it with Yuffie Kisaragi’s massive shuriken. The new DLC campaign, exclusive to PlayStation 5, lasts for only a few precious hours. It’s a joy to return to Midgar and sling Yuffie’s boomerang-like weapon at baddies, but more importantly, the young heroine brings a whole new positive attitude that serves as a refreshing counterpoint to Cloud.

Yuffie’s enthusiastic personality has become more emphasized since her first appearance in the original Final Fantasy 7 in 1997. The widely panned English translation of that game portrayed Yuffie as a thieving treasure hunter, only out for herself. In FF7 spinoffs, as well as the Advent Children movie and the Kingdom Hearts series, fans got to see much more of the teenage ninja princess, who turned out to have an energetic goofball personality and a zest for fighting back against anyone who dared disrespect her.

That’s always who Yuffie was meant to be, according to director Tetsuya Nomura, who told the PlayStation Blog, “At the time of the original and even now, my perspective of her has not changed very significantly. Yuffie is an energetic and straightforward character. That being said, as this episode is centered around her, I believe we were also able to depict her sensitive side.”

Yuffie’s dark mirror is Cloud, a man haunted by barely-repressed traumas who’s reluctant to join up with Avalanche or form emotional attachments with other people. By contrast, it makes sense that a cocky but naive teen girl like Yuffie would care deeply and openly about what other people think of her. She craves recognition and respect when she recites rehearsed hero monologues and poses like Sailor Moon. She dives (or trips) head-first into danger, unafraid of death, unlike Cloud, who’s seen plenty of it and still suffers from the aftershock of it all.

Image: Square Enix

Thanks to Yuffie’s antics, the first couple hours of Intermission are significantly funnier and lighter in tone than Remake. The brief DLC features tons of slapstick moments for Yuffie, which land well in part because she has a straight man by her side: Sonon Kusakabe, a new character in this game. While Yuffie hams it up in an attempt to impress her allies (and her enemies), Sonon rolls his eyes and smiles apologetically. When Sonon suggests battle tactics that would place him in the line of fire, Yuffie cuts him off, reminding him that she’s the “leading lady” and she should get the chance to shine … even if it means falling on her face because she doesn’t actually know what she’s doing.

Intermission’s musical score fits its comedic tone and the heroine’s carefree energy, with bombastic jazz accompanying Yuffie and Sonon on some of their adventures. This track from the soundtrack, titled “The Runaround,” accompanies our heroine as she puzzles her way through Shinra’s headquarters, making a dangerous break-in feel like an episode of Looney Tunes.

Yuffie’s energetic attitude in the face of overwhelming odds makes her a far more pleasant protagonist than Cloud, whose grim outlook is thankfully counterbalanced by Tifa, Barret, and Aerith’s restorative determination and belief in a better future. Of course, Cloud has to be detached because becoming reengaged with the rest of the world is his entire arc. His journey is about learning to love and to face his true self, no matter how much it may hurt.

Image: Square Enix

Yuffie’s arc is the opposite of Cloud’s. Although she starts off with a more lighthearted demeanor, it’s actually a reflection of her naivete and lack of experience. Like Cloud, Yuffie has to face an uncomfortable truth — but in her case, it’s realizing that she’s in way over her head with Shinra and its various terrifying experiments.

Yuffie is more pleasant to hang out with than Cloud because, unlike Cloud, she hasn’t seen some shit. But by the end of Intermission, she has. When we meet her again in FF7 Remake Part 2, she’ll be the thieving trickster that she was in the original game, but this time, we’ll understand more about why. We’ll also know that, although that sense of angry self-preservation is a part of her, that cheerful hope remains too — and it’ll be back again, eventually.

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Yuffie Kisaragi

Character in Final Fantasy

Yuffie Kisaragi (ユフィ・キサラギ, Yufi Kisaragi) is a video game character from Square Enix's Final Fantasy series. Designed by Tetsuya Nomura, she has first introduced in the 1997 role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII as a young female ninja princess and thief. She can become one of the game's player characters after finishing a special sidequest. Yuffie reappears in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series, expanding her background and showing her after the events of the original game. Yuffie has further been featured in other Square Enix games, most notably the Kingdom Hearts crossover series, voiced by Yumi Kakazu in the Japanese versions of the games. In the English versions, Christy Carlson Romano provides her voice for Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, and Mae Whitman is Yuffie's voice for Kingdom Hearts II, Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII and Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind; she is voiced by Suzie Yeung in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. The character has achieved a high level of popularity in Japan, but the English-language media reception has been more mixed.


Final Fantasy VII[edit]

One of two secret characters in the 1997 role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie is a 16-year-old ninja and a thief who fights with oversized shuriken that she can throw like a boomerang. A fiercely patriotic daughter of Godo Kisaragi (ゴドー・キサラギ, Godō Kisaragi), the leader of Wutai (ウータイ, Ūtai), a culture based on real-world East Asia, Yuffie feels her country has lost its former glory and become nothing more than a resort town.[5] After losing the war against Shinra Electric Power Company, Godo began to turn Wutai into a tourist attraction. This did not suit Yuffie, who began running off, stealing the magical Materia from unaware travelers in hope to someday become strong enough to change this situation.[6] Sneaky and arrogant,[7] Yuffie has a tomboyish and charismatic[8] personality and obsessively steals and collects Materia.[9] She also tends to be short-tempered and is prone to motion sickness.[9]Gameplay-wise, Yuffie possesses the special Materia "Throw", enabling her to throw almost any item from the player's inventory at enemies during combat, and when leveled up, the ability "Coin" becomes available, allowing her to throw the party's Gil currency at the enemy.[1]

Yuffie is introduced when she ambushes the protagonist Cloud Strife and his allies in either the Gongaga jungle or the forests south of Junon, appearing as "Mystery Ninja". If the player defeats her in combat and then chooses the correct series of dialogue choices, she introduces herself and joins the player's party as one of player characters.[10] However, once in Wutai Village, Yuffie steals the party's Materia and hides, but is kidnapped by a Midgar crime lord, the lecherous Don Corneo.[11] When the group rescues Yuffie, she returns the stolen Materia and continues working with the party.[12] In another sidequest, she proves herself by fighting the bosses of Wutai's five story pagoda,[13] the last of these battles against Godo.[14] These fights, and the sequence of conversations following, enable both father and daughter to understand the other's actions and to come to a mutual respect.[15] At Godo's request, Cloud officially takes Yuffie (who obtains her level 4 Limit Break special attack, called "All Creation"[16]) with him on his quest.[17]

If Yuffie is present at the end of disc one when Aerith Gainsborough is murdered by the party's nemesis Sephiroth, the player can witness an uncharacteristic display of emotion from the character, as she breaks down in Cloud's arms after failing to control her sobs.[18] Yuffie's loyalty to the team is called into question after Cloud temporarily disbands his party ahead of their final confrontation with Sephiroth; when Yuffie is the last to return Barret Wallace suspects her of abandoning the team in light of her earlier treachery at Wutai.[19] When Yuffie returns to the group she subsequently rebukes Barrett for his judgement.[20]

Compilation of Final Fantasy VII[edit]

In the 2005 computer animated film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Yuffie reunites with her Final Fantasy VII allies to fight against the summon creature Bahamut SIN. In the On the Way to a Smile novella "Case of Yuffie", which is set between the end of Final Fantasy VII and the beginning of Advent Children, the disease Geostigma spreads to Wutai, and Yuffie sets out to find a cure.[21]

In the 2004 action role-playing game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, set six years before Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie encounters Shinra's agents called the Turks in Wutai and unknowingly[22] works with them against the eco-terrorist group AVALANCHE. In the 2006 third-person shooter game Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, set one year after Advent Children, Yuffie leaves home and joins the World Regenesis Organization, where she is placed in charge of espionage and intelligence gathering.[23] Yuffie infiltrates Mako Reactor Zero deep within the ruins of Midgar and shuts it off when the ex-Turk Vincent Valentine defeats the Shinra remnant Deepground.

The nine-year-old Yuffie makes brief appearances in the 2007 prequel action role-playing game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, where she fights against Shinra following their invasion and takeover of Wutai.[8] After meeting Zack Fair, she enlists his help to find treasures in several side missions.[8]

Other appearances[edit]

Outside the Final Fantasy series, Yuffie has also been featured in the Kingdom Hearts series since 2002. In the first Kingdom Hearts, a younger Yuffie acts as a supporting character in Traverse Town, helping to defeat the Heartless who had destroyed her world.[24] Yuffie's appearance in 2004's Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is a projection from Sora's memories in Traverse Town.[25] In 2005's Kingdom Hearts II, she aids Leon and the others as part of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee,[26] this time appearing in her Advent Children attire. In both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II, Yuffie is additionally featured as an opponent in the Olympus Coliseum, while 2008's Kingdom Hearts coded features a virtual simulation of Yuffie.[27] She also appears in the manga adaptations of Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II and Chain of Memories published by Gangan Comics and Tokyopop. Yuffie is also set to appear in the DLC expansion "Re:Mind" for Kingdom Hearts III.

Yuffie is an unlockable playable character[28] in the PlayStation version of the 1998 fighting game Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring, appearing alongside other characters from Final Fantasy VII.[29][30] She is also one of the playable characters in the 2006 board video game Itadaki Street Portable for the PlayStation Portable, in a chibi-style design that is similar to her model during the exploration gameplay mode of Final Fantasy VII,[31] and in the 2013 action puzzle mobile game Pictlogica Final Fantasy, also in a chibi form.[32] She was the first DLC character released for the 2014 rhythm game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call,[33] returning in 2016's arcade game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: All-Star Carnival. Yuffie is also appearing as a playable character in the free-to-play role-playing video games Final Fantasy Record Keeper (2014)[34] and Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia (2017).[35]

Yuffie also makes unplayable appearances in some video games. In the 2008 action role-playing / fighting game hybrid Dissidia Final Fantasy, she is a tutor of the in-game manuals and an unlockable friend card in this game.[36] Yuffie is a "Legend" type assist character in the 2012 social role-playing mobile game Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade,[37] depicted in her Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts outfits. She appears as one of three summonable support characters in the 2014 racing mobile game Final Fantasy VII G-Bike[38] and is featured in the card video games Final Fantasy Trading Card Game (2011) and Final Fantasy Artniks (2012).

Two large Yuffie action figures were released by Square Enix as part of the Final Fantasy VII Play Arts Vol. 2 series in 2008 (in her original game attire),[9][39] and Final Fantasy VII Movie Advent Children Series 2 in 2009 (in her film attire).[40][41] Other merchandise include a small super deformed figurine version as she appears in Itadaki Street Portable, from 2009's Final Fantasy Trading Arts Mini Vol. 4,[42] a 1997 plush doll and a keyholder figurine by Banpresto,[43][44] a 2001 garage kit figure by Kotobukiya,[45] and a wallscroll poster in Final Fantasy Poster Vol. 5.[46] Her theme music in Final Fantasy VII, "Descendant of Shinobi", is included in a vocal form on the album Final Fantasy Song Book: Mahoroba as "Walking in the Road, After the Rain" by Nobuo Uematsu and Yuji Hasegawa.[47] Yuffie appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as a spirit. On February 21, 2021, Yuffie was added to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.[48]

Creation and development[edit]

During the early development of Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie was envisioned as a 25-year-old ex-SOLDIER now working as a bounty hunter, seeking both the game's protagonist Cloud Strife and its antagonist Sephiroth, while to have a bounty on her own head. Her job class was originally listed as "ninja (assassin)" and she was intended to be a daughter of the long-deceased Kasumi Kisaragi. The Wutai sidequest present in the final incarnation of the game was significantly different.[49] Her age and description was different for each of the several wanted posters; what Yuffie looks like, as her level, is determined on the last wanted poster viewed. She would encounter the party in a random encounter, or attack Cloud when he is sleeping in an inn. The Wutai scenario required Yuffie to be recruited to complete it.[50]

Having a close attachment to Yuffie's character, Final Fantasy VII event planner Jun Akiyama was responsible for the large number of cutscenes featuring her and her actions during fights.[51] Regarding the use of Japanese pronouns, Yuffie uses atashi "as opposed to the other female characters who use watashi, perhaps to make her sound more cute or youthful, as she is younger than the others."[52]Mae Whitman, who voiced Yuffie in the English versions of Kingdom Hearts II and Dirge of Cerberus, said she was not "aware of the extent to which people were familiar with her character already." In a 2012 interview, Whitman recalled Yuffie as "bubbly and bright and nice. But still super cool!"[53] Yuffie's design in Kingdom Hearts was partially based on the originally planned appearance of Rikku from Final Fantasy X.[54] During the interview of the developers Naoki Hamaguchi and Motomu Toriyama on Yuffie's moogle hood and role at Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, Toriyama said that Yuffie wears moogle hood, because it draws its reference from the time it was used in Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, and Yuffie wears it whenever she is on a covert mission. While her role is the same as the original game.[55]


Yuffie Kisaragi has received a notably positive reception in Japan, having placed as the 42nd best PlayStation character in the 2007 "Den-Play Awards" by Dengeki PlayStation.[57] In 2010, readers of Japanese magazine Famitsu voted her as the 48th best video game character of all time.[58] In a 2013 poll by Square Enix, Yuffie was voted the 14th most popular Final Fantasy female character, sharing that spot with Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX.[59]

Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) included "seeing Yuffie once again" as one of the greatest moments of Kingdom Hearts while giving it their Role-Playing Game of the Year 2002 award.[60] David Smith from IGN ranked Yuffie seventh on the 2008 list of top ten Final Fantasy VII characters, stating that she "belongs in the Wacky Sidekicks wing of the RPG hall of fame;" although commenting that Yuffie can sometimes be "a pain in the neck," Smith said that she became such an appealing sidekick character that Square would go on to use the "Yuffie formula" with Rikku for Final Fantasy X.[61]

Final Fantasy VII director Yoshinori Kitase asked EGM "why American gamers love Yuffie so much." They were unable to come with a clear answer.[62] According to Edge, Yuffie, being one of characters that are "brands in and of themselves", "created a new anime stereotype -- the, uh, giddy girl ninja."[63] WomanGamers.com gave the character an overall score of 7.0/10, opining that while "a 16 year old ninja girl was a nice refreshing change [...] it would have been nice if her character had matured and developed through this story."[64] In 2012, Becky Cunningham of Cheat Code Central ranked her as the fourth top ninja in video games, stating that despite her "cocky, brash, and slightly abrasive personality," Yuffie is "also a compassionate person with an impressive goal," serving "as both comic relief and unlikely hero, a seemingly self-centered sneak thief who always does the right thing in the end."[65] In a 2014 poll by Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas, Yuffie was voted one of eight best ninja characters in video games.[66] Márcio Pacheco Alexsandro of Brazil's Game Hall placed Yuffie at the fifth spot on his 2014 list of top female ninja characters in games, commenting on her close resemblance to Makimachi Misao from Rurouni Kenshin.[67] In 2012, Jef Rouner of the Houston Press listed Yuffie's reaction to Aerith's death as one of the five most "heartbreaking" missable scenes in the Final Fantasy franchise; which he felt rivaled the emotional impact of anything found in the main narrative.[18]

UGO.com featured her in the 2011 list of 25 most sexy ninja girls in all media for her appearance in Advent Children, adding "that third-dimension certainly adds something."[68] In his review for Advent Children, James Mielke of 1UP.com called her "as cutely jailbait as ever;"[69] the film itself was called "Ogling Legal-Age Yuffie" by Geson Hatchett of Hardcore Gamer.[70] In 2015, Indonesian television Liputan 6 ranked her seventh in their list of the sexiest Oriental characters in gaming.[71]

However, some of the reception was more negative. In her character profile, IGN wrote called her "both impressively useful and incredibly annoying."[1]GameFan editor The 6th Man compared himself to Yuffie, as "in one word—annoying" but also having "that innocent, naive qualify."[72] In 2010, Scott Sharkey of 1UP.com placed her in the category "The Perky Idiot" alongside Rikku and Selphie while discussing the top five character types in the Final Fantasy series.[73] That same year, GamesRadar's Mikel Reparaz included the appearance of Yuffie among the other Final Fantasy VII characters in Ehrgeiz on the list of the 55 best character cameos in video game history, but called her "hyper-annoying".[30] In 2013, Kyle Lowe of Complex ranked her as the fifth most annoying classic video game character.[74] Joe Juba of Game Informer included her among "Final Fantasy's particular breed of annoying companions, like Selphie and Vaan."[75]Lisa Foiles of The Escapist included this "crazy, hyperactive teenager" on her 2014 list of top five annoying princesses in video games, calling her "just a definition of annoying."[76] As a result of calling her an unimportant character in Final Fantasy VII due to how difficult is to get her, Paste Magazine regarded Yuffie's portrayal in the remake as far more entertaining take on Yuffie due to her role in the narrative.[77]

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Introduction: How to Get Yuffie Kisaragi in FFVII!

In FFVII theres 2 secret characters, Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Kisaragi i already made a instructable on getting Vincent so heres how to get Yuffie. You have to do a task to get them, a different one for each. Getting Yuffie is pretty easy so dont worry about doing to much work.

Step 1: Before You Can Get Yuffie....

Yuffie is only available after you go to the Mythryl Mines. Once youve been there, you can find her in any forest on the world map

Step 2: Fighting Yuffie

While walking in a forest on the world map eventually you will get into a fight with Yuffie. She is not that hard but the next part is hard. She will start talking to you but you HAVE to pick the right things to say or she will take something from you and run away

Step 3: Talking to Yuffie

As i said in the last step after fighting Yuffie you start to talk to her. But you have to pick the right things to say or she will take something from you and run away. What she takes away from you depends on how far you are in the conversation.

When talking to Yuffie this is what you have to say,
1. Not interested
2. petrified
3. Wait a second!
4. thats right
5. Lets hurry on

On the last one DO NOT pick "whats your name". Pick "Lets hurry on" and then Cloud and the rest of your party will walk away. Then she says wait dont you want to know my name and then you get to choose a name for her. Also, DO NOT save bfore talking to Yuffie or she will run away.

Step 4: You Got Yuffie!

Congradulations! after this you should be back on the world map so just pause and got to the PHS and put Yuffie on your team. Have fun!

Step 5: Wutai Sub-Mission

 Now that you have Yuffie you are able to do an optional mission in Yuffies hometown of Wutai. When you go to Wutai after getting Yuffie she will take your materia and this whole sub-mission starts. Also Don Corneo from earlier in the game will be the villain of the sub-mission and the Turks Reno, Rude, and Elena will also play an important role. Also, if you do this mission, later in the game on the way to Hojos lab you will meet up with the Turks. If you did the Wutai mission you will get to choose if you want to fight them or not and if you havent done the Wutai mission you have to fight them. You can only go to Wutai once you get the Tiny Bronco plane.

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Sours: https://www.instructables.com/How-to-get-Yuffie-Kisaragi-in-FFVII/



FF7 - Yuffie Portrait.png
Yuffieis a secret playable characterin Final Fantasy VII. She appears as a random encounterin forests, and thus can be recruited any time after Mythril Mine. After being defeated, the player must correctly answer a series of questions for her to join the party. Yuffie is a Ninjaand a ranged fighter, wielding various throwing weapons.

Despite being an optional character, she is a date option during a scene in Gold Saucer, and there is a lengthy sidequest involving her in Wutai.


As a party member, Yuffie wields giant shuriken that functions like a boomerang. Her weapons are long range and thus do full damage from the back row. Her victory pose is to jump twice while holding her weapon above her head, then quickly spin around on one leg. Her victory pose loops.


While she is below average on the main stats, she has high Dexterity and has the best Luck.

Yuffie's starting level is decided by Cloud's level; the lowest she can start is 17 and the highest is 42.

Cloud's level Yuffie's level
1-20 17
21-25 22
26-30 27
31-35 32
36-40 37
41-99 42
1 0 100 5 1 1 1 1 1 1
2 6 127 - 127 14 - 14 4 - 4 3 - 4 4 - 4 4 - 4 4 - 4 4 - 4
3 33 154 - 154 23 - 23 7 - 7 5 - 7 6 - 7 7 - 7 6 - 7 7 - 7
4 95 181 - 181 32 - 32 9 - 10 7 - 10 8 - 10 9 - 10 8 - 10 10 - 10
5 205 208 - 208 36 - 41 11 - 13 8 - 13 10 - 13 11 - 13 10 - 13 12 - 13
6 377 235 - 235 42 - 43 12 - 16 9 - 15 11 - 16 13 - 16 11 - 16 13 - 16
7 625 262 - 262 46 - 51 13 - 18 10 - 17 12 - 18 14 - 19 12 - 18 14 - 18
8 963 289 - 289 53 - 56 15 - 20 11 - 18 13 - 20 15 - 21 13 - 20 15 - 20
9 1404 316 - 316 58 - 62 16 - 22 12 - 19 14 - 21 16 - 23 14 - 21 15 - 21
10 1962 343 - 343 64 - 68 17 - 24 13 - 20 15 - 22 18 - 25 15 - 22 16 - 22
11 2652 370 - 370 69 - 73 18 - 25 14 - 21 16 - 23 19 - 26 16 - 23 16 - 23
12 3639 425 - 425 80 - 84 19 - 26 15 - 22 17 - 24 20 - 27 18 - 25 16 - 23
13 4675 454 - 480 86 - 91 20 - 27 16 - 23 18 - 25 21 - 28 19 - 26 16 - 23
14 5891 487 - 520 92 - 98 21 - 28 17 - 24 19 - 26 22 - 29 21 - 28 16 - 23
15 7302 524 - 557 100 - 106 22 - 29 18 - 25 20 - 27 24 - 31 22 - 29 16 - 23
16 8922 557 - 594 107 - 113 23 - 30 19 - 26 21 - 28 25 - 32 23 - 30 16 - 23
17 10765 594 - 631 113 - 120 25 - 32 20 - 27 22 - 29 26 - 33 24 - 31 16 - 23
18 12845 627 - 668 120 - 127 26 - 33 21 - 28 23 - 30 27 - 34 25 - 32 16 - 23
19 15177 664 - 705 126 - 134 27 - 34 22 - 29 25 - 32 28 - 35 26 - 33 16 - 23
20 17776 697 - 742 134 - 142 28 - 35 23 - 30 26 - 33 30 - 37 28 - 35 17 - 24
21 20656 734 - 779 140 - 149 29 - 36 24 - 31 27 - 34 31 - 38 29 - 36 17 - 24
22 24493 798 - 849 147 - 157 31 - 38 26 - 33 29 - 36 33 - 40 30 - 37 17 - 24
23 28074 862 - 913 155 - 165 32 - 39 28 - 35 30 - 37 34 - 41 31 - 38 17 - 24
24 31988 919 - 977 162 - 173 33 - 40 29 - 36 31 - 38 35 - 42 32 - 39 17 - 24
25 36250 983 - 1041 170 - 181 34 - 41 30 - 37 33 - 40 36 - 43 34 - 41 17 - 24
26 40875 1040 - 1105 177 - 189 35 - 42 31 - 38 34 - 41 37 - 44 35 - 42 17 - 24
27 45877 1104 - 1169 185 - 197 36 - 43 32 - 39 35 - 42 39 - 46 36 - 43 17 - 24
28 51271 1161 - 1233 192 - 205 37 - 44 33 - 40 36 - 43 40 - 47 37 - 44 17 - 24
29 57072 1225 - 1297 200 - 213 39 - 46 34 - 41 37 - 44 41 - 48 38 - 45 17 - 24
30 63295 1282 - 1361 208 - 221 40 - 47 35 - 42 38 - 45 42 - 49 40 - 47 18 - 25
31 69955 1346 - 1425 215 - 229 41 - 48 36 - 43 39 - 46 43 - 50 41 - 48 18 - 25
Sours: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Yuffie_(Final_Fantasy_VII_party_member)

Yuffie ff7

Yuffie Kisaragi
This is a character page for Yuffie, containing her weapons, abilities, characteristics, limit breaks, best builds, and profile and voice actor info in the game Final Fantasy 7 Remake (FF7 Remake) Intergrade's INTERmission DLC for PS5.

All FF7 Remake Intergrade Guides

YuffieYuffie's Moogle Outfit
Yuffie KisaragiYuffie Moogle (1).png
A member of Wutai's elite corps of ninja operatives, Yuffie styles herself as both a ravishing beauty and a world-class materia hunter. Using her signature oversized throwing star and exceptional agility, she is a force to be reckoned with. Determined to reclaim her homeland's former glory—and acting on orders from the government—she sneaks into Midgar.
NameYuffie Kisaragi
Voice ActorEnglish: Suzie Yeung
Japanese: Yumi Kakazu

In the english version of the game, Yuffie is played by Suzie Yeung, a voice actress that has done only a few games, but has voiced in a lot of big anime. Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be her largest video game role yet! Another video game role she is known for is being the voice actress for Eula in Genshin Impact. For Anime she has voiced characters in, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Jujutsu Keisen, and many more!

Yuffie was confirmed to be 16 years old in the lore of the original game. Assuming no major changes in the timeline have occurred, we can assume that Yuffie has stayed the same age on into the Remake!

Yuffie Combat
Yuffie is unique from other characters as she does not specialize in a single range, but can do both close-quarters and long-range combat. All of Yuffie's melee attacks and her shuriken deal physical damage, while her ranged Ninjutsu attacks deal magic damage.

Yuffie can execute a variety of physical attacks with . After throwing her shuriken, she can also jump to retrieve it which can be used repeatedly to attack multiple enemies in a row or raise the enemy's Stagger.

Triangle button.png (tap)Holding shurikenThrow: Yuffie will throw her shuriken at the target, where it will stay in place dealing damage. Will automatically return after a few seconds or when Retrieve is used.
Square button.png (tap x1-3)Shuriken thrownCasts up to three spells with Ninjutsu. Deals Magic damage.
Square button.png (hold)Shuriken thrownCasts a single spell with Ninjutsu, then creates a shockwave in a straight line ahead from the ground. Deals heavy magic damage, but cannot hit distant or aerial enemies.

Pressing will throw your shuriken for a ranged attack. The shuriken will not return automatically, but will instead stay pierced and continue dealing damage upon striking the enemy.

Throwing your shuriken will also change your into ranged ninjutsu attacks, which deal magic instead of physical damage.

Art of War

Effect How to Learn
Buffet an enemy with blows, and all subsequent attacks deal increased damage.Learned from the start.

A multi-hit attack which powers up subsequent attacks, Art of War is a great opener when the enemy becomes vulnerable, such as when they are Pressured or Staggered.


Effect How to Learn
Create a gust of wind that damages nearby enemies and launches them toward you.Learned from the start.

Although not explained in the description, Windstorm is an ability with two separate effects. Its standard result is an area-of-effect attack which deals minor Wind damage to all enemies in the area. However, when used while the shuriken is stuck to an enemy, Windstorm will deal heavy Wind damage to that enemy and the area surrounding them. The latter case can be used to great effect in both hitting single enemies hard and in the Shinra Box Buster minigame.

Elemental Ninjutsu

Effect How to Learn
Set an element to enhance and use for ninjutsu attacks.Equip 4-Point Shuriken. Reach 100% Proficiency to learn permanently.

Yuffie's Ninjutsu attacks by default are non-elemental damage, but this can be changed by using her Elemental Ninjutsu Ability! She can use fire, ice, wind, or lightning ninjutsu, which will change her basic attack's properties into the element chosen.

Brumal Form

Effect How to Learn
Evade an attack. ATB increases when successful. Can use while airborne.Equip Boomerang. Reach 100% Proficiency to learn permanently.

Yuffie uses a cloud of smoke in the shape of a Moogle to quickly dodge an attack. It can be used to automatically dodge fast attacks which the standard roll dodge cannot. On top of that, ATB is gained when it is used to successfully dodge, allowing it to be used repeatedly or to combo into counterattacks.


Effect How to Learn
ATB spent on other commands increases damage dealt. Affinity changes with ninjutsu. Works in the air.Equip Steel Reaper. Reach 100% Proficiency to learn permanently.

Banishment deals more damage the more ATB commands have been executed during the battle. Its power can be increased up to three levels, dealing more damage on every level. It can also be changed to deal damage of a specific element when Elemental Ninjutsu has been used. Wait until later in the battle after many ATB commands have been used, then fire off Banishment III for big damage!

Yuffie Bloodbath Limit Break.jpg
Yuffie unleashes a flurry of attacks that deal massive damage to a single target!

List of Limit Breaks

Sonon and yuffie synergy (1).jpg

When L2 is pressed, Sonon will warp to Yuffie's location and they will become Synergized. When Synergized, Sonon will follow Yuffie's lead, targeting the same enemies and switching between physical attacks and Ninjutsu to match Yuffie.

Yuffie also gains access to new Abilities when Synergized. If Sonon's Synergized Limit Breaks Weapon Upgrade for the Marshalist's Staff is unlocked, they are also able to perform a unique limit break together.

However, staying in Synergy mode will cause ATB to accumulate more slowly, so balance between the two modes is necessary.

Synergy Guide: How to Synergize Yuffie and Sonon

Synchronized Art of War.gif

This attack focuses on hitting a single opponent repeatedly, finishing with a smackdown that can deal over 5000 damage. Other enemies in close range can be caught in the crossfire as well. Like traditional Art of War, it also increases the damage of follow-up attacks.

Synchronized Windstorm.gif

Synergized Windstorm is a powerful area of effect Wind-elemental attack which can juggle weak enemies and rack up Stagger. Unlike the standard Windstorm, there is only one effect, and throwing a shuriken at an enemy in advance will not change its result.

Limit Synch.gif

Just like you'd expect, Yuffie and Sonon's synchronized Limit Break deals a whirlwind of damage, draining both characters' limit bars in a single blow. However, both Yuffie and Sonon need full limit bars in order for it to work.

List of Weapons Stats and Materia Slots

Yuffie's Synergy Abilities, Synergized Art of War and Synergized Windstorm, are highly powerful and can deal more damage than Yuffie and Sonon's individual abilities combined.

When Yuffie and Sonon are synergized, Sonon will stay nearby Yuffie and attack together with her, which is useful for when you want to focus down the same enemy. Sonon will also match Yuffie's attacks in this mode, so when you want to hit an enemy hard with Magic attacks, use Synergy to make both characters fire away wtih Ninjutsu.

Yuffie and Sonon gain ATB more slowly when Synergized, so if you're only Synergizing to use an Ability, it's best to switch it on right before using the Synergized Ability, then switch it back off right after.

Ninjutsu are Yuffie's key ranged attacks, as they can be used repeatedly to hit enemies who are dangerous at close range.

The Retrieve command will force Yuffie to come in close to the enemy, so when keeping strictly to ranged battle, wait for the shuriken to return automatically, then throw it again to continue racking up chip damage and spamming Ninjutsu.

FF7RIntergrade_AprilScreenshot_08-7y1a7m6dl (1).jpg
EffectYuffie uses a giant shuriken in combat. With her shuriken, she can attack up close or from afar, making her a versatile fighter.

In the original game, Yuffie was just an optional party member that could be missed but did not affect the main story. She was a materia hunter who joined the party for her own gains, but ended up becoming close with the party and becoming a valuable trustworthy member.

This time in FF7 Remake Intergrade, Yuffie gets her own time in the spotlight and will be the main controllable character of the DLC chapters. Bringing back her confident spunk, playfulness, and giant shuriken to the FF7 Remake!

Yuffie Moggle Cape
Yuffie is a member of the Special Forces for the Wutai New Government. Naturally, she did not appear in the main game of FF7R as she becomes available after the party leaves Midgar in the original FF7. In INTERmission, however, Yuffie is given a mission, and with the help of Avalanche members, she sneaks into Midgar. Her mission is to infiltrate Shinra to recover the Ultimate Materia. This takes place around chapter 8 of the main game as we see Tifa going off to investigate Don Corneo after being separated from Cloud.

EquipmentStats (Fully Upgraded) / Effect
4-Point Shuriken.jpg4-Point Shuriken
  • Attack: 72
  • Magic Attack: 72
  • Max HP: +500
  • Max MP: +6
  • Slots: ○-○○-○○-○
Chthonian Armlet.jpgChthonian
  • Defense: +47
  • Magic Defense: +47
  • Slots: ○-○○○
Ribbon.pngRibbonPrevents detrimental status effects. Makes it harder to be interrupted when casting magic.
  • Switch the Fire materia according to the enemy's weakness.
  • If you want more mobility and survivabilty, you can replace MP Up or ATB Stagger with Parry.
  • You can replace Ribbon with Gotterdammerung once you obtain it.
EquipmentStats (Fully Upgraded) / Effect
Steel Reaper.jpgSteel Reaper
  • Attack: 83
  • Magic Attack: 62
  • Max HP: +0
  • Max MP: +0
  • Slots: ○-○○-○○-○
Chthonian Armlet.jpgChthonian
  • Defense: +47
  • Magic Defense: +47
  • Slots: ○-○○○
Gozu Drive.jpgGozu DriveIncreases damage dealt proportional to character's current HP.
  • Use Haste immediately at the start of a battle.
  • If you want more mobility and survivabilty, you can replace MP Up or ATB Stagger with Parry.
  • You can replace Mezu Drive with Gotterdammerung once you obtain it.
EquipmentStats (Fully Upgraded) / Effect
  • Attack: 58
  • Magic Attack: 82
  • Max HP: +0
  • Max MP: +0
  • Slots: ○-○○-○○-○
Chthonian Armlet.jpgChthonian
  • Defense: +47
  • Magic Defense: +47
  • Slots: ○-○○○
Ribbon.pngRibbonPrevents detrimental status effects. Makes it harder to be interrupted when casting magic.
  • Switch the Fire materia according to the enemy's weakness.
  • If you want more mobility and survivabilty, you can replace ATB Stagger with Parry.
  • You can replace Ribbon with Gotterdammerung once you obtain it.

Best Build for Each Character

List of Characters

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade’s Yuffie Mission Is A Must-Play

I dunno, kid, who do you think?

Final Fantasy VII Remake is a dramatic game with the odd silly beats. The new DLC episode featuring young Wutai ninja Yuffie Kisaragi is a silly side mission that stays lighthearted until the bitter end. It’s the perfect FFVII Remake Intergrade chaser.

What’s in FFVII Remake Intergrade?

In FF7R Episode INTERmission, as Square Enix calls it, 16-year-old ninja prodigy Yuffie Kisaragi and her partner/underling Sonon Kusakabe infiltrate Midgar on a mission to steal a rumored “ultimate materia” for their nation of Wutai. Though the pair are working with eco-terrorist insurgent group Avalanche during their mission, they are pointedly not working with the Avalanche “splinter cell” Barrett, Tifa, and Cloud belong to. Early in the DLC mission Yuffie is warned away from trying to interact with the game’s main characters. And should you attempt to storm Tifa Lockhart’s Seventh Heaven bar, the group’s secret headquarters, Yuffie will be physically pushed away by unseen forces.

Who is Yuffie?

In the original Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie is an optional character who doesn’t meet up with the main party until they’ve left Midgar, so meeting the team beforehand would ruin whatever continuity the remake is attempting to establish. As such, Yuffie and Sonon spend their brief time in the city doing their own thing while the dramatic events surrounding Cloud and friends occur in their periphery.

When not battling other Fort Condor players in the DLC’s colorful tower defense mini-game or engaging in a handful of side-quests, Yuffie’s main mission is short and sweet. First she and Sonon must acquire a pair of false IDs in order to make it to Shinra HQ. To do this they must chase their contact through the Sector 7 industrial area, battling the Shinra forces pursuing him along the way. From there it’s on to Shinra HQ itself, where several familiar faces from a couple different Final Fantasy VII games make the ninjas’ lives miserable.

She’s a well-rounded fighter, this boomerang-wielding ninja.

For a character who’s only playable for three and a half hours (not including mini-games and side-quests), Yuffie is a pretty well fleshed-out fighter. Using her massive ninja stars she can fight foes up close with physical attacks, or she can toss her star and cast ninja magic from afar. Her companion, Sonon, is not playable, but they pair and synergize when in battle together, performing more powerful team-up versions of Yuffie’s normal ninja magic. Both fighters are ridiculously fast, and when new summon Ramuh gets in on the act, enemies might as well forget about seeing their families again.

And then in comes Ramuh, hogging the spotlight.

Yuffie’s strongest power isn’t her magic or her ninja abilities, however: It’s her upbeat nature, her can-do attitude, and her clumsy, impish charm that sees her through her Midgar mission. I want to cheer when she dramatically confronts Shinra soldiers near the main pillar holding up Sector 7, reciting an obviously practiced speech meant to strike fear in the hearts of her enemies,, even though I know she’s about to fall on her ass.

Post ass-falling.

The cast of the DLC, both returning characters from the remake proper and the new ninja, give these silly performances their all. Suzie Yeung is irresistibly charming as Yuffie, the teenage ninja with an unwavering loyalty to her clan and a hatred for the planet-poisoning Shinra. Aleks Le’s Sonon puts up with his younger commander’s antics with grace and poise, never letting on that the goofy things she does are anything other than brilliant theatrics designed to distract enemies. They make a wonderful team.

The other star team for this downloadable content is Square Enix’s music team, who’ve outdone themselves with some of the new tracks introduced for this small piece of content. There are at least three original songs for a side-quest involving a bar called The Happy Turtle, each a different take on the establishment’s theme. One’s an upbeat jingle. Another is a bright pop song. The third is basically death metal. “Come out, come out, come out, come out of your shell / Party, party, party, party, all night, at the Happy Turtle.” That’s never getting out of my head. Dammit, I just found another one.

Everybody is listening to Happy Turtle music.

“You and me nice and easy, on our journey / life’s gonna be so great, at the Happy Turtle.” It’s beautiful.

Not everything about the Yuffie DLC mission is light and fluffy. There are some heavy bits toward the end that I will refrain from mentioning, as well as a bit of an extended epilogue to the main game. What I’m saying is there are more reasons to play through the new episode than lighthearted fun. It’s just that lighthearted fun is a very big part of it.

It’s great to see Yuffie get some time in the spotlight. With this DLC Square Enix has elevated her from optional side character who very nearly got cut from the original game to an essential part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake saga. I can’t wait to see more of her, whenever that might happen.

How do I transfer saves?

Upgrading this intermission from the PS4 version to fancier PS5 version is looking for the right console download. Make sure you know how to navigate the messy save transfer system, too.


Sours: https://kotaku.com/final-fantasy-vii-remake-intergrade-s-yuffie-mission-is-1847082454

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