League of legends color settings

With six LCS titles under his belt, Team Liquid’s ADC Doublelift is one of the most dominant League of Legends playersin North America.

Due to his charming personality and talents, Doublelift is also one of the most popular League streamers on Twitch. Though he doesn’t stream that often, he draws in, on average, more than 8,000 people every time he goes live. He’s definitely a great example to those who want to sharpen their ADC skills and master the art of trading.

Apart from playing League, he also enjoys spicing things up a bit by throwing in an occasional World of Warcraft stream into the mix.

We were able to find Doublelift’s League settings alongside his habits and the tips he has for all the up-and-coming players out there.

Video Settings

  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Character Quality: Medium
  • Effect Quality: Medium
  • Environment Quality: Medium
  • Shadows: Off
  • Character Inking: On
  • Anti Aliasing: Off
  • Wait for Vertical Sync: Off
  • Enable Screen Shake: Off
  • Color Blind Mode: On

Interface settings

  • HUD Scale: 75
  • Chat Scale: 50
  • Minimap Scale: 100
  • Legacy Cursor: Off

Mouse settings

  • Mouse Sensitivity: 1800 DPI
  • Windows Mouse Sensitivity: 4/11
  • Windows Acceleration: Off
  • In-Game Mouse Sensitivity: 30
  • Polling Rate: 1000 Hz

Why does Doublelift Lock His In-Game Camera?

Doublelift often gets criticized for locking his in-game camera which is essentially a trick that beginners use not to lose their characters in a fight.

He recognizes this bad habit of his and recommends everyone to play with their camera unlocked as much as they can. He’s also known to be a button masher and strongly advises his audience to try their best to time their spells instead of bashing their keys.

Sours: https://dotesports.com/league-of-legends/news/doublelifts-league-of-legends-settings


CS:GOCOD:WZ S3Fortnite

Mode: FPS1


Mode: Standard,


Mode: Standard,


Brightness: 65, Contrast: 55, Low Blue Light: 0


Brightness: 100, Contrast: 54, Low Blue Light: 0


Brightness: 80, Contrast: 50, Low blue light: 0


Black eQ 13, Color temperature: user define: R100, G92, B88


Black eQ 6, Color temperature: user define: R89, G88, B100


Black eQ: 10, Color Temperature: R96 G97 B86


Hue: 50, Color Vibrance 16, Sharpness: 6, Gamma: 3


Hue: 50, Color Vibrance 14, Sharpness: 6, Gamma: 3


Color Vibrance: 7, Hue: 50, Sharpness: 5, Gamma: 3









Mode: Standard


Mode: FPS1





Brightness: 80, Contrast: 55, Low Blue Light: 0


Brightness: 60, Contrast: 45, Low Blue Light: 0


Brightness: 100, Contrast: 65, Low Blue Light:0


Brightness: 75, Contrast: 63, Low Blue Light:0

Black eQ 4, Color temperature: user define: R88, G100, B97


Black eQ 8, Color temperature: user define: R60, G98, B100


Black eQ 10, Color temperatureL R89, G88, B30


Black eQ 12, Color temperatureL R95, G92, B100

Hue: 50, Color Vibrance 13, Sharpness: 7, Gamma: 5


Hue: 50, Color Vibrance 14, Sharpness: 6, Gamma: 3


Color Vibrance: 16, Hue: 50, Sharpness: 8, Gamma: 1


Color Vibrance: 20, Hue: 50, Sharpness: 8, Gamma: 3

Sours: https://zowie.benq.com/en-us/knowledge/common/xk-game-mode-settings.html
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  2. Idph iowa
  3. Usmc recon
  4. Richard grannon
  5. Christensen arms

Welcome to our guide on how to change the color of the health bar in LoL!

League of Legends doesn’t have too many customization options. Sure, we have the skins to dress up our champions in different ways, but that’s pretty much it, right? 

In other games, players are able to deeply personalize their interface and completely change how they interact with the game. For example, Sims 4 players have access to mods and custom content which greatly alters the original game. And World of Warcraft players have add-ons that transform their ability bars or track different cooldowns. 

But League of Legends has none of that! Except for the ability to color change your health bar!

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Why Should You Change the Color of Your Healthbar?

The option to change the color of the health bar was there from the beginning of LoL. It was originally designed to help out color-blind people. And the feature does one simple thing – it swaps the green color with orange.

Once the change is done, the player’s health bar remains permanently orange or until he changes it back. As we know, color blind people may perceive the orange/yellow hue as green, so the option is helpful in that regard.

But if you have no problem with seeing the green color of the regular health bar, then you have no reason to change it! However, many players do go for the orange health bar simply because they like it more. For some, the latter looks a bit more elegant, and it fits the general coloring of League of Legends.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you’re color blind or not. The colorblind mode in LoL doesn’t change anything other than the health bar. So choose what you personally like more!

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Steps to Change the Color of the Health Bar in LoL

So there might be a few reasons why you would want to change the color of your health bar in LoL. Perhaps you’re struggling with color blindness, or perhaps you would just like a change. Whatever is the case, here is how to change the color of the health bar in LoL!

  • Step 1: Open the game settings inside League of Legends by pressing “ESC” on your keyboard.
  • Step 2: Select the “Video” tab from the list of options to your left.
  • Step 3: Check (or uncheck) the “Color Blind Mode” box under the resolution settings.
  • Step 4: Confirm the change by selecting “Okay”.

Once you’ve done the last step, the game settings window should close automatically, and the change should be instant. If you want to revert your actions, simply repeat the same steps.

Sours: https://leaguefeed.net/health-bar-color-change/

Keybinds, settings and more – How to play like Caps

Caps’ moniker “Baby Faker” has been well earned since he started his professional career in 2015. Ever since he reached the top tier of the LEC with Fnatic and later with G2 he has gathered many fans with his phenomenal play.

Video – Know Your Meme: “200 Years of competitive game design”


The first step for anyone aspiring to be the next Caps is to take a closer look at how the Danish star play LoL. Here are his settings if you want to give them a try as well.

Video Settings
League of Legends Video Settings

Color Level = 50
Color Gamma = 100
Color Brightness = 63
Color Contrast = 5
Enable Screen Shake = Off
Shadow Quality = Low
Character Quality = Low
Effects Quality = Low

Mouse sensitivity

DPI = 3200
Windows sensitivity = 6
Polling Rate = 1000Hz

In-game settings
Mouse speed  = 50
Camera move speed (Mouse) = 50
Camera move speed (Keyboard = 50


Abilities = Q, W, E, R
Summoner Spells = D, F
Ward = 4
Target Champions only = B
Ping Menu = G

Obviously settings should always be customized to your own preference, but taking a look at how one of the world’s best Mid Laners plays is definitely useful. Check it out and see if they are also working for you.

More LoL:

Have you tried Caps’ settings? Join the discussion on social media or Discord!

You can also help improve our website by submitting direct feedback!

Image Credits: Riot Games
Sours: https://www.esports.com

Of color league settings legends

Change your League's colors/theme

We are excited to offer engaging color and menu design options for all MyLO customers. You can choose from the following themes and menu design options. 

Find a design that fits your community:

Design OptionsAbout
Design 1 - Side menu bar using purple and gold: EXAMPLEFollow the steps below to set your site's theme to Design 1.
Design 2 - Top menu bar using purple and gold: EXAMPLEmylo [at] lwvc.org (Contact us) today to change your site's theme and menu to Design 2. Your design change only takes a few days. 
Design 3 - Side menu bar using traditional red and blue: EXAMPLEYour League's site will be set to this theme by default. If not currently in use, follow the steps below to set your site's theme to Design 3.
NOT available with the top menu bar)

Follow these steps to apply Design 1 or 3:

  1. Go to your League landing page.
  2. Click on "New draft" (or "Edit draft" if you already have unpublished changes).
  3. Scroll to the bottom and expand the Advanced Settings.
  4. Find the section titled: Colors with which your League displays (theme).
  5. Choose the theme that best fits your League (the site-wide theme definition is what is currently set at my.lwv.org). 
  6. Under Promotion settings, change your moderation state to "Published" (if you are not ready to do this, you can keep it in draft longer if you'd like and publish later, bu the change will not be public until you publish).
  7. Click "Save" to apply your theme change.

Now your site will display in the new theme of your choosing!

NOTE: If you want the top-navigational menu with the Purple & Gold theme (Design 2), reach out to the MyLO Team at mylo [at] lwvc.org. To avoid menu item overlap, you'll be responsible for sticking to a single-line menu to maintain the League design 2 template. The system will not warn you when you've exceeded one horizontal line. 

MyLO FAQ Category:

  • Best practices, League front, home, or landing page, General
Sours: http://my.lwv.org/mylo/change-your-leagues-colorstheme


League of Legends can probably run even on your old low-end pc or laptop. That doesn’t mean that you should leave all the settings on default or being automatically optimized by Riot Games. Since it is a really competitive game, players always are looking for ways to get a competitive advantage over the rest of the players.

Most Pro League players are playing on 144+ Hz, and that’s what you should be aiming for (if your monitor can handle it). To play at a high refresh rate without shutters, fps drops, and issues, you will have to optimize your settings. That’s what this post is about. In this post, you will find the best League of Legends settings to achieve the highest FPS possible, fix any issues like fps drops, shutters, flickering, and also optimize the rest of the settings like the Pros do(Mouse, Mouse Sensitivity, Keybinds, Hotkeys).

Best League of Legends Settings

We will start with Riots Launcher settings to shut down a few annoying notifications that may disturb you from the game and make our launcher consume fewer resources. Next, I will show you how to optimize League of Legends’ graphics settings depending on your system to give you the highest fps possible while still maintaining the graphics’ quality. Next, I will talk about League’s Sound settings and point out which of these settings are the most important ones.

After that, I will show you the best Interface, Game, Keybinds, Mouse, and Mouse sensitivity settings for League of Legends after research I’ve done on the top LoL pro players so you can get an idea of how they play the game. Finally, for you struggling to get the game running on more frames per second, I will point out crucial resources and information to help you achieve higher performance in LoL.

Without further to say, let dive straight to optimizing LoL settings!

Best Launcher/Client Settings

In order to access the launcher settings in League Of Legends you will have to navigate on the top right side and just click on the gear icon.

How to access League of Legends Client Settings

You will be directed by default to the General tab.

Here tick the options “Enable Low Spec Mode” and “Close client during game” and untick the options “Automatically send crash reports” and “Enable Newbie Help Tips”.

Shows which client settings should be changed for optimal performance.

Next, navigate on the Notifications tab in your LoL launcher and tick the option “Disable Esports notifications“. You can leave this unticked if you are really interested in getting e-sports notifications.

Shows which notification settings should be changed in the client settings

Now, please navigate to the Chat & Friends settings tab of your League launcher and make sure to tick the option “Warn Me When I Click A Link In Chat“.

This setting will actually pop up a confirmation message for you when you click on a link. So if you were in a rush or misclicked a link an unknown guy sent to you, this setting can potentially save you by making you rethink if you want to really press that link.

It shows an important setting that should be turned on to protect LoL players from malicious links etc.

Pretty straightforward with the Launcher settings since there is not much we can optimize. Let’s move on to the graphics settings tab.

Best League of Legends Video/Graphics settings

Create a custom game with bots and add all 5 opponent bots and 4 bots plus you in your team. You want to do this to get a close estimation of the performance you should expect in real games. Once you are in the game, press the ESC button on your keyboard and navigate the Video tab.

  • General
    • Resolution: Native resolution of your Monitor.
    • Window Mode: Full Screen always. You don’t want to be playing on anything else except the full screen.
    • Colorblind mode: Disabled
    • Hide eye candy: Enabled
    • Use relative team colors: Disabled
    • Enable screen shake: Disabled
Settings that should be changed in League of Legends Video settings tab
  • Graphics ( If you don’t have a low-end pc you can set these settings all to high except the Shadow Quality which you should set to low)
    • Character Quality: Medium. This setting affects the visuals of the champions and monsters in-game.
    • Effects Quality: Medium. Affects the visual quality of the skills animations in-game.
    • Environment Quality: Medium. Affects the visual quality of the map.
    • Shadow Quality: Low. Affects the quality of the shadows which you don’t really need, but if you do set it to low.
    • Character Inking: Disabled.
Best League of Legends Graphics settings for best performance and fps.
  • Advanced Graphics
    • Frame Rate Cap: Uncapped. This setting caps your fps at a specific refresh rate. If you are experiencing big fps drops, you may consider setting the value to your monitor’s refresh rate.
    • Anti-Aliasing: Personal preference. If your hardware can handle it, then keep it enabled.
    • Wait for Vertical Sync: Always off.
How to uncap your FPS in league of legends


On this tab we will edit the colors in League of Legends, so below you can find the best League of Legends colors to give your game a better look.

  • Color Level: 68
  • Color Gamma: 55
  • Color Brightness: 52
  • Color Contrast: 59
Best color settings for League of Legends

Best League of Legends Sound settings

Actually, the only thing you want to make sure of in this tab is to communicate with your teammates easily. Pay close attention to the Pings Volume setting, which is actually the most important setting, so you can get notified when your teammates are pinging you.

  • Master Volume: Around 80.
  • Music Volume: 0
  • Announcer Volume: 60 – 80
  • Voice Volume: Depends on your teammates.
  • Sound FX Volume: 50
  • Ambiance Volume: 50
  • Pings Volume: 70
  • Theme Music: Updated
Best Sound settings in League of Legends

Best League of Legends Interface settings

In this interface section you’ll find some really important settings so read below how each setting may benefit you by enabling or disabling it.

  • Intro
    • HUD Scale: 0 or 1. This is because HUD is there to give you just information, and the information shouldn’t be more important than the actual game.
    • Cursor Scale: 50
    • Shop Scale: Default
    • Chat Scale: 28
    • Minimap Scale: 100. The bigger the minimap, the more likely you are to spot movements on it, so whenever a champion is missing, you are more likely to see it on a bigger minimap.
    • Death Recap Scale: 100
Best interface settings in League of Legends, optimizing how everything looks.
  • Health and Resource Bars
    • Show Health Bars: Enabled
    • Enable HUD animations: Disabled
    • Show Loss of Control UI: Enabled
    • Show Health Bar animations: Enabled
    • Show Names Above Healthbar: Summoner Name
Shows which settings in the interface tab of League of Legends settings should be changed
  • Notifications
    • Screen flash on damage: Enabled
    • Champion highlight on camera center: Enabled
    • Screen flash on loss of control: Enabled
Shows which settings in the interface tab of League of Legends settings should be changed, part 2.
  • Legacy cursor
    • Enable legacy cursor: Enabled
Enable Legacy cursor in League of Legends settings on the interface tab.
  • Tooltips
    • Always show extended Tooltip info: Disabled
    • Show enemy information Tooltips: Disabled
How to disable or enable tooltips settings in League of Legends.
  • Ability and Attack Display
    • Show Target Frame on attack: Enabled
    • Show Attack Range: Enabled
    • Show Spell costs: Enabled
    • Enable Line Missile display: Enabled
    • Disable HUD spell click: Enabled
    • Ability Cooldown Display: Seconds
How ability and attack display settings should be set.
  • Minimap
    • Show Neutreal Camps: Enabled
    • Allow Minimap movement: Enabled
    • Show Minimap on left: Enabled
Best minimap settings for league of legends.
  • Scoreboard
    • Mirror Scoreboard layout: Disabled
    • Show Summoner names: Disabled
Scoreboard settings in league of legends.
  • Team Frames
    • Show Team Frames on left: Disabled
Team frames settings disabled.
  • Chat
    • Show [All] Chat (Matched Games): Enabled
    • Show timestamps: Enabled. Timestamps are really important because you can basically see ping something, and there will be a timestamp on when you ping that on the chat. For example, you can ping the flash used by any of the enemies, and it will be in the chat with a timestamp, then you can calculate the cooldown of the flash with the timestamp, and you know when the enemy has his flash available again.
    • Show [Allied] Chat: Enabled
Best chat settings in League of Legends
  • Emotes
    • Emote Bubble Display: On
    • Emote Size: Normal
    • Mute enemy Emotes: Disabled
Best Emotes settings in League of legends
  • Combat Text
    • Damage: Enabled
    • Gold: Enabled
    • Quest: Enabled
    • Enemy Damage: Enabled
    • Level: Enabled
    • Heal: Enabled
    • Status: Enabled
    • Mana: Disabled
    • Dodge: Enabled
    • Special: Enabled
    • Score: Enabled
    • Experience: Enabled
Combat text settings in league of legends. My recommendations

Best League of Legends Game settings

One of the most important settings tab on this game which is also kind of a personal preference but still i’ll give you a few tips to play around.

  • Best mouse settings for League of Legends
    • Mouse Speed: 70
    • Camera Move Speed (Mouse): 50
    • Camera Move Speed (Keyboard): 50
  • Intro
    • Move camera on revive: Enabled
    • Enable smooth camera: Disabled
    • Mouse button drag scroll: Disabled
    • Camera Lock Mode: Per-side offset
Best mouse settings & mouse sensitivity settings for League of Legends.
  • Gameplay
    • Auto-attack: Disabled because you don’t want to accidentally auto-attack without actually wanting to do it yourself.
    • Use movement prediction: Disabled
    • Show turret range indicators: Disabled
    • Attack move on cursor: Experiment with this setting since it can benefit ADC’s and ranged champions. It can make your kiting ability great, but you will have to get used to it.
Best gameplay settings for League of Legends.

Best League of Legends Keybinds/Hotkeys

Below i will show you the most important and best hotkeys you should focus on.

The first thing you want to make sure of in hotkeys is to enable the Quick Cast All option because this way, you can make your combos way faster. ( Some specific champions might not benefit from this, but the majority will(like 99%) )

Best Hotkey settings in League of Legends. The very important setting for players' gameplay.
  • Quick Cast with indicator
    • Replace Quick Cast with Quick Cast With Indicator in the quickbind UI: This setting can be very helpful if you are new to a champion and you want to get used to it before going full quickcast.
Quick cast with indicator setting in League of Legends.
  • Player Movement
    • Player attack move: If you are an ADC player you must be playing with this enabled since it will make kiting easier and prevent you from misclicks while kiting.
Player attack move keybind in League of Legends
  • Target Champions Only
    • It can really help you in situations like tower dives where you want to hit the champion and get the kill and prevent you from miss clicking on the turret and dying.
Target Champions only in League of Legends
Ability 1Q
Ability 2W
Ability 3E
Ability 4R
Summoner Spell 1D
Summoner Spell 2F
Item 1`
Item 22
Item 33
Item 45
Item 56
Item 67

Increase your FPS in League of Legends

If you are really having issues with your frames per second you may consider following the steps below.

  • Make sure Game Mode is enabled in Windows 10.
How to enable Game Mode in Windows 10 to increase LoL fps.
  • Add League of Legends executable file to graphics performance mode and test the Variable refresh rate option(Try turning it on and off) to check which one gives you the best results in-game.*Note that you will have to restart the game for the setting to take effect.
How to set league of legends to run o performance graphics mode.
  • If you are not in the latest Windows 10 build then consider disabling full screen optimizations for your game. On the other hand if you are on the latest Windows 10 build then you don’t have to do that since Microsoft have done a pretty good job lately and everything is running fine.
How to disable full screen optimizations in League

I highly encourage you to read my post about CPU parking and unparking for those of you who have a little bit of extra time. This can tremendously help you improve performance not only in League of Legends but in every game and app you may be running on your computer.

Last but not least

Go ahead and download Malwarebytes. By using my link you can get a 14-day premium trial as well as 25% off if you decide to continue using the premium version. If you want to be totally safe on the internet and can afford it, get the premium version and you’ll never have to worry again about viruses, malware, adware, spyware, etc.

Install Malwarebytes and then open it. Click on Scanner -> Advanced Scanners ->Configure Scan, and select the option scan for rootkits and also, on the right side, select all your drives and click on Scan. This scan may take a lot of time, but it can save you from serious issues especially if you use your computer for transactions, work, etc.

How to remove viruses and malware from your computer

Once the scan is completed, quarantine everything and restart your PC.

If after following this guide you still can’t optimize League of Legends or you feel like your PC is underperforming, you can book a PC Optimization appointment with me and I will be more than happy to help you out and solve all your problems and dramatically improve your pc performance.

Using a VPN?

If you absolutely need to use a VPN for whatever reason, then make sure they have a lot of servers across the world, as well as their servers, are the fastest with the lowest ping possible. If you are looking for the best gaming and general use VPN without spending too much money, then you should take a look at NordVPN and get 3 Months completely FREE!

Faker’s League of Legends Settings

In this part of the guide, I will focus on Fakers settings in League of Legends, and I will point out some things that might interest you. Faker is one of the best League of Legends players globally, so let’s take a look at his mouse settings and mouse sensitivity settings, and some key hardware that he uses.

  • Faker Windows Sensitivity
  • Faker Game Sensitivity
  • Faker DPI / CPI
  • Faker EDPI
  • Faker Polling Rate
  • The mouse and mouse pad that Faker is using

Fakers Keybinds on Razer BWU

Ability 1Q
Ability 2W
Ability 3E
Ability 4R
Summoner Spell 1D
Summoner Spell 2F
Item 1`
Item 22
Item 33
Item 45
Item 56
Item 67


If you followed and read everything in this guide, there is only one thing left. Apply all the settings, restart your computer, run League of Legends, and play and enjoy a game with your friends. I hope this guide really helped you make your game run smoother and gave you a starting point for mouse settings & sensitivity. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment below, and I will be more than happy to discuss them with you!

Sours: https://slothytech.com/best-league-of-legends-settings-comprehensive-guide/

Now discussing:

Best League of Legends Settings 2021

The settings that you use in a game can do more than just tailor the controls to how you use them. The settings determine how well your game runs, how easily you can interact, and how fast you can input your movements into the game. For a highly competitive title, your choice of settings can go a long way. League of Legends is a MOBA, so it comes with different needs for settings than shooters like Warzone. However, just because you’re not playing a FPS, it doesn’t mean that your choice of settings isn’t vital. The best League of Legends settings can really help your performance in the game.

When it comes to League of Legends settings, you’re going to need to optimize them in a few ways. The first thing to think about is the performance of your PC and FPS. This can help you play the game in better quality without as much lag. Less lag means fewer mistakes, and a faster response time as you’re playing. You’ve also got to think about how your inputs are handled for the best LoL settings. Being able to input commands and move your mouse in the best possible way is important for your performance in-game. This guide covers the settings that you’ll need to do that, and how to get the best performance possible out of any PC when playing League of Legends.

The Best League of Legends Settings 2021

Best Video League of Legends Settings

Best League of Legends Settings

The video settings for the game deal with how League is displayed. More than that though, they deal with performance. You can make a game more or less demanding by changing your video settings If you’re not working with the type of PC only pro players use, then you’ll likely have to compromise. Getting the best performance is more important than the visual bells and whistles. Largely in LoL, a lot of the video settings that you’re going to need to change are superfluous to requirements. The best LoL settings don’t make the game look work, but a bit more efficient.

Before you start with your specific LoL video settings though, there is a change to make in the client settings overall. Head into there and enable low spec mode. Then, you can set up the best League of Legends settings for video:

  • Resolution – Native resolution of your monitor.
  • Windowed Mode – Full Screen,
  • Graphics – Custom.
  • Character Quality – Low-Medium
  • Environment Quality – Low
  • Effects Quality – Low
  • Shadows – Off
  • Character Inking – Off
  • Frame Rate – No Limit
  • Anti-Aliasing – Off, see here for why.
  • Vertical Sync – Off.

Those are all of the changes to make to your video settings. This portion mainly helps you get a better frame rate in the game.

Best League of Legends Settings

Best LoL Settings – Interface Settings

The interface best League of Legends settings aren’t as vital for your overall performance as some of the other categories. However, there are some changes you can make to improve the overall feel of the game.

  • Hud Scale – 100 – Feel free to lower this if your monitor is big enough, but standard is fine for most people.
  • Cursor Scale – 50-70 – This helps block less gameplay, but it isn’t a vital change.
  • Chat Scale – 60 – Just to free up some space.
  • Minimap Scale – 100.
  • Death Recap Scale – 85.

Best League of Legends Settings – Mouse and Keyboard

Best League of Legends Settings

Your actual inputs into the game are some of the most important parts of optimizing the best LoL settings. You need to be able to move your mouse quickly, accurately, and efficiently. This allows your clicks to be in the right places, at the right times and minimizes mistakes in those split-second movements. 

  • Mouse Acceleration – Off
  • Mouse Speed – 25
  • Camera Move Speed – 20
  • Camera Move Speed Keyboard – 50

The mouse acceleration aspect of this is probably the simplest and least open to preference. It can make your inputs sloppier and harder to read. In general, mouse acceleration isn’t great. The speed inputs are more determined by your personal preference. However, the keyboard move speed should be higher to allow for pans. These are starting points, adjust from here to find the exact right speeds for you.

Audio Settings

Music and audio settings aren’t the most important for how you perform, but they can be a problem if completely out of balance. Essentially you should try and use an audio balance that gives you the most benefit, and most in-game cues. A bad audio balance can go pretty badly. These are the best League of Legends Audio settings:

  • Master Volume – This one is personal preference.
  • Music Volume – 0.
  • Announcer Volume – 75 (Try not to let it overpower everything, even if you have a custom announcer.)
  • Voice Volume – 70
  • Sound FX Volume – 50
  • Ambiance Volume – 25
  • Pings Volume – 100

This balance should effectively highlight the noises that it’s good to hear, and cut down on those that are going to get in the way.

That’s all you need to know to optimize the best League of Legends settings in 2021 There isn’t a huge amount of control here. However, by improving your frame rate and your inputs to the game, you’re going to be getting a much smoother experience. None of this is a replacement for practice, but it can help you eliminate any resistance to good performance that’s being caused by your PC. 

Sours: https://www.bestgamingsettings.com/best-league-of-legends-settings-2021/

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