Lowes gutters

The total cost for 97 linear feet 5″ seamless gutter installation came to $1,078 after tax. This included all materials, labor, and hauling away of job related debris.

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Correspondingly, will Lowes install gutters?

Lowe's Gutter InstallChoose Lowe's professional installers to ensure a smooth install of your new gutters. When tackling projects in high places, Lowe's has a wide selection of gutters, roof shingles, roll roofing, attic ventilation, fascia and more to get the job done right.

Additionally, what does it cost to install gutters? The average cost to install galvanized or aluminum gutters is approximately $4 to $9 per linear foot. There are also vinyl gutters which are much easier to install, and which run at roughly $3 to $5 per linear foot. Therefore, installing from 125 to 200 feet of gutters will cost $1050-$2400.

Additionally, what does Home Depot charge to install gutters?

Vinyl gutters cost about $3 to $5 per linear foot. Metal gutters range in price: aluminum costs $6 to $12, steel $9 to $20, and copper $25 to $40 or more. Installing gutters for an entire home can cost anywhere between $600 and $2,400. The national average is between $850 and $1,000 for approximately 200 feet.

How much does Lowes charge for door installation?

My Lowes receipt shows roughly $300 labor for installation of a pre-hung door from this past fall. That included pulling and replacing the same few trim pieces. Home Depot entry door installations run $357.00 for a single, no side lights or transom door whether its wood, fiberglass, or metal.

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Home Depot Gutters vs Lowes Gutters (The Case for Neither)

Use our Gutter Calculator: You can get an instant gutter quote online for free simply by using our Gutter Caculator Tool!

Some things are OK to “Do it yourself.”

For example painting a wall, building a flower bed, or power washing your deck – though time consuming – can be done by yourself.

However, the temptation to “DIY Gutters” should be avoided.

As a consumer, you have a lot of options in regard to the certain gutters that you can go out and purchase from and the different stores that can provide you the gutters.

In most instances, the first few hardware stores most will default to when they begin their research is either Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Be it for landscaping supplies, lumber or even for their gutter needs and maintenance, Lowes and Home Depot are recognizable brands!

However, while it is tempting to shop at the big-box discounted hardware stores. It’s always best to seek businesses that simply focus on just gutters and gutter maintenance. Usually, they can also provide you with a contractor that can help with any repairs, installation, and so forth.

Whereas the big-box hardware stores refer to someone you could have contacted them directly in the first place. Furthermore, the quality of the gutters found in big-box hardware stores isn’t quite the best. 

Home Depot Gutters vs. Lowes Gutters (The Case For Neither)

gutter problems

Both Lowe’s and Home depot sell sectional gutters. All in different finishes, lengths, and materials. However, the downside is that when these gutters are manufactured and placed on display for you to come and purchase, the gutters tend to weigh less in comparison to gutters from a contractor or professional, mainly to make it easier for everyday people to lift, manage, and install the gutter with ease. 

While the convenience is good, it may not be too durable to withstand heavy rainfall if you live in an area where it rains frequently and hard. It may also not be durable to withstand small debris falling on it. On top of other consequences for having a thin or bad quality gutter. 

Home Depot Gutters

Home Depot, as we mentioned earlier, does not install gutters on your behalf, but rather refers a contractor for you through their portal on their website. When you could have easily contacted the contractor directly from the start without having Home Depot of being the middle man. Furthermore, this same contractor could have potentially installed seamless gutters on your behalf. 

Lastly, Home Depot mainly sells Aluminum gutters, while they are more bang for your buck, this sort of material is a lot lighter in comparison to the other materials that are used for a gutter. Over time, it may dent or be damaged, requiring your attention and maintenance. 

Lowes Gutters

The main issue a lot of customers from Lowes come across is that not a single rainguard properly fits any of the gutters they have to offer. Nor can they find the proper rainguard that fits the gutter. The gutters are usually dented or bent in awkward ways, even if its the higher quality material used on the gutter. This is mainly due to the fact that the gutter is thinner than usual. 

The biggest pro from Lowes is that they can have their own contractor install your gutters, the issue is, they utilize their own gutters. Inevitably, you end up getting the gutters you found at the store, in bad condition, except its professionally installed. 

Why Seamless Gutters Are Your Best Bet:

Seamless gutters, while a bit more expensive than their sectional gutters counterpart, usually have a better quality of material, are thicker and can withstand small debris falling on it, and over the long run require very minimal maintenance and leak a lot less than sectional gutters. 

Seamless gutters are custom-made on-site. Meaning that a contractor comes down to your home, measures out the side length of the home, and the same contractor uses machinery to cut the exact measurement for that side.

Leaving no sections that need to be connected, not unless its a corner or it leads to a downspout. Shortly after the gutters are accurately cut to fit the size, they are then installed by the contractor. 

Learn about custom seamless aluminum gutters here and why they’re the best!

Avoid Sectional Gutters at all costs

Sectional gutters, while they might be cheaper by a $1 or $2, come with a few shortcomings. Sectional gutters tend to clog and leak a lot more in comparison to seamless gutters.

Mainly due to the fact each gutter is pre-cut and connected at the seam with a connector. Even if it’s connected by a contractor/professional. Usually, its the main weak area/point where the gutter fails to contain rainfall water and fail to have it flow properly towards the downspouts.

Furthermore, if that section is damaged, both ends of that gutter won’t function properly. In some worse cases, it may damage the gutter adjacent to it. 

Avoid DIY Gutters

Like we mentioned earlier, even having a professional come in and install the sectional gutters, it still comes with the downside of not having that long-term lifespan that a seamless gutter has.

If we take the DIY approach with the gutters, you also run the same amount of risk, if not, more since we do not have the proper experience when it comes to installing gutters, of the gutters to end up leaking.

What’s more, you may injure yourself while doing the task, may not have the proper tools to operate, and may lack the education or information needed to properly install gutters. 

Final Word

It is advisable that you try to avoid going into the big-box hardware stores when it comes to purchasing gutters.

Due to the fact that they offer mediocre gutters with mediocre quality. It is also advisable to not take matters into your own hands and install sectional gutters, even if they come from other than a hardware store.

Always try to opt for getting the seamless gutters installed for the longevity of the gutter and for easier maintenance.

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Lowes Gutters: What Will Your Neighbors Think?

You’re making the jump to put new gutters on your home or property. But are Lowes gutters the right choice?

Find out in this short guide.

Lowes Gutters are Seemingly Inexpensive

At first glance saving a bit of money on gutters seems like a smart move. Why wouldn’t it be in today’s economic climate?

Lowes gutters seem a logical place to get those cheap gutters too.

You get your shop vacs, basement sealer, and caulk from them already. Why not buy your gutter system from them, too, and be done with it?


It’s easier to see the quality issues in gutters than it is with those other products.

Honest Lowes.com Gutters Review:

“First of all, it’s nearly impossible to find the undented stock—almost all damaged in store. Gutters are thin. Bends are undefined. Accessories don’t fit other parts. This is not like gutters installed on good houses.”

It’s Your Home or Property: You Deserve a Status Upgrade

Your home is your castle.

You worked hard to get it and deserve the status boost it gives you.

Your neighbors see your house every day, and when they do, they can’t help but glance at it to see how it measures against their own home.

The last thing you want to do is make a mistake on the exterior of your home that downgrades your status. Your neighbors will see it EVERY SINGLE DAY like clockwork.

Status is hard to come by in life. 

You’re a good person and deserve a status upgrade and all the little perks that come with it. Keep reading to learn how to get it and why Lowes isn’t your best choice to get them.

What’s Wrong with Lowes Gutters, Though?

Last year the giant corporation made nearly$90 billion in sales and employed over 300,000 employees. That feat is impressive and is keeping America employed.

What isn’t as thrilling, though, are their gutter systems.

Inferior Quality = Water Damage

The number one issue wrong with Lowes Gutters is inferior quality.

Gutter Guards very often DON’T FIT any of the gutters Lowes sells. It’s tough to find other manufacturers who can fit them either.

Honest Lowes.com Gutters Review:

“THE PROBLEM is that Lowe’s sells several gutter guard options, and NONE of them work with these gutters!!!”

Not only that, but Lowes gutters also regularly have nasty dents and weird bends in them.

Why, though?

Thin Gutter Material

Bargain rates usually come at a price far higher than the small savings they seem to offer. Lowe’s thin gutter material proves it.

Real Lowes.com Gutters Reviews:

“This aluminum gutter is very thin”

“This aluminum gutter is very thin. I used it on a back porch overhang. For this application, it’s adequate. I would not recommend it in a location where you might have to lean a ladder against it because the weight would crush it.”

“It is ok for small projects but not longer than 10 feet”

“This product is ok at the 10-foot length. The splices leak, and you need silicone or solder to seal the end caps as well as any add ons. It is ok for small projects but not longer than 10 feet without silicone to stop leaks. The attachments don’t fit well and fall apart. It is not a one-person job to put this up. Not for a new house or long roofline.”

“Very thin material”

“Poor quality all around. The gutter was not straight or uniform contour. Very thin material.”

“I do NOT recommend!”

“This gutter type must be sealed with glue, and hopefully, it will seal it. I returned these gutters and went with the gutters that lock together. So, far everything seems perfect but doesn’t look as nice. I do NOT recommend!”

“Nasty, cheap, lightweight garbage”

“Nasty, cheap, lightweight garbage. A waste of a star in the rating. Don’t also waste your time and money. Thanks, Lowe’s, for bringing this product to market. Now take it out behind the barn and shoot it.”

“The metal is very flimsy”

“I purchased this gutter system to span a 28′ roof. I had to jury rig some of the fittings with vinyl as there was no fitting available to do what I needed to do. I used the metal brackets every 24″, which worked well; however, I wanted to add two additional brackets, but they could not be installed after the gutter is in place. I installed the gutter to go under the existing drip rail, which interfered with the mounting of the brackets. The metal is very flimsy, and the end joining pieces were not very precise, requiring gobs of sealant. The final product looks cheap and uneven. I would not recommend this to anyone.”

“They are so flimsy”

“These looked like a good deal. They are so flimsy I’ll be amazed if they can hold water. Brackets are just as bad. Terrible item.”

“All my seams leak”

“Installed on my house thinking it will make it look better. No glue in the world works—all my seams leak. I had factory 45′ corners made, and the factory glued seams all broke. The company does not sell a leaf guard specific to the gutters. Also, no splash guards available. I cannot put a ladder on it. Great idea but horrible long term.”

“Water leak between the rubber and the gutter”

“They say put supporters every 18 to 24 inches. I put them every 15 … the more, the better, but it’s the 2nd snow this year, and I saw a water leak between the rubber and the gutter, so I recommend installing silicone everywhere. I will do that in the summertime next year.”

“Now I have a dirty old gutter”

“Bought this online – picked up in the store, and they gave me a scratched brownish dirty gutter and said the others were just as bad. I took it home and then realized they did not even give me this product but a different gutter which then did not fit the attachment hooks I purchased for the correct gutter – terrible experience all around. Now I have a dirty old gutter I cannot attach to my house, and with Lowes being 45 mins away, I’d rather eat the cost than go there again!”

Problems with Lowes Gutter Installation

Since Lowes only installs their gutters, you will still run into the same problems you encountered by installing them yourself; only you get a lifetime guarantee for cheap rain gutter installation.


And if you want guards that fit them, apparently Lowes doesn’t have them. It doesn’t matter who installs your Lowes gutters.

And that’s another thing.

When you call your local Lowes store and hit the number to talk to have gutters installed, you will get transferred to a 1-800 number.

Then the operator at the Lowes national call center will assign someone to your installation. This is not a contractor who works for Lowe’s and could be a person who will never reappear at your home again.

It’s nice to know that you now have a lifetime guarantee on cheap rain gutters that were installed poorly by someone you will never see again.

Real Lowes.com Gutters Reviews:

“Do not use Lowe’s”

I had gutters installed in Oct 2016. The installer did not check to make sure the fascia board was tacked up correctly. They put up the gutter without checking the substrate was sound. This year the gutter has bowed, and the water is running every time it rains and soaks my sidewalk. If they had suggested new fascia or asked me to pay to attach the boards, I would have done so. I called the central processing office, and because it was more than a year, they flat out refused to help. I just wanted the gutter taken down. Fascia nailed and gutter reinstalled. I did not ask for money. I have two major projects to do but now will go elsewhere. Do not use Lowe’s.”

“They left the downspouts half done”

“A partial gutter installation of 46 LF and two downspouts, which took time to see the installation crew come to install it and they did not have all the material, so they did the work they could, and they left the downspouts half done. I have been calling the sales guy, the Lowe’s installation folks, multiple times, and I was promised it would be taken care of every time. But then nothing happens.”


And good luck with that 1-800 number!

Poor Customer Service

Customer service also seems to be an issue with Lowes gutters.

Other Lowe’s Gutters Reviews:

“The whole experience was awful”

“Simple rain gutter installment. I paid upfront as requested. They stated it would happen in about two weeks. At three weeks, I contacted Lowes. Without an apology or explanation, I was told it would be another four weeks before the gutters would be installed. The whole experience was one of our money, and we just do not care about you and your project. I would be embarrassed if I performed my job in this fashion; they had none of this. It was clear I was an annoyance to them, with no sense of responsibility or remorse. The whole experience was awful, and I would never use them again.”

“I placed an order with Lowes to have seamless gutters installed at my home. I signed a contract on October 23, 2018, and was told that the gutters would be installed in 2-3 weeks. The contractor canceled several times due to weather issues, which I understand. On December 6, 2018, I received an invoice on my Lowes credit card, which included the cost of the gutters for $1448.75. I called the Lowes Customer Service phone number (1 800 444-1408) and informed the Customer Service Representative that I received an invoice for services that were not rendered. The Customer Service Representative told me that it would take 60 days to dispute the charge. I informed the Customer service Representative that I never received the gutters or the installation and that they should call to verify that they were not installed and remove the charge from my credit card. She again said that the amount would be disputed and would take up to 60 days.

I then called Lowes Customer Service and requested that my order #1534059 be canceled. I informed the Lowes Representative of the above, and she put me on hold for several minutes, came back on the phone, and said I was being transferred to Roger at the Lowes in Edwardsville, PA. I had to leave a voice message for Roger to call me. To say that I am annoyed with Lowes for the handling of this matter is an understatement. A phone call to the Edwardsville PA Lowes to verify the work had not been done, and the removal of the charge on my credit card should have been sufficient. I am not paying for a service that I never received.”

Lowes Gutters Seem Like a Good Choice for Rental Properties Though???

Saving money when you can is an integral part of effective property management.

It’s wise stewardship.

Thin, dented gutter systems with ill-fitting gutter guards aren’t going to protect your property from COSTLY water damage, though.

What MIGHT save you a little money upfront could result in HUGE repair costs down the road.

Attract the Right Kind of Tenants

EVERYONE wants status upgrades.

Your best prospective tenants are looking for status upgrades in their lives. They constantly work their butts off to get them too.

Thin, dented, cheap gutters with small trees growing out of them (because the gutter guards never fit) severely limits your opportunity to secure good tenants.

Leaving you to pick over the leftovers hoping to find someone who will at least mow their lawn a couple of times a month and pay their late fees.

Life is too short to deal with tenants like that, and your property NEEDS protecting from water damage to protect your investment.

Don’t get hit with costly water damage repair bills down the road.

MasterShield Gutter Protection Makes a Difference

Our high-quality materials, patented copper technology, and expert installation guarantee you total protection from water for your home or property.

Not to mention gutter guards that match the pitch of your roof. Nothing can get pitched like MMGG products. And most of the time, the installer is not taking the time to lower the gutters. They will stick it in no matter how the gutter was originally hung. MasterShield teaches their dealers not to do that and to lower gutters to add pitch.

Flat is bad!!

Plus, our dealers are all independently owned and operated. So, you will not be talking to someone you will never see again. 

What Else Sets MasterShield Apart?

It’s all about our critically acclaimed technology and gorgeous gutter protection systems.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It Though

“The installers arrived on time and presented themselves safely and professionally. The installation of the MasterShield gutter protection looked great. They addressed the one spot where I had a concern and will now wait to see how the system functions. – David Ozersky

“I hired MasterShield for my grandmother, & they did an awesome job. Everybody was friendly, positive attitude & everybody worked together to get the job done. Thank you again MasterShield, definitely will be back!!!!” – Rodneysha Chapple

“Joe showed up at my house, immediately made me feel comfortable, did his pitch, and sold it! I am quite satisfied with their product and would recommend it to anyone.” – Todd Butler

How to Get Started with MasterShield

An exciting and affordable state-of-the-art gutter protection system is waiting for you.Click here or call 1-877-532-3627 to schedule a free estimate from a local dealer in your area.

Sours: https://mastershield.com/lowes-gutters/

Lowes Gutters

Gutter Comparison Lowes

Our home improvement company knows that gutters can be a real pain. While they’re great for collecting rain flow and redirecting it away from your home, they’re also great for collecting leaves, debris, and ice (which can cause back-ups). Skip other companies like Lowes and let us help when it comes to new gutter installation or gutter repair.


Whether your gutters are old and you’re in need of new ones or you’re moving into a home that needs a new gutter system, we’ve got the tools and experts you need. Since 1980, residents have trusted our gutter installations; we’ll recommend the right type of gutter system for your home and budget and we’ll complete the installation in a timely manner.


Gutters play an important role in keeping your home safe. Constant water exposure can cause flooding, mold, mildew, rotting, and more, so gutters work to redirect water away from it. Gutters protect your roof, fascia, siding, windows, foundation, and doors, so keeping them in working order is a must. If your gutters have been damaged, we offer professional gutter repair services that can get them back to sheltering your home in no time.

The P.J. Fitzpatrick Difference

Unlike Lowes gutters, we offer gutters that you’ll never have to clean again. Our Gutter Protection System allows your gutters to carry water away from your home, but prevents leaves and debris from getting trapped in them and causing back-ups. It’ll also prevent ice from building up (also called “ice dams”), which can prevent water runoff from reaching the gutters. Our Gutter Protection System also comes with a lifetime transferable warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your home is protected.

At P.J. Fitzpatrick, we take pride in our work, which means if you’re ever unsatisfied with what we’ve done, don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll do what we can to fix it. As a local business, our customers are our first priority.

Sours: https://www.pjfitz.com/gutters/comparisons/lowes/

Gutters lowes

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