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Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

A bullet journal tracker can be used to track almost anything from the TV shows you watch to how much sleep you get each night. BuJo trackers are very popular and you can see some amazing spreads on the internet. 

In the Bullet Journal Method, Ryder Carroll, the creator of the bullet journal, warns against creating trackers that don’t add any value to your life. For example, if you track the TV shows you watch to remember where you are in a series or to limit your screen time then the tracker adds value. However, if you simply add every TV show you watch then it can be a waste of your valuable time. 

Bullet Journal Tracker Ideas

Customize & Print

Bullet Journal Monthly Tracker

This monthly tracker bullet journal style helps you track anything you want on a monthly basis. Bullet tracking on a monthly basis is perfect if you are tracking more than one thing. You can edit the text and add any doodle or embellishment from the extensive free gallery. 

Yearly Tracker 

This BuJo annual tracker enables you to see a year at a glance.

Specific Trackers

Here are some things to track in your bullet journal.

Habit Tracker Bullet Journal

A BuJo habit tracker is a great way to keep track of habits you want to develop or change. There are many different habit tracker ideas available on this site and you are sure to find one you love. Since all printables are customizable you can use them for any habit. You can change the doodles and the titles.

Habit Trackers Bullet Journal

Sleep Tracker Bullet Journal

Keep track of how many hours of sleep you get each night with these sleep trackers. You can also track sleep quality and any other factors you think may affect your sleep (such as caffeine, medication, etc).

Mood Tracker Bullet Journal

Mood Trackers

Water Tracker Bullet Journal

When you start tracking your water intake you will automatically drink more water. There are a few different templates available.

Food Tracker

Weight Loss Tracker

See workout tracker

Bullet Journal Period Tracker

Bullet Journal Period Trackers

Bullet Journal Movie Tracker

Track the movies you watched or the movies you would like to watch.

Here are some more bullet journal tracker ideas.

Bullet Journal Book Tracker

Bullet journal book tracker

Use a bullet journal book tracker to track the books you read or the books you want to read in the future. Write the name of each book on the book’s spine in the picture. This is only a sample of the templates available.

Medicine Tracker

This medication tracker bullet journal style can be used to ensure you never forget to take your medication.

Is there a tracker bullet journal style that you were looking for and never found here? Please leave a comment and we will add it to the selection.


FREE Movie Tracker Printable: Film Reels | Tracking Films You’ve Watched in Your Bullet Journal

Track in your journal all the movies that you have watched! You could also add ratings if you want to.

The Design

I designed two kinds of pages. Page 1 includes the title along with film reels and Page 2 includes the film reels alone. This way, whenever I need to add more movies, I have the films page ready without having the title on all pages.

Monthly Movies Tracker: You can add the”Movies I’ve Watched” tracker page to every single month inside your journal.

Yearly Movies Tracker: Print one title page along with plenty of film reel pages throughout the year.

My Journal

Print out and glue the tracker to your bullet joural.


Fill out the movies that you have watched (I decided to add ratings to each movie for future references and drew stars by hand)


Download Printable

Movie Tracker – Film ReelsDownload

Like this:



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Free Bullet Journal Printables

This is a continuation of our original post on free bullet journal printables.

Since this post is so popular, I added a whole other post of free bullet journal template pdf pages. Let's continue on with this list, including habit tracker, weekly spreads, mood trackers, goal setting sheets and more!

collage of free bullet journal template pdf pages including stickers, movie tracker, home cleaning and projects spreads.

Disclosure: Opinions expressed are our own. If you buy something through any of our affiliate links on this page, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting our site.

Recommended resources

LOVE bullet journal supplies? I have all the top recommended finds from your favorite bullet journalists in a single, convenient post. Find out what are the best bullet journal notebook, pens, accessories, and other bullet journal buys.

Fitness trackers

This 5-page bullet journal health set includes:
  • Weight loss jar tracker
  • Weight loss star chart
  • Motivational quotes
  • Body measurements tracker
  • A year of workouts
(via The Petite Planner)

Sleep log

This one's made by yours truly. This sleep tracker printable lets you track the number of hours of sleep as well as your energy level for the day.


If you have a regular cleaning routine for your house, here's a set for you that has:
  • annual cleaning schedule overview
  • weekly cleaning schedule
  • last time I... to keep track of cleaning tasks that happen once in a blue moon
(via Mom Envy)

Birthday tracker

Never forget birthdays again with this simple bullet journal birthday tracker printable. (via Life is Messy and Brilliant).

TV show tracker

I have two kinds of bingeing I like: ice cream and Netflix. Not mutually exclusive. For the latter, there's a bullet journal printable for that. (via Life is Messy and Brilliant)

Books to read

Curling up with a good book and a warm blanket when it's raining outside is my favorite way to enjoy a good read. Here's a reading list printable to help track your favorite books. (via Life is Messy and Brilliant)

Travel logs

This jam-packed travel log printable set includes:
  • Four-week trip summary
  • Destination country must-knows
  • Essentials packing list
  • Brainstorming and trip planning
  • Week's activities planner
  • Travel journal and memories
(via Petit Bout De Chou)

Headers, dividers, banners, and doodle ideas

This post has:

  • Headers and banners
  • Dividers and arrows
  • Fillers and doodles
(via Space and Quiet)

Planner stickers

Grab some bullet journal stickers for free. There are some general ones and a pink and purple set as well as a gray and teal set. (via The Petite Planner)

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Whew, that's over 40+ free bullet journal printable pages to add to your bullet journal collections. Download the bujo pdf templates and get busy in your bullet journal today!


Epic List of 30 Free Bullet Journal Printables

This epic list of free bullet journal printables has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for weekly spreads, monthly spreads, or stickers and such, you can find the best here.

Epic List of 30 Free Bullet Journal Printables

*This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my Disclosure for more information.


I make free bullet journal printables, but I’m not greedy. I know my designs and layouts may not suit everyone’s wants and needs. Luckily, there are about 1000+ other bloggers out there who also share free printables. I’ve taken the time to weed through Pinterest and Google to bring you what I feel are high-quality printables for your bullet journal.


  • Be sure to read the instructions provided with the printable. Some pages require certain printer setting, like selecting “fit to size” or “actual size”.
  • Check the size before downloading and printing. If the printable is standard letter size and you would like to resize it to fit your A5 Planner, click here and find out how.
  • If you decide to make an entire bullet journal out of printable layouts, consider using a small binder and getting an adjustable 3-hole-punch.
  • Use heavy duty printing paper so you don’t end up with ghosting or bleeding.


Whether you’re looking for ideas for empty pages or are just wanting to try out some new spreads before you commit to drawing out your own, these printables are an easy way to explore the free planner pages that are available!

Many of these have to do with self-care and trackers like mood, water, and even money! It’s important that we all take care of ourselves! Whether it’s tracking our goals or our favorite movies!

I’m curious what you think about printables. Do you use them fairly often? Do you ever pay for printables? What do you like or dislike in a printable? Asking for a friend… Okay, I’m not. I’m asking because I make printables and I want to give you guys more of what you want and will be most effective for both of us.


Check out this Epic List of 30 Free Bullet Journal Printables!


Bullet movie journal printable tracker

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