Locker shelf

Locker Shelves

Now that you’ve got your locker, it’s time to utilize and organize that space as best as you can. With our variety of locker shelves and organizers to choose from, you are sure to find one that not only fits your locker, but can handle your books, bags, and belongings. We have several different style from a wire shelf to hollow-core PVC to metal shelves.

For your school locker, some classes may have many books and assignments, especially English classes and Math classes. Combine that with having to keep sports equipment or art supplies organized, and it’s easy to run out of usable space, leaving your locker a mess of crumpled papers, books with broken spines, and wrinkly clothes. However, with our shelves, stacking and organizing is easy and fast. Instead of digging around to find that copy of “Romeo and Juliet”, quickly grab it and have time to talk to your friends before going to class. After that, switch out the book for gym clothes and be on your way.

If you’ve got a locker at home, fit more personal belongings inside with extra shelves. Sick of your siblings reading your notes and journals? Store the, along with games, books, electronics, even that favorite jacket, away so they can’t “borrow” it again.

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Making Wooden Locker Shelves

Question: Adding Small Shelves to a School Locker?

Any ideas on how to put small shelves in a school locker?


Joan B.

August 19, 20110 found this helpful

You used to be able to buy plastic shelf units specifially for lockers. The school lockers that I have seen have one shelf near the top, and if you need more storage space, you could use a couple heavy duty magnet type hooks and put a tote bag on each of them.

Really all a person needs in their locker is their jacket, school books, etc. You don't need a bunch of personal belongings in them.

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August 22, 20110 found this helpful

Yes, you can buy small shelves that will fit or you can make them. To make them get light weight boards and cut them as high as you want your shelves. Then cut wood to fit across your locker. Place a board on each side of the inside of the locker then one on top and across. Keep doing this until you have the shelves as high as you want. The beauty of these shelves is that they can be taken down at the end of the school year. No nails or screws or glue.

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August 22, 20110 found this helpful

If you can't find any shelves that will fit, you could get some small tension rods, put two horizontally where you want the shelf and lay a piece of wood on them. You could add as many as will fit and remove them very easily. And you can rearrange as needed.

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May 2, 20210 found this helpful

I own lockers and I store many things in them. I need lots of shelves.

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Metal Locker Shelf


You can easily add a metal locker shelf to your existing lockers. By adding more shelves, you can increase the storage options in a Lyon steel locker. Create a separate space towards the top of a metal locker for either books, lunches, or electronics. An additional shelf can also make a standard single tier, double tier, or triple tier locker ADA Compliant. Use the shelf to raise the floor of the locker up off the ground for easier access. Lockers must also have a recessed handle to meet ADA requirements.

We make the metal locker shelf out of 24-gauge steel. Lyon puts flanges on all 4 sides with the front flange turned 45 degrees for safety. Choose your shelf size based on the width and depth of your locker frame. Locker shelves are available in either our Dove Gray or Putty powder coat finish. This paint finish will help protect the shelf from everyday use.

While this metal locker shelf will fit both new and older styles of Lyon lockers, you may need to drill new holes into the shelf to fit it in some old style Lyon lockers. Each shelf requires four nuts and bolts (not included.) Locker Hardware is available to be purchased separately. We make these Lyon locker parts in the USA. They are also GREENGUARD certified.

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Quantity per Package1 Locker Shelf
Requires 4 nuts and bolts per shelf. Purchase NF6767-12 Separately

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The best locker shelves for maximum and organized storage

A well-organized locker can help you get better grades, be on top of important assignments, and get to class on time instead of wasting time looking for your school supplies in a disorganized pile at the bottom of your locker. Check out our suggestions for the best school locker shelf and help you stay organized.

Locker shelves are one of the best ways to decorate your locker while you maintain it tidy and keep all of your books, print packets, and syllabus organized and handy for when you need them. From middle school all the way to high school, one of our carefully selected options will make your life easier period after period.

Five Star Locker Shelf

Best overall

Bring a whole new vibe to school and impress your friends with the Five Star Locker Shelf, an extra-tall stackable solution to create extra space and organize all of your school supplies, books, and P.E. clothes. Made of heavy-duty metal, this model fits standard 12-inch wide lockers and is built to last all school year long.

Tools for School Locker Drawer and Shelf

Best with a drawer

If you are looking for a more versatile solution, the Tools for School Locker Drawer and Shelf sets itself apart from the competition with the amazing design that features a handy 10-inch drawer at the bottom of the unit. With an adjustable height, sturdy plastic construction, and weight-holding capacity of 40 pounds, this shelf is the perfect lightweight solution for standard-size lockers.

Honey-Can-Do Folding Locker Shelf

Best budget locker shelf

Regain usable space without spending a fortune with the Honey-Can-Do Folding Locker Shelf, an affordable choice that is simple and offers top-level performance. The stackable design combined with a grid-style construction supply a solid foundation for you to store all of your belongings.

Your locker is your operational base during the school year. Make sure you keep it organized and with enough extra room to store anything you might need with the functional collection of locker shelves we have put together with only the most vetted products out there.

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