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Ameyuri (雨由利) Ringo (林檎)






June 7th



Blood type:


Affiliated with:

Kirigakure & Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist


45kg (99 lbs)


143.5cm (4’8.5)

Ninja Registry Number:

N/A (Kirigakure never adapted this system)



user uploaded image

Manga: Chapter #522

Anime: Episode #265


Who is Ameyuri?

A kunoichi from Kirigakure (Village Hidden in the Mist), Ameyuri was a member of the famed Seven Ninja Swordsmen group that hailed from Kirigakure. Ameyuri is the only female in the group. She possessed shark like teeth, just like her fellow swordsmen. Of all 7 blades, she possessed “Kiba” , the dual wield swords that were specifically made for lightning release users. Ameyuri possessed lightning release, and of course, she used it with her blade, making a deadly combination. That being said, she is clearly proficient in Kenjutsu. The anime revealed that Ameyuri died because of a disease. Personality Wise, Ameyuri is shown to obviously be mischievous. She is shown to be playful in a way, as she played and toyed with her opponents when could easily beat them.

user uploaded image

She takes an interest in those who stand their ground and don’t run, which is why she took an interest in Omoi, a Kumogakure shinobi who chose to stay and fight Ameyuri instead of running away. This all happened because she was reanimated during the Fourth Shinobi World War, to fight against the Allied Shinobi Forces. She ultimately met her demise, thanks to Omoi’s execution of a clever trap. Ameyuri was glad that Omoi could best her, so she gave him her twin swords, in return for Omoi giving her his lollipop. In the end, Ameyuri perished slowly, telling Omoi that she hopes to meet him in the afterlife....

user uploaded image



user uploaded image

Ameyuri was a part of the Mist Swordsmen group, so it’s safe to say that she excelled in Kenjutsu. As shown above and below, she easily cuts through many Allied Shinobi Forces.

user uploaded image

Ameyuri uses her height and weight to benefit her combat, being able to move around swiftly. She generates lightning to her blades, and then from them, to use in battle and many different ways that not many can counter.


Lightning Style: Lightning Fang

user uploaded image

In this technique, Ameyuri puts her twin swords together in an x shape, and then proceeds to generate electricity to the Kiba, building it up until she finally lets it loose, shocking every opponent within range.


Lightning Style: Depth Charge

user uploaded image

The gif says it all. :smiling_imp: :zap:


Lightning Style: Thunder Gate

user uploaded image

This technique was known to be her strongest. For this technique, she mounts her twin swords to the ground and generates a large amount of lightning, so that no one around her can escape or hide, even capable of causing destruction to a whole set of terrain as shown in the gif, with lightning striking the surrounding area with no regard.


Credit to all of the imagery used rightfully goes to the animated Naruto Shippūden series and its manga.


Naruto - Ameyuri Ringo Free Papercraft Download

Naruto - Ameyuri Ringo Free Papercraft DownloadThis naruto papercraft is the Ameyuri Ringo, based on the anime / manga series Naruto, the paper model is designed by rexxkentrix. Ameyuri Ringo was a kunoichi from Kirigakure and one of the members of the previous generation of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

Ameyuri was relatively short in comparison with the other members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. She had long, light-coloured hair and, together with a forehead protector, she also wore a simple cloth around the head, distinctively tied at both sides so as the ends of the material protrude upwards, while the remainder of hair is allowed to flow downwards. She wore a loose, pin-striped long-sleeved shirt with a dark obi around the waist, black pants which got much looser near the ends, resembling hakama, and striped leg-warmers. Like all the other members of her generation of swordsmen, she wore bandages loosely tied around the neck.

As one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist, Ameyuri was one of the most powerful shinobi produced within Kirigakure. Her generation of swordsmen was even noted to be the strongest in the village's history. She was also capable of using Silent Killing, as seen when fighting the Third Division of the Allied Shinobi Forces while under the effect of Zabuza Momochi's Hiding in Mist Technique.

Ameyuri was very skilled at utilising the Kiba, twin swords imbued with lightning, which are claimed to be the sharpest swords ever made, having the ability to cut through anything, by apparently functioning in a similar manner to Lightning Release-based chakra flow which she wielded with great dexterity. In the anime, it was shown that Ameyuri uses the Kiba in combination with agile spinning movements, sweeping through her targets while rotating around herself, hitting all enemies around her.

You can download the naruto paper model here: Naruto - Ameyuri Ringo Free Papercraft Download

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Hello everyone!

Back to covering some newer ninjas we have Ameyuri Ringo, an immobile beast.

Her mystery immobiles up to 3 paralyzed ninjas so we always need to run mass paralysis ninjas with her and debuff clear/immune ninjas are obvious counters to it.

Standard attack has chances for paralysis and gaining additional attack.

Chase is an additional immobile for 1 ninja, and her passive skills increase her combo rate for 40% per skill point (starts at 2) and 12% ninjutsu for every Lightning ninja in team which is very nice considering she is always used with other lightning ninjas pretty much.

Not much else to say about her just that she is a decent ninja, she would be great if not for the fact that it's easy to counter her teams.

I'd recommend having some fun with her in arena for example but not trying for a main team.

Let's jump into some teams:

1. LM-Ringo-Jinpachi-Darui



Now this team relies on having your enemies paralyzed in round 1 which is easily achieve-able thru Jinpachi mystery + Darui chase.

Ameyuri can then immobile 3 paralyzed enemies in round 2 while starting a nice damaging combo also.

Obvious counters to this team are immune enemies and dodges, as well as masked man who cuts thru Root of Warrior immunity.

Buffs from Darui, LM and Ameyuri buffs herself as there are 3 lightning ninjas in total.

The bad side of this team is that there are 4 warriors and 1 random will be unprotected with root of warrior passive

2. LM-Ringo-Darui-Toroi



This team is a lot safer and overall better in my opinion than the first one. You can get paralyses on your enemies in round 1 but in round it's guaranteed also due to Lightning Main mystery.

With nice options to reset cooldown on both LM and Ringo mysteries because of Warrior Killing Intent buff.

Darui provides the paralysis chases as well as barrier buff to whole team, LM provides buff and immunity to himself,Ringo,Darui and Toroi provides a buff to all also as well as immobile chase.

This all making the team deal very nice damage overall, with possibilities to immobile entire enemy team,

Same as the team above problem is being vs immune enemies, dodge enemies (although when the new summon mystery function comes the dodge problem is easily solved with the dog tag mystery). Masked Man can nicely counter this team also.

3. LM-Ringo-Rasa-Hanzo



Nice 3 immune ninjas with 4th being super armor.

Hanzo provides debuff clear as well as poisoning,

Rasa provides paralysis in his 20 hit chase which is easily achieve-able unless you are vs dodge ninjas.

Lightning Enhancement buff can be replaced for Warrior Killing Intent if preferred for the possibility of refreshing cooldowns.

As Lightning Main is pos1 again it is very easy to have paralyzed enemies on round 2 and then use Ringo mystery right away for the mass immobile which is really useful.

4. LM-Ringo-Shisui-Masked Man



This team being the most expensive one out of 4, it sure is pretty versatile, 3 immune ninjas + 2 dodges with A LOT of immobiles + chaos.

Masked Man can immobile on round 1, round 2 LM mystery combo can immobile following with 3 enemy immobile from Ringo. If the mystery doesn't reset thru Warrior Killing Intent Shisui is there for his mystery in round 3 providing nice chaos also.

Problem as with all other teams is that Masked Man can immobile your LM and you won't be able to do mystery in round 2, though you can still use Shisui in that case and have LM for round 3, unless you die too quickly.

Anyhow that would be all for this thread, you guys can have fun with Ameyuri Ringo, I'll see you soon in a new thread

Old 7 Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist vs Kakashi team - Naruto Shippuden
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  • As Guy and Kakashi prepare to regroup their forces, they receive word that one of the units were engaged in battle with Ameyuri Ringo and decide to head to that location. Elsewhere, Ameyuri merciless attacks the members of Yurui's unit. With Yurui dead and only a handful of members left, the new leader of the team Nurui decides that they should escape as they were no match for one of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist. As they flee, Omoi who believes that they should stand and fight, gets into an argument with Nurui and Kayui tries to quell the argument, but, Omoi unable to take the coward's way out turns and prepares to face Ameyuri. Clashing with the kunoichi, Omoi is soon overpowered until Nurui and Kayui arrive and lure her away as Ameyuri notes that she always saved the best for last. The two shinobi are soon incapacitated by Ameyuri's attack, leaving Omoi to lure her away once again. Using her Lightning Release: Depth Charge once again, Ameyuri is shocked to see the ground beneath her give way as she and Omoi began to sink into quicksand. When the Third Division arrives in time to rescue Omoi, Ameyuri who had seemingly grown to like the young Cloud ninja, gives him the blade Fang as a parting gift. —TheTVDB

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    Ringo naruto

    Naruto OC: Tsuji Ringo

    i accidentally put her name as first, last in her ref oh well :,D 


    --- Basic Info ---

    Name: Tsuji Ringo 

    Kanji: 輪辻 i think idk i just use an online text to kanji translator 

    Meaning: Ringo - Apple, Tsuji - Crossroads 

    Alias/Nicknames: N/A

    Species: Human

    Clan: none 

    Gender: Female

    Sexual orientation: Pansexual  

    Birthday: October 4th

    Part I: ages about 23-ish
    Part II: about 26-? whatever
    The Last: n/a (haven't watched it yet)
    Epilogue: n/a (haven't watched it yet)

    Zodiac sign: Libra 

    --- Characteristics ---

    Blood type: B+  

        Part I: 5'0 as a teenager, grows to be a whopping 5'2 
        Part II: still 5'2 
        The Last: still tiny 
        Epilogue: tiny forever

    Eyes: Red-orange 

    Hair: Short, wispy pink bob with two strands out  

    Skin: Pale 

    Unusual Features: 
    pink hair  

    Does he/she have scars, different eyecolors, missing a limb or has a puppet limb? Does he/she have a special accessory?
     ear piercings  

    --- Appearance ---

    Child: Long, messy/tangled hair to her mid back, wore simply clothing like a t-shirt and shorts, even tinier. 

    Academy: Held her hair back in a low ponytail, wore a zip up jacket and skirt. 

    Genin: Hair in a low ponytail, wore a similar zip up jacket and shorts + spandex. 

    Chuunin: ^Same as that 

    Jounin: Wore an ANBU uniform during her time in there, wore the Jounin uniform during war, this is her typical outfit now

    The Last: N/A

    Prologue: N/A


    --- Ninja information ---

    Affiliation: Konohagakure 

    Current rank: Jounin

    -Genin promotion: 

    -Jounin promotion: 18

    -ANBU promotion: 8

    Occupation: Sticks mostly to missions for her main source of income. 

    Status: ACTIVE 

    Team: WIP 

    Kekkei Genkai: None

    Chakra nature: Fire and Wind 

    Ninjustsu range: Versatile 

    Deffensive/Offensive type: Offensive 

    Dominant hand: Right

    - basic weapons = kunai, paper bombs, etc. 
    - sometimes carries her ANBU sword 

    - none 

    Missions completed:

    D-rank: 70

    C-rank: 63

    B-rank: 97

    A-rank: 102

    S-rank: 33

    Total: 365 missions completed


        a. Henge No Jutsu: Ability to transform herself into other things. Not super useful for her level, though; transformations are often easily spotted. 
        b. Clones: Self-explanatory. 
        c. Katon: Shoumeidan no Jutsu: Ignites the air around her by blowing fire out of her lungs. Lasts a few seconds and can be used to light up a dim area temporarily.  
        d. Katon: Tanebi no Jutsu: Tiny cinder. Lights things on fire. Doesn't do a whole lot of damage unless there's lots of flammable things. 
        e. Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu: Shoots fire out of her mouth like a flamethrower. Scary. 
        f.  Katon: Hidoko no Jutsu: Creates a bed of flames after oil has been secreted from the caster's mouth. 
        g. Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu: A giant fireball. 
        h. Kaseiken: Transfers all heat into any object she comes into contact with. Powerful, however, she can accidentally hurt herself as well. 
        i.  Kaze no Yaiba: Wind style jutsu that creates blasts of wind similar to sword slices. She needs a weapon to perform this jutsu. 
        j. Kaze Gyorai no Jutsu: Expels a torpedo-like blast that also prevents projectiles in some cases. 

     Gets overwhelmed easily/hates working under pressure. 
        - A little arrogant of her own abilities but doesn't outwardly show it often, thankfully. 
        - Weak against the water nature chakra/jutsu. 
        - Weak against genjutsu. 
        - Has a hard time battling anyone significantly younger than her. 

    Taijutsu: Good

    Ninjutsu: Excellent

    Genjutsu: Decent

    Fighting style: Offensive and abrupt, likes to cut to the chase. Not one to talk for half an episode before fighting. 


    NIN: 5/5

    TAI: 4/5

    GEN: 2/5 (WHATEVER)

    KEN(intelligence): 4/5

    RIKI(power): 5/5

    SOKU(speed): 4/5

    SEI(chakra): 4/5

    IN(finger sign): 5/5

    Total: 33/40

    --- Techinques ---


    --- Personal traits ---

     Quiet, appears irritated
        - Argumentative and doesn't let anything go ever 
        - Will let you have a piece of her mind always 

    Good traits: 
        - Serious 
        - Strong-willed
        - Thoughtful 
        - Reliable  

    Bad traits: 
        - Temperamental 
        Doesn't like authority/being told what to do  
        - Grumpy 
        - Lazy 


    -foods and drinks: Spicy food, coffee.  

    -colors: All colors. 

    -favorite animal: Cats and pandas. 

    -what she likes to do in her free time: Going out with friends, watching her favorite shows, reading. 


    -foods and drinks: Sugary foods/carbs.  

    -less favorite animal: Squirrels/rats/mice in particular. Rodents. 

        - Grinds teeth. 
        - Will accidentally spend a whole day lazing around and not get anything done. 
        - Often becomes irritated/enraged easily, leaving her vulnerable to the enemy's tricks. 

     Reading old scrolls/looking at old weapons.
        - Meditation. 
        - Yoga. 

        - Afraid of Hell or what Hell is like.
        - Afraid of becoming useless in a dire situation/letting people down. 

        - Becoming at peace with her past. 


    --- Relationships ---

    Parents: Alive, reference soon! 

    Sibling(s): none

    Friends: decent amount ill draw this later 

    Best friend: N/A

    Crush: >:3c

    Rival: N/A


    --- Background & history ---

    Childhood: Ringo grew up in a happy household with her mother and father and had a decently happy childhood. She had a lot of friends for her age, which were mostly her parent's kids. 

    Genin days: Made even more friends at the Academy and was a very happy child.  

    Chuunin days: Assigned to babysit for multiple missions. An accident occurred where she failed to protect the life of the child she was supposed to be responsible for. Couldn't seem to forgive herself. 

    Jounin days: Joined ANBU by selection and saw it as a way to get the tragedy she dealt with out of her mind. ANBU, of course, didn't help and made it just worse. Left and resided to being a Jounin instead. 

    War Arc: Witnessed numerous casualties on the battlefront and realized that death is more common than she expected. Wondered who goes to heaven and who goes to hell.  

    Tha Last: N/A

    Epilogue/Cheapter 700+: N/A

    --- Trivia ---

    parts of the blank template - ZombieChocolate 

    Image details

    Image size

    3071x2725px 1.58 MB

    Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License

    The Final Battle of the Ameyuri Ringo and Omoi, Naruto joins the mission at Tonika Village EngDub

    5: Manager p. Bartender, ch. 6: Trainee 7. Bartender, ch. 7: Hot Asia 8.

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