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So, you've decided that now that lockdown is over, you want to get inked. Step one, complete. But the next step is arguably the hardest part of the process; finding a design you love enough to make permanent. Whether it's your first time, or you're looking for a little something to add to your growing collection, deciding on the perfect inking can be a lengthy and emotional process. The permanency alone is a daunting prospect (top tip: a tattoo is a bad medium for declarations of love), and then there's the difficulty of choosing something that will remain timeless and immune to ever-evolving trends.

Where to get a tattoo? Here are the prettiest placement ideas

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Luckily, we've got everything you need to guide you through the best spot to place it – from finger tatts, to shoulder bones, draping down the nape of the neck or nestled in the crook of your arm. We've considered colours, line thickness and artistic styles ranging from the fun and playful, to the moving and intricate. We've got sister tattoo ideas, naruto tattoo ideas, half-sleeve tattoo ideas, plus, we've gathered some of the meaningful reasons behind our favourite designs for some extra inspiration.

And of course, we've rounded up the best designs from dainty designs and uplifting quotes, to bold illustrations and graphic symbols. Sometimes, even a single dot will do (anyone remember Phoebe's tattoo of the Earth "from a great, great distance", in Friends?)

If it's your first time getting inked, make sure to do your research in order to find a reputable parlour as well as find out everything you need to know about tattoo aftercare. With lockdown in full force, however, you've got plenty of time to do your research, save up for the best tattoo artist for you and, of course, decide on your design.

Another important yet often overlooked part of the process is the aftercare. To get the most of your tattoo and to ensure a smooth healing process, you should invest in a simple product routine to keep the area clean and nourished. New brand Stories & Ink provides expertly formulated products created specifically with people with tattooed skin, including an aftercare cream for immediately after, and also has an exfoliating wash, vibrancy serum, highlighting body oil and daily moisturiser all created to protect and highlight your tattoos forever.

If you looking for some inspiration for your next tattoo, keep scrolling to see our round up of the best tattoos, or check out tattoo designs for couples or watercolour tattoo ideas.


If you’ve been awake and on the internet in the past few years, you’ve definitely noticed a major spike in the tiny tattoo trend. It seems like everyone on Instagram (including celebrities—hi, Miley Cyrus and Halsey) has one, and it’s no surprise why they’re so popular. Aside from just being extremely adorable and small, they’re also really easy to place in “hidable” spots (think: hips, collarbones, behind the ear), if that’s your thing. They’re also less expensive than super-intricate designs, and they’re a great first tattoo if you’ve been intimidated by the whole process (although, like, it’s worth the reminder that small tattoos are obviously just as permanent as larger tattoos, so you definitely want to make sure you like it).

Down to give one a try? I had a feeling, which is why I’ve gathered up alllll the ideas, from a simple heart design to a fun bestie tattoo. Scroll ahead for 35 of the sweetest small tattoos of all time.

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22This Cursive Small Tattoo Idea

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  2. Aws cli show current user
  3. Wwf superstars
  4. Eso guild stores
  5. Veed editing

Top 134 Best Funny Tattoos [2021 Inspiration Guide]

“Humor is just another defense against the universe.” –Mel Brooks

Images and words inked into skin need not be serious, symbolic, or sentimental all the time. As tattoos styles have developed during the past two decades so has the use of humor to illustrate personality and enjoyment in body art.

The time honored stereotypes of rebellion, angst and otherness have been joined by irony, satire, sarcasm, and a great deal of fun, as viable means of skin expression.

Funny tattoos – once accidental and often cringeworthy – now cross over into all genres of the art form, and into popular culture as well. All it takes is a fun idea, the willingness not to take things too seriously, and the enjoyment found in poking fun at things while needles poke your skin.

Tattoos vary between individuals, a fact extending to humor in tattoo. A picture or quote could have one person in stitches, while another could be left horrified or confused. The range in reactions are partly why funny tattoos are a rapidly growing phenomenon.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to think, feel, and experience the emotions you pour into body art. Read on for 134 funny tattoo examples to make you laugh, chuckle, howl, or shake your head.

1. Funny Alien Tattoo Ideas

For women

American Black And White Arm Tattoo

This is a cool small tattoo. The use of white ink support for the simple image works well to add highlights.

Simple Line Quirky Semse Of Humour Tattoo

A nicely etched black line tattoo, love the humor of an alien rocking stereotypical culture elements of smart phone, funny glasses and self deprecating ironic ‘blonde’ tee.

For men

Ufo Electrapop Electric Ink Black And White Tattoo

This is a crude, yet funny tattoo of a cow being lifted into an alien space craft. There’s a lot of technical work needed to improve on the fun idea. The line work of tractor beams is messy and looks to have been drawn freehand. The cow too needs a touch up to clean up the black ink fill. The tattoo on the right of the featured piece is a bit scary – it’s old, faded, and could do with a complete refurbishment.

For men & women

Grey Cute Funny Alien Butt Tattoo

This funky pair of religious aliens is a great bit of 3D new wave tattooing. Love the color palette and solid fill, especially on the alien’s interior and the flower petals. It’s the type of image atheists would find hilarious but draw harrumphs from those of faith.

Funny Small Quirky Line Tattoo

This small inner bicep funny tattoo rocks. It’s simple, ironic and well etched. The use of fine black line creates a simple image but one well suited to get the fun message across. The black zebra stripes of the turned down coverlet is an excellent touch.

Funny Alien Line Tattoo

Hahahaha. Love the sentiment expressed by the care worn alien smoking a butt and scratching itself absently is testament to the translation. It’s a very human scene found outside of corporate buildings word wide.

I Love Cats Alien Line Tattoo

Love this image. It’s definitely not the type of thing Alf would go in for. Again, it’s a simple, minimalist line tattoo that effectively matches message with art. For some reason, the forlorn look on the cat’s face cracks me up.

2. Funny Animal Tattoo Ideas

For women

Great White Shark Dot Work Illustrative Fine Line Tattoo

All this funny tattoo is missing are some party favors to get the ball rolling. The incongruence between hat and great white shark is a good piece of tactical trickery. The ink itself is well drawn, crisply lined with deft use of shade and shadow.  

Pigeon Bird Funny Tattoo

File these burlesque birds under: ‘things you can’t unsee.’ They’re a classic pair of tattoos, well etched with hybrid shading and a good sense of fun. It’s also a good effort to fit a pair of human legs onto the body of chicken – or is it a pigeon? Doesn’t matter really! Also, like the added touch of beret in the first image, and you can’t touch this upraised wing in the second.

Reverse Mermaid Black Work Line Tattoo

Okay, so let’s get weirder. I bet the Simpsons Troy McClure would have one or two tattoos like this one extolling his ‘love’ for sexy fish. In funny tattoos, the small details set up the hilarity of the overall image – this effort has knee high bobby socks and anchor tattoo combining for a good giggle. The added splash of aqua/blue color is a realistic application for the piece that seems added purely to make the ink look stranger.

Awesome Funny Shark In A Banana Line Tattoo

Banana Flipper? Okay. This is brilliant and zany. It’s a minimalist funny tattoo that only needs to get by on concept, which is unique and innovative. If you peel a banana and a dolphin pops out I’d recommend seeing a licensed professional.

For men

Call Me Daddy Naive Style Funny Spider Tattoo

The daddy long legs is an excellent etching of fine black line – the long pegs which give the beastie it’s name are cleverly done in an almost dot to dot fashion, and detailing the body/head isn’t the aim of the art. I’m not a big fan of the cursive script, it’s a good calligraphy style but lacks flow. Throwing in the quotes is somewhat redundant and throws the piece off balance.

Funny Tv Duck Contemporary Black Tattoo

This funny tattoo is a great little piece of subversion, with a small realistic duck seemingly content to be hooked up to a brain stimulator. I can dig it. The absurdly life-like television is the key to the piece, with it’s feet like weird hands and the old school vibe of it’s shape and detail. This is an exceptional tattoo.

Small Crocodile Primitive Funny Black Line Tattoo

A fine minimalist cartoon alligator tattoo. It’s simple, neat, but well done. There’s not much to it but sharpie thick lines and eye/teeth effects but it’s executive with cleverness, the key over the long term would be making sure it stays isolated from other art to retain individuality.

Not Happy At All Bunny Black Line Tattoo

Love the concept of small bunny and a bad day, and the dude’s socks are cool too. From a technical perspective the work could be drastically improved – the T in not looks sketchy and out of sync –  and the white ink fills are a complete waste. White ink would’ve been better put to use as a line work accent or combined with a shading flourish to give this funny tattoo more depth. 

Smoking Bin Chicken Tiny Black Funny Line Tattoo

In Australia, Ibis are known as bin chickens, alternately loved and spurned in equal measure for their voracious appetite for picking food out of bins, and terrorizing tourists in popular coastal communities. It’s likely a long legged, winged cohort to the North American raccoon. This fellow is casually going about his day, smoking a cigarette and thinking of ways to put food on the family’s table while doing so with the maximum vexation caused to humans. Some would argue it’s a noble pursuit. 

Old School Shark Funny Tattoo

This is a brilliant funny tattoo of a great white shark in floaties. The level of absurdity is matched only by the ferocious look of the apex predator trying to get about in the big wide ocean. Technically, it’s a very finely etched piece of work. The shading is fantastic low key realism allowing the brightly colored floaties their chance to stand out against the contrasting shark. The big, hungry mammal itself is a clean piece of black ink outline.

Memes Funny Frog With Coffee Tattoo

Hahaha. This is a classic. I can imagine this ornery toad sitting out on his stoop, watching the neighborhood goings on and then spilling the tea to the other old amphibians later on at the bar. The line work is key to this piece’s success – it’s fat outline provides a nice shape for the simple, effective shading to work against in opposition.

Malcazone Small Cute Funny Colored Cartoon Tattoo

This underwhelmed pink unicorn is a killer funny tattoo. It doesn’t need to say anything more than it does – like a cranky animal from Adventure Time or the discarded portion of a Matt Groening think tank. Love the horn made to look like a tasty wafer cone, while the clean pink color fill is an excellent shade against the subject’s skin. It cleverly works in concert with the flowing white ink mane. Given the other art close by – a black line snowflake, and tasty tasty sundae – this dude’s not afraid to get wacky in his choice of tattoo art.

Pug Love Wave Black Work Tattoo

This pug riding his surfboard is amazing. I would binge watch a television show dedicated to big wave puppy surfers. He’s extremely well detailed, and well balanced on the short board, which is gnarly in itself. On first gaze, I wasn’t a huge fan of the wave portion of this tattoo. Despite being a reasonable circle with excellently depicted white caps and shading I got the feeling it was too stretched out. But, the more you look at it the more it doesn’t matter because there is a pug hero on a surfboard attacking the curl like vintage Kelly Slater.

Aloha Monkey Black Gray Color Tattoo

Mom stopped crying about my tattoos around 15 years ago, when I was a dozen or so in and already heavily illustrated. However, If i’d gotten a well etched monkey with his nuts out mooning everyone who looked inked on to me anywhere, she would have gotten a barrel full of sulfuric acid, a massive wire brush, and burnt it clean off my skin. This is certainly a funny tattoo, but it will take great strength of will for the subject to continue to think so as time passes.

Homer Simpsons Epic Traditional Funny Tattoo

Flash as a rat gets a new connotation with this awesome gray rodent. Love the gray ink used in this cartoon tattoo, well supported by flashes of white ink highlight and a big front tooth. His casually brushed back hair looks classic, like a shifty car salesman with a lifetime supply of free Brylcreem.

Friendship Toe Camel Tattoo

Pretty interesting camel toe interpretation. The placement is excellent as is the group’s commitment to having fun with a negative, if often occurring, discomfiting phenomenon. The black solid fill is done well considering the awkward placement, and the artist has put together an attractive camel outline. 

Worst Horrible Clever Tattoo

Can’t knock the hustle, but can knock the art. It’s not a particularly strong tattoo despite the derring-do of placement and concept. The lines look patchy, and the brown alternate line is also quite poor. The flies are the best part of the ink however they need a better fill in the body, and more depth to the wing shade.

No Step On Snek Funny Black Line Worst Tattoo

Hahahahaha. This one is a cracking take on the popular ‘snek’ meme, with the deliberate crudity of the script working because of the professional delivery. The snek looks like a small child drew it on the back of the subject’s arm, but that’s exactly the point!

Crazy Funny Giraffe Clever Tattoo

This giraffe is keen for a titillating lick of the subject’s nipple. The artist has smartly used scale in crafting this funny tattoo. The giraffe is long, lithe, and proportionate instead of stumpy. There’s not a lot of detail, but the black fill of patches has been etched effectively.

For men & women

Cute Smoking Fish Biking Black Tattoo

A great take on the goldfish riding a bicycle gag, although this fella seems to have seen too much in his time, as the wide eyes and cigarette dangling from his mouth can attest. The bicycle is clean and simple, while the combination of line tattoo and dotwork alt fill are a good use of technical application. I can picture creaking wheels and scratchy brakes squealing as the fish lurches past you at the bust stop on his way to the liquor store at 8.00 am.

Badass Funny Drinking Frog Tattoo

This frog is not here to mess around. It’s reminiscent of when you turn up to the party a couple of hours late, and one of your friends is already a magnum of sparkling wine in, shouting at you to play Shania from the second story roof (allegedly). The match strip style of line work is a unique effect, as is the sparse fill scratches – they could probably be more effective if done as dotwork or hybrid hash lines.

Amazing Sloth Cute Tattoo

This sloth is great, but if future you needs this message to get lucky, then you’ve done something wrong along the way. The white highlighted claws are impressively etched – like little wolverine claws – and the faint white smudges of fur work sweetly. He’s such a friendly looking dude.

3. Funny Black and Gray Tattoos

For women

Exit Sad Art Black Work Tattoo

This is a brilliantly delivered piece of tattooing, mixing exceptional black line and negative space with cool, fundamentally sound geometric application. The line work of the real ladder is so impressively fresh, without this technical excellence the rest of the tattoo would not work as it allows the angles to be on point.

Elegant Nail Art Black Line Tattoo

Another cool, funny tattoo mixing a smart concept with simple, practical delivery. Like the use of red ink to contrast with the minimalist hands – although any bright color opposite the black line would be useful.

Small Funny Clever Uterus Tattoo

Haha. Periods are the worst and this tattoo sums up a woman’s monthly cycle perfectly. It’s a straightforward but extremely clever piece of body art that doesn’t waste time getting it’s message across.

Scissors Lovers Gay Cute Tattoo

Well, this is quite the metaphor. I love a good example of smart, meeting funny and then being put together with quality needle work. Like the artist’s differentiation of each pair of scissors – the heavy duty fabric scissors on the left against the more utilitarian ones on the right. The shading is precise and perfectly brings the innovation forward, while the lines are etched crisply against negative space to give the left hand scissors more shine.

For men

Tennis Graphic Design Simple Lining Tattoo

This is tremendous. It’s a neat, small tattoo balancing a fun, albeit slightly morbid message that at times we’ve all felt. The black line ink is well delivered – there are no wasted strokes – the tennis racquet in particular is boldly done and looks freshly busted. 

Nothing Something Like Comment Follow Funny Tattoo

These twin thigh tattoos are so weird they’re amazing. I’ve never seen a hand crafted tattoo describe brain function in such a cerebral way. It’s like a mud map thrown together during a team building exercise, and reflects the point of the tattoo perfectly. The imprecise nature of the circle, brain, and connective lines writ large on the skin are a great teaching moment – not all tattoos have to be precise to be brilliant (although 90% of the time it is important) The contrast between the crayon style brain diagram, with classical black and gray knee roses, adding another layer to the irony.   

Chair Black Work Cute Funny Outline Tattoo

Hahahaha. This is bad ass. A plastic chair tattoo that’s come straight out of the budget department store catalogue and retails for $10.00. The only way to top the negative space, black line version is to color it in that horrible dark green mirroring the color of your garbage bin. It’s a killer piece of body art, and I want one of my own.

Body Art Bird Love Clever Tattoo

Sometimes, you’ve just got to release that dove and move along. Fly free little doves, fly free. This funny tattoo has a real old school, American Traditional vibe, but with gradient shading instead of single fill colors in the usual green, red, and yellow.

Hand Badass Black Line Tattoo

This is a fun variation on the famous fresco featured on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The message is clear, but what is also clear is the expertise of the tattooist. The shading, although light, is subtly tremendous, adding flexion and shape to each hand and complementing the fresh black outlines. The only issue with this tattoo is the placement – the upper back is Malibu real estate for ink lovers, and this bad boy could look amazing scaled down and placed elsewhere. 

For men & women

Sad Face No Money Flash Sheet Small Line Tattoo

This is one of the saddest tattoos you will ever see. Well done!

4. Funny Cat Tattoos

For women

Cat Sushi Kitty Cat Paw Cute Tattoo

This funny tattoo is an absurdist Hello Kitty fever dream. The layers to the different pink shades are dazzling, going from the bright sugar bomb of the sushi cat right through to the pale, fluffy rose pink stuffed with little white stretches of dotwork. Pink is  a stretchy color, and this piece demonstrates that with innovative style. Also like the seaweed roll in the middle mixing up clever dotwork for a magic eye effect.

Mini Mr Heggie Art Body Art Tattoo

Okay, put down the tattoo gun. You’ve had enough for today.

Funny Cat Ankle Art Tattoo

This is an ingenious small tattoo placed perfectly into an awkward position. The key to this flailing cat will come later – tattoos in this area are notorious for ink dropping out – it may be necessary to get it touched up later on. The image itself is entertaining, the feline’s eyes bugging out is enjoyable. 

Cat Painting Weird Funny Cute Tattoo

What’s going on with all these cats doing art? There’s no animal less suited to getting paint on them, or being criticised by people on the internet than cats. This fellow, however, seems to be enjoying himself. The artist has captured the weirdness of this piece really well by throwing in the classic dick and balls engraved in red to complement image of the stereotypical old school painter. The funky short lines do well to capture the idea of fur, while the fat black edge fill is a nice contrasting technique.

Hand And Cat Diy Icon Tattoo

Another Sistine Chapel shout out, but with a kitty involved instead of an upraised middle finger. The concept is fun and interesting, although the tattoo’s positioning creates a sense that the circle is pinched and not perfectly circular. Given where it is placed on the inner forearm, maybe a different shape with lines and clean angles – such as a triangle or hexagon – may  work better framing the stellar internal image.

Purrmaid Adorable Fat Pusheen Cat Tattoo

This Nyan cat take is strange and enjoyable, but extremely well colored with sky blue contrasting against the flat gray ink. I like how much fun the artist and subject have had putting the purrmaid together, and can get behind it.

For men

Florida Lauder Dale Color Tattoo

I’d argue this hairless green cat is more scary and dangerous than a funny tattoo. Either way, it’s an astounding piece of technical ink. Forget the evil green feline for a second and check out the tremendously inlaid collar. The golden shading is nuanced – there’s a slightly different tone at each stage – with excellent shine, further boosted by the fine details of the central sun outline and collar studs. Then, you’ve got the amazing hairless monstrosity of sickly green shaded out with black highlights and fine lines creating fantastically subtle wrinkles. I can’t look at it, yet I can’t look away from it either. You do not want to lie to this pet.

Stick And Poke Funny Cat Pusheen Tattoo

This is an awesome variation on the I’m fine/this is fine meme that is now an extremely important part of everyday digital culture. It’s taken the Monty Python knight from the golden eighties and run with it to today’s sensibility. Technically, it’s cleanly inscribed with simple black line, well supported by a script type designed to just be there, instead of dominate the nonplussed cartoon cat and surprisingly elegant broadsword.

Mr Heggie Party Hard Cute Funny Cat Tattoo

Once upon a time I too liked a party, but never ever with a switchblade. This cat image is popular, and freaky. The only issue with this minimalist bit of fun is the superfluous period at the end.

For men & women

Akiwong Cute Minimalist Cat Tattoo

You can imagine the subject’s aged grandparent look at this tattoo for the first time and start saying, “Ooh isn’t it a pretty… what the hell is going on here? Are those testicles? Did you get a cat with testicles tattooed on your skin?” This is the kind of reaction throwing in a set of testicles to a funny tattoo has to prompt. At no stage does someone get a tattoo prominently featuring a set of nuts and think that it won’t draw comments, either in hilarity or horror.

5. Funny Color Tattoos

For women

La Ragazza Strange Color Tattoo

This is a great mix of watercolor tattoo and black line, like Little Miss Messy on skin. The blue/purple mess of color looks really cool, with the small addition of black lines adding ballast. The legs are simple, but the red and white striped socks make them good fun. 

True Love Plugs In Tattoo

Never seen a vibrator foot tattoo before, but am certain I will again. Love the use of American Tradition style script in addition to the ubiquitous buzzing boyfriend well etched with black line and cheery red/pink color. This is epic!

For men

Lauro Paolini Steven Rorschach Pro Team Realistic Color Tattoo

Badass Rubber Ducky Small Tattoo

Mowing The Lawn Funny Tattoo

Shark In A Ball Pit Cute Funny Colored Tattoo

For men & women

South Park Old School Shoe Tattoo

Row Your Boat Funny Fail Tattoo

6. Funny Death-Related Tattoos

For women

Tomb Stone Skeleton Grave Funny Cute Tattoo

Didnt Pet Enough Cats Fine Line Halloween Flash Cat Tattoo

For men

Hang In There Keep Up Your Chin Up Cute Tattoo

For men & women

Grimreaper Smoking Weed Recovery Tattoo

There Better Be Dogs Body Art Tattoo

Cool Im Dead Skin Awful Tattoo

7. Funny Delicate Tattoos

For women

Gun Gangster Flash Contemporary Tattoo

Cute Small Image Icon Tattoo

For men

Hippo Small Funny Tattoo

For men & women

Unicorn Ice Cream Cute Tattoo

8. Funny Food Tattoos

For women

Tasty Pizza Monster Fun Colored Tattoo

Green Vegetable Stick And Poke Broccoli Tattoo

Sweet Donut Funny Art Tattoo

For men

Cool Pineapple Small Fresh Tattoo

Rib Eye Steak Small Color Tattoo

Amazing Nutella Art Tattoo

Pineapple Vs Pizza Skull Tattoo

Pepperoni Pizza With Name Cute Art Tattoo

Naked Banana Funny Cute Tattoo

I Love Bacon Cute Small Tattoo

For men & women

Banana Surprise Pimenta Funny Color Tattoo

Futo Maki Sushi Lover Funny Cute Tattoo

Ham Dot Work Line Tattoo

Moor Hoppiness Beer Can Leg Tattoo

Peach Traditional Funny Tattoo

Peas And Carrot Matching Tattoo

9. Funny Ghost Tattoos

For men

Black White Cactus Ghost Funny Art Tattoo

Boo Ghost Funny Line Art Tattoo

For men & women

Domenica Black Work Funny Tattoo

Here For The Boos Gorgeous Ghost Funny Tattoo

10. Funny Pop Culture Tattoos

For women

Whats That Gonna Look Like When Youre Older Spongebob Funny Tattoo

Squid Ward Cool Funny Tattoo

Giggity Quagmire Waistline Funny Tattoo

Betty Is My Home Girl Funny Tattoo

Bobby Hill Apprentice Campgeiger Funny Tattoo

Its Britney Bitch Wild Crazy Tattoo

For men

Homer Simpson Visual Cocainefunny Tattoo

Hank Hill Watermelon Sticker Funny Tattoo

Cowboy Patrick Cute Funny Tattoo

Sesame Street Bert And Ernie Meme Religious Cute Funny Tattoo

Its Always Sunny Dank Memes Funny Tattoo

Trolls Tickle Funny Bone Hilarious Tattoo

Existence Is Pain Dope Funny Color Tattoo

Weird Cartoon Face Extremely Well Done Tattoo

Simpsons Cool Funny Tattoo

Butt Face Bart Simpsons Cool Funny Tattoo

For men & women

Im Pickle Rick And Morty Skin Art Funny Tattoo

Beavis And Butthead Corn Holio Scrip Funny Tattoo

Small Simple Scar Cute Funny Tattoo

11. Funny Tiny Tattoos

For men

Tiny Flower Power Tattoo

Waldo Behind The Ear Tattoo

For men & women

Hand Poke Mini Chair Line Art Funny Tattoo

Small Smiley Big Toe Funny Tattoo

Palm Funny Cute Tiny Tattoo

Simpson Donut Big Toe Tiny Funny Tattoo

12. Funny T-Rex Tattoos

For men

Yeah Bitch Now What Dinosaur Sleeve Funny Tattoo

Dinosaur Skeleton Bicycle Cool Funny Small Tattoo

Dinosaur Skeleton Realistic Fine Line Tattoo

For men & women

Tea Rex Cup Funny Tattoo

13. Funny Traditional Tattoos

For women

Mathematics Snake Pit Flower Tattoo

For men

Scorpion Traditional Dark Work Tattoo

Classic Japanese Sucky Fish Funny Tattoo

For men & women

Stapler On Jelly And Onion Funny Tattoo

14. Funny Word/Quote Tattoos

For women

Berlin Lego Home Made Style Tattoo

Ignorant Style Funny Tattoo

Dead Inside Sad Black Ink Tattoo

Haters Gonna Hate Unicorn Funny Tattoo

Fuck This Shit Fusion Unicorn Funny Tattoo

Male Tears On The Rocks Hand Glass Funny Tattoo

Part Geometric Mini Funny Tattoo

Eat Shit Die Live Laugh Love Weird Funny Tattoo

For men

Over There Finger Lettering Small Funny Tattoo

Belly Lettering Worst Funny Tattoo

For men & women

Test Tattoo Please Ignore Small Funny Tattoo

Fuck You Hilarious Quote Tattoo







30+ Small Aesthetic Tattoo Ideas ( Examples + Inspo ) - slayygirl

I literally ate her gorgeous body with my eyes. Meanwhile, Nina threw some other things into the basin and, lifting it, disappeared into the bathhouse. Soon there was a splash of water from there, and almost immediately a soft curse.

Quirky tattoos small

Having undressed to her underwear, Natasha felt her sister's gaze on her back, but decided not to react. Only a lump formed in my throat, slightly impeding breathing, and depraved pictures with Katerina, throwing her jeans on the floor, flashed through my head. Natasha shook her head and sighed deeply, suppressing all sorts of vulgar thoughts. While mom is at home, there can be no question of any sex.

tattoo tour - my small, dainty tattoos

Separate light blue swimsuit. Right on the grass, in the shade of an old apple tree, she laid a thin towel and was about to sit on it when. Andrei, as if in jest, suggested that his mother sunbathe topless. It is not clear how the grandmother who happened to be nearby unexpectedly supported her grandson.

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