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    How to Unlock More Battle Stars in Fortnite (Season 8)

    Battle Stars are needed to earn all the Battle Pass rewards in Season 8 of Fortnite. This guide will show players how they can earn more of them.

    Unlocking more Battle Stars in Fortnite is essential for completing the Battle Pass for season 8. In previous seasons, players were able to earn XP and receive an item from the Fortnite Battle Pass for each level. Starting in Season 7, players could instead earn Battle Stars. These function as a currency system that allows players to unlock cosmetics of their choosing. Season 8 includes another 10 pages of content to unlock, and, the more Battle Stars players earn, the more rewards they will unlock. Players will earn five Battle Stars with every level-up.

    There's tons of new content in Fortnite season 8. Players will begin their Battle Pass with Charlotte, a character that comes along with two different variant skins that appear on later reward pages. Not only that, but players can unlock Toona Fish, a unique aquatic character created in a 1940s animation style. However, the real prize is the Carnage skin. This is unlocked on the final page of the Season 8 Battle Pass and has its own Maximum style variant where its tentacles jut out of its back. Battle Stars are needed to collect all of these and more.

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    Since Battle Stars are unlocked each time players level up in Fortnite, players should prioritize earning XP as quickly as possible. Because Season 8 only runs for a limited time, any locked cosmetics will no longer be available when the season ends. Apart from just playing Fortnite matches, there are a few ways players can earn a lot of XP to get as many Battle Stars as possible.

    Earning More Battle Stars in Fortnite Season 8

    The main activities that help players level up in their Fortnite Battle Pass appear below.

    • V-Bucks: Players always have the option to skip tiers of the Fortnite Battle Pass using V-Bucks. This currency can be unlocked in the game, but, for the most part, players would use their own cash to earn more Battle Stars. This is the fastest way but also the most expensive.
    • Completing Weekly Punch Cards: These are reset every week and feature three different challenges for players to complete. Each one will net the player about 65k XP toward their Battle Pass.
    • Completing Daily Punchcards: Similar to Weekly Punch Cards, players can complete daily tasks. These are fairly simple and will reward players 17k each upon completion.
    • Character Quests: There are tons of characters this season who will require the player's help. These longer questlines provide players more XP for each new challenge cleared. NPCs like Fabio Sparklemane and Madcap can be found around the map and offer players unique challenges to complete.
    • Playing With Friends: Cooperation is a big theme this season, and many of the challenges push players to work together. Many of these challenges also reward players with additional XP.
    • Smaller Tasks: Opening ammo crates, crafting weapons, fishing, and many other smaller tasks in matches will give players a bit of XP each. These begin to add up after a while.
    • The Fortnite Crew Membership: This is a monthly subscription service that will give players a monthly crew pack, crew legacy set, 1,000 V-Bucks, and more. This is more for the hardcore players who find themselves logging in every day. Those extra V-Bucks can go towards purchasing more tiers in the Battle Pass and earning more Battle Stars.

    Most of these activities can be completed by naturally playing in the Battle Royale. Completing more of these as quickly as possible will help players secure more Battle Stars. Players should always look toward their quest list before jumping into a match to determine where to land and how to begin.

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    Fortniteis available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Android.


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    Fortnite Chapter 2 - Season 7 has a brand-new Battle Pass system. Instead of earning rewards linearly, players can handpick which Battle Pass rewards they wish to unlock. There are some restrictions, but in general, players have more freedom of choice than ever before.


    The currency used to unlock each Battle Pass reward is Battle Stars. Each reward in the Battle Pass costs a set amount of Battle Stars to unlock. Skins cost the most, while rewards like Loading Screens are relatively cheap.

    What Are Battle Stars In Fortnite?

    Battle Stars are acquired through earning XP and levelling up. This comes naturally as you play, but there are ways to expedite the process. 

    This guide will run readers through the best methods of earning XP, obtaining Battle Stars, and speedrunning through the Battle Pass.


    Play Public Matches

    The most direct way to earn Battle Stars is from simply playing the game. Playing matches will earn you XP and, in turn, progress you toward unlocking more Battle Stars.


    While playing matches with no strategy will work, there are ways to optimise your XP gains and unlock Battle stars more quickly. XP is awarded per match based on three categories: Kills, Survival, and Placement. The exact XP breakdown can be viewed below:

    • Kills: The first kill of the match nets 50 XP, and each subsequent kill awards 20 XP (capping at seven kills)
    • Survival: 17 XP per minute (capping at 14 minutes)
    • Placement: 
      • Top 20 - 25 XP
      • Top 10 - 100 XP
      • Victory Royale - 300 XP

    Survival and placement are the most reliable methods of earning XP through matches. Players can easily play things slow and earn hundreds of XP per match through just passively surviving. Placing in the top 20 or better will award bonus XP.

    Hunting for Kill XP is very risk vs reward. The payoff can be huge, but dying early could set you back and slow your progress. If you reach seven kills in a match, it’s time to relax. Any further kills will provide zero XP. The maximum XP available in one match through kills is 170.

    The ideal strategy for earning XP through matches is to play for survival and placement. These two categories provide guaranteed XP without any real risk. Just land in a secluded area of the map and avoid enemies. Confident players can feel free to hunt for kills, but be wary of the consequences.


    battle stars fortnite

    Complete Challenges/Quests

    Completing Challenges/Quests is the absolute best way to earn XP and Battle Stars in Fortnite. Each Weekly Challenge grants a minimum of 30,000 XP, and completing all Epic and Legendary Challenges should net you a total of 375,000 XP per week at least. Try to not skip any of these challenges if possible. The XP and Battle Stars gained is worth completing each and every one.

    Some of these challenges are relatively easy, while others may require a bit of planning. Fortunately, we prepare a Challenge Guide each week to walk our readers through every Epic and Legendary Challenge. Feel free to use our guides to breeze through these quests as you collect up bundles of Battle Stars.

    Don’t forget Daily Challenges! Each day players will receive a random set of Daily Challenges. Completing these will earn you even more XP and Battle Stars. Daily Challenges are unique in that it’s perfectly okay to skip them sometimes. In fact, it’s even encouraged.

    When you miss a day’s worth of Daily Challenges, your account will be granted Supercharged status. While Supercharged, the player will earn bonus XP during standard gameplay and while completing quests. Supercharged XP was designed as a catch-up mechanic for players that may not be able to log in every single day. Take advantage of Daily Challenges and Supercharged XP to earn Battle Stars even faster.


    Play Creative Mode

    Players can earn extra XP and Battle Stars through Creative Mode. This is separate from the XP and Battle Stars earned through standard public matches.

    Every 15 minutes played in Creative Mode awards 25,200 XP. This continues up to 75 minutes for a total of 126,000 XP. So, spending an hour and 15 minutes a day in Creative Mode will maximise your XP and Battle Star gains.

    The best part is, you don’t even have to actively play to earn this XP. Players can enter Creative Mode, put their controller down and still earn this free daily XP.

    Go make yourself some dinner, do some homework, or take a shower. When you come back, you’ll have gained a ton of XP and Battle Stars with zero effort.

    battle stars fortnite

    Collect XP Coins

    It’s not guaranteed, but Epic Games has a history of adding XP Coins to the game about halfway through a season. A series of XP Coins are placed randomly around the island each week. The coins come in different colours and give different XP awards and behave differently based on their colour. The last time XP Coins were made available; it was possible to collect up to 74,500 XP each week from these coins alone. 

    Be on the lookout for XP Coins around Week 7 or 8 of the season. These XP Coins will offer an amazing opportunity to boost your XP and collect more Battle Stars.


    Party-Up With Friends

    Partying up with friends is another way to earn some extra XP and Battle Stars. Players in parties with their friends are granted an XP multiplier. This bonus XP can add up and gives players an incentive to socialise.

    Outside of the XP multiplier, earning XP and Battle Stars is just easier with a group of friends. Plus, there are some challenges that literally can't be completed without help. For example, it's impossible to open a Cosmic Chest in Solos.

    Grab a few friends and work together to amplify your XP and Battle Star gains.

    Battle Stars are back in Chapter 2 - Season 7 and more desirable than ever. Battle Stars allow players to hand choose which Battle Pass rewards they want and in which order. Use the strategies above to maximise your Battle Star gains on the way to unlocking Season 7’s iconic cosmetics like Rick Sanchez and Superman.

    Images via Epic Games

    How Do BATTLE STARS Work In Season 7? (What Happens When You Buy All 100 Tiers On The Battle Pass?)

    With Chapter 2 Season 7, aliens have invaded more than just the Island - they’ve upgraded the season’s Battle Pass too! 

    This all-new Battle Pass puts you in the driver seat, leveling up and claiming rewards in the order you decide. Let's start with a video and then break it down further!


    Battle Stars Are Back

    In this season, Battle Stars return to the Battle Pass with a fun new twist. Every time you Level Up, whether by playing and completing challenges to earn XP or buying a Battle Pass Level with V-Bucks, you’ll earn 5 more Battle Stars. Use your Battle Stars to claim a suite of awesome Battle Pass rewards in the order you decide! 

    Your Battle Pass Rewards In Your Order

    With the new Battle Pass, cosmetics are no longer tied to reaching specific season levels. Instead you’ll earn Battle Stars when you level up, and can exchange them to claim Battle Pass rewards in the order you decide. 

    As you earn season levels and claim rewards, more pages of the Battle Pass will unlock, offering new reward options to choose from. Want to claim the Abduction Contrails on Page One straight away? No problem. Or would you rather hold on to your Battle Stars and level up more to open Page Two and snag a new space-age Lobby Track first - the choice is yours! 

    Fortnite Battle Pass Battle Stars

    Each page of the Battle Pass also has a special locked reward, like the punk rock believer Sunny or synthetic artist Guggimon, only available once all other rewards on that page have been claimed. Scope out your favorites and snag them first as you work to reach Level 100 and claim the intergalactic traveler Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty. After claiming all 100 Battle Pass rewards, you can keep exchanging your Battle Stars for a selection of sleek new Outfit styles for Doctor Slone and others within additional pages of Bonus Rewards.

    Don’t own the Battle Pass? No worries, all players earn the same number of Battle Stars when they level and each page of the Battle Pass has rewards available for all players to claim as you play.  

    Fortnite Kymera From Battle Pass

    Transform Kymera

    Purchasing the Battle Pass will immediately unlock the face-swapping alien, Kymera. With over 800,000 combinations of head shapes, eye and skin colors, patterns and armor colors to choose from you’re sure to find a style that fits just right! If the one-eyed squid-mouth look isn’t trendy anymore, don’t sweat it - you can freely mix & match from any of your unlocked style options at any time.

    So how do you craft the perfect look for this appearance-altering alien? By collecting Alien Artifacts! Explore parts of the Island impacted by the Invasion each week or squad up and unravel the mystery of crystal-encased Cosmic Chests to collect Alien Artifacts. Similar to Battle Stars, these can be exchanged to claim additional styles for Kymera that permanently expand your choices of custom alien looks.

    The Invasion is here and with the new Chapter 2 Season 7 Battle Pass your rewards are in your hands.


    Stars fortnite

    How Fortnite Season 8’s Battle Star system works

    The Sideways Scythe is the third Sideways weapon to be added to Fortnite Season 8, and here is how to get its Mythic version.

    The Sideways is one of the main gimmicks introduced in Fortnite Season 8. It’s a special zone that is home to monstrous creatures. It also doesn’t allow any building once inside.

    In addition to The Sideways, Fortnite Season 8 also introduced Sideways Monsters, Sideways Chests, and the Cube Assassin. Players can find all of these inside The Sideways.

    Players can access The Sideways via the large pimple-like marking on the map. They can also spawn Sideways Anomalies by walking towards the purple rifts on the map. Here’s how to get the Fortnite Mythic Sideways Scythe.

    fortnite sideways monsters

    Like any of the Sideways weapons, the Sideways Scythe can only be obtained from The Sideways. Players can find them as floor loot or inside Sideways chest. You can find these chests inside Sideways Anomalies.

    Additionally, players can get the Sideways Scythe by killing the new Caretaker monster. However, these massive beasts are not easy to take down.

    The Sideways Scythe can be found in five different rarities. The higher the rarity, the more damage each hit of the scythe will do. You can find them from Grey to Orange rarity.

    Players can also heal themselves by eliminating players with the Sideways Scythe. It can deal up to 46 damage per swing which is more than double the damage of the pickaxe.

    Upgrading the Scythe to Mythic

    Players can upgrade the Fortnite Sideways Scythe just like they would the Minigun and Rifle. You will need to kill Sideways Monsters to get Cube Parts. You can use these parts to upgrade the Sideways Scythe to Mythic Rarity.

    • Uncommon (green) -> Rare (blue) – 15 Cube Monster parts
    • Rare (blue) -> Epic (purple) – 20 Cube Monster Parts
    • Epic (purple) -> Legendary (orange) – 25 Cube Monster Parts
    • Legendary (orange) -> Mythic (gold) – 50 Cube Monster Parts

    Players can upgrade the Fortnite Sideways Scythe via the crafting menu. This is the same menu where players can use Nuts and Bolts to sidegrade normal weapons.

    For more Fortnite, check out where every Mythic and Exotic weapon is located, and stay tuned for more news and guides.

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    How Do BATTLE STARS Work In Season 7? (What Happens When You Buy All 100 Tiers On The Battle Pass?)

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