Rustic bathroom vanities 48 inches

Bathroom Vanities

  • Contemporary Wood Vanity - Sink Left
  • Barnwood Barndoor Vanity
  • Weathered Wood Bathroom Vanity--36
  • 36
  • Cedar Lake 60
  • Timber Frame Barnwood Vanity--Free Standing, Double Sink
  • 60
  • Cedar Lake Open Log Bathroom Vanity
  • Aspen Log Vanity
  • Real Hickory Vanity in Clear Finish 60
  • Reclaimed Barnwood Open Vanity - 42
  • 60
  • Reclaimed Heritage Barnwood Vanity
  • Reclaimed Heritage Arch Barn Wood Vanity
  • Reclaimed Heritage Double Sink Barn Wood Vanity
  • Timber Haven Vanity 72
  • Sawmill Barn Door Vanity - 60
  • Woodland Forest Vanity 72
  • Woodland Forest Vanity 36
  • Sawmill Open Shelf Rustic Vanity - Catalina White
  • Timber Haven Vanity 36
  • Sawmill Open Vanity - Free Standing - Weathered Gray
  • Woodlands Cedar Log Vanity
  • 60
  • Stony Brooke Rustic Reclaimed 24
  • Cedar Lake 36
  • Rustic Red Cedar Log Bathroom Vanity - 60
  • Copper Vanity
  • Reclaimed Wood Vanity with Shelf
  • Copper Vanity with Hand Hammered Copper Sink
  • Copper Vanity with Copper Vessel Sink
  • Rocky Creek Barnwood Vanity
  • Black Walnut and Cedar 36
  • Western Woods Rustic Reclaimed Vanity - 42
  • Black Oak Bay Barn Wood Vanity - 60
  • Barnwood Vanity with Wildwood Door Panels
  • Copper Vanity with Two Doors, Three Drawers & Hand Hammered Copper Sink
  • Back to the Barn Reclaimed Barn Wood Vanity - 48
  • Barnwood Vanity - 24
  • Aspen Log Vanity
  • Elegant Wood Vanity
  • 36
  • 36
  • Cedar Lake Logger Vanity Close-up
  • Rustic Red Cedar Log Bathroom Vanity - 36
  • Copper Vanity and Linen Closet
  • Reclaimed Barnwood Vanity
  • Barnwood Vanity with Vessel Sink
  • Organic Black Walnut Vanity
  • Rustic Antler Accented Reclaimed Wood Vanity
  • Hickory Log Vanity
  • Redwood & Juniper Rustic Vanity
  • Modern Rustic Vanity
  • Cottage Vanity Cabinetry
  • Copper Vanity with One Door, Eight Drawers & Hand Hammered Copper Vessel Sink
  • Copper & Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity w/ dual integrated sinks
  • Dark Aspen Log Vanity 24
  • 24
  • Rustic Teak & Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Vanity
  • Mountain Modern Renaissance Collection Vanity - Solid wood vanity top & wood back splash
  • Refined Rustic Vanity Cabinetry
  • Pedestal Vanity
  • Redwood & Juniper Rustic Vanity
  • Log Vanity with Black Walnut
  • Copper Vanity with Shelf
  • Copper Six Drawer Vanity with Farmhouse Sink
  • Contemporary Copper Vanity Design with Hand Hammered Copper Vessel Sink
  • Cattail Pedestal with optional Copper Vessel Sink
  • Yellowstone Aspen Log Vanity
  • Stony Brooke Rustic Reclaimed Vanity 48
  • Westcliffe Pointe Vanity 72
  • Westcliffe Pointe Vanity 36
  • Olde Towne Rustic Vanity 72
  • Olde Towne Rustic Vanity 36
  • Aspen Log Open Vanity

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When shopping for rustic bathroom vanities online, be certain on your maximum allowable dimensions. This is the biggest constraint for most bathroom remodel projects. If you are replacing an existing vanity, then you need to search for a vanity with the same sink and faucet configuration if you want to minimize plumbing updates. If this is a more extensive remodel, in which you will have your walls open, then you will have more options if you can update your plumbing configuration. The largest dimension on most vanities that include the countertop attached is the countertop.

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Premier Copper Products
The hand crafted items offered by Premier Copper Products will add style as well as great function to the bathroom. The sink bowls created by Premier Copper Products are as great to use as they are to look at. The material used in the manufacturing process is an element that has a natural beauty as well as amazing durability. The collection offered by Premier Copper Products also include towel racks, lights and light switches and essential plumbing parts.

Copper Sinks
A sink made with copper material is a great choice for the bathroom. Not only does this material have a warm natural patina, it is also very durable. With proper care, a copper sink will last for many years to come, always looking wonderful. In this collection of copper sinks, some are covered with a nickel finish, giving a silver tone to the piece while maintaining the durability.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks
The old farmhouse apron front sinks have become quite popular among designers and builders these days. This style is a nice way to allow the natural beauty of the sink material to show and become more a part of the décor. The selections shown here are made of copper or nickel plated copper material that has a rich tone and is a durable metal that will hold up well to the heavy duty work in the kitchen.

Rustic Mirrors
Copper metal and wood that create the frames around these mirrors has a warm tone that compliments the silver of the mirrored surface. There are many different styles and sizes to choose from among this collection. Each piece is made of high quality material and will be a welcome addition to any room, not only for the beauty of each piece but for the functionality that they will bring to the room.

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48 inch Brown Rustic Single Vanity & Stone Countertop - WH5148-BR

Bathroom Vanity | Bathroom Vanity Sizes | 37” to 49” Bathroom Vanity

Rustic barn boards are all the rage and very sought after for homes all across the nation. This 48-inch rustic bathroom vanity gives you the look you have been searching for at a price that you can afford. The brown wood vanity is high-quality and it is an affordable luxury for you. The unique placement of the doors and drawers gives you attractive hidden storage. Very popular as well as the open shelf that is underneath the vanity. Our photo shows one medium-sized basket, but you should feel free to place anything you wish on the shelf. You will want to look at our vanity faucets since one is not included with the purchase of this vanity.

Rustic Single Vanity - 48" Single Basin Sink Vanity:

  • Dimensions: 48" x 22" x 35"
  • Brown Rustic Finish
  • White Ceramic Rectangular Sink
  • 2 Doors (1 shelf inside each door)
  • One Bottom Shelf (under the cabinet)
  • Pre-drilled 3 Holes (for faucet)
  • Doors are on Each End of Cabinet
  • Drawers are in Center of Cabinet
  • Vanity Weighs 251#
  • Natural Moon Stone Countertop
  • Mirror and Faucet Sold Separately
  • One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Woven Wood Panels on Doors & Drawers
  • Dark Matching Knobs
  • Solid Fir Wood

We include Free shipping.

If you have any questions call us at 1-877-795-5684.

Vanity Installation Note: You may need to buy an adapter to connect your home water-lines with the bath room vanity water-lines. We do not sell or recommend any brands of adapters. Contact a local plumber or hardware store for more information. 

Additional Bathroom Vanity Selections

48" White Vanity Set Glass Vessel
48" Espresso Single Vessel Sink Vanity Set
18" White Vessel Sink Vanity Set
63" Dual Vessel Sink Espresso Vanity Set
18" Porcelain & Espresso Vanity Set

Call 877-795-5684 and also we'll take your order over the phone.

The Vanity:

Choosing a Bathroom Vanity will be easier now that you have found The Tub Connection. We have every design, color and size imaginable. As you look through our website and you will see that we have divided the vanities into several classifications for your easy shopping experience. Vanities can be seen by the color of the vanity, such as light oak, black, white and espresso. Additionally, we have some traditional and contemporary vanities in cherry, natural wood, orange, metal & glass, stainless-steel and more. Whatever your personal style, you are sure to find it here. Some vanities are made from real wood, while others are made of composite products such as plywood with veneer or MDF. The cabinet will have some type of handles or knobs to grasp in order to open the doors and drawers. Often times, the door knobs or pulls will be the very popular finish of brushed nickel as that particular finish seems to blend in with all types of faucets and fixtures.

Choose A Sink Style

Vanity Sets will typically include a sink of some type (some are just the cabinet). A vessel sink is a sink that sits on top of the counter top. Some vessel sinks are taller that others, some are round or square, wider, more shallow or deeper. When purchasing a vanity, make sure the faucet is tall enough for the water to stream into the tall sink. A crucial bit of info to understand is just how tall the vessel sink and the faucet are. A basin style sink is one that sits down into the vanity cabinet below the countertop. Another name for a basin sink is "undermount". The height of the faucet is not a concern when purchasing a vanity with a basin sink. Anyone can get imaginative with the style of faucet whether the sink is a vessel or a basin, by installing a waterfall faucet. The water flows into the sink in a more peaceful way.

What Type of Vanity do You Prefer?

A counter top is normally included with the purchase of a Vanity Set. Marble, glass and granite are the most common kinds of counter tops. All of these countertops can be found in different colors and patterns, although, porcelain is almost constantly white. Countertops in tempered-glass can be frosted or clear. If the one you have is clear but you would prefer frosted, a can of window frost from the local hardware store will do the trick. Be sure to read the instructions well and follow them exactly for the very best results.

Doors and drawers are a very hot subject when it pertains to storage space in the bathroom. These days lots of vanities have soft closing doors and drawers which decrease the sound from slamming drawers and they help to lengthen the life of the wood. Some drawers will have dovetail joints which lots of consumers believe is a much better quality of drawer.

Bathroom Vanities are typically installed as flooring models or wall models. Vanities can be affixed on the wall for a number of reasons. The floor that have a rough area or it might be slightly un-level, therefore, a wall hung vanity would be a good solution. If those who live in the house are very tall or really short, a wall hung vanity allows the cabinet to be set up at whatever height desired. Vanities are offered in lots of different sizes and shapes so it's impossible to list them all. There are corner vanities, plinth style, dual sink and one sink vanities. There are long vanities with one sink and short vanities with 2 sinks.

Talk to Our Friendly Staff

All of our vanities are delivered to any location in the lower 48 states with no shipping charges. Call toll free 877.795.5684 for more information. We have customer representatives eager to help you with any concerns you might have!

Call to place your order, 877-795-5684.


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Vanities rustic 48 inches bathroom

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