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Growth in the cable railing sector continues to outpace other types of railing, thanks to clean, modern aesthetics and unobstructed views. That’s why we’re proud to offer FortressCable H-Series steel cable railing. It's a simplified, panelized horizontal cable railing system true to the Fortress® legacy of innovation and durability. Easy-to-install, FortressCable H-Series panels pair modern styling with dependable welded construction. Stainless steel cable and components further stand up to the elements. FortressCable H-Series panels coordinate with parts and accessories in our FortressCable V-Series steel cable railing and Fe26 steel railing product lines.

Maintenance Free
Unobstructed Views
Pre-Assembled Cables
Al13 Key Features

Key Features

  • Pre-assembled cables for easy installation
  • 316 marine grade stainless steel cable and components
  • Works with wood or Fortress metal posts
  • Patented bracket system
  • Quick and easy installation for both level and stair applications
  • Easy to modify panel lengths
  • Hidden cable fasteners
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PanelsPosts & BracketsGatesColors

Visit the Sales Sheet for more details.

6' H-Series Panel - 69.5" (1765mm)

34" (864mm)
40" (1016mm)

8' H-Series Panel - 93.5" (2375mm)

34" (864mm)
40" (1016mm)

8' H-Series Stair Panel - 93.5" (2375mm)

34" (864mm)
40" (1016mm)

Visit the Sales Sheet for more details as well as custom options.

Post with Base and Base Cover - 2" (51mm)

39.5" (1003mm)
45.5" (1156mm)
55" (1397mm)

Post for Fascia Mount Brackets - 2" (51mm)

49" (1245mm)
55" (1397mm)

Post with Base and Base Cover - 3" (76mm)

39.5" (1003mm)
45.5" (1156mm)
55" (1397mm)

Post for Fascia Mount Brackets - 3" (76mm)

49" (1245mm)
55" (1397mm)

Flat Pyramid Cap

2" (51mm)
3" (76mm)

Pressed Dome Cap

2" (51mm)
3" (76mm)

Base Cover

4" (101.6mm)
5.25" (133.35mm)

Universal Bracket (UB) (Bag 4)

04 (1"/25mm)
05 (1.25"/32mm)

Universal Bracket Angle Adapter (UB-ANG) (Bag 4)

04 (1"/25mm)
05 (1.25"/32mm)

Fascia Mount Bracket - Straight (with Hex Head Bolt Cover)

2" (51mm)
3" (76mm)

Fascia Mount Bracket - Outside Corner (with Hex Head Bolt Cover)

2" (51mm)
3" (76mm)

Fascia Mount Bracket - Inside Corner (with Hex Head Bolt Cover)

2" (51mm)
3" (76mm)

Simplified Stair Bracket (SSB) (Bag 4)

05 (1.25"/32mm)

Cap Rail Clip - 1.25" (31.75mm)

Used to attach a wood, vinyl or composite rail to the top of your panel

Flat Accent Top Rail

6" (152.4mm)
8" (203.2mm)

H-Series I-Support

Used for extra support under a panel

Tension Gauge

Used to measure the tension on the cables as you tighten

Wire Cutter

Visit the Sales Sheet for more details as well as custom options.
H-Series gates are 34.5" wide and available in 34" or 40" heights.

Gate - 34.5" (876mm)

34.5" wide gate fits a standard 36" opening

Premium Finish

Fortress Cable Railing Black Sand finish is engineered to withstand the elements.

Black Sand

Easy as 1, 2, 3,

Fortress Railing Benefits

1. Choose Panels

2. Choose Posts & Brackets

3. Choose Personalization

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FortressCable H-Series Stair Installation


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FortressCable H-Series Cable Panel System Installation


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  • CEU Training

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Historically, fortresses were built to protect. The same is true of Fortress Building Products. You can expect coverage the second you decide to embark on your journey with us. We cover our products and the people who buy them. At Fortress, we don’t just stand behind our work ... we stand by your side.

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Check out our beautiful, informative literature to learn all about our railing products. Be briefed by brochures, stirred by sales sheets, captivated by catalogs and motivated by other marketing elements.

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Fortress® is committed to meeting or exceeding rigorous, third-party testing requirements, so you can feel secure that your railing will stand strong for years to come.

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Installing Fortress® products correctly will ensure that you or your customers start off on the right foot. Download our comprehensive, step-by-step guides as a jumping-off point.

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Details Make The Difference

Fortress is here to help you every step of the way. Review building material information, specifications and CAD Details at the link below. Then reach new heights in your railing project.

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These brief courses are designed to help you learn about Fortress products and gain the in-depth knowledge you need to confidently sell them. Register for an online training course or request a live in-person training.

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Cable Railing Systems by Stainless Cable & Railing Inc.

Cable Railing

CableView® railing systems are defined by the craftsmanship, value, and enjoyment they provide.


We build quality products, using durable, low-maintenance materials, including marine grade 316L stainless steel. Our state of the art in-house fabrication ensures quality control and allows us to accommodate the specific needs of any project.


As both manufacturer and retailer, we skip the middleman entirely. This allows us to offer our customers economical, factory-direct pricesfor premium products. Our durable systems will stand the test of time, providing dependable safety.


Your deck, loft, staircase, or porch railing is an integral part of your home, providing safety, visual appeal, and a great view. Simply give us a call or fill out our estimate request form, and we'll handle the rest. The clean lines and versatility of cable railing emphasize your view.
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Viewrail Named IBS Award Finalist
With a sleek and modern design, wire railing is the leading option for alternative railing on decks & stairs. We build components with precision and source materials from marine-grade stainless steel, so even the hardware is corrosion resistant. The durable wiring is a sturdy solution to secure your deck and stairs safely. Buy, get a quote, or check out some completed projects!
Cable railing for decks can be ordered with special tools & components to mount it on level surfaces, and stairs can be mounted at an angle. It’s simple for the DIY homeowner to install horizontal cable railing systems into a deck or staircase. With an industry-leading powder coating process, cables are the perfect steel cable fence for your indoor or outdoor project.

Cable railing is a versatile system that comes with dozens of customizable options. Order the posts in either aluminum or stainless steel, and make them your own with one of our powder coats. If your project is located on the coast, order custom-made exterior metal railing to hold up against salty sprays. Cable railing posts can be mounted into many different surfaces, such as wood, composites, concrete, and more.

When to Use Aluminum or Stainless Steel for Cable Railing

If you’re looking to install a new system, you are probably wondering what material you should use. StairSupplies offers two different metal options: aluminum and stainless steel for cable railing. Both materials are highly durable and look great after installation. Aluminum is less expensive and it is also lighter, making it a bit simpler to install. Stainless steel however is denser and has more tensile strength which combines to provide a strong and sleek system for your railing project.

Our stainless steel posts for cable is available in 304 stainless steel. 304 is ideal for most guardrail systems. It’s durable with a beautiful brushed look.

All of the cable railing wiring and components are made from stainless steel.

DIY Installation Resources

Our cable railing systems are code-compliant and simple to install. Once you know the basics, tensioning lines of cable to posts is a process that any DIY homeowner can do. Get inspired by browsing through a few of these cable railing projects, then read our step-by-step guide on how to install cable railing.

Cable Railing Install

About Our Cable Rail for Decks & Balconies

Cable railing is perfectly suited for decks and balconies, particularly if you have a great view to show off. The thin, minimalist design of the wire cable railing system keeps your focus on the landscape beyond. Metal wiring is a safe guardrail for elevated decks or balconies — when tensioned properly they will keep your guests completely safe. The deck railing keeps your views wide open, while sleek cable lines allow the breeze to flow through.

Flexible and simple to install, our cable railing systems are ideal for deck renovations or reconstructions. Stainless steel balcony wire is built to withstand outdoor weather conditions of all kinds. Pair the guardrail with wooden posts and metal accents for a sleek, modern look. Each component of the cable railing systems is built to last through the life of your finished project. We support many different flooring options for outdoor decks and balconies: wood, composite, concrete, and many more.

From start to finish, our guardrail is simple for the DIY-homeowner to assemble. Each metal post arrives on the jobsite pre-drilled for simple installation and pre-engineered to meet stair railing code. Stainless steel components are specially designed to fit the metal and wood posts on either leveled or angled runs.

Learn more about cable railing, or start planning your project with the Cable Railing Guide.


Parallax background with overlay

Cable Railing Made from strong and weather resistant 1/8" stainless steel cable, it is excellent for exterior rails and fences, yet sleek and elegant for interior railings. The special easy-to-use fittings are hidden in the end posts.

Your Clear Choice

Combining long lasting aluminum alloy posts and railings, with either tempered glass panels, aluminum pickets, or stainless steel cable; each railing system is strong, durable, weather resistant, and nearly maintenance free. This makes CrystaLite railing systems perfect for any application.

  • Top Rails6 Profiles Available
  • Posts3 Sizes Available
  • Colors6 Colors, 5 Wood Finishes
  • MountingDeck Mount and Side Mount


CrystaLite railings are structurally designed and stamped by an independent structural engineer. CrystaLite railing systems have been rated to accommodate high wind loads and exposure ratings set forth by local building codes. CrystaLite will select the appropriate post size and spacing to meet code requirements, exposure criteria, with wind speeds up to 120 mph.

Built to Last

CrystaLite railing systems feature the thickest walled posts and rails on the market; while maintaining narrow sight-lines for maximum visibility. Known for strength, weather resistance, and long lasting performance, aircraft grade 6063-T6 aluminum alloy is used in all posts and top-rails.

Standard Colors

The latest technology is used in applying a baked on gloss finish to our six standard colors, or any custom color selected.

Colors: White, Almond, Silver Gray, Bronze, Green, Black

Wood Finish

Patented image-bonding technology, compliant with strict AAMA 2604 standards. This new technology has enabled us to combine the beauty of natural wood with our weather resistant aluminum railing.

Colors: Knotty Pine, Clear Fir Natural, Clear Fir Medium, Hemlock, Cherry

Color Configuration Preview

CrystaLite Railing is available in multiple types, styles, top rail profiles, post sizes and colors which adds up to hundreds of configurations possible. Use this tool to visualize what your railing system may look like, based on the options you choose for your unique configuration. Note that these colors are approximates, be sure to visit a dealer location to see physical color samples.


This is our 'standard' railing configuration. It utilizes our smaller top rails to pass over our intermediate posts and butt to the sides of larger end posts. Installations done in this manner have far fewer cuts required and allows for the most flexibility.

Post to Post

Post to post is just that, our top rails run and end at each post on a run. This is often chosen for aesthetic purposes.

Over the Top

Our smaller top rails can run over the top of our intermediate posts; likewise our larger top rails can run over the top of our 1-3/4" and 2-1/2" posts, with field mitered corners. The result is a smooth continuous line that is a very popular form of installation.

Double Top Rail

This is an attractive utilization of our railing system which combines our method of going post to post with going over the top.

Download Illustrated Configurations

Post Sizes

We offer 3 sizes of vertical posts: 3.5" (9060), 2.5" (9006), and 1.75" (9005). CrystaLite will select the appropriate post size and spacing to meet code requirements, exposure criteria, with wind speeds up to 120 mph.

Mounting Options

Deck Mount

Mechanically fastened with stainless steel screws for maximum strength. Grooved bottom surface allows for a greater area for wet seal to adhere to for applications that require sealant; such as water-proof membranes.

Side Mount

A bit more time required for installation, but side mounted installations maximizes the footprint of your deck.

Corner Bracket

Allows for single post in the corners of side mounted installations which reduces materials needed, thus cost; and allows for desired aesthetics of a single post. Bracket designed for 0 - 1/2" spacing. Accepts custom angles.

Ramp / Stringer Mount

Custom pitched base plates are available for slopes and ramps (such as stair jacks) when required.

Gate Hardware

CrystaLite gates utilize the finest quality latch and hinge hardware on the market to ensure your gate will be strong and secure. We have a large variety of hardware to accommodate any installation need; such as pool enclosures, yard fencing, and security gates. Shown are our most commonly utilized gate hardware.


The 9020 Grab Rail system is constructed with the same aircraft grade 6063-T6 aluminum alloy as the primary railing system. We have developed a clean and sleek set of accessory components to allow for easy field attachement; including seemless splice connections for long runs and rotating angle mounting brackets.

Our new Adjustable Pivot provides complete flexibility for field installations, while creating near seamless transitions and connections. The Adjustable Pivot allows for any angle to be created for transitions between stairs and flats; as well as rotate around corners. This Adjustable Pivot is not a bulky "knuckle" but rather a near seamless spliced connection in-line with our 9020 Grab Rail.


Corner to Post

Transition with Stairs

Stair Bracket

Download Illustrated Configurations

Specs and PDF/DWG Details

CSI Specifications

  • 05 73 00 Decorative RailingDOC
  • 05 73 13 Glazed RailingDOC
  • 05 73 16 Wire Rope RailingsDOC
  • 05 15 19 Stainless Wire RopeDOC

Cable Railing | Deck Mount

1.75" Post - 9005
2.5" Post - 9006
3.5" Post - 9060

Cable Railing | Side Mount

1.75" Post - 9005
2.5" Post - 9006
3.5" Post - 9060

Railing Documents & Resources

General Items
  • Quote / Order SheetPDF
  • Installation ManualPDF
  • Side Mount WorksheetPDF
  • Care & MaintenancePDF
  • Railing WarrantyPDF
  • IRC Handrail InfoPDF
Glass Rail
  • Glass Measure SheetPDF
  • Tips for Stair GlassPDF
  • Universal Glass ClampsPDF
Stainless Cable
  • Cable Fasteners InfoPDF
  • Cable Assemblies Order FormPDF
  • Install - Field Swag ToolPDF
Infinity Railing
  • Infinity Quote SheetPDF
  • Infinity Installation ManualPDF
  • Infinity Glass SheetPDF
  • Infinity FTL Glass InformationPDF
  • Universal Glass ClampsPDF



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