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Posted on: Monday January 18, 2021

Hometown late model racer M.J. McBride flourished on Shawano’s half-mile, posting several dozen feature wins and multiple track titles along the way. (Bob Bergeron photo)

Of all the half-mile dirt tracks in Wisconsin Shawano Speedway has been a steady force, staying open every single season when other fairground dirt tracks closed up shop dating back to 1960.

As of 2021 Shawano Speedway remains the only active, county-leased half-mile clay oval in Wisconsin. Shawano was considered the “anchor track” during the heyday tri-track circuit which also included tracks at De Pere (Brown County Fairgrounds) and Seymour (Outagamie County Fairgrounds). All three were half-miles.

It’s that Tri-Track era that spawned racing superstars like hometown ace M.J. McBride, Roger “The Bear” Regeth, the “Flying Farmer” Roger Paul, “Mr. Magic” J.J. Smith, Pete Parker, Jerry “Medina” Smith and the “Navarino Nightmare” Terry Anvelink among others.

The other two county-leased facilities that have dirt half-miles in Wisconsin are at the Dodge County Fairgrounds in Beaver Dam and Langlade County Speedway in Antigo. As of 2021 both tracks had only hosted special events. In fact the Antigo track was created in the early ‘90’s. The local racing club at the time (Antigo Stock Car Inc.) patterned their program after Shawano’s show which included the half-mile track.

Of the two other half-mile dirt tracks in the area the track at De Pere last held races on July 8, 1979 and the Seymour track was converted to a Tri-Oval in 1989 and down the road reconfigured into a more conventional third-mile, which it operates at to this day under the Eastern Wisconsin Stock Car (EWSC) banner.

Like anything though times changes. The days of 40 to 50 cars in one division with time trials and a wet hammer down heavy racetrack are by and large a thing of the past. Like it or not weekly short track racing in the Midwest has mushroomed into multiple divisions which sometimes can water down the product. With fewer cars in each respective event races can get strung out pretty quickly on a half-mile.

When all the other neighboring tracks are shorter quarter-miles or third-miles, drivers who are often low on pit crew help may often opt to keep their gears or setup in to run another night at a track that is close enough in size so they don’t have to change the car over all that much, if at all. After all, the cars nowadays by and large require much more maintenance than they did 30 or 40 years ago.

With that being said, it should be no one’s surprise that the option of possibly shortening the track down to a three-eighths mile oval entering turn three at Shawano bears some legitimate credence. While odds are against this taking place anytime soon if it all, the topic has turned into quite the conversation piece.

When I reached out to some drivers about this story there were many strong opinions on both sides of the issue. Some of which prompted passionate phone calls where a text or email back simply would not do justice to the respective driver’s thoughts on the subject (Many of those drivers comments on the issue are at the tale end of this story so please read on.)

At least when it comes down to it the drivers in this scribe’s informal poll it’s darn near a 50/50 split right down the middle with only a couple of hand-wringers who remain on the fence on the subject.

So, where and when did this talk spur from? One driving force behind this is a former track champion and current Shawano Speedway flagman Robbie Maas. “The talk of shortening the track is nothing new and has actually been brought up the last few years now,” Maas explained. “We’ve had some really wicked accidents this past year of which Troy Springborn was involved in one of them along with one in the (IMCA) modifieds with Mark Weisnicht and Joel Seegert crashed bad going into turn three. The problem down that way is we can’t make the track any wider because of a ditch. It gets pretty narrow down there.”

Maas, who’s got one of the best seats in the house on Saturday nights from the flag stand, also pointed out that the late model class was so close and competitive in 2020 that with many features in Shawano’s top division the race was often times decided once he unfurled the green flag. “Most of those late model features this year the winners came off of either the first or second row,” Maas said. “I honestly think if we shortened the track a bit and slowed the cars down a tad, we’d be putting on a better show for our fans.”

Maas claims there are sponsors waiting in the wings to donate fuel and clay to help fund the project. “By shortening the track up you could better utilize some of that space outside of turns three and four for the county fair and other activities,” Maas explained. “There are no half-miles left. Oshkosh and Manitowoc are gone. Antigo has been shut down in terms of weekly racing. It can get to be a snoozer when the races can get strung out. I honestly feel we could draw another 30 cars or so weekly if we were to shorten the track. Drivers maybe stay away because it can cost more of you crash on a half-mile due to the speeds. And we would be able to put on a safer show too and bring other divisions back in such as sprint cars and late model touring series again. We’ve got a great facility here and by shortening the track I feel it would boost not only the car count but fan attendance too. Fans would come to check out the new track.”

Those who are against shortening the track point to the fact that Shawano’s half-mile being a most unique venue is something that should most certainly be left alone. One of them is Dale Hodkiewicz. The Shawano native has been the track’s race director going on 18 years and is dead set against shortening the track. “I honestly think (shortening the track) would be a huge mistake,” said Hodkiewicz, who will turn 72-years-old in March. The long-time high school wrestling coach plans on retiring from his race director duties in 2021 in mid-June but will remain an active member of the Shawano County Ag Society which oversees the grounds and ultimately the racetrack and the county fair.

“If you shorten the track then you’re just like every other track in the area,” Hodkiewicz was quick to point out. “It’s been this way forever. Why would you want to change that? It’s not broken by any means. Fans like to see speed. That’s what racing is all about.”

While nothing has been set in stone and the track will certainly remain a half-mile at least in 2021, the question lingers: ‘Would shortening the track be a good business move for Shawano Speedway?’

While nobody has the crystal ball the drivers who compete there on a regular basis most certainly have their opinions. I’ve selected some of those drivers who served up their opinions to me. I’ve done my best as a journalist to provide an even selection of the comments that drivers provided in all of the divisions that compete at Shawano Speedway weekly.

Be advised that in a few cases some of the driver’s comments have been edited but not to the point where what they were saying go construed in any way, shape or form.

Another thing is for certain – when the gates swing open for their season opener featuring the Dirt Kings late model tour the stands will be full of passionate race fans and the pit area will be chock full of teams, anxious to get some local racing in after a long winter on the “legendary half-mile.”

Below are comments from drivers in different divisions (and one retired driver who’s in the Shawano Hall of Fame).

“Rocket Ron” Berna, late model “I’m all for it. It would be cool and something different and feel it would draw more cars.”

Brett Swedberg, late model “I wouldn’t be against it if there was increased banking all around the track. I think it would be a good advertising point and a better show for the fans. It could possibly attract new divisions or drivers from different series.”

Eddie Muenster, IMCA modified “I like the half-mile but I’m up for a change if it’s needed.”

Jayden Schmidt, IMCA northern sportmod “I’m against shortening the track as there are other tracks in the area that are smaller. It’s nice to have a variety of tracks to choose from.”

Dan Michonski, IMCA stock car “I wouldn’t say I’d be against the change, but I love the legendary half-mile! It’s the speed and excitement that drew us to Shawano Speedway in the first place. Not that there isn’t great racing on the other area short tracks, but to me nothing beats racing up on the high side on the half-mile! Or racing three-wide in the stock cars there. That to me is what makes Shawano Speedway unique and special.”

Brian Thielke, former late model and modified driver and Shawano Speedway HOF member “Personally I like the horsepower tracks. Short tracks are fine but lapped traffic comes into play more often and can certainly impact the outcome of the race. I like the flat-out speed of the big tracks and carrying more speed into the corners. That being said, I’ve been blessed to enjoy many short and long tracks. My vote is to go big or go home!”

Tanner Westphal, 4 cylinders “I think that the track is perfect the way it is. I’ve gone to smaller tracks and it’s just not the same. I like to get more speed and it’s more of an adrenaline rush. There aren’t many half-mile tracks around. I hope it stays the same.”

Tyler Sobiesczyk, IMCA northern sportmod “I would be for shortening the track. Personally, I believe half-miles tend to be tougher on equipment and when wrecks do occur they tend to be at a higher speed and can lead to more wreckage.  I do tend to enjoy the change of pace though racing on the half-mile compared to some of the other area bullrings. I think if the track is shortened that progressive banking would be a great idea to keep things racey.”

Trent Nolan, IMCA stock car “I am against (chopping down the half-mile). I think they should stick with the half-mile since there aren’t any left anymore. If I want to go race a 3/8 mile or smaller, I’ll go to 141, Luxemburg or Seymour or even Sturgeon Bay for that matter. I like both sized tracks, but I like the variety of being able to race each one.  I don’t think going to a shorter track is going to solve what they are trying to do with getting more cars. I really hope they don’t change.”

Marcus Yarie, IMCA modified “I would be against shortening the half-mile. The track is known as the legendary half-mile and is one of the last half-miles left in our area that runs weekly. It’s the only place we get to go that fast. I like the speed of the half-mile. It may intimidate some people and might cause some to stay away but speed is the name of the game.”

Jordan Bartz, IMCA modified “I would be for (shortening the track). It would give more people more opportunities to race and not spend more money on gears. Shawano is the only half-mile track around so we always had to have a special set of gears for it. Any other track was very similar so we didn’t have to change much.”

Matt Oreskovich, IMCA modified “I like the half-mile because of the speed. When you go to smaller, there seems to be more “short track mentality.” With that being said, I really like the closeness of a shorter track also.”

Jerry Muenster, IMCA modified “I can see both sides of this issue but for myself I love the legendary half-mile.”

Lance Arneson, IMCA modified “I’m against shortening the half-mile. They call it the legendary half-mile for a reason. When people come to the races at Shawano it’s something different than any other (weekly) track in Wisconsin has to offer. Keep it the way it is.”

Chris Engels, late model “Initially I was against (shortening the track) mostly because it’s the legendary half-mile that I’ve raced at for a lot of years.

But after racing the late model at quite a few different tracks the past couple of years I have come to realize how expensive it is to race at Shawano compared to the smaller tracks. I have also talked with the flagman (Robbie Maas) and he explained to me his reasons why he was in favor of it. The idea of possibly making a hospitality area outside turns three and four similar to what WIR has by turn one and two (The Dick Trickle Pavilion) makes me completely for a change especially if it were to shorten the track to the size of what Oshkosh was.”

What’s your opinion? Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email @ [email protected] Thanks for reading!


Shawano Speedway

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Nick Anvelink is King in the 2021 Opener At Shawano Speedway

After a tumultuous 2020 the thunder returned to the Legendary Half
Mile with the Dirt Kings Traveling series joining the Late Model
field. Another welcomed sight was a nearly packed grandstand as fans
were eager to return to some normalcy. With 111 cars checking in the night was sure to be action packed.

Eric “Chummy” Arneson would return to racing action at the Speedway in
the IMCA Stock car division and would battle through caution filled
opening laps to take the lead on lap 4. Powering past the Chucky
Forstner machine bringing Jeremy Christians along with him. Arneson
and Christians would be joined by Kevin Hebbe in the top three.
Numerous cautions would continue to plaque the feature event setting
up a final lap shoot out that found Christians jumping past Arneson to
pick up another feature win in the IMCA Stock car division
Not to be outdone, the IMCA Sport Mod division's feature event also
featured numerous caution flags as well. The constant throughout the
event would be last year's Track Champion, Jayden Schmidt, leading the
pack. Schmidt would gain the top spot from Jason Jach on lap two and
survive multiple restarts to pick up the feature win. Jeff Schmuhl
would power through the field from his 9th place starting spot to grab
second while Jeffrey Teske took third. Jach would hang on to finish fourth.

The Dirt Kings rolled trackside for their first event of the year with
Justin Ritchie and Nick Anvelink on the front row. The field would
take the green flag after an emotional tribute to long time late model
driver and sponsor Diamond Jim Letizia who passed away last week. From
the drop of the green, Anvelink would find familiar ground as he took
the top spot. Ritchie and Troy Springborn, the 2020 Track Champion,
would give chase. Like so many times before, only a couple of cautions
would slow Anvelink as he powered to his 15th win in the Dirt Kings
series Ritchie would hold second ahead of Springborn and Ron Berna,

who started 8th in the event.

The IMCA Modifieds rolled on the track with Mike Mullen to the outside
of Nick Holtger on the front row. Mullen would not let the great
starting spot go to waste as he jumped to the lead on lap one. Marcus
Yarie would follow Mullen with Lucas Lamberies taking the third spot.
Mullen would dominate the event to pick up the win with Yarie and
Lamberies left to entertain the crowd. The 2020 Champion, Lamberies,
and Yarie would not disappoint as they put on an exciting two car
battle for second. When the dust settled it was Yarie in the runner up
spot with Lamberies in third. Wyatt Block made a strong run forward to grab the 4th spot.

The Mighty 4's finished the night with Tanner Westphal and leading the
pack to the start. Westphal would maintain the top spot until Brad
Wedde made his move grabbing the top spot-on lap four. Wedde would
power away for the win with William Hoefs getting past Westphal forsecond. Jody Cornelius would grab third with Westphal settling for fourth.

IMCA Mods 21 Entries

A Feature 1
1. 99X-Mike Mullen[2]; 2. 58-Marcus Yarie[4]; 3. 0L-Lucas Lamberies[5]; 4. 2JR-Wyatt Block[9]; 5. 75A-Lance Arneson[10];
6. 6-Konnor Wilinski[8]; 7. 103-Brekken Kleinschmidt[3]; 8. 12-Jordan Bartz[11]; 9. 9-Jerry Wilinski[12]; 10. 79-Jerry
Muenster[20]; 11. 61K-Andy Karl[19]; 12. 21F-Kevin Feck[7]; 13. 88X-Shawn Frelich[21]; 14. 15-Nick Holtger[1]; 15. 41B-
Michael Bailey[14]; 16. 07-Mike Schmidt[13]; 17. 5M-Eddie Muenster[6]; 18. 7-Adam Jacobson[17]; 19. 89-Adam Reed[15];
20. 50-Jason Cornelius[16]; 21. 37-Brad Moeller[18]
Heat 1
1. 0L-Lucas Lamberies[1]; 2. 9-Jerry Wilinski[5]; 3. 2JR-Wyatt Block[3]; 4. 5M-Eddie Muenster[4]; 5. 07-Mike Schmidt[2]; 6.
50-Jason Cornelius[7]; 7. 61K-Andy Karl[6]
Heat 2
1. 12-Jordan Bartz[1]; 2. 6-Konnor Wilinski[5]; 3. 103-Brekken Kleinschmidt[4]; 4. 15-Nick Holtger[6]; 5.
41B-Michael Bailey[3]; 6. 7-Adam Jacobson[7]; 7. (DQ) 79-Jerry Muenster[2]
Heat 3
1. 99X-Mike Mullen[2]; 2. 58-Marcus Yarie[5]; 3. 75A-Lance Arneson[4]; 4. 21F-Kevin Feck[1]; 5. 89-Adam
Reed[6]; 6. 37-Brad Moeller[7]; 7. 88X-Shawn Frelich[3]

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Media Results for 4/17/2021 at Shawano Speedway – Shawano, WI

IMCA Sport Mods 26 Entries

A Feature 1
1. 24-Jayden Schmidt[4]; 2. 11S-Jeff Schmuhl[9]; 3. 4-Jeffery Teske[6]; 4. 7X-Jason Jach[1]; 5. 21-Teagan Wudstrack[11];
6. 1-Matthew Radtke[2]; 7. 74R-Zackery Raab[16]; 8. 09B-Kevin Bethke[3]; 9. 75-Max Oreskovich[17]; 10. 66-Cole
Magnin[8]; 11. 28-Andy Klosterman[14]; 12. 94-Travis Rhoades[12]; 13. 02C-Bryce Clements[15]; 14. 44-John Holtger[10];
15. 27F-Sean Falk[19]; 16. 29-Andrew Engels[13]; 17. 32-Scott Swanson[7]; 18. 19B-Carter Besaw[21];
19. 19-James Bohm[5]; 20. 27-Tyler Sobiesczyk[20]; 21. 52-Dylon Waldvogel[18]
B Feature 1
1. 02C-Bryce Clements[2]; 2. 75-Max Oreskovich[6]; 3. 27F-Sean Falk[4]; 4. 61-Michael
Springborn[5]; 5. 65-Doug Belongia[1]; 6. 81-AJ Springborn[3]
B Feature 2
1. 74R-Zackery Raab[3]; 2. 52-Dylon Waldvogel[4]; 3. 27-Tyler Sobiesczyk[5]; 4. 73-Shannon Fandry[2];
5. 10K-Forrest Kernen[1]
Heat 1
1. 24-Jayden Schmidt[5]; 2. 09B-Kevin Bethke[2]; 3. 44-John Holtger[7]; 4. 11S-Jeff Schmuhl[6]; 5. 94-Travis Rhoades[3]; 6.
65-Doug Belongia[4]; 7. 73-Shannon Fandry[8]; 8. 27F-Sean Falk[9]; 9. 27-Tyler Sobiesczyk[1]
Heat 2
1. 4-Jeffery Teske[2]; 2. 1-Matthew Radtke[7]; 3. 19-James Bohm[3]; 4. 19B-Carter Besaw[5]; 5. 29-Andrew
Engels[4]; 6. 10K-Forrest Kernen[9]; 7. 81-AJ Springborn[8]; 8. 52-Dylon Waldvogel[6]; 9. 75-Max Oreskovich[1]
Heat 3
1. 21-Teagan Wudstrack[4]; 2. 7X-Jason Jach[1]; 3. 66-Cole Magnin[6]; 4. 32-Scott Swanson[2]; 5. 28-Andy Klosterman[5];
6. 02C-Bryce Clements[3]; 7. 74R-Zackery Raab[7]; 8. 61-Michael Springborn[8]

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Media Results for 4/17/2021 at Shawano Speedway – Shawano, WI

IMCA Stock Cars 25 Entries

A Feature 1
1. 99X-Jeremy Christians[1]; 2. 2T-Travis VanStraten[6]; 3. 25-Trent Nolan[12]; 4. 74-Chummy Arneson[3]; 5. 18-
Kevin Hebbe[5]; 6. 50F-Kyle Frederick[11]; 7. 81X-Josh Mroczkowski[13]; 8. 55W-Shawn Wagner[16]; 9. 48D-Ray
Depew[4]; 10. 64-Chucky Forstner[2]; 11. 1330-Justin Jacobsen[10]; 12. 17S-Harley Simon[7]; 13. 3D-Dylan
Stedjee[17]; 14. 76W-Tyler Wendt[14]; 15. 5S-Mitch Stankowski[9]; 16. D26-Kevin Deneys[18]; 17. 26-Travis
Welch[20]; 18. 4N-Brad Nelson[24]; 19. 11-Ryan Westphal[21]; 20. 10TR-Tom Riehl[8]; 21. 1M-Dan Michonski[23];
22. 35-Vern Stedjee[15]; 23. 28-Nathan Otto[25]; 24. 2K-Gary Kasperek[19]; 25. 99S-Dylan Sexton[22]
Heat 1
1. 50F-Kyle Frederick[2]; 2. 18-Kevin Hebbe[1]; 3. 64-Chucky Forstner[5]; 4. 99X-Jeremy Christians[6]; 5. 81X-Josh
Mroczkowski[3]; 6. 55W-Shawn Wagner[8]; 7. 2K-Gary Kasperek[4]; 8. 99S-Dylan Sexton[7]; 9. 28-Nathan Otto[9]
Heat 2
1. 25-Trent Nolan[6]; 2. 1330-Justin Jacobsen[4]; 3. 17S-Harley Simon[1]; 4. 10TR-Tom Riehl[7]; 5. 76W-Tyler Wendt[3]; 6.
3D-Dylan Stedjee[5]; 7. 26-Travis Welch[8]; 8. 1M-Dan Michonski[2]
Heat 3
1. 5S-Mitch Stankowski[3]; 2. 74-Chummy Arneson[5]; 3. 48D-Ray Depew[1]; 4. 2T-Travis VanStraten[6]; 5.
35-Vern Stedjee[4]; 6. D26-Kevin Deneys[7]; 7. 11-Ryan Westphal[8]; 8. 4N-Brad Nelson[2]

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Media Results for 4/17/2021 at Shawano Speedway – Shawano, WI

Shawano Mighty 4's 12 Entries

A Feature 1
1. 37W-Brad Wedde[6]; 2. 29W-Tanner Westphal[7]; 3. X55-Jody Cornelius[3]; 4. 28W-William Hoefs[1];
5. 17S-Alexis Michonski[10]; 6. 10-Bo White[9]; 7. 27-Bailey Tate[8]; 8. 77H-Justin Haufe[5]; 9. 01-
Walker Novitizke[2]; 10. 7T-Chris Timm[4]; 11. 101-Desmond Frenche[11]; 12. (DNS) 8-Briar Hass
Heat 1
1. 29W-Tanner Westphal[4]; 2. 17S-Alexis Michonski[1]; 3. 27-Bailey Tate[3]; 4. 7T-Chris Timm[6];
5. 01-Walker Novitizke[2]; 6. 101-Desmond Frenche[5]
Heat 2
1. 37W-Brad Wedde[6]; 2. 28W-William Hoefs[4]; 3. 10-Bo White[1]; 4. X55-Jody Cornelius[5]; 5. 77H-Justin
Haufe[3]; 6. 8-Briar Hass[2]

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Shawano Speedway Race Track in Shawano, Wisconsin, USA

Shawano Speedway Dirt Track Logo

Shawano Speedway race track logo

Shawano Speedway races Late Models, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Northern Sport Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars, and 4-Cylinders.

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Shawano Speedway Dirt Track Location

  • 990 E Green Bay St
    Shawano, Wisconsin, 54166USA
  • lat: 44.780099, lng: -88.593192
  • Link to Google Map
  • Surface: 1/2 mile clay oval
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Shawano Speedway Dirt Track Contacts

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Shawano Speedway Dirt Track Racing Schedule

We currently have no race dirt track racing schedule for Shawano Speedway. Please check back later.

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Shawano Speedway Dirt Track Videos

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Shawano Speedway Nearby Dirt Tracks

    Distance information is direct (as the crow flies) - driving distance will differ due to road routes and things like lakes or mountains.

  • Outagamie Speedway race track logo

    Outagamie Speedway Race Track22 miles away - Seymour, Wisconsin, USA

  • Langlade County Fair race track logo

    Langlade County Fair Race Track37 miles away - Antigo, Wisconsin, USA

  • The Burg Speedway race track logo

    The Burg Speedway Race Track46 miles away - Luxemburg, Wisconsin, USA

  • 141 Speedway race track logo

    141 Speedway Race Track54 miles away - Francis Creek, Wisconsin, USA

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    Gravity Park USA Race Track54 miles away - Chilton, Wisconsin, USA

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    The Hill Raceway Race Track60 miles away - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, USA

  • TNT Speedway race track logo

    TNT Speedway Race Track69 miles away - Three Lakes, Wisconsin, USA

  • Tomahawk Speedway race track logo

    Tomahawk Speedway Race Track72 miles away - Tomahawk, Wisconsin, USA

  • Plymouth Dirt Track race track logo

    Plymouth Dirt Track Race Track77 miles away - Plymouth, Wisconsin, USA

  • SK Speedway race track logo

    SK Speedway Race Track79 miles away - Unity, Wisconsin, USA

  • Eagle River Speedway race track logo

    Eagle River Speedway Race Track85 miles away - Eagle River, Wisconsin, USA

  • Dodge County Fairgrounds Speedway race track logo

    Dodge County Fairgrounds Speedway Race Track92 miles away - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, USA

  • Beaver Dam Raceway race track logo

    Beaver Dam Raceway Race Track92 miles away - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, USA

  • Upper Peninsula International Raceway race track logo

    Upper Peninsula International Raceway Race Track99 miles away - Escanaba, Michigan, USA

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Shawano Speedway Dirt Track Racing Organizations

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Speedway shawano

Shawano County Fair & Shawano Speedway Information.

Home to the Shawano Speedway Where we're racing the 1/2 mile oval every Saturday Night & the 140 year tradition of the Shawano County Fair. The Shawano Area Agricultural Society is an organization dedicated to holding and promoting the Shawano County Fair and the Shawano Speedway.

Life Membership $300.00 Life Membership-entitles the holder, spouse and children up to 16 years of age, free admission to the Shawano County fair.  Applications available at Fair Office.  The support from the Life Memberships received in the current fair year help to fund the Shawano County Fair. There are many volunteer opportunities available during the Fair and the Races.


Office Hours
10 AM- 2 PM  Monday-Friday

990 East Green Bay Street
PO Box 454
Shawano, WI 54166

[email protected]

​(715) 526-7069
(715) 526-7065


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