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Chapin 1949 Heavy Duty Viton Concrete Sprayer

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Chapin 1949 Concrete Sprayer



The Chapin 1949 is the industry standard concrete and construction sprayer. This industrial grade, high capacity sprayer is built on a Tri-Poxy coated tank with a Tri-Lock wide mouth opening and is designed to spray a wide variety of cleaners, sealers, chemicals and solvents. The 1949 contains high-grade Viton seals and O-rings, and is recommended for applying products containing chemicals like Xylene, Toluene, Diesel, Form Oil, Bond Breakers and Curing Compounds. This sprayer also easily sprays water-based stains and sealers as well as oil based stains and sealers. Not for use with acetone or acid. 3-1/2 gallon capacity.

Includes industrial threaded brass shut-off, 24" brass wand and 1 gpm female tip. Popular accessories for this sprayer include a 36" brass wand and additional standard female tips, which allow you to dial in the exact pattern and flow you need for the product you are spraying.

For spraying low VOC sealers containing high levels of acetone, use the Chapin 19049 Xtreme Sprayer

For spraying Acetone dyes, use the Swissmex Acetone / Alcohol Sprayer

For spraying acids, use the Swissmex Acids Sprayer



  • Premium Viton seals
  • For solvent or water-based
  • HD coated steel tank
  • Open-head design
  • Solid brass valve, wand and tips
  • Perfect for spraying acrylic sealers!


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CA Warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

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Chapin has been making sprayers since 1903. They manufacture quality products for all types of users ranging from the typical home owner to pest control professionals.

B&G Equipment makes our favorite brand of sprayers, but Chapin sprayers are a good alternative for pesticide and other chemical applications such as herbicides. We carry Chapin sprayers because they are a brand known for reliability.

Light to Moderate Chemical Applications:

Chapin recently re-designed their Premier Sprayer Line, intended for the light to moderate user. The new design uses a plunger cup in the pump barrel instead of an o-ring. The new style is more reliable and requires fewer pumps to pressurize the tank.

We still like the B&G Dura Spray for light use applications and prefer it over the Chapin Lawn and Garden Pump Sprayer, but if you prefer the performance and durability of a brass spray wand and handle, then the Chapin Premier XP Sprayer is the way to go.

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Chapin Sprayer Nozzles

Quickly and economically repair and/or maintain your Chapin Sprayer with genuine Chapin Sprayer Parts.

Chapin Flat Spray Nozzle

Chapin 6-8096 Flat Fan Spray Nozzle
Chapin Number - 6-8096
Chapin 6-8096 Flat Fan Spray Nozzle
Genuine Chapin replacement part
Durable poly material and guaranteed to last for years
Fits most Chapin backpack sprayers, Poly Pro, Quik Pro
This fan nozzle spray rate is .4 GPM at an 80 degree angle

Our Item Number - C68096


Out of Stock

Chapin Nozzle Kit with Fan Spray

Chapin Nozzle Kit w/Fan Spray
Chapin Number - 6-4824
7-piece fan nozzle kit consists of 3 tips: 1/4 GPM, 1/2 GPM, 1/3 GPM.
Fits all compression sprayers
Our Item Number - C0017798


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Chapin Industrial Brass Fan Tip Nozzle

Chapin Industrial Brass Fan Tip Nozzle
Chapin Number - 6-5797
Fits models 1180, 1253, 1280, 1352, 1380, 1449, 1480, 1749, 1949, 1979, 1999, 19049, 19069, 19149, 19249, 22049, 22090, 22149, 22170, 22180, 22190, 22790
Our Item Number - A77689


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Chapin Poly Adjustable Cone Nozzle

Chapin Poly Adjustable Cone Nozzle
Chapin Number - 6-6003
Fits models 2001, 2002, 2003, 2553, 6400, 10000, 10100, 20000, 20010, 20013, 20020, 20030, 20200, 20225, 20226, 20227, 22350, 22360, 25010, 25012, 25020, 26010, 26020, 26030, 27010, 27020, 27030, 29002, 29003, 30220, 31010, 31020, 31030, 31410, 31420, 31430, 31440, 36140, 2511E, 2601E, 2602E, 2603E, 2608E, 2609E, 2610E, 2675E, 2751E, 2752E, 2753E, 2802E, 2803E
Our Item Number - A67033


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Chapin Brass Adjustable Cone Nozzle

Chapin Brass Adjustable Cone Nozzle
Chapin Number - 6-6000
Fits models 1180, 1253, 1280, 1380, 1480, 1739, 1749, 1831, 1941, 6002, 6300, 20225, 20227, 21210, 21220, 21230, 21240, 21250
Our Item Number - A16107


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Chapin Backpack Nozzle Kit

Chapin Backpack 61800 Nozzle Kit
Chapin Number - 6-8131
7 Piece Nozzle Assembly For Backpack Style, 4 Gallon Compression Sprayer.
Our Item Number - C6407811


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Chapin G362D Hose End Sprayer - Applying N-ext Humic 12

Chapin Professional
Hose End Sprayer
and Order Page

Chapin Hose End Sprayer Information

Chapin Professional Hose End Sprayer is perfect for spraying large areas with ease. This sprayer is a great companion to AgriGro's biostimulants and liquid calcium. With the Chapin sprayer all the premixing hassles are taken out.

Easy to Use: Simply pour your product directly into the Chapin sprayer bottle, set the metering dial to the correct number, and start spraying.

This is the great part: The sprayer canister does not fill with water. Instead, the sprayer siphons the product and injects it directly into the water stream. Any unused product can be poured back into the bottle to be used another day.

  • The Chapin sprayer comes with a special nozzle equipped with a anti-siphon device to prevent back-flow of chemicals into your hose.
  • The dial on top is numbered from 1 - 7 and 10. The numbers represent tablespoons. Set the dial in a specific number and the sprayer will siphon that many tablespoons from the canister for every gallon of water sprayed.

(Photo shows sprayer in use on cool weather daffodils in early March while bermudagrass is still dormant.)

  • Great for lawns, shrubs, fruit trees, vegetable and flower gardens, and more.
  • Connects directly to your garden hose.
  • Brass mixing head.
  • No premixing of chemicals. Liquid chemicals are poured directly into the sprayer bottle and any unused portion can be poured back into the product container.
  • Meters product in tablespoons from 1 to 7 and 10 tablespoons per gallon. (2 Tablespoons = One Ounce).
  • Brass mixing head can be removed, turned upside down and reinserted to measure in teaspoons. (Please see directions that come with product)
  • Note, since the sprayer jumps from 7 to 10, if you require 8 tablespoons (4 oz.) then spraying on 7 will suffice. 
  • Automatically injects liquid concentrate into water stream.
  • Stream deflector can be turned at any angle to change the direction of the stream. Turn 180 degrees to spray upwards into tree foliage and back 180 degrees for spraying towards the ground.
  • Sprayer can spray soluble powders, but powder must be pre-mixed and dissolved before pouring into sprayer bottle. Any solid residue undissolved can clog nozzle. Try to mix only what you need since you have no product container to pour unused material back into.
  • Chapin Hose End Sprayer comes with a lifetime replacement policy through the Chapin Company. Contact Chapin directly for replacement or if you need replacement parts. Information is supplied with the sprayer.
  • Always clean the sprayer thoroughly after use. Pour unused material back into container, add clean water to the canister. Then set dial to 10 and spray for several minutes to wash out any left over material.

Safety Precautions

  • When using insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, etc. follow product label instructions precisely. 
  • A funnel is useful to prevent spilling when pouring into the sprayer bottle.
  • Do not spray on windy days, especially when using hazardous chemicals.
  • Wear all the personal protective equipment (PPE) listed on product label when spraying chemicals.
  • Do not replace sprayer nozzle. The Chapin nozzle has an anti-siphon device so chemical cannot backflow into your water hose.
  • It is important to clean the sprayer thoroughly after each use. Failure to clean the sprayer may result in gummed up parts that may prevent the sprayer from working properly.

Proper Cleaning of Sprayer

  • Pour any unused chemical back into product container.
  • Wash outside of the bottle with water.
  • Fill empty bottle with water, set the sprayer to "10" and spray for several minutes or until sprayer is empty.

Tablespoons - Milliliters - Conversion Table

1 teaspoon = 5 milliliters

1 tablespoon = 3 teaspoons or 15 milliliters

1 ounce = 2 tablespoons = 30 millimeters

1 pint = 16 ounces

1 quart = 32 ounces = 2 pints

1 gallon = 128 ounces = 4 quarts = 8 pints = 3.785 liters

1 milliliter = .33 ounces or .66 tablespoons

1 liter = 1.06 quarts = .26 gallons

** 2 tablespoons = 1 ounce **

Soil Stimulators, Biostimulants, and Liquid Calcium
Check out our products that will greatly benefit your lawn, trees and gardens

Hose End Sprayer to Lawn Care Academy Home

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