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Smartbomb mechanics

  • are they effective against drone swarms (using 1-3 large EMP smartbombs, 7500m radius)?

Yes, as Yellow Parasol explained, the smartbomb range expands outwards from the hull (not from the center of the hull).

  • do these things make also damage on friendlies, especially in a highsec environment, including standing loss and CONCORD aggro?

Yes, Smartbombs will hit everything within its area of effect including friendlies, your own/friendly drones and ofc the enemy ship/drones. In order to use SmartBombs in Highsec space you will have to set your Safety settings to ‘red’, should you happen to hit someone illegally, you will be CONCORDED.

  • or are they really “smart” as the name said and attacking only ships/drones with aggro on my ship?

Such a feature would be nice, but then again it would make them too much similar to Auto-targeting Missiles and go again the theory behind them, “Omni-directional Damaging Pulse” think of is as an Electro-magnetic pulse that actually does damage (and not just fries every eletronic system)

  • would a nearby cloaked ship be affected and damaged and forced to uncloak?

again as Yellow Parasol explained… Cloaked ships are still vulnerable to damage and will only be decloaked if object gets within 2000 meters of it.




Icon smartbomb.png

Smartbombs are point-blank area-of-effect weapons. When fired, they do damage to everything in a short distance (~10km) around the activating ship, friend or foe. They fill a very niche role within EVE, since they have very specific characteristics that limit their usefulness as a general weapon system.

There are very few ways to improve their performance outside of good piloting.


A smartbomb is a ship module that is fitted in a high slot. They come in micro, small, medium, and large sizes, with each size using more power grid and CPU, with increased range and damage output. Smartbombs use considerably more CPU than most turret weapons for the same sized ship, but do not take up a turret or missile hardpoint. This means that they fall under the 'utility' category for high slot modules, meaning that they are most sometimes used in an extra high slot available on a ship when all of its turret and missile hardpoints are used.


Smartbombs are different than most damage-dealing ship modules for three reasons. As already mentioned, smartbombs do not use hardpoints, like turrets or missile launchers. Secondly, they are not targeted, much like bombs. However, unlike bombs, the explosion they create originates from the ship, rather than a launched warhead. They damage all ships within the explosion radius apart from the ship which used the smartbomb, however they will not damage wrecks of destroyed ships. Finally, the damage that smartbombs inflict is not affected by the damaged ships signature radius or speed. Smartbomb damage is only mitigated by resistances and simply not being in the blast radius.

Both friends and foes are damaged by smartbombs. Care must be taken in high and low security space not to unintentionally damage structures or ships protected by CONCORD, since this will affect the user's security status, and in high security will result in CONCORD intervention (ie. the destruction of the offending ship). Your own drones, if they are within range, will also be damaged by a smartbomb. In order to activate smartbombs in high security space, you need to set your safety settings to red.


The main use of smartbombs is by larger ships, such as battleships, to destroy small, weak targets, like capsules or drones. These small targets are very difficult to hit with large turrets or missiles due to explosion radius and tracking problems, and take a very long time to lock up in the first place. See Tracking and Missile Characteristics if you are unfamiliar with these problems. Pilots will fit one or more smartbombs, which will be able to hit with perfect accuracy and damage so long as the targets are within range. For smaller ships, like frigates, destroyers, and to a lesser degree cruisers and battlecruisers, their turrets and missiles can track and hit these small, fast-moving targets better, so pilots will save the steep CPU costs of smartbombs to fit other or better modules.

A common use can be seen in Smartbombing Gatecamps. Typically Battleships are set up on a gate to take out ships in the time it takes a smaller ship to land on the gate and jump through the gate.

Some organizations like Rooks and Kings have used smartbombs to great effect by pipe bombing, which consists of using a titan to jump bridge a fleet of smartbomb equipped battleships while an enemy fleet is in warp. The enemy fleet lands in the newly bridged battleships, which activate all their smart bombs, dealing massive damage to the whole fleet at once with no lock on time.

There is also a rarely used and even more rarely respected strategy known as 'Firewalling', in which multiple smartbombs are used to block out and destroy incoming Missiles. While missiles in-flight cannot be targeted, they can in fact be hit and destroyed by smartbombs. While this strategy is difficult to plan and execute appropriately, it can greatly reduce a fleet's incoming (and outgoing) missile damage. To quickly activate all smartbombs at once, it is recommended to use slash commands


Smartbombs are categorized by size (Micro, Small, Medium, and Large), and damage type (EM, Thermal, Kinetic, and Explosive). The means to acquire new micro smartbombs were removed long ago, and they exist today only as collector's items, and so will not be listed here.

Tech 1 and Tech 2 smartbombs have identical stats across their size class, regardless of damage type; a Large EMP Smartbomb has the same stats as a Large Concussive Smartbomb, except for the damage type. Additionally, all Faction smartbombs are identical within their size and damage type; Medium Amarr Navy EMP Smartbombs are identical to Medium Dark Blood EMP Smartbombs.

All smartbombs have a cycle time of 10 seconds, reduced by 0.5 seconds for each level in Energy Pulse Weapons. Overheating a smartbomb reduces its cycle time by 15%.

Naming convention

Smartbombs follow a naming convention of (size) (damage-descriptor) Smartbomb, with an optional (faction) preceding the name.

Small smartbombs

  1. ^Requires Energy Pulse Weapons III to use.
  2. ^Includes Amarr Navy, Ammatar Navy, Dark Blood, Khanid Navy, and True Sansha modules
  3. ^Includes Gallente Navy and Shadow Serpentis modules
  4. ^Includes Caldari Navy and Dread Guristas modules
  5. ^Includes Republic Fleet and Domination modules

Medium smartbombs

  1. ^Requires Energy Pulse Weapons IV to use.
  2. ^Includes Amarr Navy, Ammatar Navy, Dark Blood, Khanid Navy, and True Sansha modules
  3. ^Includes Gallente Navy and Shadow Serpentis modules
  4. ^Includes Caldari Navy and Dread Guristas modules
  5. ^Includes Republic Fleet and Domination modules

Large smartbombs

  1. ^Requires Energy Pulse Weapons V to use.
  2. ^Includes Amarr Navy, Ammatar Navy, Dark Blood, Khanid Navy, and True Sansha modules
  3. ^Includes Gallente Navy and Shadow Serpentis modules
  4. ^Includes Caldari Navy and Dread Guristas modules
  5. ^Includes Republic Fleet and Domination modules

Additionally, large smartbombs have various officer modules which have increased performance at the cost of increased fitting stats.


Basic Skills

  • Energy Pulse Weapons (2x, 130k ISK): Allows you to equip smartbombs, and reduces their cycle time by 5% per level, which increases both DPS and cap usage.

Fitting Skills

  • Weapon Upgrades (2x, 80k ISK): Decreases the CPU needs of smartbomb modules by 5% per level. A fairly important skill, as smartbombs are very cpu intensive. Note that Advanced Weapon Upgrades does not affect smartbombs, only turrets and launchers.
  • Basic fitting skills are important when working with smartbombs, due to their high fitting requirements. Make sure you train CPU Management, and less importantly for smartbombs, Power Grid Management to V.


The Inherent Implants 'Squire' Energy Pulse Weaponsimplant range is the only way to improve the performance of smartbombs. These plug in to slot 7, and decrease the cycle time of smartbombs by 1-6%. They are available from various military LP stores.

  1. Heb curbside
  2. Hifi engine
  3. Waow news

Smartbomb Ratting: Your guide to a high investment, high payoff activity

Eve has one focus, war. Everything in Eve revolves around it, particularly the economy. ISK is both forever elusive and at the same time so easy to find. Many (myself partially included) find PvE boring and repetitive. However, at the exact same time I am enthralled in the game’s rich lore and find myself constantly eager for new adventures provided by the game itself, a more static experience of Eve.

I have made it my mission to find interesting content within Eve’s PvE experience, flying intriguing ships and discovering how to make the most ISK with the least tedium.

earn large amounts of ISK in a short time period

In this guide I will provide my new and current favourite way to earn large amounts of ISK in a short time period. Relatively tedious, highly repetitive, highly active, high payout – smartbomb ratting. I have made a cheap budget fit close to the bottom for those who are really reaching for higher end ISK currently (though the rest of the article is still worth reading!).

When I first started without a faction fit or implants I was raking in on average 340 mil/hour, with a minimum of 280 mil/hour. Since getting faction upgrades and full implant sets I now achieve an average of 430 mil/hour with a minimum of 360 mil/hour, though my best hour ever was at 1.1 bil! I sell all my escalations for around the ~120 mil mark each, and I am running against Guristas which are the second worst faction to use this strategy against.

Whenever I read a Reddit question asking about smartbomb ratting there are always a couple of people who understand it and many more who give wild misinformation. In addition to this, I see many deaths on ZKill from players smartbombing themselves which could easily be avoided with a little care or better fits by those who wished to try the method for themselves.


So to start the requirements:

1x Battleship pilot who can effectively use guns
3x Noob accounts, with 2 quick skill injectors each
4.3 Bil ISK – 7.5 Bil ISK to buy ships with

A full faction set up with implants will set you back 16+ bil (but it is worth it as the increase in ISK generation will quickly pay off your investment).

The generally accepted and easiest layout is to have three battleships running smartbombs and a fourth equipped with medium or short range guns and webs who takes the role of a catcher (some always escape the smartbombs). A very important starting point is realizing which damage type you should deal, as it will greatly change your skill requirements and/or your catcher’s ship. Starting with the smartbomb pilots skills, they do not need many and it is a surprisingly quick thing to train into.

For the smartbomb pilots:

Capacitor Management 4
Capacitor Systems Operation 4
CPU Management 5
Weapon Upgrades 4
Energy Pulse Weapons 1 (Train to 5 afterwards)
Powergrid Management 4
Afterburner 4
Cybernetics 4
Minmatar Battleship 1
Gallente Battleship 1

This is equivalent to roughly 900,000 SP or two skill injectors for a newly created character. With standard skills and no optimisation it would be a 21 day train, however by training cybernetics first (getting a set of Genolutions) and then it could be as little as a 16 day train.

In addition, with the introduction of Alpha clones it is possible to use these ships to a decent degree with a little effort after following the steps below.

1. Train up your Alpha clone to the highest level in all relevant skills.
2. Buy a PLEX or pay for an active subscription.
3 .Train the remaining skills for the ship (excluding the additional fitting skills above the Alpha clone status).
4. Get a full set of Genolution implants and swap at least one of the Capacitor Flux Coil II’s for a ‘Page’ Capacitor Flux Coil I.
5. Never dock up once your omega status has run out.

The overall DPS will decrease and you would also lose the warp speed and warp acceleration bonuses, but that can be offset by the fact that you will no longer have to PLEX or pay for those accounts. This of course depends upon the final answer from CCP’s Q&A section:

“Q: Are there restrictions on simultaneous log on for Alpha Clones?

A: We have not decided whether the simultaneous log on restrictions from the current trial system will apply to Alpha Clones. The decision will partly depend on your feedback, as well as our technical investigations over the coming months.”

Taken from:

Shield skills are optional but not required for this set up, it does however require Weapon Upgrades V or a Genolution CA-2 implant. (You’ll want to save hardwirings for cap implants and the SB implant for extra safety and damage). I personally run this with a full set of Genos (for more capacitor regeneration) and EO-605 (Capacitor recharge time bonus), EP-705 (Smartbomb cycle time bonus) and EM-805 (Capacitor capacity bonus) though these are not necessary.

The ship you will be flying is the Machariel for three reasons.

1. It has the largest ship model of any battleship in the game meaning your smartbombs will reach further
2. It has a fast base speed to get into range at the start quickly
3. It has a warp speed bonus

I have tried multiple fits and found the best to be this one:


Costs 1.15 Bil – 2.10 Bil (Depending on the SB damage type)

Change the smartbombs for your damage type as well as your tanking modules to match. The kinetic ones are the cheapest, but it is impossible to swap the faction smartbombs for a lower meta smartbomb due to capacitor issues.

Use the table below to find the optimum ship and smartbomb damage type for your set up.

Rat Type

Smartbomb Damage Type

Catcher Ship

Catcher Ship Ammo

Angel Cartel




Blood Raiders



Void / Null**




Void / Null**

Rogue Drones



Void / Null**




Void / Null**




Void / Null**

* The Nightmare can also be used, though it has less damage has two additional smart bombs placed in its utility high slots

** With upgrades to faction the Vindicator uses less and less Null ammo due to an increase in range of the guns and web

*** Can use EM damage, same resists and and more range but the standard two hardener tank on the smartbomb ships may suffer, if using EM use the Machariel

Now for the catcher ships. Generally there are three that you can use, but others may outperform ones I have listed, such as any Marauder (without Bastion or at least careful management so that you aren’t slowed down) because of their ability to fit extra smartbombs on top of their weapons. Of course, all ships can and should be upgraded with faction for maximum payout!

Machariel (Angel)
Vindicator (Blood)
Nightmare (Blood)
Vindicator (Guristas)
Machariel (Drones EM)
Vindicator (Drones Thermal)
Vindicator (Sansha)
Nightmare (Sansha)
Vindicator (Serpentis)

All of these ships (non-faction fit) cost between 765 mil (Mach) and 1.15 Bil (Nightmare).

On top of any faction upgrades you should also consider upgrading your pod, typically the best choice is Geno’s with EO-60X (capacitor recharge time bonus), MR-70X (tracking speed bonus) or TA-70X (weapon falloff bonus) if you’re in a Machariel, EM-80X (capacitor capacity bonus), RF-90X (rate of fire bonus for more DPS), and the 10X implant (under the gunnery section, this is a raw damage increase for large turrets of the specific type) depending on your ship’s turret type.

With these ships set up you are ready to go. You exclusively do rock Havens (has a big rock in it which can only be checked by going into the site itself) with this set-up for multiple reasons, though gas cloud havens are possible but just not worth the time bothering.

1. Get every ship in fleet together (preferably with your catcher as leader) and activate your tank on every ship.

2. Double-check the tank is running on every ship

3. Warp squad to the Haven you will be running

4. If it is a rock Haven select the “pirate gate” object on every character screen before you finish landing. If it’s not a rock haven, bounce.

5. Once you have landed, turn on the AB on your smartbombers and approach the gate on every client (Including catcher) and turn on smartbombs whilst checking that the tank is online

6. Once you are 1-2km away from the pirate gate turn off the AB (Even if you’re cap stable with it on)

7. Start locking up targets in the first wave that appears with your catcher and shoot them.

8. On your catcher you should take the time to press stop when he slowly reaches the gate.

9. Keep shooting, check your tank every so often if you don’t have implants (If you activate all your smartbombs at once like me then you could turn off the tank by running out of cap due to the Spike usage – this is rare even without implants but can happen so do take care!)

10. Optional: Stop smartbombs, drop an MTU and bookmark it (always check faction spawns if you don’t want to do this step though).

11. Once the site is finished warp to another, rinse and repeat.

12. This part is very important, when you have finished running sites or when a neutral enters system. Warp to a friendly POS, not a citadel or a station. This is because you will be a sitting duck whilst you are waiting for your weapons timer to run down and you will not be able to dock or tether.

Note: If you orbit any NPC dreadnoughts that spawn you can tank it quite easily whilst waiting for others to show up, just manage your cap well enough so that your tank doesn’t turn off from the neuts which it shouldn’t do particularly with implants.

There really isn’t much more to it. Have fun making ISK.


I have attempted to create a cheap T1 version of this for newer players or those with less ISK, but be aware that ultimately the damage is low to the point that the the smartbombs will be unlikely to kill ships themselves, instead the catcher would be the primary DPS source and the smartbombs would merely kill the frigates and help soften up other targets. The problems I encountered were the lack of tank, higher capacitor requirements from non-faction bombs and fitting issues with CPU when using T2 modules.

This fit works for the Guristas (the pirate faction with the highest focus in a single damage type), it also works with the skills shown above + the minimum requirements for each module. The cap chain must be set up to include all of the ships, best shown in the picture below:


Hyperion Cheap Guristas

Abaddon Cheap Guristas

The process would remain the same for all ships, though it may be worth fitting sentries into the ships (and turning off the smartbombs to use them) to kill ships that get too far out of range for the Hyperion. The total cost of this set up would be 1.2 Bil. Remember that you can buy cheap implants and hardwirings that can make a big difference!

If you have any questions or comments please leave them in the comment box below!

All prices listed in the article were true at the time of writing.


Vindicator artwork by Rixx Javix


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EVE Online - SmartBomb Elite

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