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Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval have come a long way since first joining the cast of “Vanderpump Rules” in 2013.

Their jobs at Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR restaurant spawned lucrative careers for the duo. The Toms are doing so well that last year, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, they donated $10,000 of their own money to laid-off wait staff at their spinoff bar, TomTom, according to Us Weekly.

Money does not seem to be a problem for the once struggling reality stars. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Schwartz and Sandoval are both very wealthy. Schwartz has an estimated net worth of $4 million, and Sandoval’s wealth clocks in at the same amount, the outlet noted.

Here’s how Schwartz and Sandoval made their fortunes:

1. Tom Schwartz & Tom Sandoval Have Worked as Models

Tom Schwartz Tom Sandoval

BravoTom Schwartz Tom Sandoval

Before they were TV stars, Sandoval and Schwartz worked as models.  Sandoval modeled for big brands, including Abercrombie & Fitch, and he even appeared in the 2002 music video for the Bon Jovi song “Misunderstood.”

Sandoval once said he has worked in every major market at 10 agencies across the United States, according to People.

Schwartz, who has modeled for Santorelli, Wesley, and more, told Bravo’s The Daily Dish that it was Sandoval and their former co-star Jax Taylor who got him into modeling.

“One of them gave me their old books — a book is like your portfolio, you bring pictures around,” he told the outlet. “Jax and Tom would let me crash their castings…  People don’t realize that they’ve actually both booked a ton of jobs and had fairly successful modeling careers. Those guys were instrumental in my transition into L.A. and also my entry into the business.”

2. They Both Have Acting Credits & Have Been Paid to Star on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ For 8 Years

NBCUMVVanderpump Rules season 9 cast

Sandoval and Schwartz are best known for their nine seasons on “Vanderpump Rules.”  The two reportedly make between $10,000 and $25,000 per episode, according to In Touch Weekly. With over 20 episodes per season, that’s a huge bump from their original salaries of about $38,000 for the first two seasons of the show.

Both men also have acting credits to their names. Schwartz has appeared in “True Blood” and “Two and a Half Men,” per IMDb. He once told Modent magazine (via The List) that he actually attended medical school but quit to pursue an acting career.

“What I really wanted to do was act,” he said. “I thought, ‘who am I to think I can be an actor?’ I tried to deny the feeling for a while but then I got into print [modeling] work and the entire being on set thing was really fun.”

Sandoval’s acting resume includes roles in the TV series “Social Status” and the movie “Scare Us,” per IMDb. In 2013, he told Reality Wanted that becoming an actor was his “ultimate goal.”

“For me, I definitely wanna be a lead recurring character on a show, then be doing well-selected independent films, and tour [as a musician] in the off-season,” he said at the time. “Honestly, that would be amazing.”

3. The Toms Purchased Matching Houses in the Valley Village, California

Both “Vanderpump Rules” stars have also invested in real estate. In 2019, Sandoval and his longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix moved out of their cramped West Hollywood apartment and into a brand new home in Valley Village. The couple dropped $2 million for the five-bedroom, farmhouse-style home,  according to

It didn’t take long for Schwartz and his wife Katie Maloney to follow suit with a $1.925 million four-bedroom house in the same neighborhood, per Reality Blurb.

4. The Two Partnered With Lisa Vanderpump to Open TomTom Restaurant & Bar

In 2018, Sandoval and Schwartz partnered with Lisa Vanderpump to open TomTom bar. The young entrepreneurs each invested $50,000 into the West Hollywood bar for a five percent stake in the business, according to The Daily Mail. The business partners made enough money to invest in a garden lounge in an adjacent property.

While they didn’t have the business experience going into the venture, Vanderpump took the two men under her wing because she felt they had the right attitude and people skills.

Schwartz told ET Online that he admired Sandoval’s way with the customers at Sur, where he worked as a bartender for years.

“I’d be] watching Tom at Sur sometimes,” Schwartz said. “The the way he engages with customers. He looks them in the eye, he shakes their hand, he hugs them, he offers them a free drink…. It’s just like, he’s got skills, and he’s got a great attitude, and I like to think I do, too. We really enjoy engaging with people.”

5. The Toms Are Set To Open a Second Bar in Southern California

Tom Sandoval Tom Schwartz

GettyTom Sandoval Tom Schwartz

Two years after TomTom’s grand opening, the restaurateurs are planning to launch a second bar – this time without Vanderpump’s help. In a sneak peek at the “Vanderpump Rules” season 9 premiere posted told ET Online, Schwartz and Sandoval were shown at the location of their new business, and later as they spilled the news about their new bar to a supportive Vanderpump.

Sandoval described the vibe of the new place as “James Turrell, light artist, went over to his grandma’s house and took some acid.” While the two have not yet revealed the name for their new place, Sandoval pitched the name “Schwartz & Sandy’s.”

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tom schwartz

  • “You could definitely tell that they've been locked up for a while and it was like opening the cage and letting wild animals out," Vanderpump says of this season.

  • New mom Brittany Cartwright introduced her infant son Cruz to his "Vanderpump Rules" aunt and uncle over the weekend, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz.

  • Katie Maloney jokingly suggested that Tom Schwartz get his "sperm tested" in the first sneak peek of the Bravo reality show's upcoming season.

  • The bravo show is gearing up film the next season of their show, with a source telling Page Six they plan to start shooting around the first week of May.

  • The "Vanderpump Rules" crew reunited over the weekend.

  • Yet, it's been frequented by Lady Gaga, Chrissy Teigen and other celebrities.

  • True love isn't cheap.

  • Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval are helping their out-of-work staff amid the coronavirus pandemic. Just days after the “Vanderpump Rules” duo announced that they were forced to close their restaurant...

  • No more half shots at TomTom.

  • Stassi Schroeder's dream wedding could be turning into a nightmare.

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    Vanderpump Rules Sneak Peek: Tom & Tom Nervous to Tell Lisa Vanderpump About Their New Bar

    Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval have big plans — ones that don't involve their business partner Lisa Vanderpump.

    In an exclusive sneak peek at the season 9 premiere of Vanderpump Rules, the two Toms are gearing up to meet with Lisa and her husband Ken Todd to discuss the reopening of their restaurant, TomTom. Schwartz and Sandoval, both 38, also plan to use the meeting to tell the couple about the new dining establishment they are preparing to launch.

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    "I don't know if I want to say anything right now, just because we have so much to do," Schwartz tells Sandoval beforehand. "But Lisa, I think she knows that we're opening a new spot."

    While Sandoval notes in a confessional how "amazing" it is to see Ken and Lisa after TomTom was temporarily shuttered amid the COVID-19 pandemic, he admits he's "slightly" nervous due to their outside business venture.

    Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval Nervous to Tell Lisa Vanderpump About Their New Bar in Sneak Peek

    RELATED: Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz Were 'Uncertain' About VPR's Future amid Costar Exits and COVID-19

    To Schwartz, Sandoval insists they "have to tell" Lisa, 61, about their plans.

    "I can't, like, be intimidated by her anymore," Schwartz agrees. "She's our partner!"

    Once they're seated with Lisa and Ken, the foursome launch into a discussion about reopening TomTom.

    Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval Nervous to Tell Lisa Vanderpump About Their New Bar in Sneak Peek

    "Seriously though, it's good to be back," says Schwartz, to which Ken responds, "There's a lot of work to do. At the moment, we haven't got any bartenders."

    Sandoval says the two pals have a lot on their plate as well. "Look, we can definitely help out," he says. "In the moment, we are slammed."

    As Ken questions what they mean by "slammed," Lisa brings up a rumor she heard about the Toms' next project.

    Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval Nervous to Tell Lisa Vanderpump About Their New Bar in Sneak Peek

    "Alright, I heard [something] — and I would just like to hear it from you," she says. "Are you guys opening another restaurant or a bar?"

    Stay tuned to see the rest of the awkward conversation.

    Schwartz and Sandoval are junior partners at TomTom, which is a part of Lisa and Ken's extensive business empire. The restaurant and bar opened up in Los Angeles' West Hollywood neighborhood in 2018.

    Season 9 of Vanderpump Rules premieres Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.


    'Vanderpump Rules': Tom and Tom Are Committed to Schwartz & Sandy's Name for Their Bar (Exclusive)

    By now, everyone who watches Vanderpump Rules has heard of Schwartz and Sandy's, and Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval are banking on that bringing big business to their soon-to-open bar.

    "The people have spoked and it's a unanimous: The public does not like it, but we're going to make them like it!" Schwartz announces to ET over video chat, Zooming in alongside Sandoval from Sandoval's Valley Village, California home. "Once you come and experience the Schwartz and Sandy's experience."

    The moniker has been a point of contention in the first few episodes of Pump Rules' recently premiered ninth season, with Sandoval all about it (even snatching up the website domain for a steal of $18), despite the fact that Schwartz and his wife, Katie Maloney-Schwartz, spoke out against the branding. But now that hundreds of thousands of viewers have heard the name, the boys are sticking with it.

    "We're committed," Schwartz promises, with Sandoval adding, "We've heard people say, 'Oh, it sounds like a Jewish deli,' or whatever. But you know, Red Hot Chili Peppers to me, when I first heard that name, sounded like a mariachi band. But now you have a different association. So when you go into our place, the name will become the place, the place will become the name. That will be the association."

    "And by the way," Schwartz chimes in, "Tom's not going to like this, but as long as you come, you can call it whatever you want."

    The pair is striking out on their own with a new brewpub in Los Angeles' historic Franklin Village (set to open late 2021/early 2022 depending on how final touches turn out), their first solo venture after investing in Lisa Vanderpump's West Hollywood eatery, TomTom (aptly named after them).

    "With TomTom, it's like, Tom and Tom could essentially be any other two Toms, but Schwartz and Sandy's? There's only one Schwartz and one Sandy, and that combination, you know what I mean?" Sandoval muses. "You're getting to know us even a little bit more, because this is more of our love child, essentially."

    Lisa Vanderpump and the Toms, Sandoval and Schwartz, at TomTom on Vanderpump Rules

    Lisa is supportive of the identically named duo making moves, but has made it known she thinks they're a hair in over their heads, having not realized all the heavy lifting she put into TomTom before their checks cleared.

    "In theory, we know what the workload entails," Schwartz shares, "but it's one thing to know it in theory, and now to be fully immersed in it, and experiencing it. Oh my God, I need a hug."

    Sandoval, after offering a hug to his bestie/business partner, notes that the two balance each other out, creating a work partnership that simply feels right. They've also gone in together on a '70s-inspired whiskey label, Toms' Good Lovin', available soon online.

    "Yes, we get into disagreements, but we're pretty good at just ironing those out and moving forward, and staying focused on what is important," he says. "Love, friendship, business, and being successful together."

    Complicating things a bit are the Toms' significant others, the aforementioned Katie and Sandoval's longtime girlfriend, Ariana Madix. The season 9 trailer teased much drama between Katie and Sandoval, with fiery shouting matches over the direction of the bar now known as Schwartz and Sandy's. While Ariana took a step back when she realized what joining the business would entail, Katie remained invested, positioning herself as a maitre'd (AKA head trainer) at the pub. Where that lands will shake out before season's end.

    "It sucks," Schwartz admits of watching his best friend and wife go at it, repeatedly. "And not to mention, in a very high stakes moment. Time is money right now. We're under a lot of pressure -- which we embrace with open arms -- but to have this going on while we are pursuing this new venture, it's been a lot. And I try to mediate, and like, listen -- that's my wife. I love her more than anything in the world. So I have her back. But also sometimes, my friend, Tom, I have a ton of respect for him. He makes good points. He has a point, too. And it's tough being in the middle. I find myself there a lot, though. And I think I do OK with it. I'm a decent mediator. I think this, you'll see this season, I think I sort of lost it a little bit. I did lose it."

    Vanderpump Rules stars Katie Maloney-Schwartz, Tom Schwartz, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix attend a Daily Mail event at TomTom

    "We all lose it," Sandoval adds in his friend's defense. "I mean, look: I saw this situation coming from a mile away, and that's one of the reasons why -- I love Katie, we're great friends, we're family -- but I know that because we have strong personalities, this is why I wanted to kind of keep this sort of just between Schwartz and I, and not bring in everybody else."

    "As far as Schwartz and I's dynamic, I do not feel like I steamroll him," he adds, a nod to a conversation that Katie brings to the table on episode 3. She tells Schwartz that he lets Sandoval "steamroll him," an allegation Schwartz confesses to be scared to bring up to Sandoval in fear that he will "steamroll me about steamrolling me."

    Sandoval says he and Katie are "in a good place" as it stands right now, but gives the caveat that watching the show back could change all that. The guys play coy on how Katie's involvement in Schwartz and Sandy's plays out long term.

    "It's tough to not get affected when you see things play out," Schwartz says. "After nine seasons, you'd think, we are pros and everything, but still, this is our real life. It's real stakes, and this is stuff we genuinely care about."

    That "stuff" is more in the forefront of Vanderpump Rules than ever before, with the fourth wall starting to break and show the reality this reality show has created: It's given a crop of unknown servers as Lisa's restaurant, SUR, celebrity status and a host of opportunities that come along with it. Book deals, liquor labels and, yes, controversially named bars.

    "I understand trying to preserve us working at SUR, and all that stuff, and trying to make ends meet, and hustling. Get that next gig, the next place in life. We're still doing that," Sandoval says. "But ... I think it's also very appreciative to the audience to acknowledge that, because it's been a long time of not really acknowledging the fact that, yes, we are celebrities, and we have this platform -- sort of celebrities -- and we have all these things that we do that sort of rely on that, in a sense, whether it's Schwartz and I doing like a cocktail ... or Ariana and I doing cocktail demos and virtual events. That's all because of the show. And so, we have to acknowledge that in some way."

    The cast of Vanderpump Rules, season 9

    Season 9 could make or break Vanderpump Rules in a lot of ways. It's the first season without three original cast members who were all integral to the series' early success: Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute, whom the network and production company behind the show parted ways with after past racist actions they took against former co-star Faith Stowers resurfaced last summer, and Jax Taylor, the omnipresent "villain" of sorts who announced his departure from the series, along with his wife, Brittany Cartwright, in December. Ratings are down from season 8, but ticked up slightly between the premiere and episode 2.

    "We're always optimistic," Schwartz offers of how long he sees the show running beyond season 9. "We're grateful to be back. It's a good season. Objectively, it's going to be an awesome season. It's dynamic. It's got verve. It's good. Of course, the people who aren't on the show anymore, they were my friends before the show, they're my friends now -- they're our friends now -- and yeah, we miss them, but it's going to be a killer season. We got a lot of cool things we're working on. The new bar. I feel like the show has a lot of room to grow, and deep, deep, well of history and friendship to pull from. And I still think like it has a lot of life."

    "And outside of us, there's some very, very heated moments to come," he later adds, teasing blow-ups and blowout fights to come. Some of those are previewed in sneak peeks at the season, notably between Ariana and Lala Kent. 

    "Lala is definitely not afraid to take shots at anybody, but she definitely is a little afraid to take the backlash that comes with that," Sandoval says, defending his girlfriend. "We all screw up from time to time, and we usually own up to that. Give them... Lala doesn't like to own up to anything, though."

    "That's not true," Schwartz interjects, trying to keep the peace. It's worth noting, Lala's come for him, too. The season 9 trailer caps off with this button, courtesy of the Give Them Lala author: "I can't understand you. Oh! It's because Sandoval's d**k is in your mouth."

    "That was a metaphor!" Schwartz makes clear before signing off the Zoom

    Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


    Lisa Vanderpump Talks 'Pump Rules' Growing Up & Breaking the 4th Wall

    'Vanderpump Rules': Scheana and Brock on Season 9 and Battling Lala

    Lala Kent Talks 'Pump Rules' Season 9: Cast Exits, Bond With Scheana


    Schwartz tom

    On Vanderump Rules' September 28 Season 9 premiere, Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval excitedly revealed that they are opening a new bar. While they already had a location set and big ideas for a theme, one detail the best friend duo couldn't quite agree on was a name.

    Schwartz told Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd they were "still working on the name," but Sandoval felt strongly about one in particular. "Actually we have settled on a name, and it's Schwartz and Sandy's," he explained in an interview.

    Their loved ones had mixed feelings about the idea, to say the least. "I think it's horrible," Katie Maloney-Schwartz said, later adding in an interview, "You wanna make it like psychedelic, funky, fresh, lights, textures, and then you wan't to call it f--king Schwartz and Sandy's? Ugh. I lost my boner."

    Of course, some viewers were happy to help the pals decide on a name. OnWatch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen's episode the same night, one person wrote in to suggest, "I wanted to float the name 'Tomfoolery' for a bar." Another offered: "Name the bar 'Katiana' using Katie and Ariana's names. You're welcome."

    Although Schwartz noted, "Katiana's solid," it turns out that he and Sandoval have already made a firm decision on the bar's name. "It's Schwartz and Sandy's," Sandoval declared, before Schwartz added, "It's official."

    Like many of us, Andy Cohen had a few remaining questions about the name. "Is your nickname actually Sandy, by the way?" he asked Sandoval, who replied with a shrug, "I don't know." Later, when Andy inquired as to how they decided on Schwartz's moniker being first, Sandoval explained, "I don't just sounds right."

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    Thomas Alan Schwartz

    Distinguished Professor of History; Professor of Political Science; Professor of European Studies
    Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of History

    Thomas Alan Schwartz is a historian of the foreign relations of the United States, with related interests in American politics, the history of international relations, Modern European history, and biography. His most recent book is Henry Kissinger and American Power: A Political Biography (Hill and Wang, 2020).  The book has received considerable notice and acclaim.  Harvard’s University’s Charles Maier has written: "Thomas Schwartz's superbly researched political biography reveals the brilliance, self-serving ego, and vulnerability of America's most remarkable diplomat in the twentieth century, even as it provides a history of U.S. engagement in global politics as it moved beyond bipolarity."   Earlier in his career, Schwartz was the author of America’s Germany: John J. McCloy and the Federal Republic of Germany (Harvard, 1991), which was translated into German, Die Atlantik Brücke (Ullstein, 1992). This book received the Stuart Bernath Book Prize of the Society of American Foreign Relations, and the Harry S. Truman Book Award, given by the Truman Presidential Library. He is also the author of Lyndon Johnson and Europe: In the Shadow of Vietnam (Harvard, 2003), which examined the Johnson Administration’s policy toward Europe and assessed the impact of the war in Vietnam on its other foreign policy objectives. He is the co-editor with Matthias Schulz of The Strained Alliance: U.S.-European Relations from Nixon to Carter, (Cambridge University Press, 2009). 

    Professor Schwartz has held fellowships from the Social Science Research Council, the German Historical Society, the Norwegian Nobel Institute, the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and the Center for the Study of European Integration. He has served as President of the Society of Historians of American Foreign Relations. He served on the United States Department of State’s Historical Advisory Committee as the representative of the Organization of American Historians from 2005-2008. Professor Schwartz received The Madison Sarratt Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching on April 3, 2013 at the Spring Faculty Assembly, Vanderbilt University. In 2008 Professor Schwartz received the Annual Alumni Education Award from the Vanderbilt Alumni Association. Schwartz is the recipient of the 2008 Book Award by Chi Chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order. This award is given to a faculty member who has been particularly influential in the lives and education of members of KAO. Professor Schwartz presented, "The Arab Spring: Revolution in the Middle East," on April 19, 2011, as part of the Samuel L. Shannon Distinguished Lecture Series at Tennessee State University. Professor Schwartz has also presented lectures for the OAH Distinguished Lecturers Program.


    Read about the controversy over the State Department’s Historian’s office and the “Foreign Relations of the United States” publication:

    The New Yorker article, January 12, 2009, regarding Professor Schwartz’s dismissal from the historical Advisory Committee and two members’ resignations:

    The Washington Post, June 8, 2009 article: The head of the State Department's Office of the Historian, Marc J. Susser, has been reassigned after an inspector general's investigation found "serious mismanagement for which the director must be held accountable."

    Professor Schwartz taught for five years at Harvard University, and has been teaching at Vanderbilt since 1990. While at Vanderbilt he has developed courses dealing with the United States and the Vietnam War as well a course within Jewish Studies entitled, “Power and Diplomacy in the Modern Middle East.”


    History of American Foreign Relations; International Relations; Twentieth Century American history; Modern European history; History of the U.S. Presidency


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