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How to Make a Zoom Account on Desktop

Whether you choose to do it on your computer or your mobile device, it is entirely not hard to sign up zoom account. Suppose you plan to use the zoom, especially with the large businesses and universities turning to remote work due to the covid-19 pandemic. So this is the best idea to download the app first and then sign up. You have needed access to your email account to verify your profile and confirm a password. Once you sign up for the zoom on your phone app or your desktop, you will open your browser to keep track of appointments when working remotely. What is a zoom app?        Zoom is a video conferencing and webinar tool available to all the current, including college, university students, and business use to work remotely. It is simple to use and provide cloud-based web, video conference, and webinar solution. Furthermore, with the zoom app, you can directly have a video meeting or webinar from your computer, mobile device, or an on-campus zoom configured classroom. Zoom For Mobile Or Desktop: It’s worth bearing in mind that not all zoom meetings are equal. The zoom desktop version is kitted out, with several features unavailable on the mobile. The most obvious downside to video conferencing on mobile that the transferable offers a comparatively small screen. Furthermore, the mobile version only allows four participants to appear on the screen at once. So presenting complex charts and documents is made challenging by the small screen. Zoom for the desktop will be one of the sensible choices in large scale business meetings with colleagues or calls with multiple friends. How to Create the Zoom Account:  If you want to create the zoom account, then first you have to download the zoom installer. Then open the installer and select sign in to sign up for free. Then follow the instruction to activate your account. The instructions are given below: •           First, the people who want to open the zoom app have to click on open the zoom app on your PC. •           Then click sign in to sign in. •           Click sign up for free. •           By doing this, the zoom website will automatically open on your default browser. •           Enter your email address if you have one, and in case you don’t have one, then first make the email ID sign up for zoom. •           Then click the blue sign up button. •           Then, the next page will include a note on how to access your activation email. •           Furthermore, Open your inbox and locate the activation email. •           Click on the blue box to activate the account. •           Then, this will open the zoom sign up page in your browser. Enter your first and last name along with your password. •           Then, the second step will allow you to add colleagues at this time. Click skips this step to move on to the final step. •           Then, the final step will allow you to start a test meeting. Instead, click to go to my account. You should already be signed in on your browser. •           Reopen the zoom account app on your desktop if you would like to use the service there. Click sign in again.  •           Then enter your email address and the password and check the keep me signed in option, especially if you plan to use the service, often followed by the sign-in button to complete the login process finally. Benefits Of Zoom: You are doing a big thing, and acting as IT support should not be one because it provides straightforward purchasing and deployment with no hidden fees. It is one click to start or join any meeting, and the zoom provides easy collaboration and participant controls. Modern Communication for your Dispersed Team: One of the big benefits of the zoom app is that with the Zoom app, you can easily get your team together up to 100 participant standards or have a quick one-on-one meeting. Our HD audio and video deliver even in a low band with environments. So by this, your team can easily connect, work, and collaborate with agility. Like Live Event: Zoom provides great benefits. Zoom brings the video for the presenter, but it also adds video for the attendees; this means that the presenter you are not speaking to your computer. You are presenting to a real live audience. So when they ask questions, you can easily see and feel that what they want to know and hear their question. Full Video Replay: Zoom app also records all the videos from multiple presenters and the attendees that are part of the questions and the answer. The whole event to be captured and also include the question asked by the attendees via the chat. The attendees who could not make it can experience the event as though they were there with the full video of everyone who speaks included. Scalable: Zoom is the best app and truly scalable. The zoom provides the ability to support 500 interactive participants and up to 10000 viewers. The zoom can deal with your meeting requirements whether your business is a small business or multinational needing to connect team on every continent.

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  1. Keeping the One

    Keeping the One

    Finding the ONE is good, are you ready to keep the ONE? 


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  2. Conversations with Pauline ft. TIMMIE II

    Conversations with Pauline ft. TIMMIE II

    What if the person I'm in a relationship with and I have gone farther than what God would have us do?


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  3. Conversations with Pauline ft Timmie

    Conversations with Pauline ft Timmie

    She wants sex, he's not interested. What should he do? 
    Banter Banter Banter  
    On today's episode I had the opportunity to speak with Mr Timilehin on few of the questions I've been getting as regards relationships and sex, what your stance should be. We discussed what God's disposition to the topic and how to handle the situation. At the end of this conversation 
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  5. Finding 'THE ONE'

    Finding 'THE ONE'

    Everyone wants to find out who their ONE is, that perfect person that completes us. The ONE for you. All of us want to be loved (romantically) but are we availing ourselves to be loved and found? 

    On today's episode, I answered one of the most asked questions in our mail, how to find the one for me. I explained the questions and enumerated on the things you should look out for when seeking for your ONE. These are gems that would definitely help you find your ONE. I also discussed how to keep your ONE. You'll definitely love this episode. 

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  3. Fedex returns

~ Brand New to Homeschooling?  Start here. ~

PA Home Education Law - The Basics

~ Overview of the PA Home Education Law ~
~ Affidavit  ~  Special Ed  ~  Objectives  ~   Immunizations & Medical Requirements  ~  Compulsory School Age  ~  Log   ~  Portfolios   ~   Portfolio Summaries   ~   Portfolio Step-By-Step   ~   Required Days/Hours  ~  Required Subjects  ~  Testing  ~   Evaluations    ~    Evaluator List  ~   Useful Forms  ~  Fire Safety Resources  ~  Moving to, from, or within PA  ~ Partial Year Portfolios ~ Due Process ~ Legal Assistance

New Home Education Law, as of October, 2014

~ FAQ's - Quick Summary of the New Law
Read before you submit your end-of-year paperwork - note that ONLY the evaluator's certification now goes to the school district.

~ Excerpts from the New Law
Handy to submit with your evaluator's certification, to notify your district about the law changes.

~ Text of the new law ~ New diploma option! ~ New due process rules ~

PA Home Education Law - Looking Deeper

~ The Text of the PA Home Education Law and Other Relevant Legal References
~ Hints for Handling School District Problems ~
~ PA Dept of Education (PDE) Home Education Liaison Contact Info ~
~ The PDE's Home Ed page is here; their most recent Basic Education Circular (BEC) on homeschooling can be found here. Please note that the PDE has been changing their web site, so some of my links to their pages may be broken.
~ PA Homeschooling Statistics ~
~ Legislative History and Current Issues ~

Alternatives to the PA Home Education Law

~ Overview of Alternatives to the Home Education Law ~ Private Tutor Option   ~   Public Cyber Charter School   ~   Public Homebound Instruction    ~    Umbrella School   ~   Exclusion Under the Immunization Regulations   ~   Church School   ~   Religious Exemption (RFPA)   ~   RFPA News   ~   Underground (illegal) Homeschooling

Homeschooling High School

~ Overview of Homeschooling High School ~PA Diploma Programs ~ PHEAA issues ~ New diploma option!


~ Support Groups & Co-ops (PA & DE) + Blogs    
~ Curriculum sources (new & used) + Conferences
~ Homeschoolers in Public School Extracurriculars (Sports, Clubs, Music Groups) ~
~ Delco-Homeschool: A Virtual Support Group for Delaware County, PA ~
~ Homeschooling Gifted Kids in PA ~

Teaching Resources

~ Teaching Reading ~ Ready for Algebra? ~ Math & Food ~

~ Homeschooling Site Map


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