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Securitas acquires FE Moran Security Solutions in the U.S.

Securitas has acquired FE Moran Security Solutions, a top 30 alarm monitoring and electronic security systems integration company in the U.S. The acquisition increases Securitas’ density and offerings in the United States’ Midwest region and is aligned with Securitas’ ambition to double the size of its security solutions and electronic security business. The purchase price is app. MUSD 82 (MSEK 695).

Founded in 2003, FE Moran Security Solutions provides an integrated electronic security offering – from design to installation and from maintenance to alarm monitoring – and focuses on commercial clients in several Midwestern states across the U.S., as well as numerous marquee national account clients. Their portfolio includes electronic security services such as intrusion, video, fire and access control systems, as well as a UL-listed, TMA Five Diamond certified alarm monitoring center. The company has an outstanding reputation and is known for providing best-in-class service to its clients. Total annual sales amounts to app. MUSD 53 (MSEK 450), mainly driven from a sizeable recurring monthly revenue (RMR) base and installation sales.

“This acquisition supports Securitas’ global strategy, strengthens our position as a leader in protective services and our ambition to double the size of our security solutions and electronic security business by 2023. This acquisition complements our North American electronic security business model and will further strengthen our position as the leader in protective services,” says Magnus Ahlqvist, President and CEO, Securitas AB.

FE Moran Security Solutions will become part of Securitas Electronic Security, Inc. (SES) further strengthening Securitas’ leadership in the commercial electronic security industry across North America. SES, like FE Moran Security Solutions, serves the commercial alarm monitoring and systems integration market. The two companies combined further provide a unique specialization in serving large multi-site enterprise-wide national and regional clients.

“We are very excited to welcome FE Moran Security Solutions’ clients and electronic security team members to Securitas. Acquiring FE Moran Security Solutions provides Securitas Electronic Security with increased capabilities and expertise in the Midwest. Their talented team members, excellent client base and strong presence provide our North American electronic security business the opportunity to grow and expand within the region,” says Tony Byerly, President, Securitas Electronic Security, Inc.

“Our team has worked hard over the past 17 years to build one of the country’s leading electronic security providers, so finding the right home for our clients and our associates was extremely important. I am confident Securitas is the right home and is best positioned to not only care for what we’ve accomplished, but to take it to the next level,” said Brett Bean, President & CEO and Founder, FE Moran Security Solutions.


Demery v. Securitas Security Services USA, Inc.

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NOVEMBER 1, 2021 If the Court grants final approval to the settlement, this is the only way to be eligible to receive a payment.

You may submit a Claim by clicking here.

NOVEMBER 1, 2021 This is the only option that allows you to retain your rights to sue Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. for claims that would otherwise be released by the settlement of the Action.

NOVEMBER 1, 2021 Write to the Settlement Administrator about why you object to (i.e., don’t like) the settlement and think it shouldn’t be approved.

JANUARY 6, 2022 AT 2:00 PM The Court will hold a “Final Approval Hearing” to consider the settlement, the request for attorneys’ fees and expenses of the lawyers who brought the Action (“Class Counsel”), and the request for a service award to the plaintiff who brought the Action (“Class Representative”).You may, but are not required to, speak at the Final Approval Hearing.

DO NOTHING You will not receive a payment, even if the Court gives final approval to the settlement. You will also be giving up any claims you may have against Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. (and the other released parties) that are released by the settlement of the Action.

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It's who we are. It's what we do.

Securitas has become one of the largest and most trusted electronic security providers in the world. Securitas Electronic Security offers a full portfolio of video, access, intrusion, fire and integrated systems & services.


What We Offer

SES has built its reputation on its security expertise to become one of the largest and most trusted security providers in the world with a full portfolio of intrusion, fire, video, access and integrated systems & services.



SES has built its reputation on its security expertise to become one of the largest and most trusted security providers in the world with a full portfolio of intrusion, fire, video, access and integrated systems.

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SES embraces a services-driven approach to security to make your environments more secure and efficient. Focused beyond devices and components, we work with you to pair your solutions with the security services you need to make them work for you.

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SES has a comprehensive portfolio of security services and solutions, which are made possible by highly-specialized capabilities that tailored to our core focus: business customers.

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Security securitas

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