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Sours: https://www.dhw-architects.com/utc-library
  • Postmodern Library Architecture



The 18,000-square-foot, LEED-certified library is a jewel in UTC's crown. Made of metal, glass and brick, it houses a variety of spaces, including an advanced media studio, more than 200 computers, and 37 study rooms, as well as shelving for books and media. The five-story building has a modern feel that blends in well with the university's older buildings. Expansive windows on all floors provide natural light and good views of the UTC campus, downtown and the surrounding area. Interior finishes include cork floors and custom carpets. Custom end caps on the shelving coordinates with the custom design of carrels, computer stations and library tables. The UTC library has traditional ties to the past, but is prepared to deal with changes in technology and evolving learning styles. Joint venture project.

Sours: https://artech.pro/projects-all/the-university-of-tennessee-chattanooga-library
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Databases Page: Our Databases Page is a searchable/browsable list of the majority of our licensed databases.

Authentication: To have your identity verified. You must be authenticated as a UTC user on different platforms to gain access to UTC licensed electronic resources. If you are on campus, your IP authenticates you by location. If you are off-campus, you may need to sign in using your UTC ID and Password to access content.

Bookmark: A stored location for quick retrieval at a later date. Web browsers provide bookmarks that contain the addresses (URLs) of favorite sites. You may have a bookmarks toolbar on your browser.

Browser: A web browser is program with a user interface for interacting with the world wide web. For example, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox are all different browsers.

Cache: A temporary storage area in memory or on disk that holds the most recently downloaded Web pages. You may need to clear your cache occasionally to clear your browser's memory. 

Content: We use the term content to describe library materials like journals, ejournals, books, ebooks, streaming video, articles, newspapers, etc.

Embargo/Moving Wall: some publishers delay full-text access to the latest issues of their journals in databases from JSTOR, ProQuest, EBSCO, and Gale. These delays can range from a month to 6 years. As time passes, more issues are usually added for a journal with an embargo. In our “Quick Search” catalog, these delays will be indicated under the available dates in the blue “View Online” section (e.g. “Most Recent 1 Year Not Available”).

eResource: Any library material that is accessed electronically including databases, online journals, ebooks, and streaming media.

IP: Internet Protocol is a communication protocol that enables networking on the internet.

IP Address: Internet Protocol address is a number assigned to every device on any computer network that uses internet protocol to communicate. For example, your personal computer has its own IP Address.

Platform: Basic hardware and software on which applications are run. For example, ProQuest Ebook Central is a platform where we can access ebooks licensed by ProQuest.

Proxy Server: : All traffic to our library electronic resources is routed through the proxy server. Regardless of whether you’re on or off-campus, you will need to log in with your UTC ID and password. If you’re already logged in with your UTC ID in the same browser, then you should not have to log in again to access library databases.

Simultaneous User Limits: The number of UTC users who can access a database at the same time. The vast majority of UTC electronic resources allow unlimited simultaneous users but there are a few exceptions.

Vendor: A vendor is a company that we purchase or license content from. We acquire content from many vendors like ProQuest, Taylor & Francis, EBSCO, Elsevier, etc.

Sours: https://guides.lib.utc.edu/database-access-help
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