Kcs school calendar 2020 21


DateDescriptionJuly 28-29-30Prof. Development Day 1; Day 2; Day 3 – FlexAug 4, 5, 6Staff Dev. TE Day 1 – 3Aug 9Planning DayAug 10Opening Day TeachersAug 11First Day for StudentsSeptember 6Labor Day – Holiday – No SchoolOct 4-8Fall BreakNovember 24Prof. Development Day 4– Flex

(24 hours of PD required by this date)

November 25Thanksgiving -Holiday – No SchoolNovember 26No SchoolDecember 20, 2021 – Jan 1, 2022Christmas Break – No SchoolJanuary 17MLK Day – Holiday – No SchoolApril 4-8Tentative Spring Break (Possible Make Up Days)May 17Last Day for StudentsMay 18Closing Day for TeachersMay 19TE Day 4IMPORTANT DATESPossible Make –Up DaysSpring BreakProfessional Development 4Flex – July 28, 29, 30 and Nov. 24Planning Day; Opening & Closing DaysPL Aug 9; OP Aug 10; CL May 18Teacher Equivalent Days 5Aug 4, 5, 6 , May 19 plus 2 PT conf.
Sours: https://www.knoxkyschools.com/calendar

2021-2022 Knox County Schools Calendar

November 16 (Tuesday)

End 41/2 Grading Period

November 24-26 (Wednesday-Friday)

Thanksgiving Holidays


December 17 (Friday)

1/2 day for students; End Second 9-weeks Grading Period (41 days); End First Semester (85 days)

December 20-31 (10 Days)

Winter Holidays



January 3 (Monday)

In-service Day (1/2 day--School-based); Administrative Day (1/2 day–Teacher Work Day); (Student Holiday)

January 4 (Tuesday)

First Day for Students after Winter Holidays

January 17 (Monday)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Holiday


February 4 (Friday)

End 41/2 Grading Period

February 21 (Monday)

Presidents Day – 1/2 day PreK-12 System-wide; 1/2 day School-based; (Student Holiday)


March 11 (Friday)

End First 9-weeks Grading Period (Third 9-weeks Grading Period) (47 days)

March 14-18 (Monday-Friday)

Spring Break


April 15 (Friday)


April 18 (Monday)


April 22 (Friday)

End 41/2 Grading Period


May 3 (Tuesday)

In-service (School Based) (Student Holiday)

May 25 (Wednesday)

Last Day for Students (1/2 day for students); End Second 9-weeks Grading Period (Fourth 9-weeks Grading Period); (45 days) End Second Semester (92 days)

May 26 (Thursday)

Administrative Day (Teacher Work Day) – Last Day for Teachers


June 19 (Sunday)

Juneteenth - Holiday

Calendar Summary


Instructional Days (excludes days earned through extended hours)


Scheduled Administrative Days


Unscheduled In-service Days


Unscheduled Parent-Teacher Contact Hours (formerly Teacher-Parent Conference Day)


Scheduled In-service Days

Sours: https://www.knoxschools.org/domain/2295
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21 kcs school calendar 2020

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