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YakGear Releases DeckMat and DeckMat Cooler Pads

Distributed by YakGear, DeckMat creates safe surfaces for your kayak or decking while DeckMat Cooler Pads transform coolers to meet your needs.

DeckMat Cooler Pads

Showcase your personal style the next time you use your cooler on your favorite outdoor adventure with a DeckMat Cooler Pad. Designed to fit YETI coolers and other roto-molded cooler brands, the pad’s ultra-high quality EVA foam and easy peel-and-stick application lets you adhere them virtually anywhere. At 6 millimeters thick, it also makes for a great seat cushion.

Featuring multiple sizes and three different colors — hunter camo/black, slate gray and urban camo — DeckMat Cooler Pads give outdoor enthusiasts a padded surface for sitting or standing.


DeckMat sheets come in three different bulk sizes and nine different color patterns to use for your kayak or for your next DIY project. These sheets provide additional safety with non-slip surfaces you can apply almost anywhere on your kayak. Also, the sheets are great for swim platforms, helm areas, complete cockpits, accent areas such as under gunwales, inside storage lockers or as step pads entering the boat.

Installation is quick and easy for both DeckMat products carried by YakGear. You can apply your DeckMat Cooler Pad and DeckMat to most surfaces — smooth or non-skid fiberglass, aluminum or steel surfaces, painted or sealed wood and plastic.

Learn more about DeckMat Cooler Pads and DeckMat.

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Sours: https://yakgear.com/yakgear-releases-deckmat-and-deckmat-cooler-pads/

Non Slip Traction Mat - Non-Skid Marine Boat Flooring & Paddleboard Grip Pad - Versatile Mats for Paddle Board, Kayak, Surfboard, Skimboard, SUP & Deck Floor Padding - Customizable 3M EVA Foam Sheet

The PUNT SURF 20x20, 34x9, 13x6 Traction Non-Slip Grip Mat is your versatile friend that provides non-slip grip on any board or watercraft.

Use it on your boat deck, surfboard, skimboard, skateboard, or SUP. Use it as a whole piece or customize and trim it into a few pieces. This pad is made with the highest quality and lightest EVA foam and 3M adhesive.

Guaranteed Lifetime Enjoyment: This pad takes only minutes to apply, but is guaranteed to stick forever on your board. That's because we only use the best 3M peel & stick adhesive on all our products and ultralight, marine-grade EVA foam.

PUNT SURF 100% Stoke Guarantee: If for any reason you're not 100% stoked with our traction pad, simply contact us for a no hassles full refund or replacement. We're a homegrown company from California, and we test our products in all conditions to make sure they're the best out there. We KNOW you'll be stoked.

LOVE OUR PLANET, CHOOSE PUNT SURF: Making premium products for all isn't enough. We care about our environment and giving back. As a proud member of 1% for the Planet, we stand alongside companies such as Patagonia and Cliff Bar as we donate a portion of every sale to nonprofits dedicated to protecting our oceans and environment.

Experience what thousands are stoked about. Take advantage of our limited time spring sale, click "Add to Cart" right now!

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/PUNT-SURF-Traction-Non-Slip-Grip/dp/B07X5KD54C
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Product Spotlight: YakGear DeckMat Pads

YakGear’s DeckMat is made from ultra-high quality EVA foam and uses an easy peel-and-stick application making them extremely versatile to apply almost anywhere on your watercraft—swim platforms, helm areas, complete cockpits, accent areas such as under gunwales, inside storage lockers, or as step pads entering the boat.

Use them to customize your kayak, canoe, or boat exactly the way you want it. The matting’s installation is quick and easy and will adhere to most surfaces, smooth or non-skid fiberglass, aluminum or steel surfaces, painted or sealed wood, and even plastic. With YakGear’s DeckMat you are only limited by your creativity and imagination.

Sizes available:

  • 12×38 inches
  • 18×38 inches
  • 39×79 inches

Colors available:

  • Black
  • Gray
  • Off White
  • Urban Camo
  • Blue Camo
  • Black Camo

Patterns available:

  • Traction/Stripe
  • Diamond Plate (Black and Gray Only)
  • Sharks Tooth (Black and Gray Only)

Installation is quick and easy with DeckMat products carried by YakGear. You can apply your DeckMat to most surfaces — smooth or non-skid fiberglass, aluminum or steel surfaces, painted or sealed wood and plastic.

Learn more here or find a YakGear retailer near you.

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Sours: https://yakgear.com/yakgear-deckmat-pads/
$5.00 Inexpensive Marine Grade Foam Flooring Decking for Fishing Kayaks and Boats

Guide To Kayak Deck Padding

​If you’re looking for kayak deck padding you might find that there’s not a lot of information out there. And that’s why we’ve put together this little guide.

Hopefully we can give you some information on why you might want padding and some tips on how you can install it yourself.

​Why Pad Your Kayak Deck?

Padding your kayak deck can have its benefits. First of all, it can provide a padded platform for standing on. This can help to give you traction when getting in or out of your craft.

It can also provide a non-slip, padded surface so that you can stand up to fish while on the water (if your kayak is stable enough).

As well as its non-slip advantages, it can also be used to minimize sound, as it can act as a type of insulation for soundproofing. This can be useful for kayak fishing, where you don’t want you or your gear to be causing loud knocks on your deck and scaring away all the fish or disturbing the wildlife.

Deck Padding

​What You’re Going To Need

​How To Pad Your Kayak Deck

​Step 1: Measure Your Deck

The first thing you want to do is to measure the areas where you want to install the padding. This should give you an idea of how much padding you will need, as well as give you the measurements for when you cut your padding.

​Step 2: Cut Your Padding

Cut your preferred padding material. This could be a yoga mat, a roll of closed cell foam or neoprene or whatever suitable material you wish to use.

​Step 3: Scrub The Deck

This may be less scrub and more wipe, but using your cleaning solution that’s 50% alcohol and 50% water, spray it onto the deck of your kayak and clean the area with your paper towels.

​Video: How To Install Deck Padding

This should remove any dirt and residue from your kayak so that you can apply your padding to a clean surface.

​Step 4: Allow It To Dry

While your kayak deck is drying, you can lay out all your padding pieces on your deck so that you know you have the right shapes and sizes for all the areas you want to pad.

​Step 5: Apply The Adhesive

Now that all your pieces are laid out and your surface is dry you can apply your adhesive onto the back of your padding. This should be done one piece at a time to prevent the glue from drying before you have a chance to stick it down.

Barge Cement or Gorilla Waterproof Adhesive tape can be ideal for gluing foam or neoprene to your kayak. If you’re using padding that already has a peel-off adhesive you may not need the additional glue.

​Step 6: Install Your Padding

With your adhesive in place on your padding, press it down onto the deck of your kayak so that it sticks evenly. Repeat the process for each piece of your padding.

​Step 7: Allow To Dry

Follow the instructions for the adhesive you used and allow the glue to set for the recommended time. Once it’s fully dry you should be ready to hit the water with your new padded kayak.


Kayak deck padding can enhance your fishing trip by reducing noise on deck and can give you a more comfortable surface to stand on.

Hopefully you enjoyed our tutorial and can give it a go yourself. Leave us a comment to let us know how you get on and if you have any tips of your own to share with us. Feel free to share this if you thought it was helpful.

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Sours: https://kayakguru.com/kayak-deck-padding/

Deck padding kayak

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How To install DIY Deck Pad

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