Predictive synonym

predictive value


The likelihood that a positive test result indicates disease or that a negative test result excludes disease.



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Words nearby predictive value

predict, predictability, predictable, prediction, predictive, predictive value, predictor, predictory, predigest, predikant, predilection

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How to use predictive value in a sentence

  • But there's a ton of value for me in my background and my history, and losing it would be a shame.

    My Week on Jewish Tinder|Emily Shire|January 5, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • There is reference after reference to the “black community,” “black worth ethic,” and adherence to the “black value system.”

    Reverend Jeremiah Wright Was Worse Than Scalise|Ron Christie|January 2, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • As Randy notes, “Maybe there is a value in shining a light on this and asking the questions.”

    Your Husband Is Definitely Gay: TLC’s Painful Portrait of Mormonism|Samantha Allen|January 1, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • Canned drinks like Mercy contain up 5,000 percent of the daily value of certain vitamins.

    History's Craziest Hangover Cures|Justin Jones|December 30, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • For me and some of my students, 2014 was the year of rediscovering old resources whose value is not exhausted yet.

    American Democracy Under Threat for 250 Years|Jedediah Purdy|December 28, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Other things being equal, the volume of voice used measures the value that the mind puts upon the thought.

    Expressive Voice Culture|Jessie Eldridge Southwick

  • Of course the expression of this value is modified and characterized by the nature of the thing spoken of.

    Expressive Voice Culture|Jessie Eldridge Southwick

  • Was a pupil of Caspar Netscher of Heidelberg, whose little pictures are of fabulous value.

    Women in the fine arts, from the Seventh Century B.C. to the Twentieth Century A.D.|Clara Erskine Clement

  • He must trust to his human merits, and not miracles, for his Sonship is of no value in this conflict.

    Solomon and Solomonic Literature|Moncure Daniel Conway

  • The living (value £250) is in the gift of trustees, and is now held by the Rev. M. Parker, Vicar.

    Showell's Dictionary of Birmingham|Thomas T. Harman and Walter Showell



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[ pri-dik-tiv ]

/ prɪˈdɪk tɪv /


of or relating to prediction: The predictive power of the software is its ability to analyze relationships in the data at a speed and on a scale not previously possible.

used or useful for predicting or foretelling the future: Astrologers look for predictive signs among the stars.

being an indication of the future or of future conditions: The cold wind was predictive of snow.

Digital Technology. relating to or being computer or smartphone software that uses the text just entered in a message or document to suggest words that may be wanted next: There's a combination of artificial intelligence and special algorithms in the code that makes the predictive text happen.



We could talk until we're blue in the face about this quiz on words for the color "blue," but we think you should take the quiz and find out if you're a whiz at these colorful terms.

Question 1 of 8

Which of the following words describes “sky blue”?

Origin of predictive

First recorded in 1630–40; from Late Latin praedictīvus “foretelling”; see predict, -ive




Words nearby predictive

predicatory, predict, predictability, predictable, prediction, predictive, predictive value, predictor, predictory, predigest, predikant Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2021

Words related to predictive

foreboding, guessing, prognostic, prognosticative, anticipating, auguring, conjecturing, divining, foretelling, portending, presaging, surmising

How to use predictive in a sentence

  • One of the primary reasons companies are entering the space is to capitalize on the power of predictive purchasing.

    AI chat bots can bring you back from the dead, sort of|Dalvin Brown|February 4, 2021|Washington Post

  • People with brain injuries due to trauma can also lose that predictive superpower.

    This Is Where Empathy Lives in the Brain, and How It Works|Shelly Fan|February 2, 2021|Singularity Hub 

  • Since 2016, law enforcement agencies in San Diego have spent millions on a data-analytics company known for its predictive policing platform, with ties to immigration and intelligence authorities — all while bypassing open discussion.

    Local Law Enforcement Quiet on Relationships With ‘Predictive Policing’ Company|Jesse Marx|February 2, 2021|Voice of San Diego

  • It’s not surprising that the older you get, the more predictive value your race results have.

    Testing Whether Fast Kids Make Future Champions|Alex Hutchinson|January 29, 2021|Outside Online

  • He also notes that only about 20% of HireVue’s customers currently opt to use the predictive analytics feature of the software—the rest use humans to review the candidates’ videos—but that it’s becoming increasingly popular.

    HireVue drops facial monitoring amid A.I. algorithm audit|Jeremy Kahn|January 19, 2021|Fortune

  • Sproutling, the first predictive wearable for babies, is no doubt impressive.

    Are We Turning Our Babies Into Real Life Tamagotchis?|Brandy Zadrozny|August 7, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Predictive tech is either the most revolutionary idea of a generation, or the end of thinking as we know it.

    Your Gadgets Can Now Decide Everything For You Before the Thoughts Have Even Crossed Your Mind|Charlotte Lytton|January 27, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Applied Predictive Technologies is based in unfashionable suburban Ballston, Virginia.

    Business Longreads for the Week of October 19, 2013|William O’Connor|October 21, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • These elements of “swagger” would seem to be positive attitudes predictive of a certain sort of success.

    Barbara Fredrickson’s Bestselling ‘Positivity’ Is Trashed by a New Study|Will Wilkinson|August 16, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • There is something to those things; the predictive power of the SAT has been rightly questioned.

    The Supreme Court Steps Back From Tokenism Under a New Name|John McWhorter|June 24, 2013|DAILY BEAST

  • It seems to have no song, no voice, but this harsh predictive note; and it in great measure ceases with the storms of spring.

    The Rain Cloud|Anonymous

  • Hence, the strenuous effort is made to destroy predictive prophecy concerning the person of the Son of God.

    The Testimony of the Bible Concerning the Assumptions of Destructive Criticism|S. E. Wishard

  • No such carefully elaborated programme as this is found in any other predictive utterance.

    Who Wrote the Bible?|Washington Gladden

  • Hence the attempt to admit their predictive truth, and yet deny their divine authority, by ascribing them to human sagacity.

    Fables of Infidelity and Facts of Faith|Robert Patterson

  • It is gained without pressing their claim to predictive power, at least beyond the horizons of their own period.

    Lux Mundi|Various

British Dictionary definitions for predictive



of, relating to, or making predictions

text messaging(of mobile phone technology) enabling mobile phones to predict the word being entered in a text message from the first few letterspredictive texting

Derived forms of predictive

predictively, adverb

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Synonyms for Predictive:

What is another word for predictive?

165 synonyms found


[ pɹɪdˈɪktɪv], [ pɹɪdˈɪktɪv], [ p_ɹ_ɪ_d_ˈɪ_k_t_ɪ_v]
  • adj.

    all (adjective)apocalyptic (adjective)apocalyptical (adjective)fateful (adjective)mantic (adjective)Other relevant words: (adjective)
    • foresight,
    • vatical,
    • foreshadowing,
    • prophetical,
    • vatic,
    • Vaticinal,
    • Augural,
    • prophetic,
    • Pythonic,
    • mantic.
    prophetic (adjective)
    • fore-shadowing,
    • most foreshadowing,
    • fore shadowing,
    • more delphian,
    • more prophetical,
    • more presaging,
    • most prophetical,
    • more foreshadowing,
    • most delphian,
    • most presaging.
  • n.

    • asynchronous,
    • bursty,
    • active,
    • compatibility,
    • best-of-breed,
    • compatible,
    • case-sensitive,
    • backward-compatible,
    • clickable,
    • Antivirus.
    Other relevant words: (noun)
    • foretelling,
    • foresee,
    • foreknowledge,
    • scenario,
    • divinatory,
    • Foretokening,
    • death knell,
    • predictably,
    • give,
    • prophesy,
    • palmistry,
    • divination,
    • telepathy,
    • gut,
    • intuit,
    • precognition,
    • hunch,
    • predictable,
    • follow,
    • second sight,
    • prescient,
    • nasty,
    • foreboding,
    • crystal ball,
    • inkling,
    • intuition,
    • tell,
    • prediction,
    • sink,
    • sixth sense,
    • money,
    • read,
    • augur,
    • bode,
    • no,
    • far-sighted,
    • intuitive,
    • indicative,
    • herald,
    • omen,
    • scent,
    • prophecy,
    • visionary,
    • prefigurative,
    • portentous,
    • projection,
    • signpost,
    • predictability,
    • envisage,
    • palm,
    • bet,
    • instinct,
    • forecast,
    • foreseeable,
    • cross,
    • prefigure,
    • writing,
    • ominous,
    • unreasoning,
    • fortune,
    • shape,
    • portend,
    • foreshadow,
    • predictor,
    • spectre,
    • premonition,
    • prognosticative,
    • psychic,
    • clairvoyant,
    • bellwether,
    • ill,
    • sinister,
    • augury,
    • presage,
    • predict,
    • prognostic,
    • second-guess,
    • preindicative,
    • foretell,
    • straw.
  • Other synonyms:

    portentous Other relevant words (noun):
    • premonitory,
    • anticipatory,
    • fortunetelling,
    • Fatidical,
    • significant,
    • Presaging,
    • fatidic,
    • Conjecturing,
    • sibyllic,
    • Weatherwise,
    • Divining,
    • Prefiguring,
    • farsighted,
    • Auguring,
    • Predicting,
    • warning,
    • Precursive,
    • precursory,
    • Predictional,
    • forewarning,
    • foreseeing,
    • analytic,
    • oracular,
    • Fatiloquent,
    • forerunning,
    • Anticipating,
    • monitory,
    • apocalyptical,
    • meaningful,
    • sibylline,
    • Presageful,
    • guessing,
    • Surmising,
    • Predictory,
    • analytical,
    • foreshowing,
    • Presignifying,
    • forecasting,
    • Portending,
    • inspired,
    • Weather-wise.
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The definition of auspicious is a situation that is positive or indicative of good things to come or is someone who is lucky.


(--- Archaic) On, to, or toward the left-hand side; left


Of, relating to, or useful in prognosis.


The definition of imminent is something that is likely to happen very soon.


Of or being an omen, especially an evil one.


Of or relating to prediction

Find another word for predictive. In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for predictive, like: auspicious, sinister, prognostic, portentous, forbidding, imminent, estimation, ominous, prognosticative, foresight and diagnostic.

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Synonym predictive

She is 42, he is 35. She has a husband and an adult daughter, he has a wife and two teenage sons. But it turned out that way. A common phrase is an excuse when something goes wrong.

Then everything went, as usual, I am already below between her legs, my tongue is actively working, she moans. When my beloved finished, I climb on her. And then she breaks off everything for me: She gets up and goes to the bath. I'm crazy. My wife did not give it to me.

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(Mom didnt have time to finish, Sasha slammed the door of her room). Entering the room, she closed the door, took off her jacket and T-shirt. She unbuttoned her bra at the back and put it on the Sofa. I looked at myself and saw that I had forgotten to button up my jeans fly. Apparently that's why it was so cold.

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