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1. There is only one secure foundation: a genuine, deep relationship with Jesus Christ, which will carry you through any and all turmoil. No matter what storms are raging all around, you'll stand firm if you stand on His love.
- Charles Stanley

2. Nobody wanted your dance,Nobody wanted your strange glitter, your flounderingDrowning life and your effort to save yourself,Treading water, dancing the dark turmoil,Looking for something to give.
- Ted Hughes, Birthday Letters

3. So no, I’m not too big on religion...and not very fond of politics or economics either...And why should I be? They are the man-created trinity of terrors that ravages the earth and deceives those I care about. What mental turmoil and anxiety does any human face that is not related to one of those three?
- Wm. Paul Young, The Shack

2. turmoil

noun. ['ˈtɝːˌmɔɪl'] violent agitation.

3. turmoil

noun. ['ˈtɝːˌmɔɪl'] disturbance usually in protest.

  • upheaval
  • disturbance
  • hullabaloo
  • agitation
  • fall
  • inactivity
  • sorrow
  • exciting
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But here was none of all that turmoilof the world at large, where he did not know his right place and took mistaken decisions; here was no Sonya with whom he ought, or ought not, to have an explanation; here was no possibility of going there or not going there; here there were not twenty-four hours in the day which could be spent in such a variety of ways; there was not that innumerable crowd of people of whom not one was nearer to him or farther from him than another; there were none of those uncertain and undefined money relations with his father, and nothing to recall that terrible loss to Dolokhov.

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The gray house at Orchard Slope was in a turmoilof baking and brewing and boiling and stewing, for there was to be a big, old-timey wedding.

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They hesitated to advance; but, as the noise did no harm, they entered through the whitewashed wall and quickly discovered the cause of the turmoil. Inside were suspended many sheets of tin or thin iron, and against these metal sheets a row of donkeys were pounding their heels with vicious kicks.

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I, too, was afraid, and what of my discovery of how much she meant to me my mind was in a turmoil; but, I succeeded in answering quite calmly:

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Summary: Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], July 7 (ANI): Amid allegations by the Congress party that BJP is behind the political turmoilthat has engulfed the state, it has emerged that state unit of the BJP has booked 30 rooms for two days in Ramada Hotel on Doddaballapur Road here for its MLAs.

BJP books 30 rooms for its MLAs in Bengaluru hotel

QUETTA -- Provincial Spokesman Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Babar Yousafzai has vowed to end electricity turmoilin Balochistan added PTI has been informed QESCO officials regarding problems of masses due to unannounced load shedding.

Babar Yousafzai pledges to address electricity issue

Obsession's new TurmoilRZ was designed to rattle the standard of value-oriented compound bows, resulting in a working man's bow with performance well beyond the price.

Disruptive Performance

THE Specials' frontman Terry Hall says the band is still relevant today because "the country is in turmoil".


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With a timescale set for each TURMOIL: THE HEAT IS ON PC HHHH H expedition, it's easy to make and lose a fair bit of cash in a short space of time.


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Synonyms of turmoil in English:


See US English definition of turmoil

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See Spanish definition of confusión


1‘a time of great political turmoil’


confusion, upheaval, upheavals, turbulence, tumult, disorder, commotion, disturbance, agitation, ferment, unrest, trouble, disruption, upset, convulsions, chaos, mayhem, pandemonium, bedlam, uproar


Sturm und Drang

North American informal tohubohu

archaic moil, coil


    in turmoil

    ‘as he spoke, his mind was in turmoil’


    in confusion, in a whirl, at sixes and sevens

    reeling, spinning, disorientated

    informal all over the place, not knowing whether one is coming or going

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[ tur-moil ]

/ ˈtɜr mɔɪl /


a state of great commotion, confusion, or disturbance; tumult; agitation; disquiet: mental turmoil caused by difficult decisions.

Obsolete. hard labor; toil.



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Origin of turmoil

First recorded in 1520–30; originally as verb: “to agitate”; etymology uncertain; perhaps tur(n) + moil

Words nearby turmoil

turle knot, Turlock, turlough, turmeric, turmeric paper, turmoil, turn, turn a blind eye to, turnabout, Turnabout is fair play, turn a deaf ear

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Words related to turmoil

anxiety, riot, confusion, violence, strife, unrest, disturbance, tumult, turbulence, trouble, ailment, agitation, disquiet, ruckus, hassle, free-for-all, anxiousness, whirl, flap, commotion

How to use turmoil in a sentence

  • The final blow for the site rankings was dealt thereafter when, amid the turmoil, website operations were restructured to more closely mirror the countries’ sales teams.

    SEO horror stories: Here’s what not to do|Kaspar Szymanski|August 24, 2020|Search Engine Land

  • This is causing considerable stress and turmoil, and is complicated by the inequities in our society, which are painfully apparent now.

    How parents can add purpose and structure to their kids’ online learning|Tara Chklovski|August 20, 2020|Quartz

  • It created turmoil and set a timer on TikTok’s ongoing efforts to find a buyer for its American operations.

    TikTok made him famous. Now he’s imagining a world without it|Abby Ohlheiser|August 14, 2020|MIT Technology Review

  • All of that turmoil might, in its own way, be an effort to avoid the deeper turmoil caused by a thimbleful of 37 genes.

    Sex Is Driven by the Impetus to Change - Issue 88: Love & Sex|Jill Neimark|August 12, 2020|Nautilus

  • Peer said the ban could take a long time to come to fruition because of Israel’s ongoing budget crisis and election turmoil.

    Israel lawmakers move to ban conversion therapy|Kaela Roeder|August 12, 2020|Washington Blade

  • In the wake of this turmoil, the New York Post reported that the police had stopped policing.

    Ground Zero of the NYPD Slowdown|Batya Ungar-Sargon|January 1, 2015|DAILY BEAST

  • He spoke of the present-day tragedies and turmoil that struck the city while he and his classmates were in the academy.

    Cop Families Boo De Blasio at NYPD Graduation|Michael Daly|December 30, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • In the midst of this religious and political turmoil, drug trafficking thrives.

    The Dangerous Drug-Funded Secret War Between Iran and Pakistan|Umar Farooq|December 29, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Isaacs grew up in Britain, first Liverpool, then London, during a period of economic turmoil and conservative revival.

    After The Fall: Introducing The Anti-Villain|Rich Goldstein|December 21, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • In the midst of financial turmoil, the renowned celebrity photographer needed a way to refuel.

    Annie Leibovitz Talks About ‘Pilgrimage,’ Susan Sontag, Vogue & More|Justin Jones|November 20, 2014|DAILY BEAST

  • Major Abbott and his brother officers, trying to keep their men loyal, stood fast and listened to the distant turmoil in the city.

    The Red Year|Louis Tracy

  • Never would the instance that had brought turmoil and strife into his life trouble him again.

    The Homesteader|Oscar Micheaux

  • There was nothing which so quieted the turmoil of Edna's senses as a visit to Mademoiselle Reisz.

    The Awakening and Selected Short Stories|Kate Chopin

  • One should be perfectly happy here—so peaceful, so beautiful, so far removed from the unrest and turmoil of the world.

    The Courier of the Ozarks|Byron A. Dunn

  • Despite darkness and turmoil the quick-eyed coxswain and his mate had noted the incident.

    The Floating Light of the Goodwin Sands|R.M. Ballantyne

British Dictionary definitions for turmoil


violent or confused movement; agitation; tumult


archaicto make or become turbulent

Word Origin for turmoil

C16: perhaps from turn + moil

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Synonym turmoil

Turmoil synonyms


The definition of agitation refers to the process of moving something forcefully or violently.


Bewilderment; distraction


The state or quality of being turbulent:


(Math.) A pattern or state of order existing within apparent disorder, as in the irregularities of a coastline or a snowflake


The definition of a disturbance is an interruption of what should be going on, or a bothersome intrusion.


Strife is defined as the act of conflict or something that is difficult to do.


An uneasy or troubled condition; unease or discontent:


Rapid fluctuation in the pitch of a sound reproduction resulting from variations in the speed of the recording or reproducing equipment.


Calm is defined as a state of peace and tranquility.


Noisy commotion, as of a crowd; uproar


A noisy rushing about; confusion; bustle


(Archaic) Strife; contention.


The prescribed form or customary procedure, as in a meeting or court of law:


Structure in terms of the arrangement, modulation, etc. of chords


An agreement or a treaty to end hostilities:


Anxiety is defined as a feeling of being nervous or worried, often as a result of fear of a possible future event.


Upheaval is a sudden and dramatic change or disruption, often that leads to chaos.


A state of agitation, confusion, or excitement.


A confused sound of many voices; uproar; tumult


A dish, esp. a mixture of meat and vegetables, cooked by stewing


The act of waving or fluttering:


Something, such as a yeast, bacterium, mold, or enzyme, that causes fermentation.

sturm und drang

An early Romantic movement in 18th-cent. German literature and music


Variation in a designated orbit, as of a planet, that results from the influence of one or more external bodies. Gravitational attraction between planets can cause perturbations and cause a planet to deviate from its expected orbit. Perturbations in Neptune's orbit led to the discovery of the object—Pluto—that was causing the perturbation. Perturbations in the orbits of stars have led to the discovery of planetary systems outside of our Solar system.


(Informal) A condition of anxious or heated discomposure; agitation:


(Place, proper) An old insane asylum (in full, St. Mary of Bethlehem), later a hospital for the mentally ill, in London


A form of noise which is intentionally applied to randomize errors which occur in the processing of both digital audio and digital video data


The definition of ado refers to a flurry of activity.

Find another word for turmoil. In this page you can discover 48 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for turmoil, like: agitation, disorder, confusion, turbulence, chaos, excitement, uproar, disturbance, strife, unrest and flutter.

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antonyms for turmoil


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How to use turmoil in a sentence

Caring for children during the day, confronting systemic racism and political turmoil, and moving classrooms and conferences online are all critical tasks that don’t easily coexist with trying to solve the mysteries of the universe.


Major Abbott and his brother officers, trying to keep their men loyal, stood fast and listened to the distant turmoil in the city.


Never would the instance that had brought turmoil and strife into his life trouble him again.


One should be perfectly happy here—so peaceful, so beautiful, so far removed from the unrest and turmoil of the world.




nounlawlessness; absence of government

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