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Cummins and Fleetguard partnered with Catalyst to bring new life to an old product line.  Steel canisters have been used to filter fuel and oil in engines for more than 80 years.  Prior to this project, very few enhancements had been achieved in the design or performance of industrial fuel filters.  Steel canisters have proven to be expensive, heavy and damage prone.  They operate in a harsh environment of drastic temperature changes, harsh chemicals and vibration.   Traditional filters were designed for a single use with a single application for every SKU.  These limits diminish the benefits of contemporary “just–in-time” manufacturing.  There were serious challenges to developing a cost-effective, modular filter that could be manufactured and marketed anywhere in the world.  Instituting an industry-wide paradigm shift would require unique innovation.

Catalyst created a modular, all-resin filter for the Fleetguard User Friendly brand.  The design incorporates unique features never imagined before on legacy metal casing diesel fuel filters.

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The Catalyst design team started by using immersive research to understand the widely accepted design of the conventional filter.  Opportunities for improving the current design emerged during “Voice of Customer” interviews with end users and service center technicians.    After defining the limitations of metal canisters, Catalyst designers explored completely new methods and developed unique features.

Traditional steel filters are normally filled with fuel or oil prior to installation.  Our research revealed that the dome shaped filters routinely fell over prior to installation, creating a mess and requiring refilling.   A unique solution to eliminate spillage was developed by molding ribs in the edge of the domed resin canister allowing the filter to stand on end.   This feature was never an option in legacy metal filters.

Another key insight was discovered during immersive customer research.  Removal of the old filter was a notorious issue.  Most mechanics were not hand-tightening as recommended during installation, instead they were overtightening filters by using wrenches.  Part of the problem was the smooth, painted canisters would not allow a very tight grip during installation.  Once service life was exhausted, the filter would be nearly impossible to remove without destroying the case, causing a leak or damage to other components.   The solution was to extend the standing ribs and texture to assist in firm installation without tools.   Catalyst also designed a one-way square fitting into the end of the canister allowing mechanics to insert a common ¾” ratchet wrench for easy removal.  The patented design solution does not allow the feature to be used for tightening during install.  Catalyst resolved an industry-wide issue with one cost-neutral feature.

Fleetguard manufacturing plants and suppliers each had techniques that were not necessarily shared throughout the corporate umbrella of products.  Suppliers and partners were required to develop proprietary processes and materials to exploit these new found features.  Breaking the challenges down to four key areas made this complex project achievable:

  • Material
  • Media (Filter)
  • Modularity
  • Manufacturability
Fuel Filtration Design


After identifying the four key challenges, cross-functional teams from Cummins/Fleetguard and Catalyst designers applied Design Thinking to each category individually.

Materials: Any proposed materials had to withstand the extreme external environments while also being resilient to internal fuel and oil temperatures.   In order to solve the manufacturability and assembly problems, the same material had to be capable of melting for the spin-welding and flame-embedding process.

Media: Fleetguard’s new synthetic” NanoNet™ Media” features a unique consistent pore size to retain captured particles better than any competitive product.  The new media improves engine protection, provides longer filter life without glass fiber and is generally impervious to water saturation.   In order to seal the pleat endcaps, the new Nano Net Media required a unique approach to replace traditional “potted” filter media seams.   Catalyst worked within the specific capabilities of the Cummins manufacturing facilities while crafting the production process.  A collaborative method of “flame-embedding” the plastic endcaps onto the filter media was used to assemble the inner filter.  This method permanently sealed the filter media, while eliminating the need for adhesives or potting.

Modularity: Another major problem with manufacturing filters for a vast number of applications is the large number of unique components and SKUs of finished products required.  Using a modular approach to the filter design allowed for fewer components to build a larger variety of filter sizes.

Manufacturability: The nutplate and canister from metal filters were converted to resin components with a unique sealing method.  After loading the internal components, the canister is then “spin-welded” to the nut plate flange. The friction between the canister ridge and nutplate groove allows the two resin components to weld together permanently and effectively.  The final result is a cost effective, modular design that provides expanded combinations of technical specs while requiring fewer overall components. The ultimate success is breaking an industry-wide paradigm of what a filter could be.


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Top Movers - Cummins Filtration & Daimler

Primary ApplicationPart NumberDescriptionLinksNotes
Cummins QSB4.5 Tier 4I/Stage IIIBFF63009Stage II User Friendly Filter with XT DesignAll Applications 
Cummins 2010 ISX Engines 15L and 16L engine Cummins 2010 ISX 11.9L engineFF5776Fuel, SecondaryAll Applications 
International Trucks Maxx Force 15FS19765Fuel/Water SeparatorAll Applications 
Cummins X15FF5825NNFuel Filter, NanoNet  
Cummins N14FS1000Fuel/Water Separator Spin-OnAll Applications 
Cummins ISX11.9FS19764Fuel/Water SeparatorAll Applications 
Cummins ISX07FF2200"Pressure-side" fuel filter, StrataPoreAll Applications 
Detroit Diesel Series 60 Post 1991 ENGINESFS19624Fuel Pro or Diesel Pro applied EleMax cartridge, StrataporeAll Applications 
Mack MP7FF5507Fuel Secondary All Applications 
Detroit Diesel DD15FS19915Fuel/Water SeparatorAll Applications 
Primary ApplicationPart NumberDescriptionLinksNotes
Cummins QSK19LF14000NNLube, NanoNetAll Applications 
Cummins QSB5.9LF3970Lube, StrataPore MediaAll Applications 
Detroit Diesel - Series 60LF3620Lube, Full-Flow Spin-OnAll Applications 
Cummins ISL 400LF9009Lube, CombinationAll Applications 
Mercedes Benz OM473LA Tier 4FLF17511Lube, CartridgeAll Applications 
Caterpillar C13LF691ALube, Full-Flow Spin-OnAll Applications 
Caterpillar 3126LF667Lube, Full-Flow Spin-OnAll Applications 
Caterpillar C13LF3654Lube, By-Pass Spin-OnUpgrade with LF17502 
VOLVO Penta TAD1631GELF3675Lube, Full-Flow Spin-OnUpgrade with LF17503 
Cummins 6CTA8.3LF3000Lube, CombinationUpgrade with LF9009 
Primary ApplicationPart NumberDescription
Detroit Diesel - Series 60AF26235Cab Air
Detroit Diesel - Series 60AF26405Cab Air
Cummins ISL & Caterpillar 3176 DieselAF25139MAir, Primary Magnum RS
International Trucks - Maxx Force 9AF27958Cab Air
Detroit Diesel - Series 60AF27879Air
International Trucks - Maxx Force 13AF26103Air, Primary
Caterpillar 3126EAF4878Air, Primary Magnum RS
Freightliner M2 AF26154Air, Primary
Kubota D722AF25550Air, Primary Magnum RS
International Trucks - Maxx Force 7AF26430Cab Air

General Product Information

The Fleetguard Warranty – Best in the Industry

When you buy a Cummins Filtration product, you are assured superior warranty protection from the point of purchase throughout the recommended life of the product. Unlike industry competitors, our warranty coverage is not pro-rated, which means you are fully protected through the recommended service life of the product. These factors make the Cummins Filtration Warranty one of the best in the industry.

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Engine maker and power distribution company Cummins Inc. reported a widespread recovery in Q2 sales and income across the board as it topped analyst estimates for revenue and income.

“The strength of the order board reflects robust underlying demand in many of our markets which is remarkable considering the challenges and uncertainty we faced during this same period last year,” Chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger said in a press release.

That uncertainty may return in the second half, CFRA analyst Elizabeth Vermillion wrote in an investor note.

“We see rising costs and inefficiencies due to global supply chain constraints as a drag on margins,” she said. “We expect supply chain headwinds to weigh more heavily on margin in the second half of 2021.”

Filtering out filtration?

Cummins (NYSE: CMI) also disclosed in its financials that it is looking into spinning off its filtration business unit as a separate company. The business had sales of about $1.2 billion in 2020. Its global markets include North America, India and China.

Founded in 1958, Cummins Filtration offers products used in on-highway, heavy-, medium- and light-duty trucks, off-highway industrial equipment, and power generation systems. 

“Cummins Filtration has grown consistently, and as an independent company, would have the opportunity to accelerate growth as it further diversifies into new products and end markets,” the press release said.

“The Cummins board, along with management, believes a separation could realize value for Cummins and its stakeholders by, among other things, unlocking value for shareholders,” the company said.

During the first wave of the COVID pandemic last year, Cummins repurposed filtration material to make N-95 masks.

“Cummins Filtration is a technology leader with global presence and significant runway for continued growth,” Linebarger said, adding the business and market conditions will determine the timing for a move.

By the numbers

Revenues of $6.1 billion increased 59% from the year-ago pandemic-impacted quarter. Sales in North America increased 74%. International revenues increased 42%. Cummins expects full-year revenue to be 20%-24% above a year ago.

Net income was $600 million compared to $276 million, or $1.86 per share a year ago. Diluted earnings per share were $4.10 compared to the consensus estimate of $4.03.

Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization in the second quarter were $974 million, or 15.9% of sales, compared to $549 million, or 14.3% of sales a year ago. The company expects EBITDA  to range from 15.5% to 16% for the year, consistent with prior guidance. 

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Exclusive: Cummins to explore sale of its filtration business - sources

(Reuters) - Cummins Inc CMI.N, a U.S. manufacturer of engines for large trucks, is preparing to explore the sale of a business that makes filters and coolants, potentially valuing it at more than $1.5 billion, according to people familiar with the matter.

The move comes as weak heavy-duty truck production in North America and poor global demand for power generation equipment have hit the company’s profits. However, filtration businesses are still seen as financially resilient.

Earlier on Thursday, Parker-Hannifin Corp PH.N, which makes motion and control systems for the industrial and aerospace markets, said it would buy air filtration system maker Clarcor Inc CLC.N for about $4.3 billion, including debt.

Cummins is working with an investment bank to prepare to run an auction for its filtration business in the next two months, the sources said this week, requesting anonymity because the matter is confidential.

A Cummins spokeswoman declined to comment.

Cummins’ filtration business offers more than 8,300 products, including air, fuel, lube and hydraulic filters, as well as fuel water separators, coolants and fuel additives.

The potential sale also comes after German industrial filter maker Mann + Hummel completed its acquisition of U.S. peer Affinia last May to boost its annual sales by $1 billion, or more than a third, and gain access to the U.S. market for heavy-duty and hydraulic filters.

Truck makers have experienced a drop in sales this year as lackluster economic growth and high retail inventories have discouraged many trucking companies from putting in orders for new vehicles.

Based in Columbus, Indiana, Cummins makes diesel and natural gas engines and engine-related component products for the truck and industrial markets. It earned $1.4 billion last year on sales of $19.1 billion.

Last month, Cummins reiterated its downbeat full-year revenue forecast and said quarterly sales in its engine unit were down 12 percent from a year earlier.


Filtration cummins

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