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Adding Events to your BuddyPress site with Events Manager

Adding Events to your BuddyPress site with Events Manager

Version Installed: Events Manager V, Events Manager Email User V 1.2.3

Events Manager is a rich featured Events plugin for WordPress/BuddyPress. Truth be told it is probably overkill for many BuddyPress sites however it does offer good integration with BuddyPress and it’s diverse range of options mean that it should be the only Events Manager you will ever need.

Installing Events Manager

Events Manager is installed by navigating to Dashboard>>Plugins>>Add New and searching for Events Manager (By Marcus and Nutsmuggler) then click on “Install” and then “Activate”.

On Installation Events Manager creates the following new pages for your site; It creates the parent page of Events and the child pages of Categories, Locations, My Bookings and Tags. You can add these pages to your sites main menu by accessing Dashboard>>Appearance>>Menus. Once some events have been created, the Events page will show a summary of forthcoming events, Locations will display events by location, Categories will display events by Category, Tags will do the same for Tags and My Bookings will display any forthcoming events booked by the site member.

Events Manager also installs a useful Calendar widget which displays the current months calendar and identifies forthcoming events, providing a clickable link to them. Also included is an Event Locations widget which shows a list of events by location.

For my installations I also install the plugin Events Manager Email User which allows Events Coordinators to email any members who have registered to attend an event.

Configuring Events Manager

Events Manager comes with a comprehensive range of configuration options, too many to cover in detail here. You can access these by going to Dashboard>>Events>>Settings. Within here there are tabs covering General Settings, Pages, User Capabilities, Formatting, Bookings and Emails.

The important sections here are the General settings section, where you configure which aspects of Events Manager you are going to enable, and User Capabilities, where you configure who has the ability to create and edit events by user Role. So you may want to give all Contributor level members the ability to create and edit their own events and recurring events. Events Manager has many other options, it’s good to familiarise yourself with these but at the moment simply enabling events for your user types is sufficient to allow the events system to become operational.

Once you have configured who can create events they will also have the ability to + New an Event and in their BuddyPress Toolbar they get an additional “My Events” option.

Using Events Manager

Once installed, Events Manager adds an Events section to the BuddyPress Toolbar, within it there are the following options: My Profile, My Bookings, Events I’m attending and My Events Bookings. For those that have been enabled the correct event creation rights there are also Add New (+ New) options of Events, Locations and Recurring Events.

Clicking on + New>> Event allows you to set up an event, which will have a Title, Description, Date and Time and a Location. Once these have been configured then the event will be displayed in the various forthcoming event views and site members will be able to book to attend them.


Events Manager is a powerful plugin that supports a wide range of Event scenarios, it is full featured and well integrated into BuddyPress. You can use this to ad Events to your BuddyPress Social Network.


I've been setting up and managing BuddyPress social networks for a few years. I moved from Ning and other platforms and have come to BuddyPress looking to make sites with similar features to them.


Plugin Review – BuddyPress Docs

BuddyPress Docs adds collaborative documents to BuddyPress. This means that a person can create a document that can be edited by multiple people.



Plugin Review – BP Block Users

BP Block Users allows BuddyPress site admin to block users from accessing the site, either temporarily or permanently.

Sours: https://buddyuser.com/adding-events-to-your-buddypress-site-with-events-manager

Allow your members to create, edit and delete Events from a tab on their profile in BuddyPress or the BuddyBoss Platform.

Creation screen on a member profile

This plugin:

  • provides a tab on each members’ profile for front-end creation, editing and deletion
  • supports the basic creation and editing of Events
  • provides an option to use the Google Places API for creating locations
  • provides an option to use Google Maps to show Event location
  • creates a custom post type called ‘event’
  • uses WP and BP templates that can be overloaded, so you can adjust them for your theme
  • includes a widget for displaying upcoming Events

This plugin does NOT have:

  • ticketing
  • calendars – BUT should work with any WP Calendar plugin that supports custom post types
  • recurring events

As an administrator, you can select which member roles can create Events.
And you can select which fields are required.
The settings screen is available under Settings > BP Simple Events

caption here

If you would like support for…

  • search
  • a Map showing all Events
  • a Settings screen for Map options
  • an End date
  • an Image
  • assignment of an Event to a Group
  • an optional ‘Attending’ button per Event
  • a shortcode for the Events Map

…then please see BuddyPress Simple Events Pro.

BuddyPress Simple Events requires WordPress 4.0 or higher and BuddyPress 2.2 or higher and the BuddyBoss Platform. It is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and BuddyPress and the BuddyBoss Platform.

Sours: https://www.philopress.com/products/buddypress-simple-events/
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  2. Snowquill set
  3. Staple synonym

Allow your members to create, edit and delete Events from a tab on their profile in BuddyPress or the BuddyBoss Platform.

This premium version has all the same great features as the free version: BuddyPress Simple Events.

And it supports:

  • search
  • a Map showing all Events
  • a Settings screen for Map options
  • an End date
  • uploading one jpg image per Event – auto-rotated if necessary
  • assignment of an Event to a Group
  • an optional ‘Attending’ button per Event
  • a tab on profile pages which shows all the upcoming Events that the member is attending
  • a widget which displays upcoming Events that the logged-in member is attending
  • a shortcode for the Events Map
  • a text editor for the Event description field


Search on these fields:

  • title / description
  • date range
  • location + distance
  • category

Group Assignment

In wp-admin, under Settings > BP Simple Events, you will see an additional option:
‘Give Groups the option to assign Events’.

When selected, Group Administrators can choose whether to allow group members to assign an event to that group. The option will appear on each group home page under Manage > Events.

Individual Group Setting

The Group home page will then include an ‘Events’ tab that will be populated with all assigned Events.

Event Creation

When creating an Event on their profile, members will see a list of checkboxes for all Groups they belong to that have chosen to allow Event assignment.

They will also see options related to an ‘Attending’ button.

this is the caption

The option to receive emails regarding changes in Event attendance is located on each member profile under Settings > Email.

Depending on the option selected, the list of attendees will appear as names or avatars:



All styles ( buttons, etc. ) will be inherited from your theme.

A language file is provided so you can change or translate all text.

If you do NOT need support for…

  • search
  • a Map showing all Events
  • a Settings screen for Map options
  • an End date
  • an Image
  • an Attending button
  • assignment to a Group
  • a shortcode for the Map
  • a text editor for the Event description field

… then please see our free plugin: BuddyPress Simple Events.

Please note that this plugin uses the Google Maps API.

Please note that this plugin does NOT support networked ( multisite ) installations.

BuddyPress Simple Events Pro requires WordPress 4.0 or higher and BuddyPress 2.2 or higher. It is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and BuddyPress or the Allow your members to create, edit and delete Events from a tab on their profile in BuddyPress or the BuddyBoss Platform.

Your purchase includes a single site License Key that provides support and automatic Update Notices for one year.

Sours: https://www.philopress.com/products/buddypress-simple-events-pro/

The BuddyPress Simple Events is a FREE plugin that allows your BuddyPress members to create, edit and delete events directly from the profile page.

The integration adds a tab for creating events on each user’s profile page.

The integration works and requires the BuddyBoss Platform installed and activated on your website.

BuddyBoss Platform is a fork and forge of the BuddyPress plugin and bbPress plugin. Any plugin developed for the BuddyPress and bbPress plugin is supported by the BuddyBoss Platform.

You do NOT need to install the BuddyPress plugin or the bbPress plugin separately. BuddyBoss Platform acts as a replacement for both the plugins.

Installing the plugin

To install the plugin:

  1. Download the BuddyPress Simple Events plugin from your PhiloPress Account page:
    Buy and download the Pro version – https://www.philopress.com/products/buddypress-simple-events-pro/
  2. Extract the downloaded buddypress-simple-events.zip file to the WordPress plugins folder yourhostname/wordpress/wp-content/plugins
    Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Click the Upload Plugin button. Browse to the download file location, select the buddypress-simple-events.zip & install the plugin.
  3. Click the Activate Plugin button to activate the BuddyPress Simple Events plugin on your website. OR
    To activate the plugin on your website site go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins and then click the Activate button for BuddyPress Simple Events.
BuddyPress Simple Events - Activating the plugin

You must have the BuddyBoss Platform installed and activated on your site for the BuddyPress Simple Events plugin to work.

Creating a new event

To create a new event:

  1. Go to your profile page and then to the Events tab.
  2. Click the Create Event option.
  3. Enter the details of the event and then click the Save button.
BuddyPress Simple Events - Creating a new event
BuddyPress Simple Events - Preview of a new event

The Pro version allows and includes the following features:

  • search
  • a Map showing all Events
  • a Settings screen for Map options
  • an End date
  • an Image
  • assignment of an Event to a Group
  • an optional ‘Attending’ button per Event
  • a shortcode for the Events Map
Sours: https://www.buddyboss.com/resources/docs/integrations/buddypress-add-ons/buddypress-simple-events/

Events buddypress

Buddypress Setup

Events Manager allows BuddyPress users to manage their events from the front-end your website. Aside from this, your users also can create group events and manage these together.

When both plugins are installed, users will see a new Events menu automatically added to their BuddyPress profile menus. What options they see depends on the permissions they have assigned to their user role from Events > Settings > User Capabilities in the admin area.

User Event Management

My Profile

Available to all users, and is the only public page accessible by other members/guests. Shows a list of events the user is hosting, as well as events they may be attending.

Events I’m Attending

This is the same interface as non-buddypress installations use for logged in users e.g. httpx://yoursite.com/events-page/my-bookings/

My Events (Add/Edit Events)

This is the equivalent to the Add/Edit Events interface in the admin area. You can add a new event by clicking the ‘add new’ link next to the page title. Note that admins will only see events they own, and not all user events like in the admin area.

When an event is published, the event will also appear on the main Events Page (unless you are filtering events).

My Locations

This is equivalent to the Add/Edit Locations interface in the admin area. Note that admins will only see their locations and cannot view other user locations in this interface, unlike in the admin area.

My Event Bookings

This is equivalent to the Add/Edit Locations interface in the admin area. Note that admins will only see their locations and cannot view other user locations in this interface, unlike in the admin area.

Group Events

Group admins can attach events to their group, allowing other group admins to also manage the event and bookings (if allowed). Creating a group event is just like creating a normal event, except that you will have the option of choosing a group to assign the event to.

Once you attach an event to a group, it cannot be unattached. Other group admins will also see the event in their event management panels.

Activity Stream and Notifications

When a user books a place at an event, cancels it, or creates an event, the activity stream is updated. When someone books or cancels a booking for your event, you will also have a notification within the standard buddypress notifications area.

Modifying Page Layouts

All Buddypress page layouts can be modified using template files, which means you can modify the look from your theme folder and not directly modify the plugin. These folders/files are used by EM in BuddyPress:

  • templates/buddypress/ – all these files represent pages in buddypress
  • templates/templates/my-bookings.php – used in the “Events I’m Attending” screens
  • templates/forms/event-editor.php – the add/edit event screen
  • templates/forms/location-editor.php – the add/edit locations screen
Sours: https://wp-events-plugin.com/documentation/buddypress/

If you are planning to add an event creating the option to your WordPress powered website and are unable to do so then you are in the right article. Today we will be telling you about a few best WordPress and BuddyPress community events Calendar Plugins that will let you add events on your WordPress site.

Checkout our Reign BuddyPress Theme with The Events Calendar support.

These BuddyPress Events Plugins allow you to add, edit or delete and schedule events to your website. Moreover, these plugins also come with many advanced features to make your site more functional. You can use any of these plugins to your website easily and start adding events to your website.

Table Of Contents

  1. The Event Calendar – Modern Tribe
  2. Event Manager
  3. WP Event Manager
  4. Event Organiser
  5. Sugar Events Calendar Lite
  6. Event On
  7. All-In-One Event Calendar
  8. Event Espresso
  9. My Calendar
  10. Events Calendar Registration & Booking
  11. BP Event Manager

1) The Event Calendar – Modern Tribe

BuddyPress Event Website

This highly installed event calendar and management plugins are very easy and simple to use. This plugin comes with tons of useful features and allows you to add functionality like creating events, saving venues and organizers, event search, event list view, recurring events, ticket sales, and whatnot.

In order to make this plugin work with BuddyPress events, you can install BP Events Calendar plugins which allow you to add, manage and categorize events from the BP user profile.

BuddyPress Events plugins

Other features of this plugin include:

  • Widget: Upcoming events list
  • Events Taxonomies (Categories & Tags)
  • Google Calendar and iCal exporting and more.


2) Event Manager

BuddyPress Event Plugin


A fully-featured plugin, Events Manager is an event registration plugin for WordPress. This plugin is flexible and comes with some reliable features.

This plugin supports BuddyPress and allows you to submit events, Group Events, create personal events, and activity streams.

Other features of this theme include:

  • Easy Event Registration
  • Recurring And Long Event Registration
  • Bookings Management
  • Widgets for Events, Locations, and Calendars
  • Add to Google Calendar buttons and many more.


3) WP Event Manager

WordPress community website event


A lightweight, scalable, and fully-featured event management plugin, WP Event Manager allows you to easily add an event listing functionality to your WordPress website.  This plugin can smoothly work with any theme and is easy to set up and customize.

It also provides frontend forms for guests and registered users to submit and manage event listings easily. Moreover, it also gives you widgets for Recent, Upcoming, and Featured Events.

Other features of this plugin are:


4) Event Organiser

Add event buddypress


Event Organiser plugin adds event management functionality to your WordPress site. With the help of in-built custom post types, you can create events, manage them, repeat them and assign venues to the events.
This plugin also comes with a number of shortcodes such as Event List, Event Agenda, Venue Map, etc.

Other features of this plugin include:

  • Complex recurring patterns for events
  • Widgets Availability
  • Color-coded event categories
  • Relative date queries



5) Sugar Events Calendar Lite

Sugar Event WordPress


An extremely simple, lightweight event management plugin that provides you with the exact features needed for managing events on your WordPress website.
This plugin allows you to do simple event management, configure simple events, set start and end time, set event dates, event categories.


Other useful features of this plugin include:

  • Events Archive
  • Widgets for displaying calendars and event filters
  • Ajax Enabled Calendar View
  • Events Custom Post Type

This plugin is available for free. If you want some extended features, you can purchase the premium version of this plugin.


WordPress Calendar Plugins

6) EventOn

BuddyPress event on


One of the best-selling event management plugins, EventOn comes with 250+ amazing features for managing events on your WordPress website.
This plugin is beautifully crafted with a clean minimal design that allows you to create events, repeat events, add event images, add locations and maps, create multi-day events, assign event categories, and many more.

More amazing features of this plugin include:

  • Custom Meta Fields
  • Filter and Sort Events
  • Add Social Share Icons
  • Add Events Colors
  • RTL Support
  • Appearance Editor and a lot more.


7) All-in-One Event Calendar


With a clean and beautiful visual design and a powerful set of features, an All-in-one event calendar plugin gives you what is required to create and easily share events on your WordPress website.
You can also import events and give your users the ability to subscribe to your events calendar. Moreover, you can also create recurring events with complex patterns and also import and export calendar feeds.

Other features of this plugin are:

  • Filter by Category or tags
  • Color-coded events
  • Embedded Google Maps
  • Easy Sharing Options
  • Inline Calendar Theme editor
  • Upcoming Events widget and more.


8) Event Espresso

Event Espresso

Event Espresso is not just a simple event management plugin for your WordPress website but is a complete ticket and event management software that gives you event ticketing and registration feature directly from your WordPress website. You can also process payments using payment gateways and manage and export registrants’ data.

Some other features of this plugin include:

  • Automated confirmation emails
  • Manage attendees profiles
  • Android & Apple event apps for ticket scanning and attendance tracking.

This is all included in the decaf or free version of the plugin. If you want extended features such as Additional payment gateways, Transaction reporting, Event Check-in, you can go with the premium version of the plugin.


9) My Calendar

BuddyPress calendar event


My Calendar allows you to do event management on your WordPress website in a rich manner. It allows you to display event calendars within WordPress multisite. You can also display multiple calendars by locations, authors, categories or in a simple upcoming event list.

If you wish to add more features such as adding support for user-submitted events, import events from outside sources, you can buy My Calendar Pro.

Other features of this plugin include:

  • Calendar grid and list views of events
  • Widgets
  • Mini-calendar for compact displays
  • Schedule recurring events
  • Shortcode Generator


10) Events Calendar Registration & Booking

BuddyPress Event booking


This easy to use event management plugin is perfect for creating different types of events, such as seminars, classes, workshops, concerts, conferences and more. This plugin gives you options to manage your events, keep track of attendees and sell tickets from your website itself.
It also gives you options to customize your events as well as responsive design to display your events perfectly on all screen sizes.

Create Social Blogging Website

Other features of this plugin include:

  • Online Event booking
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Recurring Events
  • Tickets and Coupons
  • Countdown timer and much more.


11) BP Event Manager

BP event manager plugin is integrated with BuddyPress plugin so you must have BuddyPress installed to install and active this plugin. The plugin is used to create events for every group individually, by using a simple form, from the front-end or client-side.

Event created from the front-end will display in the dashboard as well as in front-end for the admin and the user. The users can attend events and the attended a user’s avatar will display below the event box and detail page.


Final Thoughts on WordPress BuddyPress Events Plugins

So, this was our top 10 list of some incredible event WordPress community events. You can use these plugins to add BuddyPress events as well as WordPress events to your site. All these plugins come with some amazing features that allow you to add, edit and create events on your website.  Just choose the one that suits your requirements and you are ready to go!

We hope you liked this article on the Best WordPress BuddyPress Events Plugin of 2021. If you are using any other plugin and want us to add it to our list, please let us know in the comment section below!

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Sours: https://wbcomdesigns.com/wordpress-buddypress-events/

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