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How to Make an Easy DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

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Add color and texture to your decor with an easy-to-make yarn wall hanging.

Measure Lengths of Yarn

Place the dowel on a flat surface, begin measuring the yarn from the top of the dowel to the maximum desired length. Double the length of the yarn and cut, repeating as needed until there are enough pieces to spread across the dowel.

Lay in Desired Pattern

Combine like colors to create fullness. Design a pattern by laying yarn in your preferred order, leaving the strands doubled in order to form a loop at the top.

Attach to Dowel

Once you’ve perfected your pattern, secure each cluster of yarn to the dowel individually by looping the strand through itself. Slide the looped strands to one end of the dowel to make room for the remaining bunches of yarn. For added flair, incorporate a braided leather cord.

Trim and Shape

After making sure your strands are even, comb through the yarn to ensure all strands are straight and untangled. Create a chevron shape along the lower portion of yarn using tape. To ensure a straight angle, we used the remainder of the wooden dowel. Cut along the inside of the tape. To create texture and interest, consider mixing in a few wooden beads by simply sliding them up the yarn.

Attach Hanging Cord to Dowel

Finally, knot a leather cord to both ends of the dowel so you can easily hang your gorgeous new wall art.

Sours: https://www.hgtv.com/design/make-and-celebrate/handmade/how-to-make-a-colorful-wall-hanging

Wall Hangings(442 items)

No One Can Replace Mother

Signed Cultural Batik Cotton Wall Hanging from Ghana

No One Can Replace Mother, Signed Cultural Batik Cotton Wall Hanging from Ghana

Cecilia Adedunmola Adeniran

Depicting the importance of motherhood, this wall hanging is created byy Ghanaian artist Cecilia Adedunmola Adeniran. She draws inspiration from the Yoruba proverb Orisha bi iya kosi, which...read more

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Sours: https://www.novica.com/wall-decor/wall-hangings/
  1. Ak types
  2. Riot symbiote
  3. Yamaha flute
Liven Up Any Room With These 11 Wall Hangings & Decor

Finding The Perfect Wall Art

Take any room in your home from drab to fab with these macrame wall hangings and tactile tapestries. We’ve scoured the web to find artisan brands and small makers offering the best wall hangings and decor, from palm leaves to pressed floral art to wool textiles.

Get some inspiration from these brands and offer your walls some love and warmth! (PS: You can always use vintage scarves and rugs for affordable, zero waste, and unique wall art, too.)

Looking specifically for prints to adorn your home? Check out these online art marketplaces!

1. Conejo & Co


Ethics | Artisan-made in CA, sustainable linen, made-to-order, woman-owned
Range | Tapestry hangings
Price | $138–$548

Swoon over the moon with Conejo & Co’s tapestries! These hand-painted beauties are designed by Molly Millar Dodge in Los Angeles, California, and each wall hanging is unique. The panels are made with Lithuanian flax linen, specifically chosen for its sustainability. Want a show-stopping backdrop? Grab one of Conejo & Co’s triptychs to stand out.

Shop Conejo & Co

2. The Citizenry


Ethics | Artisan-made, fair trade, natural & sustainable materials
Range | Wall hangings, rug tapestries, mirrors, fans
Price | $75–$1,450

From wall hangings to mirrors and fans, The Citizenry has it all. This brand teams up with artisans from around the world, including Guatemala, India, and Turkey, to source some seriously well-traveled home decor. Makers always receive fair trade wages and create these pieces in ethical working environments. Most are available in neutral colors, matching any home.

Shop The Citizenry

3. Tapestry Workshop


Ethics | Artisan-made in China, sustainable hemp & cotton, carbon-neutral shipping
Range | Macrame tapestries
Price | $39–$199

Tapestry Workshop knows that macrame is here to stay. These macrame wall hangings are ethically made in China using traditional weaving techniques. Plus, each hanging is intentionally made with eco-friendly linen, hemp, or cotton! While you can find more mainstream macrame here, we’re also head over heels for the landscape tapestries, which are truly one-of-a-kind.

Shop Tapestry Workshop

4. 54Kibo


Ethics | Ethically made by artisans, sustainable materials whenever possible
Range | Wall hangings, woven mirrors, panels
Price | $95–$1,495

54Kibo brings contemporary African design to the masses, thanks to its partnerships with artists across the diaspora. Alongside rugs, pillows, and lighting, the brand offers wall art worthy of stealing the show in any room. Find beaded wall hangings from Tanzania, gold-leaf geometric art panels, and—our favorite— the woven mirror that combines “sharp lines and gentle curves.” It’s the perfect way to reflect your style. 

Shop 54Kibo

5. Leah Singh


Ethics | Ethically made in India, fair trade, natural materials & dyes, WOC-owned
Range | Wool tapestries
Price | $520–$960

Get the statement piece you’ve been looking for with Leah Singh. This woman-led team designs pieces in New Delhi, then partners up with artisans across India to bring them to life. Whether it’s embroidery, weaving, or printing, the brand focuses on techniques native to where the artisans live. We love that these wall hangings are playful and filled with bright colors, geometric patterns, and natural dyes and fabrics.

Shop Leah Singh

6. Made With Meraki


Ethics | Sustainable & reclaimed materials, carbon-neutral shipping, woman-owned
Range | Clay & macrame wall hangings
Price | $22–$85

Made With Meraki’s handmade goods are “inspired by Earth’s natural elements and raw materials.” Artist Danielle Karwowski sources locally reclaimed driftwood from the shores of New Jersey, then pairs it together with hemp cords and paper clay to make these rustic wall hangings. Available in jet black, sandy white, and terracotta.

Shop Made With Meraki

7. Jenni Kayne


Ethics | Ethically made or artisan-made, sustainable materials, woman-owned
Range | Woven & leather wall hangings, mobiles, bells
Price | $75–$295

Jenni Kayne is already one of our favorite ethical apparel brands, so it’s no surprise we love these home goods, too. Each piece is ethically made in Brooklyn or Vietnam and, while they are investment pieces, they bring warmth and dimension to any space. From wall hangings to mobiles and even thrown bells—Jenni Kayne’s goods add the perfect final touch to any room!

Shop Jenni Kayne

8. Folkishness


Ethics | Handmade, Black woman-owned, sustainable materials, carbon-neutral shipping
Range | Pressed floral art, punch needle embroidery, origami hanging art
Price | $6–$420

Folkishness founder, Nyasha, handcrafts the art pieces we want to hang on every wall! Here you’ll find pieces bursting with personality, from the floating flowers in the shape of a heart to Polaroid camera embroideries. Shipped from Wisconsin, every delivery is carbon-neutral, thanks to Etsy. Did we mention almost everything’s affordable and comes with free shipping?

Shop Folkishness

9. Bole Road Textiles


Ethics | Artisan-made, ethically made in Ethiopia, WOC-owned
Range | Wall hangings
Price | $119–$255

Bole Road Textiles specializes in vibrant home decor designed in Ethiopia—the same place the founder is from. The women weavers are from collectives and small women-owned businesses receiving fair wages and training. These three wall hangings act as multifunctional textiles, so you can hang vertically or horizontally along the wall, drape across your bed, or throw them on the floor. We love a good versatile decor piece!

Shop Bole Road Textiles

10. Pampa


Ethics | Artisan-made in Argentina, fair trade, sustainable materials, gives back
Range | Wall textiles, hand-carved animal masks, baskets
Price | $110–$940 AUD

Pampa is an Australian brand working with remote artisans across Argentina for home goods and accessories. Each piece is entirely handmade, including wool textiles perfect for hanging (or as a floor mat!), woven baskets, and eclectic, hand-carved animal masks. Pampa partners with One Tree Planted to give back to reforestation efforts with each purchase. Shipping available worldwide.

Shop Pampa

11. 43 Collective


Ethics | Sustainable materials, ethically sourced, carbon-neutral shipping
Range | Seagrass & palm leaf hangings, baskets, grass wall hangings
Price | $14–$188

43 Collective, based in London with worldwide shipping, ethically sources lifestyle pieces from all over. This husband-and-wife team works to find fair trade products and sustainable materials like recycled cotton, old saris, mango wood, and plant fibers for its stunning collection. For any nature-inspired home, these decorative wall hangings made from seagrass and palm leaves will help bring the outdoors in. 

Shop 43 Collective

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20 Wall hangings that will add texture to your space

It doesn't matter if you decorate with bright, bold colors or if you are drawn to using neutrals, texture is an important part of a space that often gets over looked. Recently I have seen that wall hangings have become more, and more popular. Here are 20 wall hangings that will add texture to your space!

Wall Hangings That Will Add Texture To Your Space

My mom use to hang baskets on the wall and when I was younger and while I thought it was weird because no one else had them on their walls, I also thought it was kind of cool. This tribal collection of baskets not only gives the space texture, but great pattern as well.

baskets on wall

The African Home Goods


These baskets are more traditional and reminiscent of the baskets on my walls as a kid. It proves that this idea can easily work in any room.

baskets on wall

The Nester


This vintage inspired wall hanging is fun and cheerful! *Side note* I'm totally crushing on the bench as well.

flower wall hanging



I've seen a lot of macrame projects but this one that looks like leaves (or feathers) is one of my favorites! My boys would love to have this hanging in their room.

macrame feather wall hanging

Best Looks


The first time I saw this I thought it would make a fun DIY project. Aside from the way it is shown here, you could hang it on your patio like a modern wind chime, make several (with round the corners) for a baby mobile, or attach a smaller version from the bottom of a hanging planter.

modern wall hanging



I have done a lot of projects with wood beads in the past so I was instantly drawn to this fun wall hanging! It would be so easy to do and you could even have your kids help.

wood bead hanging art

Kreativ K


Sometimes rooms have a lot of straight lines and corners. It is nice to add something round and this yarn wall hanging would be perfect.

round yarn art



Speaking of circles, how fun is this? If you had the patience, this could even be a DIY project!

circle hanging wall art

Cedar & Hyde


You have to see this one up close! This sister duo creates the most beautiful textile art.

blue textile art

My Modern Net


This fun rainbow screams playroom to me! I love the simplicity of it. It would brighten up any space :)

rainbow wall art

A Beautiful Mess


I am so glad that traditional macrame made a come back. I recently learned how to do it and want to create some pieces for my own home.

macrame wall hanging

Garden Miss You


Maybe it is because I am crushing on sage green lately, maybe it is the styling of the space as a whole, but this is my favorite! The illusion of movement is fascinating.

yarn wall hanging

Luke Caldwell


If you don't have a headboard or you are looking to fill a large space on a budget, this would be a great solution! They come in so many colors, styles, and patterns.

wall tapestry

Urban Outfitters


I grew up helping my mom make pompoms with yarn and a fork. It is actually really fun! I had never thought to put them together in this way. Such a fun idea!

pompom wall hanging

Sugar and Cloth


It is weird that this reminds me of the wall of paint chips at a home improvement store? Is it weird that that is why I like it? I love the color combination so much!

yard wall hanging

My Modern Met


This one took the idea of wood beads to a whole new level! I love the rings. Very modern and whimsical.

wood bead wall hanging

Dream Green DIY


Wall hangings can fill up and empty space, add color, and help establish the style of the room, just like this one.

floral wall hanging

Lovely Life


If you have seen my bathroom, you know I love all things shibori. I have even used indigo dye to create my own fabric for a pillow. Hanging fabric like this is an inexpensive way to make a big impact.

shibori fabric

Urban Outfitters


Wood plus macrame equals pure genius! So many possibilities.

round wood wall hanging

Roaming Roots Woodworks


Holy smokes! This reminds me of a geode and makes me so happy.

round yard wall hanging

Tammy Kanat


Do you have any wall hanging in your home? What was your favorite example? I'd love to hear what you think about this textile trend!

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Sours: https://www.notjustahousewife.net/20-wall-hangings-that-will-add-texture-to-your-space/

Hanging wall

How to Make Your Own DIY Wall Hanging

Step One: Gather Supplies

Everyone needs a cute wall hanging in their life. These decorative pieces of wall art will instantly add life to a plain wall, bringing the room together and giving it a soft, boho feel.
You can find beautiful wall hangings at most popular home stores, including West Elm and Anthropologie. However, they usually cost a pretty penny. For a budget-friendly option, you can flex your DIY muscle and make your own.
While the materials you use can be as fancy and high-end as you like, the assembly process is simple. Even beginners will have fun making this DIY wall hanging made from colorful yarn and a few other easy-to-find craft supplies.

Here's what you'll need for this DIY:

  • Three skeins of yarn in different colors
  • One 48-inch wooden dowel
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape

Step Two: Cut Yarn

Cut several pieces of yarn into shorter strips using scissors. The goal is to get the yarn lengths to roughly match, but they don’t have to be exact (you’ll trim them later). Whether or not you measure them is up to you.

In general, you want the length of the yarn to be twice as long as the length of the finished wall hanging because each piece will be halved when attached to the dowel.

The length of each yarn piece for this wall hanging was about four feet. Use your wingspan as a form of measurement when cutting if needed. Cut several pieces from all three colors and set them aside. The look of this wall hanging called for significantly more white pieces than yellow or brown. Keep the color scheme in mind when cutting your yarn pieces.

Step Three: Hang the Dowel

First things first—this soon-to-be wall hanging needs to be hung. Use a piece of white yarn (or opt for another color that matches your wall). With scissors, cut the yarn about to a length of about 55 inches, or a few inches longer than the dowel you use.
Tie the yarn in a tight knot on each end of your dowel. This will set the outer boundaries of your wall hanging. Then, hang this piece of yarn on a tack or nail on your wall. Avoid making extra nail holes by figuring out just where you want your wall hanging to be displayed.
Hanging the dowel before tying the hanging yarn onto your wall hanging makes the process easy and straightforward.

Step Four: Tie Yarn

Before tying a piece of yarn onto your dowel, fold it in half. Loop the middle section around the dowel to create a circle and pull the ends of the yarn through it. This simple knot is called a lark knot.

The lark knot is strong and secure, so there’s no need to pull it too tight. That will depend on how you want it to look. If you’d like to add even more yarn pieces to your wall hanging to make it dense, tying the knots tight will give you more room. If you’re on the less-is-more side of decor, keep the knots loose to give it a full look.

Completing this step allows you to take a step back and get a good look at your hanging as you go. That means you can easily make changes and decide what color yarn to tie next.

Begin by tying several white pieces of yarn to the dowel, gradually adding a few yellow and brown strands here and there. In the middle, stick only to the darker colors, fading back to white on the other end of the wall hanging. If it doesn’t look quite right, you can edit it later. Just insert any color tied piece of yarn where it’s needed once you’ve finished.
While the middle of the hanging can be a little more random, the ends should be symmetrical. Start with 10 strands of white on both ends. Then, the middle portion of your wall hanging can be less symmetrical and more random. As with most DIY projects, the final product is up to you. But feel free to follow the design used in this tutorial as a guide.

Step Five: Add Tape to the Wall

It’s important to only use painter’s tape for this step as it won’t leave a sticky residue on your wall. You can find it at any home improvement or craft retailer. But don’t forget to check the junk drawer first!
Stick two pieces of tape on the wall underneath the wall hanging in a chevron shape. Place them about two feet below the dowel—the desired length of the hanging. These lines will effectively be your guide when trimming your yarn to create a trendy angled wall hanging.
After you’ve added tape to the wall, take a step back and give your DIY a once-over. Make sure your lines are at matching angles and have the general V-shaped silhouette. You’ll also want to make sure the point of the chevron is centered with the center of the dowel hanging above it.

Step Six: Trim Your Yarn

With the painter’s tape as a guide, use your scissors to trim your hanging yarn. Being absolutely precise isn’t necessary, but make sure to cut in a downward fashion to minimize excess fraying. The end result will be a nice angled shape. If your yarn is a bit wrinkled from being wrapped in a ball, you can iron it to make sure its length matches the others.

Step Seven: Voila! Ready For Display

Remove the blue tape from the wall and you’re finished! Of course, you can keep trimming the yarn after you remove the tape to make sure things look aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical. Once it looks perfect, show it off. Your gushing house guests won’t believe this expensive-looking wall hanging is a simple and budget-friendly DIY.

Sours: https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/diy-wall-hanging-4688751
Sours: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/wall%20hanging

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