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How to make a good FNaF oc! (and a fnaf oc!)

Wowie! Two in one post!

My name is Sonic the Hedgehog and ladies and gentlemen, today I'll be teaching you how to make a good FNaF OC!


[Guide Contents]

[Choosing your species]

Just a little talk about species!

[Naming them]

We'll go over how to name your FNaF OC. You'd be surprised at how difficult it can be!

[Designing your oc]

Just what not to do when designing a character!

[Their job around the pizzeria]

Just the dos and do nots of an animatronics occupation.


Self explanatory!


Going over my favorite bit of ocs! We won't go too complex, just something quick!

[My new OC and wrap up]

I'll just show my new OC and then wrap this sucker tighter than a Christmas present!

Without further ado, let's dive right in!


Part one


Now, to me, species doesn't matter. As long as it isn't some crazy hybrid animal made only for killing, you're fine, go nuts!

If you're like some, and you want to make a super original OC, try going for less popular characters and avoid the following





Reptiles, Hedgehogs, Porcupines, Mythical creatures, equines (horses), swine (pigs, boars, ect) and inanimate objects and extremely rare. Seriously, I've only found like two Hedgehog OCs, not counting my personal one... Sad.

More common species, yet still rare would be lions, yeens (hyenas), beavers (i made a beaver OC before it was cool) and kangaroos.

Species you should probably avoid, originality or not, would be

Spiders, Fishies (actual fish, whales, sharks, crabs and dolphins are cool), some weird obscure animal, such as an Axolotl or...

user uploaded image

th Is

that's an echidna by the way. not so obscure if you consider knuckles.

Now, if you can make a good design outta these species (without ripping off another), GO FOR IT! ALL THE MORE MEMORABLE!

Now, once you've determined your OC, write this down

Species: *your species here*

Follow the chart, then post your character in the comments. I may sketch them out!


Part Two

Picking a name

Before getting into this, I'd like to mention something, something that's kinda died out in recent years and I wish would return.

This something is what was known as "the name rule". It isn't super important, but it was a big part of the original FNaF.

Freddy Fazbear

Bonnie Bunny

Chica Chicken

Foxy (the pirate) Fox

Their name begins with the same letter as the letter that their species type begins with.

this is why I had you choose your species first. To follow the name rule. It isn't necessary, of course, just something to follow FNaF.

Now, onto the REAL guide

When it comes to names, you want something short and easy to pronounce. Don't try to find a name that means something, it really won't do much. My OCs name is Wade, simple four letter.

When looking for originality, don't go for names like "Freddina", "Chico", "Ronnie", or "Roxy" (that's a common one). Stay away from names that sound similar to the main casts names. Easy as that.

oh, and don't forget to stick to the name rule. Big thing when it comes to originality.

Got your name? Good! Write it down like so!

Name: *your character name here*


Part Three

Designing them

Great! You've reached the fun part! This is the eyecatcher. The part that makes people interested! (Or just more text, depending on your method of OC making)

When it comes to designing an OC, you always want to start with the body shape, jaw shape, foot shape, ect.

Is your OC fat? Skinny? Do they have a bulky Fredbear like jaw, or a Spring-Bonnie jaw?

I personally like to sketch out the body/head shape, then add the details later.

when it comes to this, there isn't really any limitations to be honest.

well... except... certain parts.


Now, hair. Avoid big, puffy hair unless your OC defies logic. Work around it. Make it molded plastic or something. Strands of hair could get caught in the animatronics endoskeleton and cause it to break. Same goes for loose cloth, such as scarves or pants.

Accessories are easy, nothing sharp that could damage the animatronic or injure a child, nothing overboard, like an assassin's hood. Fit the theme of the occupation (in which I suggest waiting till we get to that section)

Oh, I almost forgot! Color palettes!

below are two color palettes, one is a neon palette, the other is a dark palette.

user uploaded image
user uploaded image

Which one gets your attention?

now which one is easy on your eyes?

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, try to avoid bright neon rainbows, stick to pastel/darker colors. Limit your color choices as well, the fewer the colors, the easier it is to draw.

Lastly, extra tidbits. No claws or extremely sharp teeth. Are you trying to kill someone!?

Look at Foxy's teeth, they're not sharp. They're dull! They just appear sharp.

user uploaded image

You don't want an OC that caused the bite of 2666. One: it's over used, two: backstory reasons.

that and lawsuits would be through the roof if you had a killer mcdeath claws.

oh, and NO HEAVY DAMAGE TO THE ENDOSKELETON! The suit is fine, it's repairable and probably cheap, but the endoskeleton is an expensive piece of tech. Your OC would be tossed into the trash heap, no point in keeping it.

Got the design down? Good, good. Add this to your entry:

Primary fur color:

Secondary fur color:

Tertiary fur color (optional):

Accessories (optional):

Eye color:

Endoskeleton type (Springlock, 01, 02, Nightmare Era, Funtime, ect)

Eyebrows?: *yes or no*

Body type:

Toy?: *yes or no*


Part Four


For some reason, people always give the animatronics crazy, wacky jobs that humans can do just fine, like a chef or waiter, and while it looks good on paper, it just doesn't work out. Yeah, you can totally have an Italian stereotype dressed as a chef who makes "food", but they shouldn't be handling the ACTUAL food. Grease will stain the fur, ruin it.

but in my opinion, the worst occupation given to an animatronic is...


No point in hiring a guard if the robot does it all. No point in FNaF actually... Robot does humans job, robots do not attack robot, safe, everyone dies. The end.

So, your animatronic can ACT like they are a chef, or a waiter, or a cowboy, or a clown, but they aren't actually that.

Occupation, cleared. Write it down!



Part Five


Props! Some characters have them, some don't! Really depends on their "occupation"! Musicians would have musical instruments, cowboys would have a plastic pistol or maybe some gold.

but we cannot neglect the background props as well, the ones that rest upon their stage and set a mood!

user uploaded image
Showbiz Pizza my friend is obsessed.

Trees, perhaps a background painted like a hut, a city, whatever! Again, it has to fit the characters personality and act.

For example, Billybob, an animatronic of Showbiz, is a hillbilly (something like that), and so he has a banjo made of a tree and his stage is dressed like a gas station. (Think the SpongeBob movie, "YOU TWO WON'T MAKE IT TEN SECONDS PASS THE COUNTY LINE!")

Props aren't always needed, but when you add them, be sure they make sense.




Part Six


Ah yes, the one thing that gives your character a pop, the thing that separates the bad ocs, from the good.

The backstory!

The most common backstory is someone dying and possessing a suit (hecc, even I did it) and it's a-okay if you did this. While it's not original, it follows the fnaf lore! At least they didn't kill anyone!

which brings me into the second thing and the worst backstory possible for a FNaF OC. (other than being born/made by a couple. an animatronic couple) KILLING SOMEONE! YAAAYYY!!!

But really, this backstory is... Absurdly common... I think it's because Foxy was believed to do the bite and he's really popular? I dunno. All I know is that if an animatronic killed someone, it would be sent to the scrap heap with the damaged endoskeleton. Keeping it would only bring bad publicity or leave it to collect dust.

Avoid the killing someone cliche, or, as always, be clever.

Wade wants revenge, but if he were to be seen moving and killing, he'd be shipped away and melted down, so he does it quietly, at night. Just like the main four animatronics. Only, Fazbear Co doesn't really care about that, they just don't want a really bad rep.

That wasn't too hard, am I right? Write that backstory down!



Part Seven

New OC and wrap up!

Wowie, either you scrolled to the bottom or actually read all that, good job either way! I really don't have much to say here, so... Here's my OC! Maniac the Fennec Fox!

user uploaded image

ya likey?


hopefully this helped you make good OCs! I'm really tired and will be going to bed around the time this is posted, but go ahead and leave your submissions in the comments! I'll read them, eventually.

if you're confused about the submissions, read the post again.


user uploaded image
user uploaded image
i like hedgie's, they cute.
Sours: https://aminoapps.com/c/fnaf/page/blog/how-to-make-a-good-fnaf-oc-and-a-fnaf-oc/rllv_Xgfeum12BZGkw8l2EWDwWB3GoP1ov
  1. Durga mantra
  2. 3d dvd
  3. Boto3 s3
  4. Boostrap menu
  5. Ebay southern living at home
((Hello! I had this OC reviewed at horriblefnafocs, and I want to see if you can give some feedback as well! I apologize for the art, this was drawn with my finger, since I lost my stylus! ;w;)) Name: Kipper the Kangaroo Species Modeled After:...

((Hello! I had this OC reviewed at horriblefnafocs, and I want to see if you can give some feedback as well! I apologize for the art, this was drawn with my finger, since I lost my stylus! ;w;))

Name: Kipper the Kangaroo 

Species Modeled After: Kangaroo 

Programmed Gender: Male

Programmed Occupation: Magician 

Years of Service: 2 years

Backstory: Kipper was more of a sideshow, rather than a main attraction. He was first introduced in the FNAF 1 pizzeria (He did not have a toy design) with a show called “Kipper’s Magic Show” that ran twice a day for an hour. (At 2-3 and 5-6) He was put out of service for safety issues regarding his “magic”, which was just flashing lights and noises, for children with epilepsy or any sensitivity to light, although it never hurt anyone. He was also put out of order because of light bills getting higher because of Kipper’s tricks. He was then put out of order, but was still allowed to walk at night just in case they ever wanted to make any use of him again.

Programmed Personality: He tends to be flustered and embarrassed from attention, but tries to “show off” in front of the other animatronics when interacting with them, but only quickly gets nervous after realizing people were watching him. 

Night: His night time “personality” is actually similar to his day time personality in a way. He becomes more active when the camera is on him, as if he is running from attention. This will make it easier for Foxy to kill you, but it keeps Kipper away for much longer.

He starts at his main post, or Kipper’s Magic Show. When he leaves, he moves to the Dining Area, or the bathrooms. He often stays to the right side of the restaurant, avoiding Backstage, because the heads look like eyes on him, which is an addition to his night time behavior being similar to his day time behavior. He CAN go to the left hall, but is unable to go to the left hall corner or door. If he is at the door, a way to make him leave quicker is to look at the cameras more. He will leave if you don’t look at the cameras, but it will take longer.

Jumpscare: He jumps from the bottom of the screen and screams in your face. (Kind of like a combination of Freddy and Bonnie’s jumpscare!)

Sounds: You usually just hear footsteps or creaking.

Other Info:

He was not in FNAF 2 

Even though he is programmed to act like a show off with the other animatronics, he actually doesn’t interact with the others very often.

He is NOT haunted!



I hope you think he’s an okay OC! c’: Give me any feedback you think I should work on for him! I apologize for any mistakes on the OC, or any grammatical/spelling errors, as well! :’>


It’s alright! And okay oc, he’s one of the best I’ve seen! Good job! ~Mod-turtle

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http://treqable.deviantart.com/art/SSpringy-547402637 Dude, you CAN’T claim SpringTrap as an OC, even if you call the character “Springy”, Its still not yours bruh

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The chef themed animatronic already exists irl.




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{ the ask box isn’t working for me :c }

what are your thoughts on having a “pizza-making” animatronic? it wouldn’t actually make pizzas, of course, but would have a personality related to being a chef, or something, like a “mascot”. i just figured that since freddy fazbear’s pizza is low-budget, they might want to sneak in some product promotion :p

Oh, and I’m just eh. Like if it pulled off correctly I’d like it.

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// Could you review my OC? (( Yep, c: )) Name(s): His name is Victor, but kids prefer to call him Vic since they think it fits him and they remember it better. ( I can’t come up with a name that starts with R, sorry. ) (( Hi, let me tell you why that...

// Could you review my OC?

(( Yep, c: ))

Name(s): His name is Victor, but kids prefer to call him Vic since they think it fits him and they remember it better. ( I can’t come up with a name that starts with R, sorry. )

(( Hi, let me tell you why that name is bullshit. For one, who the hell shortens an already shortened name? Also, really? I’d say Richard for this particular animatronic ))

Gender: He was programmed to be a male, so.


Species modeled after: Raccoon.

(( And now to check down another overused species. ))

Height: Slightly smaller than the other animatronics, since he has to walk around and interact with children, also so he can’t knock stuff over because of his size.

(( Bite OF 87! ))

Fur colour: His fur is light grey and the markings are dark grey.

(( Dark grey? Don’t you mean black? ))

Eye colour: Blue.

Accessories: Police hat, police badge on his chest and a police ‘sign’ around his arm.

Function in the Pizzeria: He ‘works’ as some sort of police in the pizzeria. Teaches children about safety and keeps an eye on if they throw their trash out instead of onto the floor. He was also programmed to be a little after the other animatronics, since he’s the police after all.

Backstory: I dont have any ideas for a backstory at all.

(( Don't expect me to come up with one for you. ))

(( In conclusion,  


~Mod-Turtle ))

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Here is my FNAF oc. (( OOOOOO, FINALLY I GET SOMETHING TO JUDGE! )) Name: Whittney Wolfsbane (( *Whitney, also that isn’t what a plant looks like. )) Age:I don’t think robots CAN age, but if they can, 53 yrs old (( Wrong, they mean years in service,...

Here is my FNAF oc.


 Name: Whittney Wolfsbane

(( *Whitney, also that isn’t what a plant looks like. ))

 Age:I don’t think robots CAN age, but if they can, 53 yrs old

(( Wrong, they mean years in service, and roots in service only last ten to thirteen years tops. ))

 Gender: Programmed to be Female


 Friends: Robots can’t have friends, but If they could, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Springtrap, The Puppet, & Toy Bonnie.

 Enemies: Robots can’t have enemies, but if they could, Golden Freddy, Foxy, BB,Toy Freddy, Mike, Jeremy, Phone Guy, & The FNAF 3 guard.

 Species: Animatronic Wolf.

(( W H Y ))

 Route: (She only shows up in FNAF 3 & FNAF 4 (FNAF 4 as a plush))

FNAF 3: Every Room & Every Vent. (Usually 11 or 14)



FNAF 3: (Left) Like Phantom Chica’s, except it looks like she’s going to bite your face off. (No, she didn’t cause the bite of ‘87, she was locked in the safe room back then) (Right) She swings out of the vent & bites your face off (Offscreen.)


 Backstory: She was locked in the safe room after an incident at the diner (She was one of the spring suits) For over 30 years. When the horror attraction was built, they decided to add her.

 Hours most active:

FNAF 3: 3 AM - 5 AM

FNAF 4: 2 AM - 5 AM (Only thing that wasn’t N/A for FNAF 4.)

 Nights active:

FNAF 3: 3 - 6

FNAF 4: 2 - 6 (I’m only assuming that 4 has a night 6. If not, then 2 - 5.)

 Hope you liked her. I worked REALLY hard on developing her character.

(( In conclusion, 



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Actually, *I* created the rebornica ED page a several months ago.

(original page was deleted due to me being a ‘newfag’)

oH ~Mod-turtle

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Just so you know, there is an ED article on rebornica. I created it and did the original article, and indigoultra did an excellent rewrite of it.

Wow! I gotta check that out!


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Sours: https://ew-fnaf-ocs.tumblr.com/

Here I go (oh boy, sorry for the terrible English, I’m actually Brazilian so this is hard) (i was about to be like holaaaaaaaa otro latino but then i remembred yall speak porch of geese fml. anyway hi. mod mangles on the case)

Name: Dolly the Dog

Species: Dog

Gender: Female

Job: The narrator of the shows/babysitter

Purpose: To help with the narration during the shows and to take care of the lost children in the establishment. Children are instructed to, if they ever lose sight of their parents, stay close to the stage and play with her; the parents are instructed to look there first. If the parents don’t come back to take their child, one of the employees has to discover where the child lives and take the poor kid home. If the kid is not comfortable with the employee, they can take their favorite animatronic to accompany them (this was only permitted after one incident, in which a girl made a scandal because she didn’t wanted to go with the day guard to her house). while i think the concept of a kid showing up to someone’s house with like a 6 ft furry robot is funny, i don’t see this really panning out in practice. as iffy as i am about it, i think the “babysitter/lost child center” thing can stay as is, but i think employees would defer to calling parents first (if the child is old enough to have memorized a phone number/have a phone), local authorities, or CPS.

Creator: Sarah Brown (another OC), the owner of the establishment and the creator of all the animatronics.

Location: The Showtime Funland, a restaurant for all the family (but specially for their children). It’s a vibrant, cheery and colorful place, where there are seven animatronics: Ollie the Owl, Billy the Bird, Fany the Fish, Charlie the Cat, Dolly the Dog, Happy and Lucky. Happy and Lucky are the only human-ish animatronics, and both of them are out of order during the game, and the others are the main actors of the stage, where they tell stories with musicals during the meals on the restaurant or just stay on the playground with the kids; the only one who can’t go to the playground during the day is Dolly, who’s programmed to stay and take care of the children waiting for their parents.

Where: On the stage; she sits on the front of the stage, on the right, and narrates the story that’s being performed.

Age: She’s the oldest animatronic: seven years of functioning. Her character is older than that, because of her old version, but since it was malfunctioning in a way which wasn’t even possible to take lightly, she was replaced by her new version. Her character is 14 years old. this is a little unclear to me…has she been in service for 14 years, or is the character supposed to be like a 14 year old child? i don’t think animatronics really need ages tbh but i dont see any issue with this either, so you can scrap this detail if you feel unsure about it.

Haunted/not: She is not haunted, but her program is malfunctioning; her AI is not recognizing the faces of the employees during the night for “unknown reasons”, and she attacks them as if they are “threats to the establishment”, in a way that she wasn’t programmed to do; she was supposed to call the police if any intruder came, but she becomes aggressive during the night because of someone meddling with her system.

During the game: The first thing the game shows is a cutscene, where the night guard is guided through the whole building by the day guard (called “Steve Hughes” by Annie, but it’s not known if this is the same day guard or not), and is introduced to the animatronics and told a bit of the story behind the establishment. It was created by Sarah Brown, a famous inventor, and was a well known establishment since its opening during the 80’s. During its history in business, there where countless robbers and stupid teenagers trying to get in and mess around with the things inside Funland, so the night guard was supposed to deal with these problems; but the animatronics, after a terrible incident in which the night guard was attacked by a robber, received a new AI capable of recognizing the faces of the employees and to give the night guard an alert if there was any intruder. The night guard is left alone to watch the cameras while listening to “Annie”’s recordings, since she was the last night guard, and discover about the malfunctioning of the AIs. In the third night, Annie quits, leaving the player with her guide about how to avoid the animatronics and with some recordings of how to flee if there’s something happening during the night (like a fire, for example) without getting caught. First, only Ollie and Fany are threats, but through night two and three Billy and Charlie too start to malfunction; in the end of night three, Dolly starts to do so as well. In the fifth night, Happy and Lucky also leave the deposit where they are hidden to attack the player. On the sixth bonus night, Annie left an odd recording of her and Sarah talking about the AIs of the animatronics, and Sarah implies that she knows of someone who would “do anything to make his business bigger than mine again, and wouldn’t hesitate to sabotage my creations”, as if she knows about the malfunctioning.

During the nights (3-5 (and bonus night)): She is the most predictable and organized of the animatronics, always making this specific path: first she leaves the stage, where she normally is, then goes through the playground (and stays there for a while), passes by the kitchen, through the deposit (where the audio doesn’t work, but the camera does), and then to the left corridor to the night guard’s office. She never changes her path, but as the game progresses she begins to become more and more fast and, since the other animatronics are more unpredictable, it’s harder to pay attention to her movements. Annie says, on her second recording, that she’s afraid of all the animatronics besides Dolly, since she is “the less threatening”; but, on her guide to escape on night four, she seems to have changed her mind (or it was a previous recording, before she labeled Dolly as “predictable and almost harmless”), it doesn’t chronologically make sense to have this be a previous recording, unless you intend to imply that annie went back and remade recordings for nights 1-3 right before she quit in addition to the night 4 guide. saying that “it would be best if you pay attention to her, since she’s fast and difficult to see without the flashlights”.

Skill: She tries to kill the player, first at the end of night three until night five (and the sixth bonus night). Dolly has a very advanced AI and is equipped with a recognition system, at least a hundred plays and stories on her memory, a voice system that helps her to change her voice when needed, the ability to sing, dance and interact with humans properly, and a system that can regulate her body heat. i was gonna say a hundred seems a bit much but idk how many stories the storyteller-esque animatronics are programmed to have tbh. if youre aiming to make the restaurant one of those cheaper places, id recommend scaling this number down.

Personality: During the day, Dolly is incredible cocky and arrogant when it comes to her role as the narrator, and she proclaims herself the “star of the show”, something her old version had but was even worse, coming to the extreme of pushing another animatronic off the stage and destroying it completely after getting annoyed by the poor robot. She’s kind with the children and the adults alike, but acts more politely with the elder and more sisterly with the younger audience; she says, during the game, that it’s horrible to never be able to go to the playground, but that she loves to take care of the lost children. During the night, she becomes a very aggressive but organized animatronic, something that her personality has during daytime as well; she is often annoyed by the others, since they sometimes go against the script for comic relief. Dolly is the most talkative of the animatronics during their attempts to kill the player, often bragging about her role as the narrator and star of the Showtime Funland and threatening to “end the show” of the night guard.

Appearance: A black and white dog (white on her mouth, chin, hands and belly), with big, glowing brown-yellowish eyes. Her ears are long and fall by the sides of her head, and she has paws instead of feet, but still has hands. She wears a magician hat with a blue bow on it, and sometimes during her show takes it off, just to reveal something inside of it that can help during the play (for example, a sword so that the protagonist can slay the dragon or a pie to the little protagonist give as a gift to a friend); she also wears a blue bowtie that matches her hat’s bow.

ok, final thoughts:

i was going to comment on how high-quality these animatronics seem to be, but given that you go out of your way to describe Sarah Brown as a very competent mechanic(? is that the right term idk), i think ill let it go. this seems like one of those higher end fancy-ish restaurants so most of this can slide, unlike if you were to make the location be some sort of cheap or dirty diner.

no notes on the story, i think it works well. the game seems to have kind of a steep difficulty spike towards the latter half with nights 3, 4, and 5, but thats not really an issue i think because you deal with more shit on fnaf 2 anyway. there were some iffy bits here and there, but nothing too bad that was worth pointing out or changing, so overall this is a solid character! good job :D

~mod mangle

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Sours: https://reelybadfnafocs.tumblr.com/

Oc fnaf

In general, the usual bandit song. I point to the traffic cops' car. and their trace has already gone cold, pressure on the accelerator looks like a polic - they were not here.

Alice, impressed by the SMS correspondence with Serge, their mutual acquaintances, herself decided to take this bold step. For some reason, she herself needed it. Either the February frosts were so sad, or the longing for summer, for open clothes and the beach influenced her desire, or maybe a combination of all factors together.

Very simple. As we are now at home, as in a bathhouse, as on a nudist beach, its so natural.

Now discussing:

Sky-turquoise, darkening to the edge, with a peeling iris that opens like a rose, they completely swallowed Nastya, made her speechless. Feeling no more discomfort, Nastya stared into those eyes. Are you okay. - asked the guy and Nastya, waking up, noted that he was wearing a local branded T-shirt, which means, most likely, a coach.

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