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General Overview Of The SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative-fiction project of the same name. Within the website's fictional setting, the SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs). The real-world website is community-based and includes elements of many genres such as horror, science fiction and urban fantasy.On the SCP Foundation wiki, the majority of works consist of "special containment procedures": structured internal documentation that describes an SCP object and the means of keeping it contained. The website also contains thousands of "Foundation Tales", short stories set within the universe of the SCP Foundation. The series has been praised for its ability to convey horror through its scientific and academic writing style, as well as for its high standards of quality.The Foundation has inspired numerous spin-off works, including the horror indie video game SCP – Containment Breach. (From wikia)

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These creatures are labeled by numbers and the most important one would be SCP-001 which is reserved for special entities and there have been multiple SCP-001’s, many being fake to keep the identity of the true SCP-001 a secrete. The SCP.001 I am doing this on will be the one proposed by Dr.Clef. Dr.Clef’s proposal of SCP-001 is a humanoid entity approximately 700 cubits in height or about 1050 feet and is located near the intersection of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. It has luminous wings emerging from its shoulders, back, temples, ankles, and wrists and people see up to 108 wings but the mean number is 4. It also wields a sword/knife. It’s origins is unknown but is commonly believed to be the angel god placed to protect the garden of Eden.

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Tier: Creation

Powers: Heat manipulation (rivaling that of the sun.), Fire Manipulation, existence erasure (passive), Memory manipulation, Fear manipulation, can attack in all directions, Precognition, extrasensory perception and clairvoyance, Flight (has wings)


Attack Potency: High Hyperversal (Should it activate it is capable of causing a XK-End-Of-The-World-scenario. Superior to the likes of SCP-682 true form)


Speed: Immeasurable (above the 4th dimension)


Durability: High Hyperversal


Range:1K When it is approached | Planetary when attacking


Equipment: Sword/knife


Intelligence: Unknown

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Nightmare Fuel / SCP Foundation: SCPs 001 to 299

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SCP-106, mid emergence.

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    SCP 001 

SCP-001 is generally reserved for the largest and most brickshittingly terrifying SCP concepts, often with deep ties into the origin of the Foundation. The users of the site would rather not ruin the mystery of such a profound SCP by having a single canon SCP-001, instead writing multiple "SCP-001 proposals".

  • The SCP-001 proposal page itself. "SCROLLING DOWN WITHOUT PROPER INNOCULATION WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE CARDIAC ARREST FOLLOWED BY DEATH." What makes it worse is that the image is designed to kill you.
  • The scariest part? The general notice at the beginning of the proposal page states that in order to prevent knowledge of SCP-001 from being leaked, several/no false files have been created alongside the true file/files. In other words, it's possible that not just one, but all of the below proposals are true.
  • One of the possible SCP-001s. Completely harmless by itself. It's just a sheaf of stapled papers containing detailed reports of the SCP items... except that every time you look at the report, the report is on a new SCP item, which then appears somewhere in the world. Let the sheer terror of that concept work its way into your brain.
  • One of the other possible SCP-001s is a huge humanoid figure standing in front of what is more or less the gate of Eden.
    • Getting within 1 kilometer of it will get you not only killed, but wiped from existence. If it ever goes active, The End of the World as We Know It will ensue. Making matters worse is that the page includes a transmission from 20 Minutes into the Future about SCP-001 waking up and bringing about said apocalypse. Mega-gulp.
    • שמע ישראל יהוה אלהינו יהוה אחד In case you were wondering, that's the most important prayer in Judaism. It's supposed to be your last words. Translated: "Hear, O Israel: The LORD is our God, The LORD is one."
    • One of the measures the Foundation used against SCP-001 was an incredibly powerful missile fired from a submarine. Of course, the subject destroyed it and the people behind it. The submarine was located in the Indian Ocean... on December 26, 2004, the day of the real-life Indian Ocean earthquake.
  • Another possible SCP-001: a large onyx gemstone with an infinitely fine fractal gold filigree, apparently serving as a lock for an unknown object. Doesn't really seem scary, right? It turns out that the minute variations in the cosmic background radiation have the exact same pattern as this onyx lock. It's implied that our universe is contained in a similar object, and possibly the artifact in question. The Foundation is currently trying to open and/or destroy it.
  • Bright's proposal for 001: The Factory. A massive industrial complex built in the 19th century, whose owner did a lot of disgusting and disturbing things to his employees and the fabric of reality, and among its production of mundane stuff also released a variety of anomalous artifacts. According to this, the Foundation was created by the people who had to take over the place from spreading the horrors and to classify and decide what to do with its contents. For a while, they used what artifacts they could put a hand on, until an incident that forced them to use a certain room of the place to genocide a supernatural species scared them and made them seal the place for good. Not that it helps, as a constant supply of new SCPs still keep popping from the place from time to time. Oh, and this document also states that some of the most dangerous groups of interest, like the Church of the Broken God and Marshall, Carter and Dark Ltd., were formed by people who disagree with their former colleagues about what to do with their findings and escaped with artifacts of their own.
  • Dr. Mann's proposal. The SCP itself is very simple, just a circular gravel path. Travel clockwise, and you move normally. Travel counter-clockwise, however, and the path appears to go continuously uphill. Even if you go all the way around to the start. The real horror comes when one reads the attached document from one of the founding Overseers. Analyzing the Gravel Path led to the initial founders of the Foundation to the initial understanding of bending reality that allowed them to start manufacturing SCP objects. And the Foundation never "found" any SCP. They made them. All of them. -231, -051, -616, -682, all of them were created by the Foundation. And the scariest part? SCP objects are no longer being manufactured. They're just appearing in containment, with no indication of where they came from, and the Foundation has reached the point of no return. The final line of the proposal presents the chilling idea that even before objects started appearing out of nowhere the Foundation was never really in control.
    • In addition, there is a tale that at first seems like a case of Earn Your Happy Ending for the Foundation, where there are no more anomalies left and the remaining ones neutralized and/or freed, thus leaving the Foundation and the various groups of interest with no reason to even exist, which leads to their various members going their separate ways. However, a comment by Mann makes that not last: two men years later rediscover the Spiral Path and reignite the same sequence of events that it first brought upon the universe.
  • S Andrew Swan's proposal is a masterpiece of Meta FictionParanoia Fuel.:
    • The details are so confidential that even the description has been expunged and the directives state there is no way of containing it without risking a ZK-class Reality Failure event (the destruction of the observable universe). No-one except the O5s is allowed to know anything about it at ALL. But there is a hidden message on the page from a researcher who worked on it and managed to escape the purge detailing it: The reason the SCP Foundation discourages attempt at cross-referencing SCPs and looking for patterns in their seemingly random nature is that once, they did try to develop a Grand Unified Theory of SCPs and they discovered that reality is constantly shifting, things appearing and disappearing as if they'd never been, even whole sections of the Foundation's history changing. Eventually one of the researchers discovered the pattern- the shifting development of reality "toward narrative coherence, toward a plot..." And they discoverered the truth. There is a God, and it is SCP-001. And it's a bunch of horror writers.
    • If you enter the encryption key identifying you as an O5 member with full authorisation of the O5 council, you can read Containment Protocol ZK-001-Alpha, their final sanction against SCP-001 to be used only in the most dire of emergencies. They will virally insert a series of memetic attack agents into the SCP database itself that will infect members of SCP-001 and induce a state of calmness and well-being, followed by catatonia and finally a quiet death. That's right, they've prepared a weapon to kill YOU as you browse the database.
  • Another concept for SCP-001: a massive worldwide organisation that acts like a sociopathic MIB agency. That's right, the Foundation itself is a SCP!
  • djkaktus's Ouroboros cycle series, consisting of four individual proposals, are each nightmarish in their own right:
    • Part One, The Children: An attempt by the SCP Foundation to create a weapon capable of annihilating any potential threat to the world in general and the Foundation in specific. One problem: the people working on the project went rogue. The leader of the project is the only one that can activate the weapon. They Never Found the Body, and it's hinted that he now leads the Chaos Insurgency. Then there's just what the weapon consists of. 9 children between the ages of 4 and 11, all whom were experimented on to be able to alter reality, to the point of erasing something from existence. To make matters worse, they're all radioactive, and it's implied that they're soulless. After an incident that resulted in the death of an administrator, they were sealed in a tomb. They're still alive.
    • Part Two. It's a collection of several active SCPs, as well as several inactive mechanical components resting at the bottom of the Gulf of California. What are they? Components for Mekhane, the Broken God. Yes, theBroken God. During the 1940's, while the world was focused on Europe, a certain church was able to collect several of the necessary pieces to bring their mechanical deity to life, assembling them near La Paz in Southern Baja California. Upon its activation, designated as the 001-Apotheosis event, the entity began tearing its way through Mexico. It absorbed any metallic objects it could find, growing into a centipede-like machine so huge that devoured entire villages and mountains. When the entity reached the Pacific Coast, it encountered a second mechanical being (later designated SCP-2399) descending from the sky. What exactly happened between them is unknown, but it resulted in the entity's annihilation, with the scattered remains becoming designated as SCP-001. Containment of the event required mass administration of amnestics and revision of historical records to explain the damage left behind by the entity. Yeah, the Gulf of California? It didn't exist before 1943. And the pieces are still down there. Waiting. It's also heavily implied that the entity they created wasn't actually Mekhane. Or if it was, then he Came Back Wrong. Very wrong.
    • Part Three, Atonement is part of the Ouroboros cycle, so you know it's gonna be a horrifying one. Like all skips, it begins with containment procedures, which are somewhat more drastic than usual. Not only is it constantly guarded by four specialized task forces, but in the event of a breach the entire facility will be flooded, then dumped into a borehole which is then collapsed, stuffed with an landslide, and the on-site nuclear warhead will be detonated for good measure. Then you get to the meat of the article. SCP-001 is what remains foundation researcher who was accidentally locked into a particle accelerator during a test to create a new type of reality anchor, which turned the researcher into a human singularity with god-like control over gravity. In the process, this singularity also gave him knowledge of where all anomalies come from, and how to prevent them from appearing. It tells the O5 council that anomalies are the result of a sort of "bleed" from other universes leaking into ours, and that the borders between worlds have started to break down. The breakdown is amplified by entropy, and within mere decades the walls will break down completely, reducing the multiverse to a boundless chaos of worlds colliding, until all is consumed by entropy.

      The researcher found a way out, however, which the singularity entity now offers to the O5s. The only out is to destroy all other universes, which will leave ours without any external threats, capable of continuing until entropy claims it. And the singularity, with its command of gravity, can do this by breaking the barriers of every universe except this one at once, destroying them all but keeping us safe. However, SCP-001 can't do this until the Foundation turns off its containment procedures, offering this to the O5 council. The Council, knowing that the loss of life this would result in is literally beyond count, ultimately votes yes. As the singularity gets to work, however, the fine print is revealed; It intends to remove every trace of extradimensional influence from this universe in order to keep it safe, and that includes anyone who has ever used or interracted with anomalies. Starting with the Foundation and the O5 Council. They only barely manage to turn on the containment measures again, though O5-1 and 2 are destroyed. The Foundation has destroyed every other universe in existence for their own survival.

    The Foundation does not escape atonement.

    • Part Four, The Way It Ends, starts with a new category - Principalis - and leads to a document from the Chaos Insurgency that reveals that the Overseer Council is the SCP in question, lists the sins of what they later call "thirteen immortal demigods", and decrees that they are to die.
      • The initial meeting of the Delta Council and the agent who drafted the plan to kill the O5-Council includes a prediction that the 2020's are a point of no return for supernatural events, and it'll grow too big for the Foundation to cover up. And then there's the implication that the Council's worsening this through their actions.
      • The first council member to be taken out is O5-13, the Other Overseer. He's a researcher that is possessed by Death herself, with his body eternally on the cusp of demise. The O5-Council had exhausted the Fountain of Youth, and "insured" the researcher's life in exchange for Death letting them live forever and gaining a spot on the Council. The agent that leads the death squad forces the last drops of the Fountain of Youth into 13's mouth, freeing Death before blowing the guy's head off.
      • What happened to O5-11, the Liar. She was previously Sam Biel, a high-ranking Chaos Insurgency agent, who got her memories and personality erased by an anomaly in the Bay of Bengal, until the Foundation found her and O5-7 gave her a new identity. Years afterwards, one of the agents is captured by O5-11. After the agent realises who she really is, O5-11 reveals that her memories returned to her after reading a journal with her true name within it and sets the agent free with details on how to kill O5-10. After the agent leaves, she shoots herself.
      • When O5-10, the Archivist, gets cornered in the Wanderer's Library by two of the agents, she transforms into the Serpent of the Bible. The pocket dimension she fights them in isn't a great place to be either — especially when it's collapsing around the agents after they manage to kill O5-10.
      • The agents didn't kill O5-9 (the Outsider) or O5-8 (the Lesser); the former slashed her wrists in front of them, whilst the latter was a trans-humanist whose copious amounts of implants stopped agreeing with one another once O5-13 got killed — the four agents find his remains weeks after the fact.
      • After O5-7, Green, gets burned alive and kills one of the four agents, O5-6, the American, shows up with an invasion force to smoke out the agents. The tech wiz of the agents lures the American and his vanguard to his old village, which was infected by The Flesh that Hates. The American then gets shot by another agent, and promptly gets Devoured by the Horde.
      • As it turns out, O5-5's backstory is this. He came from a reality where London was the last city left after a supposed cure for the Black Death destroyed the rest of the world, and he eventually merged with every iteration of himself in the multiverse. However, as the lead agent discovers in a nightmarish battle, he wasn't called the Blackbird without good reason.
      • Once the Blackbird dies, O5-4, the Ambassador, ends up defecting to the Insurgency and meets up with them at an airport. Little did the Ambassador know that O5-3, the Kid, and MTF Tau-5 ("Samsara", the immortal clones) were following him there. His resultant death by an axe to the skull isn't pleasant, but special mention goes to the Kid for essentially behaving like HAL 5000 with the knobs turned Up to Eleven. Their voice is also child-like and unnatural, hinting at the theory that they are an immensely powerful AI. However, we discover that O5-3 isn't just an AI — they were a young infant meant to be sacrificed to SCP-2845, until the Overseers had a better idea. They were then plugged into their intelligence network, which necessitated their spinal cord getting snipped. By the time the agents find them, this is the state O5-3 was in:

      It was a baby, a human baby, but grossly malformed and writhing. Its eyes were empty sockets of white pus, its mouth and ears were sewn shut, and an arcane tattoo of a circle and three arrows surrounding a red point was printed on its forehead.

      • The lead agent's first response, without a thought, is to smash O5-3's glass tube open and squeeze its body until its bones break and its blood and viscera ooze out. This is the first unambiguous sign that the protagonist had gone too deep.
      • O5-2, the Nazarene, was not killed by the Insurgency, either — she (formerly Dr. Sophia Light) in fact helped them by giving the last of the SCP-006 water and the anomalous spear. She committed suicide after realising that stopping O5-1's goals, and becoming close to him again, was impossible. And the place where O5-1 found her body? Dr. Clef's 001 proposal is real in this timeline, and it still let the last two overseers through to the Garden of Eden. Only O5-1 remains where the journal led Calvin — at the end of it, it's signed "Ukulele". No prizes for guessing that particular implication.explanation It's one of the aliases of Dr. Alto Clef himself. He is also implied to be the "snake" in the prologue poem (according to Dr. Clef the author, Dr. Clef the character was responsible for casting humanity out of Eden).
      • Once the last two overseers die, Calvin, the sole remaining CI agent, is led to a chamber that contains the detonator for all the Foundation nuclear warheads. However, the telephone on the far wall rings, and the agent gets confronted with an Awful Truth: the O5-Council weren't causing the breakdown in reality, and O5-1 was trying his damnedest to stop it. It was — and still is — the Administrator. The Administrator is not Frederick Williams, as he has been set up as before the end — it is a consciousness born the moment the first man beheld the first anomaly. It is the idea of creating a Foundation. It caused the creation of the Foundation, and will forever create new anomalies for the Foundation to contain, because if there were none to contain, it and the Foundation would cease to exist. It is essentially the concept of the real-life SCP horror website made physical in-universe (i.e. if real-life people stopped making SCPs, the site would eventually go defunct). After discovering this, Calvin becomes the new O5-1, resurrects Olivia as O5-2 (and again imprisons Death as a result), and recruits various personnel (including Dr. Roget and Dr. Aktus) to round out the council. Except O5-2 isn't Olivia any more — it's a walking corpse that croaks out O5-1's name in a horrifying voice.
      • On a more subtle note, this whole proposal also alleges that the other three proposals of Dr. Aktus are all true. That's right: the Children, the Broken God, and Atonementare all true (albeit in a different universe that is visited during the finale of O5-5's chapter, in the last one's case).
  • Kate McTiriss's proposal implies that SCP-001 is its own article. According to its current containment procedures, editing the article rewrites reality accordingly. Its properties were discovered when the Foundation accepted an anomalous but Safe item that appeared at the top of any list that contained it. After an April's Fools joke edit, its assigned researcher realized that any change in the article (e.g. a passage that falsely stated she was given a paid vacation) would manifest in reality. Drunk with power, she used her final edit to become a godlike being. Granted, she did so to help the Foundation from a higher plane, and the O5 council blocked the article so no one else can edit it without their consent, but just imagine what would have happened if someone less scrupulous or less loyal to the Foundation discovered it first...
  • To coincide with SCP-2798 finally failing, Kalinin released his proposal, finally bringing The Reveal to the previously undefined iteration of SCP-001 he used:
    • After the field failed, an unknown alien force returned to the Earth. It started to intensify all anomalies under the Foundation's control. Some major examples: SCP-087 relocated to the Pentagon.SCP-106talks. Bobble the Clown? He evolved (again) and now teaches adults (using political figures, no less) to willingly participate in depraved acts of violence. And SCP slots 4000-4999 have been bought out by Envelope Logistics (who previously bought slot 2557). And perhaps most strangely, a number of SCPs that previously involved being transported to other places or exhibited inscrutable (but relatively harmless) functions have developed a fixation on harvesting human brain matter for no identified reason. The list continues. While some of these anomalies are decidedly less dangerous by definition than before (for example, SCP-294 restricts itself to dispense Coca-Cola-owned drinks and damages Coca-Cola's shares as punishment for other inputs), it still doesn't help that this... thing obviously preys on population mass (using souls as a unit of measurement) to inflict as much damage as possible. To reiterate: The Foundation literally gave the Earth a gigantic human soul to ward it off, by tricking it into thinking it was just a lowly, "non-anomalous" "human" being drifting through space.
    • And the proposal was only part of a larger story. It concludes with aliens wrecking massive damage on mankind (ranging from flayings and severed hands to destroying the Three Gorges Dam and flooding a large piece of China), and sparing whoever accepts to leave Earth and become a slave in their planet. However, the last chapter, Casa de Jacinta / Jacinta de la Casa, ends with a Badass Normal giving humanity one last bit of hope in its Darkest Hour by self-detonating a chamber containing a condemned idea for a play representing the main narrative, killing one of the aliens in the process and effectively rejecting their ideals and morals. The true motive and ideal of the aliens is pretty messed up, too. Some happiness comes from the gratitude that occurs when you know someone has suffered to give you what you have. Why not all of it?
  • The Consensus details the events of Occult War i, previously known as the Fifth Occult war. This was a global conflict that coalesced from multiple historic conflicts, such as the Napoleonic Wars and the American Civil War, and escalating greatly. In this reality, anomalies are not only a part of life, but were actively used in these wars. Highlights include the Union and Confederacy being armed with weapons from The Factory and a massive war with the Daevites, which included the slaughter of ethnic Mongols by a team-up between the Daevites and Abel. To solve this, members of the world's occult organizations came together to create the Foundation and triggered a CK-Class Restructuring Event, basically hitting the Reset Button on the world's history, which created our world. Events such as the Boxer Rebellion and Taiping Rebellion were retconned into existence by this event. Afterward, the O5's and their successors created things such as SCP-2000, the S/E/K class system, amnestics, and all the modern qualities of the Foundation, and it seems they're preparing to recategorize SCP-001 as just another anomaly. Which, while impressive, highlights just how horrifically powerful the Foundation really is: they created a reset button for reality even more powerful and efficient than their first one. There are also implications that this event unintentionally created entirely new SCP's, such as SCP-1173 and SCP-1678.
  • S.D. Locke's proposal. SCP-001 is the Sun, after an event on an unknown date resulted in it melting all living things exposed to its light. 6.8 billion casualties in 24 hours was the result. Oh, and everything SCP-001 affects survives exposure and simply become the epitome of Body Horror as multiple organisms (designated SCP-001-A) fuse together and partially reconstitute themselves. They then work to expose everyone who has avoided this fate to the sunlight. And over the course of the article, SCP-001 turns everyone mentioned into an SCP-001-A instance, including the reader. All of this been happening for at least 1,312 days, or a little over three and a half years, by the time you open the first revision of the article, and in addition to the article revisions you also see the catastrophe from the point of view of a researcher who loses her loved ones to the masses of bio-goop and then spends 985 days with no contact from Site-19 (emphasized to be the last beacon of hope against this whole mess and which is implied to have fallen to this solar apocalypse) in a horrifying and slow Sanity Slippage culminating in her suicide one day before you got to the terminal. The most chilling part of the entire article is a short tale of a D-Class trying to distract the beasts, and he manages to kill himself before they can pry his clothes off — except the Sun brings him back to life and converts him anyway, while he's helpless to do anything but scream. At one point, the researcher uses an occult ritual to bring her girlfriend's soul back...and it's still an SCP-001 aspect.

    They won't even let us die.

  • The Great Hippo’s Proposal is a computer that, when given Special Containment Procedures for an object, will give directives on how to better improve containment. Most of it seems like nonsense, but the directives actually work most of the time. But after the Ethics Committee vetoes one of its directives (involving the sacrifice of four D-Class), the computer becomes angry at the Ethics Committee, making violent orders for them to have their faces removed. Then it causes O5-2 to disappear and when he returns it’s implied he’s carrying a Mind Virus that infects the rest of the O5 Council, and gives 001 the control to have the Ethics Committee brutally murdered. This ends in a massive neutralisation of hundreds of thousands of SCPs before it’s implied that the O5 Council is overthrown and the computer is turned off, forcing the SCP Foundation to start over from scratch. The manner in which the computer destroys the Foundation from within shows how little control they really have over the anomalous, and how the world's greatest and only real protector can be so easily subverted.
  • Captain Kirby's Proposal is a heavy blend of this and Paranoia Fuel. The subject? O5-13. The investigation picks up when the other twelve positions in the O5-Council are vacated at the exact same time, with the new appointees driving themselves crazy trying to find anything suspicious about O5-13. They suspect that he was involved in the deaths of their predecessors, and they do everything including drug regimens and interrogating those who dealt with Site-01's destruction to solve the mystery. The kicker? O5-13 gets sent a back-up transcript from Site-01 that reveals that O5-13 was never an SCP; instead, the other twelve O5 Council members were. O5-1 realised this, and called an emergency meeting to trap everyone except O5-13 and the Administrator in a room, then call in a "Caesar Event" and nuke the base to hell.
  • Arbelict's Proposal is a Played for Horror take on the "every choice, another world" theory of The Multiverse. Humanity, which only exists in one of 57 universes initially formed during the Big Bang, has been creating new realms every time they make a choice; as it turns out, the multiverse is not an infinite space, and humans are threatening to destroy all 57 prime universes simply by existing. It's at this point that the article's actual horror comes into effect: the only real solution to the problem is, of course, to either invoke a means of halting human consciousness until the problem alleviates itself (for example, setting up a Human Popsicle plan, which the Foundation tried), or to just wipe humanity out and start over - something that SCP-001's object class of Paradox-Apollyon (essentially a worse version of Cernunnos in that containment is only possible by flat-out ending the world) represents.
    Unfortunately for the prime Foundation, they have no choice but to enact the latter plan, considering the former only houses about 15,000 humans. Even so, their methods are pretty horrifying, using concentration camps, drone strikes, engineered pandemics, mass-brainwashing, and some other conventional genocide techniques to wipe out humanity sans the 15,000 frozen humans and a fraction of the Foundation's workforce. They eventually develop and activate the Paradox-Thaumiel object SCP-0000 (seemingly made by smashing various SCP objects together) to take care of the rest.
    All done and good on a cosmic scale, right? Wrong. Before activating SCP-0000, some members of the Foundation saw fit to escape into one of these timelines, where the reader is currently located. The assumption was that since humans exist in the parallel worlds but don't make any further parallel worlds themselves, the anomaly would be thus be confined to the prime world. Unfortunately, this was before they made a crucial discovery, namely that these alternate timelines only start existing in a conventional sense once someone enters them, and so they end up creating the reader's world, named PD, and accelerate the problem even further by allowing its inhabitants to make parallel worlds. The document is left to end on a bleak note imploring the reader (actually O5-1) to make the harrowing decision to research SCP-001, and build and activate SCP-0000 once more.
  • And there is the Project Thaumiel tales, who explore the implications of most of the SCP-001 proposals. Specially, it gives Dr Gears' proposal (merely a prototype report of the first item registered by the Foundation, and conceptually the least "brickshitting" one) a very scary turn.

    SCPs 002 to 099 

  • SCP-002 is a ball of flesh with a door in it. Through the door enters into a modest apartment, the room is complete with furniture made out of the body parts of the people it's killed.
  • SCP-006 is a Healing Spring. That in itself isn't so scary. The real concern is that the Foundation is hiding the fact that it is one to everyone but O5s. And everyone who works on this SCP has to put on liquidproof suits to avoid being "contaminated" with it, because if they come into contact, the protocol is to confine the "victim", perform studies on them, and execute them by incinerating them, presumably so that they cannot leak knowledge of what the 006 water really is. These procedures make it clear that the Foundation is willing to hide objects that could benefit humanity simply because they cannot explained by known science.note Of course, there's also the possibiilty that everyone would want in on this "health" water, with all the fighting and wars that would ensue, if non-O5s knew about it, and it's not stated how much of the SCP-006 water there is, so perhaps this is for the best.
  • SCP-015. One of the earlier SCPs, it's a warehouse filled with pipes, vents, boilers, and other forms of plumbing equipment. All the pipes do, when not under observation, is grow. They grow, and grow, and grow, trying to connect to any nearby structures through sources like underground plumbing. The pipes themselves aren't made of standard materials, but instead things like wood, glass, steel, granite, even human flesh and bone. Anytime someone tries to destroy or fix one of the pipes, they burst open, spraying materials like oil, mercury, hordes of rats, sea water, and molten iron until the subject dies or retreats. SCP-015 currently contains about 120 miles worth of pipes. There have also been reports of banging and screaming coming from within SCP-015.
  • SCP-017 is a shadowy figure roughly the size of a young child. Unlike some other dangerous SCP objects, it generally remains stationary and does nothing to actively harm anyone... until a shadow is cast upon it. When that happens, it will immediately leap at and engulf the object or person, then return to normal size as if they were never there to begin with. And all of the Foundation's attempts to discover what, if anything, is within those shadows or where the victims go have been unsuccessful.
  • SCP-019 is a normal-looking pot at first... until creatures pop out of it and attack you. To make it worse, they are strong, but easy to crush; however, they are getting so strong that even fire is starting to not kill them!
  • SCP-020 is a germaphobe's nightmare — a mold that is invisible to humans unless videotaped or photographed, can grow all over your house and even on your body, and changes your personality to make you more sociable so it can spread to all your friends.
  • SCP-035, a comedy mask which occasionally shifts to tragedy for unknown reasons. It constantly secretes a corrosive substance from its eyes and mouth. This calls for a glass containment since glass dissolves slower than everything else. People that see it want to put it on, and when they do they are possessed by it as their body slowly decays, even past the point where (mechanically) they shouldn't move. The entity has complete knowledge on human psychology and uses this along with charm and telepathy to convinceanyoneto do anything. After a while, they decided not to give it any more hosts, realizing the potential this thing had. It starting driving people around the cell to suicide and depression. They coated the walls with an alloy that blocks telepathic suggestions, and it started decaying the walls with corrosive blood. Now, its cell is almost impossible to enter, due to the dangerous phenomenon within. It gets worse. The entity also shows interest in 682, whose regenerative abilities could counter the mask's corrosive decay, giving it a permanent host.
  • SCP-049 is an inhuman Plague Doctor whose touch kills people, allowing him to perform surgery on them. This "surgery" actually turns them into zombies whom are now known as SCP-049-2. What makes it worse is that he actually means well, but thinks this is the only cure for some kind of "Pestilence" that is not the Bubonic Plague but is something he cannot describe. He wants to find a true cure, one that presumably doesn't require killing people, but the Foundation won't let him continue his experiments after he "cured" the biologist assigned to him.
  • SCP-052, the time travelling train. Though you won’t experience anything horrifying if you step aboard, exactly where you could end up in the timeline (arrival dates range from 1976 to 2204) mean that there is a genuine risk you could meet yourself and create a temporal paradox if you arrive during a year when you are still alive. Then comes the Adult Fear of those you leave behind, given that for all intents and purposes, the people in the present day would see you to have vanished, perhaps with a nefarious undertone. If you travel forward in time, then comes the part of what sort of world you might arrive to see? You might get lucky and get to see human progress a few years, decades or centuries later, or end up in an alternate timeline where the Earth has undergone some sort of tragedy. Since the train has been recorded all over the world, far beyond its native lands of New York City, in numerous alternate realities (as told by an SCP “Federation” agent from the 2100’s) and may even have the potential to appear at any point in human history, there’s no telling where it may go next, or which unwitting traveller may next step through the doors.
  • SCP-053. She looks and acts like an ordinary 3 year old girl. At first. But anyone above the age of three who comes into contact with her becomes so overcome with fear, hatred and paranoia that they attack each other, then try to kill her, dying in the process while she instantly heals from any injuries she suffers. Normally, she's completely unharmed, as the last victim typically dies on the spot before they can reach her. This, coupled with the fact that SCP-682 is docile toward her implies that there is some sort of inherent wrongness lurking within 053. Did we mention that anyone affected kills every human in the vicinity before going after 053 and her parents were the first people affected?
  • SCP-055:
    • Imagine seeing something, and not being able to describe it. It basically makes you forget anything related to it, being reduced to what it DOESN'T look like.
    • This story makes SCP-055 even more scary, without revealing what it is.

      "The thing can’t be remembered, not even indirectly, except for what it isn’t. It isn’t alive. It isn’t safe — oh, God, it’s not safe! And it isn’t contained…"

    • And to complete the Nothing Is Scarier theme, there is absolutely NO way to "cheat" the memory-block SCP-055 has. Try to take notes and read them later? You won't remember that you were writing about 055 in the first place, thus your own notes will make no sense when you try to read them—you won't have any context for them. Take a picture? You won't recognize the photo, because... you guessed it, memory block. Whatever the thing is, it is, in the most literal sense, unknowable.note Except when you play by its rule. Go ahead and write what it is not, you will remember exactly that you were writing about what 055 is not. You still don't know what it is, but you know it exists, and several traits that don't apply to it.
    • This doesn't help either. An area that makes people gain immediate knowledge of a random subject. A man enters the area, and goes into a fit. As soon as he enters, he screams so hard that everyone in the area is alerted, and babbles about how "It's killed all of them!", "It's unstoppable!", and "You don't know what it's capable of!". And afterwards forgets he was even in the area. Locked the memory out of sheer horror? Amnesia?
  • SCP-056 is a condescending shapeshifter who lives by the rule "anything you can do, I can do better" — when exposed to a person, animal, or occasionally inanimate object, he turns himself into a form similar to that of the observed, but which is leagues better in at least one significant way. He sounds like a mere annoyance at first... then you realize that 90% of what he does is pretty much leech off of everyone's self-esteem. He has apparently caused a lot of people to try to commit either suicide or murder.
  • SCP-058 resembles a bovine heart with tentacles and spikes. It destroyed 70% of a town during its first encounter with the Foundation. It also talks, although whether that's a good or bad thing depends on how creepy you find Word-Salad Horror.
  • SCP-060 looks benign at first, being a grove of white oak trees. However, whenever they are burned, a sentient burning skeleton called SCP-060-Alpha appears and proceeds to burn the surrounding area around 060, causing saplings of 060 to appear in its wake. 060-Alpha also seems to be intelligent, with being able to learn its way around the facility with each manifestation. The weird stuff comes from the additional information where the grove was found at a burned-out house of this nihilistic, bitter man who was also interested in occult practices. The Foundation assumes that 060-Alpha must have manifested and killed the man after he burned parts of 060, but considering they Never Found the Body...
  • SCPs 076-2 and 682 (see here for more nightmare stuff about SCP-682). Both are indestructible, very sharp killing machines. Sure, you can put them down for now, but they'll just come right back again. Few minutes for 682, hours or years for 076.
  • SCP-084, the Static Tower. It's a radio tower that causes distortions of reality within its area of effect, trapping a small town within. They can't die, age, and have no need to sleep or eat. They also can't escape. One man was picked up four hundred meters from the city limits. He'd been traveling for six years.
  • When you think about SCP-085, Cassy's, situation, you may realize that it's both terrifying and heartbreaking at the same time; she's a living, sentient drawing but wishes that she was human. Also, while she can manipulate other items on the page, and even transfer to other pages, other drawings still aren't alive; if you allow her to transfer to, say, a comic book, it's less "Cassy joins the X-Men" and more "Cassy walks around statues that look like they're in the middle of a pretty cool story." She could take Cyclops' coffee and drink it, but not talk to him. While it's not as bad as it sounds because she's not just stuck in empty whiteness — the world's as big as the amount of drawn material you can convince the O5 Council to let her have — she's also completely alone, and there's nothing to be done about it. However, she does show that the Foundation isn't all bad; references to her involve way more petting than kicking.
  • SCP-087 (pictured in the main page) is a never-ending platform staircase that resists attempts to illuminate it, and descending one flight of stairs lets you hear a child crying for help about 200 meters down. The people sent down one by one found something else instead...
  • SCP-089:
    • It is a golden idol with a cavity in its chest that either causes or can prevent horrifying disasters; either way, they will only abate if Protocol M8 is fulfilled. What is Protocol M8? The statue names two people: SCP-089-A and 089-B. The foundation will send out a taskforce to convince 089-B to complete Protocol M8 out of her own free volition. Then comes the Wham Line. "For each locution event, SCP-089-A is a healthy, unblemished human infant or child between eight months and six years of age, and SCP-089-B is that child’s natural mother. In all documented cases, at the time of the locution event SCP-089-B is alive, healthy and experiences a strong bond of trust and affection with SCP-089-A. Following SCP-089-B’s placement of SCP-089-A in the cavity and the ignition of the inflammable materials, SCP-089-A will burn and be destroyed over a period of two to five hours." It makes sense once they translated the inscription, revealing that the idol is of the Canaanite god of child sacrifice, Moloch.
    • Worse still, they haven't yet found someone to carry out Protocol M8 for the most recent prophecy, which is naturally hidden behind a "DATA EXPUNGED." In the past, when it took 49 days to find someone willing to carry out the protocol the casualties were in the thousands. (It's implied they could have been much worse.) By the date shown on the page, it could be up to nearly 15 years since the most recent prophecy. note Which could be anything, including climate change, the war on terror, the global economic crisis, the Haiti earthquake, the Japanese tsunami, the rise of the Islamic State, and so on. For perspective, the last time it took nearly as long a time was in 1850, with deaths in the tens of millions and a massive civil war in China.
  • SCP-093 is a red disc that, when held, has the power to transfer whoever holds it to an alternate universe when they step through a mirror. Read the whole thing, including the test reports, in order, and then read the last link on the page. The reports themselves are creepy and unsettling, but the final report is just chilling.

    there was no war it was him him him him him IT. IT! it came from between the folds of time and space and worlds and light and dark something that is but should not be slipped in and called out to them as their god and they believed it and they tasted it and touched it and laid with it and became its property and did its will and IT IS STILL HERE

  • SCP-096: This is a humanoid monster that has a terrifying Disproportionate Retribution...
    • It is docile until you look at its face, at which point it will charge at you and kill you. This works even with pictures, and it will track you down no matter how far away you are. Also, there have been pictures spread on the internet and the SCP Foundation is still in the process of removing them. To understand how horrific this is, read Incident-096-1-a, in which SCP-096 tracks down someone who saw its face in a picture in which its body was only 4 pixels. You can be looking at a picture and never notice it's there until the monster arrives to end you.
    • Oh, and did we mention that when enraged, he's invincible? And that he's capable of bringing down an AWACS plane? And that he doesn't just kill his victims, he also does something awful to them, leaving no trace of the body?
    • Worse still, think about 096's description. Pale humanoid with a wide mouth, long arms with large hands, blank white eyes, no hair and usually charging at anything that looks at it in a blind rage? This near perfectly matches the description of entities seen in creepy hoaxed photographs and/or videos of aliens and cryptids. How many of those photos are actually of 096!?
    • There is one bit of good news: 096 has been scheduled to be terminated. Though it took letting the creature escape and wreak havoc on a highway, a small population center, and a military aircraft, ending with the execution of the scientist who arranged for the breach to happen to convince the O5 to act.
    • One experiment has the Foundation putting a guy in a submersible at the bottom of the Tonga Trench, which is nearly eleven kilometers deep and hundreds of kilometers from where 096 was then contained. Then they showed him a picture. It bought the man an hour.

    SCPs 100 to 230 

  • SCP-106 "The Old Man". An entity resembling a rotting old man. It causes severe corrosion and decay of whatever it touches. It drags its victims into its Pocket Dimension (which it seems to have complete metaphysical control over) and slowly tortures them for hours or days, before ejecting their mutilated bodies back into this world. Take a look at the page pictures. As if that wasn't enough, it's completely indestructible and almost impossible to successfully contain. The procedure for its recapture is, if possible, more terrifying than it is. Namely, taking a human in its preferred age bracket and injuring them by breaking a bone or cutting a tendon, placing them in a cell, and broadcasting their cries to lure in SCP-106. If SCP-106 isn't taking the bait, additional damage is inflicted. If it still isn't working, more "prey" objects are brought in. Even worse: time passes differently in the Old Man's pocket dimension. Which means that every second on the outside could be an eternity inside the pocket dimension. And even worse than that? The old bastard has a long, frog-like tongue that he drops on peoples' faces while he is above them. Sweet dreams.
    • 106 at Halloween.
    • SCP-106, the early years.
    • This short story suggests an alternate origin for 106: Remember poor Dr. Lang from the SCP-3001 entry? 106 is chasing her through the facility, because he is what is left of Dr. Robert Scranton. And it ends with 106/Robert killing her. Overlaps with Tear Jerker, of course.
    • The final image on the page, one which demonstrates what 106 does to people, is probably the most horrific thing on the page. It's a horribly burned human face, without eyes or teeth. The caption states that "Subject survived one hour after recovery." The real horror, though, comes from the picture's origin. It dates back to World War II, and according to Dr. Gears (the poster, not the character) is a mannequin used to show the effects of chemical and radiation burns. However, some other posters don't seem entirely convinced. While quite unlikely, it's possible that the fourth picture does not display a mannequin.
    • This story provides another alternate origin, where 106 is the last of a species of predatory dimension travellers that hunted humankind for millenia. Despite the graphic content, it also doubles as a Tear Jerker, as 106 is alone and old, unable to hunt efficiently, and is going to starve to death.
    • SCP-106 also apparently likes playing the role of Santa.
    • Recently, the page has replaced the first and last image. The new first image gives more of a side shot to its mid-emergence, making the face look arguably more decayed than in the original. While the third image instead of using a picture of the radiation test dummy as mentioned above is a picture more made from scratch. Despite that the image arguably looks even more realistic and disturbing.
  • SCP-120 is a pink kid's swimming pool that works as a Portal Pool, cycling between 11 locations each time you send someone through. The 11 locations include the 5 Lagrange points. Which are in space. It was discovered because of "reports of missing children." It's a convenient way of teleporting, though, except for the Lagrange points. So they simply... cause it to cycle through them. Using D-class personnel.
  • SCP-127 is an MP5K submachine gun. Other than the fact that it shoots teeth, it appears to be a normal gun... on the outside. Inside of the gun is a whole mess of organic tissue, organs and bones. Also, the magazine can't be removed — "it seems to be permanently attached to the weapon".
  • SCP-136 is a doll. When you look at it for too long, you get mind raped (in a way heavily reminiscent of physical rape) by a naked, insane, blood-covered ghost thing that inexorably floats towards you, laughing, before shoving its face right up to yours and screaming before disappearing. It usually takes the form of a woman with an obscenely large mouth and oversized breasts. And it can kill people. The Foundation uses it for enhanced interrogationnote an euphemism for "torturing for information".
  • SCP-140, The Daevite Empire, a highly aggressive and militaristic civilization that once existed in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. The SCP in question is a chronicle of the empire's existence which, whenever it comes into contact with any suitable fluid (including human blood), will use that fluid as ink and retroactively add to its history, causing the Daevites to survive further and further into the future. The Daevites' history currently ends with their extermination at the hands of Genghis Khan — when it was first discovered, they were wiped out by Qin Kai, some 1400 years earlier. Worse, there's more than one copy of the chronicle out there, and expansion events have happened while their copy received no fluids. The Foundation has determined that if the Daevites were to survive past a certain point in history, the results would be catastrophic note Specifically if they were to exist in 1███ CE, which would constitute to a shift in class dominance, a global-scale conflict projected to have an extremely high death toll, and shattering the Foundation's secrecy to the world.
  • SCP-148, Telekill, the alloy the foundation used to coat the walls of 035. It's a metallic substance that blocks every mind-altering property near it. As such, the Foundation decided that it was tremendously useful and used it on the containment of several mind-altering SCP entities. However, after some personnel guarding the biggest stash of the substance began to have symptoms of degenerating language and communication skills, they discovered that the alloy worked basically by eating the language centers of anyone near it. After an experiment with an unknown SCP that not only confirmed it but also demonstrated that, after a certain "saturation" level, 148's effect was nullified and the mind-altering SCP effects got even stronger, the Foundation immediately forbid the use of 148 with any mind-altering SCP. That 035's cell is still coated with the substance can be interpreted as either that the effects of the 035 and 148 combination is such that the Foundation couldn't recover the alloy on time after the change in politics, or, as bad as things are, not having the coat of 148 there could had made the phenomena worse.
  • SCP-149. As if there weren't enough reasons to hate mosquitos, this one is a carrier for a kind of virus that causes cyst-like structures to grow inside the target's nose, throat, and occasionally eye sockets, each of which contains the mosquito's larva.
  • SCP-169 is a titanic sea creature, estimated to be 2000 kilometers in size... at the minimum. This thing has been around for millions of years, is still alive, and is so huge that spines on its back have been mistaken for islands. Oh, and the Foundation outright admits that it will never be contained—all they can do is keep the thing a secret. That's right: the only people in the world who could ever hope to keep this beast under control can't do anything of the sort at all, and they know it.
    • And the best part? 169 is stated to be "dormant" or in hibernation by Foundation researchers. And there's no way to know if... or when, it'll wake up.
    • Even worse? The last part of the entry, about how some information about the creature was leaked to the public, is referencing a real life thing: Bloop, a mysterious sound picked up off the southern tip of South America. While the sound appears to be made by an animal, whatever made it would have to be bigger than a whale.note Although in real life, the Bloop has long been explained as a sped-up recording of an icequake
  • The very first SCP itself, SCP-173, the statue that tries to kill you if you break eye contact with it. Enlarge that page's picture to get a better idea. It appears to be the only thing 682 is afraid of, as when it was locked inside 173's chamber, the creature's first response was to huddle in the corner farthest from 173 and stare at it without blinking for several hours. When snipers popped 682's eyes from afar, it responded by growing bullet-proof eyes all over its body so that it could keep 173 from getting close to it. However, while 173 did some damage to 682 before it could adapt, it was unable to destroy 682.
    • Also: this short story. What would happen if said statue replicated? Exponentially? Said entry describes 150 SCP-173s attacking and ripping apart SCP-682. The fucking indestructible lizard. And it's implied that 682 didn't regenerate. These things were able to destroy him for good... It goes on to try and take over the entire world. That's not an exaggeration; both of the Americas are converted into "Containment Zone X1". The infestation of 173s apparently got so bad that they reduced the entire civilian population of North American humans to only a couple hundred people, and it's implied that the number was dropping. After total nuclear saturation of Zone X1, the entire remaining world's navies are to constantly patrol the coasts and sonar the oceans to prevent any 173s escaping Zone X1. The final part of the story reports that instances of SCP-173 were sighted in Wales.
    • The statue was once shown to SCP-187, a girl who can see the current and future state of anything she happens to be looking at. Upon looking at 173, all she could do was scream for 1 minute and 38 seconds then slip into unconsciousness. She ended up in a coma for 48 hours and when she woke up she had no memory (or repressed the memory) of what she saw. Which begs the question... what could 173 become in the future that could cause such a reaction?
  • SCP-182: A nice, cheerful guy who wants to be friends. Oh, and did we mention that he's deaf, mute, and horribly scarred, and he compensates for the first three by involuntarily riding shotgun on your senses when you get within ten meters, and if you stay around him there's a 97% chance you'll go insane? And he knows this. And he can't do a thing about it.
  • SCP-187 is a twenty-something-year-old woman who has a unique, if not horrific, form of precognitive powers which shows her the present and future state of anything she is looking at, as long as the future state is sufficiently different. As a result, she often wears a blindfold because she is near crazy and suicidal from what she sees (to the point where she has to be fed intravenously because she sees all food as rancid and rotten) and must wear a pair of padded mittens which can she cannot remove in case she tries to rip out her eyes. However, her powers can be useful, when she predicted the escape of an unidentified SCP which was averted by the organization. Not that this did her any good as she was forced to participate in a series of other tests involving her meeting the Keter-levelled SCPs to see if she would predict their destructions.
  • The old SCP-194 combined both The Virus and corvids, flocking around antisocial individuals until said victim transforms into one of them.
  • You know you're dealing with some master writers when they can make cupsParanoia Fuel. SCP-198, a cup that can teleport and pretend to be other beverage containers. When you pick it up, it instantly bonds with your skin and cannot be removed, even by amputation. You rapidly become dehydrated unless you drink from the cup. What's in the cup? Human body fluids, like spit, sweat, bile, mucus, and... some less pleasant ones. Also, since you dehydrate so fast, your only hope is to chug everything in the cup constantly.
  • SCP-201 is an old medical apparatus that teleports anyone who comes within 30 meters to an alternate reality within a period of 48 hours. While this reality superficially resembles Earth, it exists in a perpetual state of twilight and is devoid of all life; all places of human habitation appear as if everyone suddenly vanished at the same instant. Time elapsed in this reality can vary greatly from our own, but that's not the worst part. The worst part is that people sent to this reality are left to wander it, alone, before being randomly returned to our world. There are no monsters, no weird phenomena, and no other presences. Just complete and utter isolation with no idea how long you'll be stuck. The longest recorded time someone spent there was eight years. If anyone tried to repair any communication devices in that realm, they would receive an automated message coming from the Foundation itself. The link the discovery leads to is related to SCP-2935. This relation may be considered shoehorned solely because of similarity between the two SCP's, but there are arguably even more horrifying implications than before. The first version of the page lacked the relation to another object, but it had [DATA EXPUNGED], which may or may not have been encountered in the alternate world.
  • SCP-204. 204 comes in two parts: 204-1 is a colony of nanomachines that follows around 204-2, protecting them from harm. 204-2 is a child aged from 4 to 14, with a history of being abused, who can control 204-1. When 204-2 turns fourteen, 204-1 finds a new child to protect, and, if the former 204-2 is mentally stable, the former 204-2 is given a Class-A amnestic and put into a foster care program. That's not the Nightmare Fuel. The real NF comes from an addendum that explains that due to 204-1 freaking out if there isn't another suitable child to imprint on if needed, the Foundation have a group of suitable candidates. However, if they really need candidates quickly, they can enlist some more candidates who don't fit the protocol- i.e., they are of a suitable age (preferably under ten), but they don't have a history of abuse. The Foundation will then turn them over to 'caretakers' which will consist of D-class personnel convicted of violent crimes, child abuse, and pedophilia. It also says that the procedure for hiring the 'caretakers' is the same one for finding people to perform Procedure 110-Montauk on SCP-231. Jesus Christ.
    • Oh, and as an aside? SCP-204 will psychically manipulate whatever it's guarding into taking dangerous actions so it is forced to protect what it is guarding, and thus allowed to feed. The SCP literally forces the child into danger so it can feed.
    • And on top of that? Right now it's guarding a complete sociopath who is very quick to threaten people with the hungry, amoral nanomachines!
    • And as if to top the whole thing off, 204 is ludicrously powerful. The initial capture required an Abrams tank and an AC-130. Yes... to capture this thing, you need not only one of the most powerful armored vehicles in the world, but also Death from AboveUp to Eleven.
    • Even the fate of the children who naturally outgrow 204-1 is nightmarish. The "lucky" ones get the amnestic... the ones who are mentally unstable are terminated.
    • Crosses into Tear Jerker territory with the footnote. The 'caretakers' initiative? The Foundation has never had to enact it. Not once in any way. There are plenty of abused children to choose from, it seems.
  • SCP-205. A pair of flood lamps that project shadows that are telling a terrifying story about a girl meeting, mating with, and getting killed by horned humanoids. Then you realize the shadows are more like actors reenacting the story, and that you really don't want to catch their attention. But that's not the worst part: it looks like the girl didn't realize she was living with monsters before taking pictures of them. Meaning that to normal eyes they look human, and that they could be walking among us unnoticed. Oh, and the circumstances of the recovery of the lamps make it clear that everything displayed by the shadows actually happened.
  • One of the images for SCP-212 features a bloodshot eyeball being stabbed by various metal implements.
  • SCP-217, the Clockwork Virus, is a virus that turns people into machines. It is a highly contagious, incurable, and hardy virus that can affect any animal, slowly and agonizingly turning them into a Clockwork Creature. The affected creature becomes an emotionless, dull, repetitive robot incapable of coming up with anything new. It doesn't kill you, but it might as well have. Combine this with its subtlety and infectivity, and it's Keter for a very good reason. Scared now? Oh, and the Church of the Broken God wants to bring it into contact with SCP-882 and SCP-271.
    • This and the other entry mentioning it here should tell you how scary those guys are. They don't want to try these things together like "poke the thing and see what happens," no. Basically, the "Broken God" is what they believe to be a deity whose parts have been separated. All of the mostNightmare Fuel-inducing machinelike SCP items are apparently part of a whole. Recreating that whole is the Church's ultimate goal. Of course, we don't know if they're right. If they are, some of the worst complex Artifacts of Doom actually make a whole greater than the sum of its parts, and that whole is sentient.
  • SCP-228, a rather simple, but effective entry. It's a photograph that manifests as something different each time it's viewed, based on subconscious thoughts. The anomalous effect does not persist through photographing SCP-228, but does trigger through remote video feed. The database entry includes a live feed with instructions to report disturbing imagery to psychiatric personnel. Three guesses as to what images are usually being cycled. The image will change on a page reset after a minute or so. Images include a happy field of roses; an uncanny faceless woman in sepia tone; and a man naked and possibly unconscious, on top of a stuffed animal, in a filthy bathroom.

    SCP 231 

  • SCP-231-07, a girl of undefined age who was impregnated with some kind of Eldritch Abomination by a Satanic sex cult. The only way to keep it from being born is by putting her through "Procedure 110-Montauk" every twenty-four hours, which is described as involving "brutally (DATA EXPUNGED)". It can only be carried out by really obedient Class D Personnel (and before a rewrite to make it more ambiguous, only convicted sex offenders), and is being supervised by employees who have passed a psychological examination (an early warning and implication of who carries this out), and it's 10 times worse than whatever you think it is. By the way, the specific age of SCP-231 is not specified, only a minimum and maximum, both of which are censored in the article. But the minimum is a single-digit number. And there is a fine print that you may have to View Source to find it: "Don't believe it when they say they're trying to save her. Why would they bother? They've got exactly what they want exactly where they want it."

    Some of the staff who were involved in the project have taken amnestics to forget it, and false memories have been implanted. Which means that anyone could have been on the project and not even remember it, assuaged somewhat by the fact that you would've merely been a security guard or pen pusher; only really bad criminals serving life sentences are allowed to perform "Procedure 110-Montauk". Also, the use of amnestics was completely voluntary... although the sheer number of requests for those amnestics should tell you something. And they started using amnesia-inducing drugs on 231 herself; the sum total of 110-Montauk was starting to induce a form of shell shock in the victim. As a constant level of agony and terror needs to be inflicted to suppress the Eldritch Abomination, they started wiping her mind of her knowledge of Montauk. Eventually, it was determined that a weekly dosing cycle was most efficient, as the 3rd to 4th time is the most mentally devastating; the first time is horrible, the second time establishes a pattern, and the third confirms that this is what the rest of your life is going to be like.

    The article contains an addendum added by one of the heads of the SCP foundation specifically stating (presumably to set straight employees having second thoughts about all this) that while "Procedure 110-Montauk" is quite possibly the most horrifyingly evil thing the SCP foundation has ever been involved in, failure to carry it out will result in the End of the World as We Know It, judging by the death tolls that ensued when SCP-231-01 through SCP-231-06 gave birth. Sweet dreams.

    More hidden text is on that page (font size 0, so you WILL need to use View Source or copy and paste the entire entry onto a Word document to read it). It's a poem seemingly written by one of the doctors that worked with all the SCP-231's, who has gone UTTERLY INSANE and is rambling about "seven brides for the Scarlet King". Among other things, the poem suggests that SCP-231-7 is the LAST SCP-231, because when she gives birth, it will bring forth the end of time. It also implies that the procedure was terrible enough that one of the doctors shot himself in horror.

    Four lines of this invisible poem are just Bible passages. Searching for those gives yet another level of disturbing: the first two (Luke 23:34, Proverbs 1:32) being reprimands against the Foundation, the third (Ezekiel 6:14) is Old Testament God boasting on how He will rain destruction, and the last (Revelation 18:21-24) is one of the angels of the Apocalypse describing how New Babylon was annihilated, finishing with a meaningful line - "In her was found the blood of prophets and of God’s holy people, of all who have been slaughtered on the earth.”
  • Foundation Ethics Committee. They're widely regarded as ineffectual and being assigned there is taken as a "can't fire him, keep him out of the way" type of job. However, they actually override the O5 Council and during orientation, one member is absolutely horrified when he learns the truth. The Ethics Committee is in charge of weighing the moral costs of everything the Foundation does. There is no canon, of course, but it's a wholly horrifying thought that this is the least horrible thing they can do in regards to containment of the SCP.
  • Alternately, imagine being part of the support staff for the 231 containment site. Knowing what you're ordering done to the girl, watching it every day, obtaining supplies and materials to enable it, terminating anyone who tries to stop it. There's a reason why so many people associated with this thing commit suicide. Even worse, it says that, as unimaginably horrible as 110-Montauk is, there have been some Class-D Personnel who attempted to prolong it. Talk about Humans Are Bastards.

    Dr. Clef (the writer, not the character) said that he wanted 231-7 to be scary on a different level; rather than showing how horrifying 231 herself is, he wanted to show just how far the Foundation was willing to go in order to keep something contained. It worked a little TOO well.
  • As Dr. Bright puts it, "All the rape is in your head". The author, Clef, added that "I don't want to know what you people think it is, honestly, because I will always be disgusted at the things that people come up with. Suffice to say: yeah, it's THAT." That said, it was very clearly intended to be rape, and Bright and Clef playing coy about it does not change this. The fact that the only D-class personnel allowed were convicted sex offenders pre-rewrite, the fact that marked sexual deviancy is not to be considered an automatic fail, and the fact that some D-class personnel attempt to prolong the "procedure" make this really, really easy to put together.
  • Surprisingly, after all the unspeakable horrors, one of the short stories finally manages to provide a Bittersweet Ending. In it, it's revealed that 231-7 is actually the First Horseman of the Apocalypse, Conquest, who was destined by Yahweh to fight for him during the fated battle of Armageddon. While preparing for the upcoming conflict, Yahweh uses his power to loosen the restraints on the SCP's power, allowing her to give birth to a more powerful version of herself further heightened by her innumerable torture sessions. She then dissolves her former tormentors in a blast of light and instantly transports herself to Yahweh's location presumably riding SCP-312 as her steed. Yahweh tells her to forgive the Foundation for their wrongs; Conquest, who is VERY understandably pissed off at her master, rightfully points out to him that what the Foundation did was not entirely their fault since they thought they were saving the world from a world-destroying calamity. In fact, it was Yahweh's fault that he didn't bother telling his followers what was really going on, perfectly aware of what his rider had to endure yet doing nothing about it. As a result, she renounces her loyalty towards him and abandons her mission by riding her SCP to explore the universe. What's even better is that she manages to flip off God, who in this story is a jerkass. At one point he was actually considering wiping her from existence just because he was flabbergasted that his creation would actually be angry at him for allowing her to be brutally tortured, mind-wiped, and Mind Raped while preventing her from escaping by putting a Restraining Bolt on her power until a certain appointed time. It wasn't until after he read her memory and saw everything that she ever felt, thought and experienced, that he is unable to prevent her from leaving the earth and exploring the stars. Of course, this also brings up new horrors as it means that whatever SCP-231-7 experienced at the hands of the Foundation must have been so awful that it even horrifies GOD.

    SCPs 232 to 299 

  • SCP-232 falls into a similar vein as 173. It's a statue of a Sumerian goddess that will cut you up if you allow any shadows into its constantly-lit containment area.
  • SCP-238, an enormous (as in "thousands of miles of tunnels") underground complex. Currently, the only thing that has worked has been blocking it off with a brick wall, and all attempts at exploration have invariably ended horribly, with reports of hallucinations, odd sounds, mysterious accidents and partially organic walls. And then you get the pictures with the giant spiders, combine it with the comments about an incursion finding something that wasn't "natural", and you can start guessing just what sort of thing's down in those tunnels. It doesn't get much better when you check the comments: Apparently, quite a few SCPs came from there.
  • SCP-253 is a contagious form of cancer. That is scary in and of itself, but it gets worse: if enough people are infected by the cancer, it will start to act as a Hive Mind and take control of their bodies through the neoplasms on their brains. And if that's not scary enough, the Hive Mind might be able to develop human-like intelligence.
  • SCP-261 is a vending machine that dispenses snack foods that might be normal, strange or bizarre. As SCPs go, it's actually pretty fun and not too scary. The disturbing part comes as you slowly read more and more stories about what comes out of the vending machine. The first time living food is dispensed, most researchers refuse to eat it and are as distressed by the idea as most people would be. But as more and more living food items are dispensed from the vending machine, researchers get more and more casual about it, until reports of the living, potentially thinking beings only describe their flavor. As if cramming the recently dead bodies of various cute little alien critters popping out of the machine is the normal and obvious thing to do.
    • One disturbing instance included an aluminum box with a glass window on the side and a button on top, filled with "small, round animals covered in fur, each with three small paws and a single large eye." Pressing the button causes the box to become superheated, cooking the strange animals alive. The worst part is that it's reported scratching and muffled noises could be heard within.
    • Another fun result from SCP-261 is "TASTE ME", an obvious reference to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It's funny, right until the part when the test subject eats it, goes into convulsions, and dies due to brain expansion. "Analysis of the cake showed large amounts of human growth hormone as well as several unidentified chemicals."
    • And then there's the can of "Prangles." Once you pop, you can't stop. Ever. Of course, it can Cross the Line Twice as the next sentence says that they had to get a crowbar to keep the dead body from eating the chips.
    • SCP-261 once produced a fruit from SCP-417. Not much else needs to be said.
    • One dispensed product is a pack of "Eetmees", crablike creatures that beg to be eaten, forcing themselves into your mouth if you refuse. They even loudly and cheerfully express joy when they get chewed and swallowed.
    • Someone decided to try to push the coin reject button. In addition to a 0-yen coin, they also got a can containing a loud, buzzing insect inside, labeled "Stop that."
    • Someone used the coin-on-a-string trick in an attempt to cheat the machine and get free snacks. It dropped a live grenade and people died.
  • SCP-267 is a subspecies of naked mole rat that feeds on tumors. They attack large animals, paralyze them, and drag them into their burrows, where they chew off their limbs and pump them full of carcinogenic venom to feed off the tumors this creates. This means that the larder creature, usually a human, is trapped in a pitch-black, reeking cave, in constant agony as the tumors swelling all over its body are chewed off by tiny unseen monsters that vomit root pulp into its mouth on a regular basis. This can last for decades.
    • After 19 months of containment, the Foundation eventually discovered that the current larder was human, possibly a child (the age is redacted, but it’s a single-digit) that went missing with their family several decades ago. They took so long to figure out it was human because of the lack of limbs and rampant tumors.
  • SCP-280. It's a shadowy creature that attacks people and rips them to shreds... for no reason. It can rip through steel to get to its prey, and sudden exposure to light causes it to teleport away to plan its next attack. It was first discovered where it massacred a family of five in their home, the only survivor being a nine-year-old who had come over for a sleepover and was huddling terrified in the basement with only a flashlight for protection. Don't turn off the lights, it may be in there with you.
  • SCP-290 reads like a love letter to the Body Horror sub-genre: it's a metal sphere that reconfigures your body in wild ways while keeping you alive. The Experiment Log Addendum includes the poor test subject's head "slowly embedding itself into his thigh, both eyes absent", and a strong implication that — possible Brain Bleach warning — the restructuring of his internal organs had re-routed some of his waste through his chest cavity.
  • Speaking of disturbing food dispensers, SCP-294 is a coffee machine that can dispense just about any kind of liquid. Like SCP-261, it's, for the most part, a lighthearted, if darkly humorous tale about a vending machine that can make anything (water, coffee, cola, beer... blood, sweat, saliva... liquid nitrogen, molten metal, sulphuric acid...) as long as it can exist in liquid form, though it operates on an extremely eerie case of being strictly literal in how it interprets your commands. If you value your appetite, do not use "joe" as a synonym for "coffee" when inputting what drink you want, especially if your name is Joe, or if there's a Joe somewhere in the room with you. Not only does SCP-261 dispense any liquid possible, but it can actively take that liquid from somewhere so it can dispense it. Said machine, if given the command 'A Cup of Joe' goes for a Literal Metaphor in a very painful way, extracting and dispensing a mixture of bodily liquids from the nearest person named Joe. It's survivable, but the person this happened to had to be hospitalised for several weeks. There's also "The Perfect Drink", which causes the drinker to become depressive and commit suicide because "everything else is just a letdown now." For more straightforward ways of killing you, it will happily dispense any kind of industrial chemical you like. There's a reason why they have two security guards stationed there with orders to shoot anyone who is trying to order anything other than normal drinks or substances strictly for research.

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Full Name

Uriel (possibly)



Dr. Clefs proposal
The Gate Guardian


Euclid/Keter-class SCP


Complete matter obliteration

God level speed/reflexes
Master swordsman


Guard the gate

Inspire the creation of The SCP Foundation (both succeeded)
Kill SCP-682 (possibly failed)


SCP-343 (possible father)


SCP Foundation (occasionally)



SCP Foundation (occasionally)

Type of Hero

Arcane Guardian

SCP-001, also known as "The Gate Guardian", is a Euclid/Keter class humanoid entity that is one of many potential entities that share the SCP-001 title. It can be viewed as the overarching protagonist of the entire mythos. SCP-001 is the being that prompted the SCP Foundation to exist. He said one word that echoed through the administrator's head, "prepare". It was that one word that made the administrator create the Foundation for an unknown future event, and to contain many other dangerous or helpful entities and anomalies. It has never left its station.

This SCP is based on the story of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve, being the first two humans in existence, were born in a land that has a tree created by God himself, and were told not to eat the tree's fruits. It is possible that that tree is among those behind the gate featured in this SCP. In short, SCP-001 guards the gates of Eden.


The Gate Guardian is an impossible to contain, colossal entity that stands over 1000 feet in height, with anywhere from 2 to 108, but usually 4, luminous wing like appendages sprouting from its shoulders, back, temples, ankles, and wrists. The guardian wields a weapon described as either a sword or knife also known as SCP-001-2. The weapon can emit flames that rival the heat of the sun but, strangely, causes no damage to the environment around it.

As its name suggests, The Gate Guardian stands, weapon drawn and head bowed, in front of an equally colossal gate through which a pastoral grove can be seen along with multiple other entities that share SCP-001's description. This grove is thought to be the biblical Garden of Eden. The grove contains many fruit trees of unknown species, with two trees of immense size near the groves center. One of them, thought to be the Tree of Knowledge, appears to be an ordinary apple tree while the other, thought to be the Tree of Life, bears a fruit unknown on earth.

SCP-001 can and will annihilate any and all beings, organic or artificial, that pass within a 1 km radius of itself and ignore it's warnings, this is down to the sub-atomic level. The speed at which these attacks happen make it look like SCP-001 barely even moves. Ranged attacks on SCP-001 end with the instant annihilation of all projectiles (including nukes), and attackers no matter where in the world they are. In the case where a D-Class was executed for refusing to ignore SCP-001's warning to leave, all people responsible for the death of the D-Class were immediately annihilated along with their research site.

If real, The Gate Guardian is one of, if not the most powerful being that The Foundation has ever seen.


Not much is known about SCP-001's personality as it rarely interacts with people, and The Foundation rarely interacts with it out of safety. What is known however is that SCP-001 isn't openly hostile, preferring to send a telepathic message such as "FORGET" or "LEAVE" to all living beings who pass within a 1 km radius of itself. When the message is followed, the being will be free to leave, all while forgetting about SCP-001's existence.

It appears to at least care about humanity as a whole, but not as individuals or as groups, as while it inspired the creator of The Foundation to start containing and fighting creatures and entities that would gladly wipe out all life on earth at best and erase the universe at worst, it has no qualms about destroying any one person or group of people who ignore its warnings or, on the very rare occasion, anger it, not seeming to care about collateral damage.



  • A certain experiment which included SCP-001 and a nuclear submarine led to the detonation of multiple warheads at once. This then led to the deaths of around 35,000 people, most of whom were innocent civillians. This event very nearly exposed The Foundation to the world, resulting in the mandatory termination of all family, friends and individuals related, in any way, to the 35,000 victims to prevent questioning and the deployment of amnestics (memory erasing drugs) on a near global scale. After this, any and all experiments including SCP-001 and nuclear material were permanently banned on order of the O5 council.
  • A later experiment which included SCP-001 and SCP-073, also known as "Cain", was conducted to see if SCP-073's ability to reflect damage back on to his attackers would work as a counter. Against expectations, 073 was left unconscious and multiple members of personnel were left permanently blinded. SCP-001 was unharmed. After this incident, no further experiments of any kind which include SCP-001 are permitted on the order of the O5 council.
  • At some point, The Foundation received a message dated from an unknown amount of years into the future. The message describes an apocalyptic event during which, for the first time, SCP-001 leaves its position at the gate, signalling the end of earth as we know it.
  • The foundation once tried to use him to kill 682. The guardian failed and 682 stated that the guardian isn't Uriel, but a pretender, and that the place he was protecting was not the Garden of Eden instead the garden being SCP-2746 which is far west.
  • In the tale "The Gate Opens", SCP-343 deems the right time for His angelic armies to lay waste on Earth so it would reborn as a paradise. He goes to SCP-001 who kneels to Him and refers to Him as his Father and Lord, and on 343's orders 001 finally opens the gate where armies of similar abstract angelical beings emerge.
  • When SCP-001 confronted SCP-729-J, a powerful bunny plushy, he kneeled and a mouth manifested on 001's head calling it his lord, and then put it on the garden he was guarding. The Foundation was able to retrieve 729-J after 001 was allowed to have SCP-999 for a day.
  • The Gate Guardian is included as a dangerous anomaly card in the SCP board game called Uncontained.

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001 scp

What is SCP 001? When Day Breaks ,SCP 001 Proposals, The Gate Guardian

What is SCP 001 | When Day Breaks | SCP 001 Proposals | The Gate Guardian: It isn’t easy to work for The SCP Foundation. Not only is the job dangerous – You could be eaten by a giant, immortal lizard or turned into organic furniture inside the world’s scariest living room – but it’s also insanely complicated. How do you make sense of the nonsensical?

What’s the definition of strange when your career secures, contains, and protects anomalous objects and entities? This brings us to SCP – 001. Then What is SCP 001?

What is SCP 001?

Rather than a single object, location, or being, SCP 001 is a cluster of over 30 different proposals for potential candidates for the prestigious 001 spot. Some believe there’s an actual 001 hidden in this group, and the rest are decoys. Others think that these are all just SCPs cataloged before the introduction of the current classification system.

Some even think that all of the proposals have a valid claim to the SCP – 001 throne. We’re not here to make a final judgment. Instead, we’re going to take you on a lightning-round crash course through 31 of the SCP 001 proposals. If you’d like a more in-depth take on any of these SCPs, let us know in the comments, but for now, there’s no more time to waste.

What is SCP-000? SCP-000 hidden Text | SCP Foundation

SCP 001 Explained 

Suppose you’ve ever read the Book of Genesis, which is the part of the Old Testament that details God creating the world and humanity during a particularly busy week. In that case, you might just already be familiar with SCP-001.

Or at least one of the anomalies that have been proposed for the title of SCP-001. Because, of course, SCP-001 doesn’t refer to a single creature, object, or entity, but rather a collection of various anomalies contained by the SCP Foundation.

SCP 001-Scarlet King

Anomalies sharing the name SCP-001 include the infamous Scarlet King, a powerful eldritch being intent on ending all of creation that is thought by Foundation researchers to be one of the most dangerous beings in this and any other universe.

But the Scarlet King isn’t the only incredibly powerful being categorized as SCP-001.

In fact, there are plenty of other anomalies with similar levels of destructive power. And one such being is a creature code-named The Gate Guardian.

What is SCP 001 The Gate Guardian? Gate Guardian Explained

The Gate Guardian is a humanoid entity approximately 320 meters or 1,000 feet in height, located in an undisclosed location near the intersection of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

The entity possesses a number of luminous wing-like appendages emerging from its shoulders, back, ankles and wrists. Different observers will see a different number of those wings, with the largest count being 108.

SCP 001 THe Gate Guardian

SCP 001 carries a weapon resembling a knife or a sword that appears to emit flames at incredibly high temperatures. This weapon is designated as SCP 001-2. any entity that approaches the gate guardian is immediately struck by the sword and obliterated from existence.

This also happens to any attacker that attempts hostile action towards the gate guardian from any range. An incident now called the Indian Ocean submarine missile experiment caused the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed more than 200,000 people.

 Indian Ocean submarine missile experiment

Human beings exposed to SCP 0 0 1 report hearing a voice in their heads, giving them a command which the subject reports cannot be disobeyed. The most common directive is forgotten, which results in the subject walking away from SCP 001 with no memory of having encountered the entity.

SCP 001 appears to be standing in front of a gate of immense proportions. Long-range photographs have occasionally detected what seems to be forest wooden.

Numerous other entities of the same composition as SCP 001. as well as several fruit trees. Of particular nut or two fruit trees of events proportion near what appears to be the center of the forest. It is noted that one appears to be an ordinary apple tree. Although the other bears a fruit unknown on earth.

Due to the gate Guardian’s aggressive behavior, containment protocols include constant monitoring of the anomaly and ensuring that no civilians get within its destructive radius.

Personnel at the site are required to be followers of any of the Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. And to have a supply of religious items such as crosses, prayer rugs, and religious books.

Any change in behavior is to be immediately reported to the O-5 council, as it may constitute the beginning of an XK class end of the world scenario.

Where is the SCP 001 Gate Guardian Location?

Let’s begin with the gate guardians’ location. We know that it is near the intersection of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This location is in southeastern Iraq and the city of Basra near the borders of Iran and Kuwait.

SCP 001 The Gate Guardian Location

Cities surround it as the rivers allow for the development of agriculture. And without them, this place would be a desert.

The development of cities in close proximity to 001 would be impossible. So that leaves us with the only possibility of SCP 001 being located to the southwest deep in the Arabian desert. We can observe a complete lack of any settlements.

Let’s Figure Out What SCP-001 The Gate Guardian Really Is?

Clearly, it is a religious entity, specifically from the Abrahamic religions. But which one exactly?

When SCP-682 was brought near SCP 001, the guardian did everything possible to destroy the lizard but failed. and in return, 682 said quote “this is not the garden, and you are not areal pretender.”

In that article, we assumed that SCP-682 was telling the truth, but it is possible that it wasn’t.

Ant was trying to mark 001, who is Oriole. In Christian tradition, Oreo is an angel. Guardian of the Garden of Eden, holding a fury sword.

All descriptions seem to match 0 0 1 very well. This would imply that the forest we see behind the garden is none other than the Garden of Eden.

What is SCP-001 When Day Breaks? Explained When Day Breaks

When Day Breaks. This proposal details a potentially world-ending SCP phenomenon wherein the sun becomes hostile and begins to melt all living beings into a living wax-like substance.

SCP-001 - When Day Breaks

In the Year 2371, the SCP 001 event is about to start, and the sun’s heat has risen to unimaginable levels. SCP 001 is a Napoleon class SCP that depicts an event about the sun casting an orange shadow over the earth. And melting people in the area of the sun’s rays into Goo creatures that retain their intelligence.

What is the best way to survive the SCP-001 When Day Breaks?

Put on sunglasses and a leather jacket. Or pray that SCP-2047 has activated and switched earth and all its inhabitants with another planet from a completely different galaxy. And thus, the earth now orbits a completely different Sol.

SCP 001 “When Day Breaks” EAS (Emergency Alert System) Broadcast


This warning is effective immediately and will continue into the foreseeable future. The US Government has given the SCP Foundation clearance to issue this alert. The Foundation is dedicated to protecting the Public. 

Updates will be given at the top of every hour. The following instructions are vital to Your safety. 

At this time, the Foundation asks citizens to stay indoors and block out all natural Ii9htin9. 

Due to a fatal meteorological event of unknown origin, an estimated [REDACTED] billion casualties have taken Place within the first thirty minutes of activation. 

StaY awaY from all visual Iight (390 to 700 nm) emitted by the sun. StaY awaY from all visual Ii9ht (390 to 700 nm) reflected bY the moon. 

Citizens attempting to travel outdoors must fullY cover their bodies in Protective clothing, Preferably several layers. 

Cities and man-made structures in general, Provide the greatest Protection. Formerly-wooded areas should be circumvented. 

Travel by foot should be limited as much as Possible and is heavily discouraged. 

Secure and close all entrances and windows to a shelter. Do not look outside. 

Would SCP-682 survive SCP 001 When Day Breaks?

It would be hard to say, but he adapts. He’d probably feel disgusted by all of life created in When Day Breaks and hide himself in a chamber or somewhere dark because prior knowledge from SCPs says that there is one thing which can defeat him: His own weakness – adaptation (which does not make sense). But maybe SCP-682 will try again with new strategies this time around


We drove home. In the car and once again swore. My husband shouted at me because I was late at work and he had to wait for me an extra fifteen minutes, I was not satisfied with his driving style. Turning in my direction, he shouted something that I was not a punctual person at all, that I was not able to.

Now discussing:

I have been shaving my ass for the second month, now an enema. But don't do it, as if you run into some inconvenience. Family life taught me if - Someone said that you don't need to take anything except a swimsuit and swimming trunks. Julia. Frowning, looked at me, but without answering, continued to lay out the outfits on the bed.

6364 6365 6366 6367 6368