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  • XFINITY Latino Entertainment Channel is an exclusive interactive channel for Comcast customers that for the first time integrates programming with a bound Enhanced TV Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) application that enables customers to immediately navigate and directly access On Demand content, tune directly to channels, order content, upgrade packages, or access menu items, while an on-camera host talks about the available content. The TV environment has never before had a similarly combined environment where the TV viewer is notified of new content right away and then can navigate to this content from the same screen. Viewers simply use their remote control to activate a link or button that appears on the video screen related to the content they are watching. The buttons are embedded on the video signal and a data stream hidden in the signal is updated every few seconds, communicating instructions to the set top box. This data is designed to work with most existing set top boxes and required no special new equipment to be deployed. The concept took an existing STB capability and repurposed it with a new code language that tied the customer to the assets with a direct link versus needing to use the set top box guide. —Jim Janicek

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    PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- FlixLatino, the US Hispanic SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) service from SOMOS Next, today announced the launch of the FlixLatino app on Comcast's Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex entertainment platforms. The launch significantly expands FlixLatino's distribution in the United States, now reaching millions of potential subscribers with its Spanish-language offering of movies, series, documentaries, children's programming and other genres.


    FlixLatino was launched in 2015 and has grown continuously since, more than doubling its subscriber base in 2020, due to its high-quality content offering, affordable price, and the increasing popularity of streaming services and at home entertainment consumption. The service has an extensive offering of Spanish-language contemporary films (all theatrical releases), series, documentaries, animation and other genres all in HD. This content library, which is continuously expanded and updated, will be available to X1 and Flex customers for $2.99/month, conveniently organized and accessible simply by saying "FlixLatino" into the bilingual Xfinity X1 Voice Remote.

    FlixLatino offers more than 1000 hours of continuously updated programming, with award-winning movies and stars that have catapulted the Spanish film industry's overall visibility and crossover into Hollywood. In addition to films, FlixLatino's On Demand platform allows for a variety of content options, including a selection of series, comedies, documentaries and other genres. Curated by its own content acquisition staff, the service monitors current and upcoming productions, enabling its subscribers to enjoy the latest hits from all Spanish-speaking countries. FlixLatino offers regular premieres and curates content based on subscribers' preferences and recommendations.

    "We are extremely satisfied with the launch of FlixLatino on the Xfinity X1 and Flex. We could not be happier, as we strengthen our relationship with such an important partner," stated Luis Guillermo Villanueva, COO of SOMOS Next. "We believe that FlixLatino will be a key part of the efforts to provide Latinos, an important segment of the US audience, with the best entertainment in their own language and in the variety of platforms that the market demands today. We make an effort to find and aggregate the best content, and nothing is more satisfying than facilitating its discovery and enjoyment for our audiences."

    Xfinity delivers all the best entertainment to customers via its X1 and Flex devices and through its leading Xfinity Internet service. X1 provides the most comprehensive library of entertainment on one platform with thousands of choices – aggregating live TV, On Demand, and all the best apps. Xfinity Flex is a 4K streaming device included with Xfinity Internet that extends the best features of X1 to customers who prefer a streaming experience, with all the favorite video and music apps, as well as the ability to manage Xfinity WiFi, mobile, security and automation services – all controllable with the Emmy award-winning bilingual Xfinity Voice Remote.

    For more information on FlixLatino, please visit

    About FlixLatino: FlixLatino is an SVOD service owned by SOMOS Next. It is geared towards the US Hispanic population, offering a curated selection of movies, series, documentaries and other genres in Spanish. FlixLatino's film catalog consists of contemporary theatrical releases from Latin America and Spain and its content reflects the best in contemporary audiovisual productions. The service continuously adds new content to cater to subscriber's demands, including weekly premieres. Consumers will enjoy a world of Spanish-language entertainment at their fingertips and can sign up here.

    CONTACT: Lucia Pineda, [email protected]


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    Xfinity Latino TV: Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Requires Xfinity Limited Basic TV service (or above) and an Xfinity TV box or compatible customer owned equipment. Pricing & programming subj. to change. Taxes, fees, & applicable equipment charges extra & subj. to change.


    To access Netflix on Xfinity X1 requires an eligible X1 set-top box with Xfinity TV and Xfinity Internet service. Limited to Netflix members who are residential customers. Netflix on X1 uses your Internet service and will counts against any Xfinity data plan Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Access to YouTube on Xfinity X1 requires an eligible set-top box with Xfinity TV and Internet service. YouTube on X1 uses your Internet service and will count against any Xfinity data plan. 


    Actual speeds vary and not guaranteed.  For factors affecting speed visit


    Subscriptions required to access Peacock, Netflix, Prime Video, SHOWTIME®, HBO®, STARZ® and Hulu.


    Peacock Premium has a $4.99/month value. © 2021 Peacock TV LLC. Peacock and related marks are trademarks of Peacock LLC. Individual programs, devices and marks are the property of their respective owners. All Rights Reserved. Eligible X1 TV box or Xfinity Flex required. Service not available without Xfinity Internet or subscription to Digital Starter TV, or equivalent, or above. Activation required to access Peacock.


    Must activate Advanced Security through Xfinity App.


    © 2021 Comcast. All Rights Reserved. Individual programs, devices and marks are the property of their respective owners.


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