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The Best Grills You Can Buy at Walmart Right Now

Find the perfect grill for your family and outdoor space with our expert appliance guide.

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If you're looking for a grill, it can feel like quite the undertaking. With all the different types of grills out there, it's difficult to figure out which one will be perfect for you and your household. Below, we break down the types of grills that suit your every need, from limited outdoor space (or no outdoor space) to those who want that perfect sear or aim for low and slow. Everyone from beginners to experts can find their perfect grill — guaranteed. All of the options can fit every budget and need, but all promise one thing — you're going to have delicious meals all summer long.

Start Here: How to Choose the Right Grill

First, gas or charcoal? Gas grills are convenient, they ignite at the push of a button and allow you to control the heat with the turn of a knob. Charcoal grills burn hotter than gas grills and you can burn wood to impart a natural, smoky flavor to your foods. But with a charcoal grill, it's more difficult to control the temperature, you have to stoke the fire constantly and at the end of cooking, you're left with a mess of ashes. Not sure which grill is best for you? Try both: a gas grill for everyday grilling and a charcoal grill for more occasional barbecuing. Or if your budget is ample, look for a grill that offers both options in one unit. Electric grills are another choice and might be the only option for apartment or condo dwellers, but they don't impart a real barbecue flavor.

If you've settled on a gas grill, you'll have a few more decisions to make, including materials, size, power and accessories (like side burners and a built-in temperature gauge — the bells and whistles).

If you prefer a charcoal grill, keep in mind that there are more types of charcoal grills than gas grills. You'll find kettle grills, portable grills, hibachis, barrel smokers, water smokers and ceramic cookers, all of which use charcoal to grill or barbecue foods. The right one for you will depend on how you like to cook.

Gas Grills

Perfect for families and beginners, because you can use it quickly and without fuss.

Gas grills are convenient and offer more control than other kinds of grills. They require either a propane tank or a natural gas line (natural gas grills need to connect to your home's gas line, but you'll never have to refill a tank) to work, they light up instantly and can be heated to exact temperatures, making them easier to use for beginner cooks. Heat them up to a high temperature to get the sear without the smoky flavor, or let things cook low and slow. This has a large surface area for bigger meals, and the burners ensure easy, even cooking.

Charcoal Grills

Perfect for patio spaces and those who want high heat and classic, smoky flavors.

Charcoal grills are your classic choice; they burn with charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal and require lighter fluid, an electric starter or instant lighting charcoal to begin working. Charcoal grills don’t have temperature dials, so you can’t control the heat to an exact temperature, but you can achieve higher heat with these over any other grill type. This means you’ll get that perfect sear on proteins like steak or veggies without overcooking them. You’ll also get that classic smoke flavor in everything you cook on this. This is the perfect grill if you’re looking for a simple, affordable option that doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles — just smoky goodness. They're best suited for patio spaces and not the best for small balconies because of the embers that can float up. You'll need to keep a close watch on your food, as the coals don't always burn evenly.

Kamado Grills

Perfect for smoky flavor with a little more control over temperature.

Another subtype of charcoal grills are Kamado grills. They're egg-shaped so they have more internal temperature control, and the grates are typically ceramic so they’ll ensure more even cooking (but still not as even as gas). They still require charcoal, but the temperature is a little easier to control because of the lid.

Combo Grills

Perfect for those who can't choose between charcoal and gas grills and love certain elements of both.

Combo — or hybrid — grills are exactly what they sound like: they're a combination of gas and charcoal grills (or other types of grills). If you want the ease of a gas grill to get a big meal done with precise temperature control but you still want the option of a high-heat, smoky steak or shrimp dinner, this is the easiest way to never have to choose between one or the other.

Electric Grills

Perfect for small households and apartment balconies. The indoor grills are great for those without outdoor space.

Electric grills are the only type of grill that can be used indoors — as long as you buy an indoor model — because all it needs is a simple outlet to work. They're a fun, easy way to make a few burgers or chicken breasts when you're bored with your stovetop, but they're not going to have the same sear and versatility as other kinds of grills. However, this is the one for you if you don't have significant outdoor space or you're a household of one.

Pellet Grills

Perfect for the family that wants to barbecue in addition to grilling their food and love to experiment.

Pellet grills are basically a combination of smokers and grills, and they require wood chips to get to work. This is the grill for you if you love barbecue and you're willing to spend a little more to get the versatility of using different kinds of wood pellets for different kinds of flavors. Use applewood or cherry for a sweet smoke, or try out maple or hickory for something different. The pellets sit in a storage container on the side and are fed into the cooking chamber and heated up. There's also an element of temperature control that you don't see in charcoal grills, so you can use high heat for searing or low and slow for real-deal barbecue.


Best Gas Grills to Buy at Walmart

You can find some terrific gas grills at your local hardware store and a dizzying array of options at home centers like Home Depot and Lowe’s. Then there’s Walmart and other discount stores, which ring up nearly 30 percent of all grill sales, according to the market research firm Mintel.

Consumer Reports tests dozens of new gas grill models every year. This year we've already evaluated over 25, and we're busy buying, building, and testing even more.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the very best gas grills at Walmart, including models from our latest tests, in small, medium, and large sizes. If you’re unsure which size you need or which features matter, start with our gas grill buying guide. CR members can also jump right into our grill ratings to compare models.

Walmart has a broad offering of options in-store, and online, with dozens of options that include free delivery.

“Walmart stores usually offer gas grills that are around $100 to $400, from brands such as Cuisinart and RevoAce,” says Mark Allwood, a senior market analyst at Consumer Reports. “Online, you have a lot more to choose from, including Weber, with prices all the way up to $2,000.”

Not every gas grill Consumer Reports tests is a winner, so use this CR reference guide if you're shopping at Walmart this spring or summer. If you plan to buy your next grill at Home Depot or Lowe’s, we’ve got you covered there, too. Check out our expert picks for the best gas grills at Home Depot and the best gas grills at Lowe’s.

Consumer Reports’ secret shoppers offer these tips for a better shopping experience at Walmart.

In a Store
• Check inventory online before you head to the store.
The grill you want might be in a store near you. If not, Walmart will ship it to a store where you can pick it up, and you won’t have to pay a shipping fee.

• Check the grill’s dimensions on Walmart’s site or on the grill’s summary page in our gas grill ratings.

• Check your cargo space. Walmart offers free assembly but doesn't deliver assembled grills to residences. You’ll need an SUV or a pickup to haul an assembled grill home. Walmart doesn’t rent trucks.

• Check to see whether free two-day shipping applies
to the grill you’re considering. You’ll see this called out on Walmart’s website.

• Check to see whether shopper discounts apply. Two years ago Walmart introduced discounts for customers who order online but arrange to pick up the item at a store. We saw savings up to $15. Think of it as steak money.

• Check the contents of the box before you start assembling the grill to make sure all the parts are included and not broken or damaged. If something is missing, call Walmart’s customer service (800-925-6278). If the wait for a replacement part is too long, call the manufacturer directly to see whether it can be shipped sooner.

We test grills from nearly every brand sold at Walmart, including Weber, Cuisinart, and Dyna-Glo.

Only one of the models below is exclusive to Walmart. But for the rest, don't assume that Walmart will always offer the best deal. It's possible that competing retailers might stock the same model at a lower price.

Read on for ratings and reviews of the best grills we've tested that are available at the discount giant this summer.

Sturdy construction, even heating, flare-up reduction—Consumer Reports' experts explain to Jack Rico, Consumer 101 TV show host, what to look for when buying a gas grill.

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As a classically trained chef and an enthusiastic DIYer, I've always valued having the best tool for a job—whether the task at hand is dicing onions for mirepoix or hanging drywall. When I'm not writing about home products, I can be found putting them to the test, often with help from my two young children, in the 1860s townhouse I'm restoring in my free time.

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Summertime means one thing to me: more grilling. But is your grill up to the task? If not, this deal is for you. Walmart is taking 40% off a Kamado Joe Jr., a ceramic charcoal grill that can fit an entire chicken inside. I can already taste the burgers and dogs—just be sure to invite me over next time you fire it up.

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Walmart Is Practically Giving Away Grills for Labor Day

Summer’s coming to an end, but with Walmart’s Labor Day grill deals you don’t need to stop outdoor fun, including cooking. Whether you’re heading out to tailgate parties, backyard grilling convenience, smoking meat or fish for the crew, or neighborhood block parties, you can find a grill deals and smoker deals among Walmart’s Labor Day grill sales for your outdoor cooking needs.

Cuisinart 14-inch Portable Charcoal Grill — $21, was $25

Why fuss? With this Cuisinart portable charcoal grill you can keep your cookouts simple, easy, and portable. No compromises with this 14-inch-diameter kettle grill, which has more than 150 square inches of cooking space. Cleanup is easy with the chrome-plated steel cooking grate, and the enamel-coated firebox adds durability. Side-locking clamps keep all the parts together when you travel and dual vents help with temperature control.

Buy Now

Costway Outdoor BBQ Grill Charcoal Barbecue Pit Patio Backyard Meat Cooker Smoker — $135, was $210

When you want to smoke meat or fish or grill burgers, veggies, or whatever BBQ your family craves, simply roll out this easy-to-move Costway combination smoker and grill. In addition to ample cooking surface, the Costway cooking combo has adjustable vents to control cooking temperature, a smoke exhaust chimney, upper and lower shelves to store accessories and condiments, and an offset firebox. This affordable cooker is a steal during Walmart’s Labor Day grill sale.

Buy Now

Royal Gourmet CD1824EC, 24-inch Charcoal BBQ Grill — $150, was $190

If you’re cooking for a crowd or just for yourself, this Royal Gourmet 24-inch charcoal BBQ grill stands ready for you to prepare your food like an expert. Plenty of cooking convenience features give you mastery over the total 474 square inches of cooking surface. You can adjust the height of the charcoal pan, remove ashes, and add more charcoal while you’re cooking. Drop-down shelves on both sides give you ample space to hold ingredients, utensils, and condiments. This grill even comes with a protective cover. Grab this deal before it disappears.

Buy Now

Kamado Joe Jr. 13.5-inch Charcoal Grill in Blaze Red — $299, was $500

Take your barbecue game up a giant step with Walmart’s Labor Day grill sale on the Kamado Joe Jr. charcoal grill. Resting on a cast iron stand, the Kamado’s premium thick-walled, heat resistant shell hold heat, moisture, and flavor so you can delight your guests with incredibly tasting BBQ. There’s a heat deflector plate for indirect cooking, an air vent for temperature control, and a handy tool for cleaning out ashes. Save on this grill to rack up your cooking chops.

Buy Now

Cuisinart 3-In-1 Stainless Five-Burner Propane Gas Grill with Side Burner — $346, was $396

If backyard cooking isn’t just an occasional thing, you can save big with Walmart when you augment or replace your charcoal grill with this Cuisinart 3-in-1 5-burner propane grill. This grill is packed with cook-friendly features including a viewing window so you don’t have to raise the lid to check cooking progress, insulated grill hood, and firebox for consistent temperature, a flip-up warming rack that gets out of the way when you need the vertical space, and a smoke tube that uses wood chips or wood pellets to smoke the food with flavor. This grill has a total of 670 square inches of cooking area and the burners are backed by a 15-year warranty. If you grill more than twice a week you can definitely benefit from this grill.

Buy Now

Editors' Recommendations


Grills walmart

The 5 Best Grills You Can Buy at Walmart in 2021

Final Verdict

You can't go wrong with the Weber Spirit II E-210 Propane Grill (view at Walmart), which is the perfect size for grilling on any deck and includes ample storage space. However, if you're partial to charcoal grills for that delightfully smoky flavor, the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill (view at Walmart) is a great choice thanks to its high-quality build and easy-clean ash catcher.

What to Look for When Buying a Grill


The first thing you should decide is what type of grill you want. Do you want a charcoal one, one that uses propane, one that offers both of these fuel capabilities, or do you want to go for a kamado grill? Once you've decided which route you want to take, this will help narrow down your choices.


Check to see what type of metals the grill is made from. Stainless steel, cast aluminum, and cast iron are a few you might see. Know what the body, frame, and legs are made of, as not all grills are made with only one metal. Make sure the grill is sturdy and built well. Most Walmart stores have displays available so you can really look the grills over. Once you purchase one, remember that a big key to the life of your grill is to keep it cleaned and maintained. You are making an investment and want the grill to last. 


Decide what you are looking for in a grill, as there are many useful options available. Choose wisely and only get one with features you'll actually use. A side burner comes in handy as you can heat up or cook other foods while the protein is cooking on the grill. Other features you might see include a rotisserie burner, lights, LED controls, and a smoker box.


How long do grills typically last?

If the grill has been properly cleaned and maintained, a gas or charcoal grill can last as long as 15 years. Most grills have a lifespan of 5 to 15 years, depending on many factors, including the grill's construction, protection from the weather, and how it's maintained.

When is the best time of year to buy a grill?

Watch for sales, especially from May through July, as the summertime is when most people grill. You'll see Walmart and other stores putting out displays of grills, typically around early May, so be prepared to start checking them out and deciding on the features you want in a grill.

What grill accessories are good to have on hand?

Grill accessories are an important addition to add to the list when buying a grill: Tongs for turning the meat, or a spatula for flipping hamburgers, a safe grill brush for cleaning the grill after cooking, and a meat thermometer to check for the doneness of the meat. These are just for starters; there are so many other options from grill gloves, grilling baskets, and more.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats?

Donna Currie is a cookbook author as well as a writer and product tester for The Spruce Eats. She stays up to date on all the latest grills and gadgets, and she's personally tested several different kinds of grills.

This article was updated by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance writer and product tester for The Spruce Eats. She's written close to a dozen pieces on all styles of grills and done firsthand testing of smokers and grills featured in her articles.


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