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Making Daedric armor requires a Smithingskill of 90 with Daedric Smithing. It also requires Daedra Hearts. It takes a lot of work, but the resulting armor makes you look incredibly badass.

5 Ebony Ingots, 3 Leather Strips, 1 Daedra Heart
Daedric Armor (Heavy)
3 Ebony Ingots, 2 Leather Strips, 1 Daedra Heart
Daedric Boots (Heavy)
2 Ebony Ingots, 2 Leather Strips, 1 Daedra Heart
Daedric Gauntlets (Heavy)
3 Ebony Ingots, 2 Leather Strips, 1 Daedra Heart
Daedric Helmet (Heavy)
4 Ebony Ingots, 1 Leather Strip, 1 Daedra Heart
Daedric Shield (Heavy)

The Awesome Daedric Armor

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Forging the complete Daedric Armor Set requires level 90 smithing, Daedra Hearts and Ebony Ingots. Conjurers who have completed their Ritual Spell at level 90 can also create Daedric armor at the Atronach Forge.

It has a higher armor rating than dragon armor but weighs more.

Set Items:[]

Rating for the complete set[]

  • Armor: 144
  • Weight: 96
  • Value: 7650

Note: The armor values are BASE VALUES. They vary greatly for each player and are dependent upon Heavy Armor skill level and perks.

Smithing ingredients[]

How to Obtain[]

A free but difficult way to get four hearts is by going to Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon (if you are between Dawnstar and Morthal it is just to the southeast). Nearing the entrance you will encounter two Dremora Markynaz which drop one Daedra Heart each. Inside the shrine you'll meet two Dremora Churl who also drop one Deadra heart each upon death. Note: hard for low level players, but can be repeated every 7 game days for more hearts.

Three Daedra hearts can be gained by completing the Daedric quest for Azura's Star given by Azura the Daedric Prince of Dusk and Dawn. For the final stage of the quest, the player will go into the star itself during the quest and fight three Daedra who each drop one Daedra Heart. This may prove difficult for low level characters due to the fact that the Daedra are powerful Destruction Mages, but any player over level thirty should be fine provided they are careful. The Slow Time Dragon Shout may prove particularly helpful. As a bonus, the player will obtain a reusable soul gem that can constantly be refilled and reused to charge weapons or devices.

Alternatively, there is a single daedra heart sitting on a plate in Jorrvaskr, in the room next to Kodlak Whitemane's personal quarters at the far end of the hallway below ground. It will refresh every so often after a few in-game days have passed without you visiting the building, so you can repeatedly steal the heart over the course of many days if you are patient enough to wait for it to come back or just go do something else. Of course, it becomes yours should you become Harbinger and nobody will report you if they see you taking your own property.

Occasionally, a Summoned Daedra can be attacked and drop a heart. For example, using Sanguine Rose to summon a Dremora and killing it will sometimes yield the heart (although this could just be a glitch, unconfirmed).

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Daedricweapons and heavy armor are the best quality standard items available in the game. This page documents standard Daedric armor and weapons; the unique Daedric Artifacts obtained by completing Daedric Quests are documented on the Artifacts page.

Daedric items are made out of ebony, using identical materials to the equivalent ebony items in addition to a Daedra Heart. The heart imbues the items with the essence of the slain Daedra, as described in Heavy Armor Forging.

See the Lore article for general information.

Daedric Smithing[edit]

Daedric Smithing is the fourth perk in the heavy armor branch of the smithing skill's perk tree. Unlocking it requires a smithing skill of 90 and the Ebony Smithing perk. Although Daedric armor is more effective than Dragonplate, the Daedric Smithing perk can be unlocked before the Dragon Smithing perk (which also allows for the creation of Dragonscale light armor).

The Daedric Smithing perk also causes tempering of Daedric weapons and armor to be twice as effective. This perk applies to both unenchanted Daedric gear and enchanted gear (generic armor, generic weapons, or custom gear), as long as the Arcane Blacksmith perk has been unlocked. Tempering of several other items is also improved by Daedric Smithing, namely all Dragon Priest Masks and all Ancient Nord armor.

Obtaining a Daedra Heart is often the most difficult step in crafting Daedric gear; the Daedra Heart article provides full details on how they can be obtained.

Daedric weapons and armor can also be created at the Atronach Forge. Although using the Atronach Forge allows these items to be made without investing in multiple smithing perks, obtaining the necessary materials can be more difficult. In addition to the equivalent ebony item and a Daedra Heart, you need to supply a centurion dynamo core and a black soul gem — as well as having upgraded the forge with a sigil stone, which can only be done once your conjuration skill reaches 90. Also note that the Atronach Forge cannot be used to create Daedric Boots (the boots are bugged). However, the availability of all the ingredients still makes this a viable option for players not wishing to spend valuable skill points on the Daedric Smithing perk. The tempering bonuses, however, means that a player with the perk will see far greater benefits from the equipment.

Daedric Armor[edit]

Daedric Armor, even with Dawnguard and Dragonborn included, is the best heavy armor in the game (excluding Creation Club content). It appears in leveled lists starting at level 48 (enchanted varieties at level 49). However, even after level 48, Daedric armor is twenty times less likely to appear than other armor types. All items can be tempered using 1 Ebony Ingot.

A male Nordwearing daedric armor
Appears only with Alternative Armors - Daedric Mail

Daedric Mail CC[edit]

Daedric Mail is a light armor variant added by the Alternative Armors - Daedric Mailcreation. A set can be obtained by completing Missing MerchantCC, in addition to being able to craft it.

It's superior to any other light armor in the game, though it lacks both a helmet and shield.

  • A male Nord wearing daedric mail

Daedric Weapons[edit]

Daedric weapons are the best standard weapons available in the original release of the game. The Dawnguard add-on introduces Dragonbone weapons, which exceed Daedric in quality. They appear in leveled lists starting at level 46 (enchanted varieties at level 47). However, even after level 46, Daedric weapons are twenty times less likely to appear than other weapon types. All items except ammunition can be tempered using 1 ebony ingot. Arrows can only be created if the Dawnguard add-on has been installed.

Although most Daedric weapons are superior to their ebony equivalents, the Daedric Mace and Daedric War Axe actually do the same amount of damage as the ebony versions. Given that the Daedric versions weigh more and require a valuable Daedra Heart, some may prefer to use the ebony versions instead.

The base gold value used for all generic enchanted versions of the Daedric Bow is 875 instead of 2500. This means that the enchanted weapons are 1625 gold cheaper than they should be, and in several cases are cheaper than the unenchanted bow. This bug is shared by several types of bow in the game.


  • Dremora also wear a variety of Daedric armor (see Dremora equipment) which you can neither loot nor equip.
  • Bound weapons are similar in appearance to Daedric weapons, but generally have lower base damage values than Daedric weapons (unless you have the Mystic Binding perk, in which case bound swords have the same damage as the Daedric equivalent and bound bows have a higher damage. The Bound Battleaxe and Bound DaggerDB still have lower damage than their Daedric equivalents.)
  • At the Skyforge, ancient Nord armor will also be listed in the Daedric section of the forging menu, and tempering of ancient Nord armor is also improved by the Daedric Smithing perk. However, ancient Nord armor is not otherwise considered to be Daedric armor.
    • PC Only This issue has been addressed by version 1.2.7 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch; it is listed in the Steel section of the forging menu instead.
  • Keeper Carcette and other generic Vigilants of Stendarr can sometimes be found carrying Daedric weapons, despite it being against their beliefs, however, it is implied that they are only carrying them to destroy or store them at a later date.
    • PC Only This issue has been addressed by version 1.2.6 of the Unofficial Skyrim Patch; they will only carry non-Daedric weapons.
  • When wearing all three pieces of Daedric Mail armor, you will gain the benefits of the Custom Fit, Matching Set (Light Armor version), Wind Walker, and Deft Movement perks even if you wear the heavy Daedric Helmet or no helmet at all. Any combination of Daedric and Daedric Mail armor will benefit from the Heavy Armor Matching Set Perk. The Light and Heavy Armor Matching Set perk bonuses do not stack.


  • If you temper a Daedric bow to legendary quality and then enchant it, its base damage may revert to a base Daedric bow.
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daedric gear

Use the following methods to get Daedric gear in Skyrim.

Have you dreamed of getting full Daedric armor and weapons for your character?  Do you want to be one of the most over-powered and fearsome warriors in all of Skyrim?  Well dream no more, because I’m going to tell you some simple and fast ways on how to get full Daedric armor and weapons!

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How To Get Daedric Gear

Method 1:  This is one of the more simpler ways to get Daedric gear, but it does require the Dragonborn DLC for Skyrim.  If you do not have the add-on, skip this method.  If you do own the add-on, I’ll tell you what you need to do.

1) Travel to Solstheim and find the nordic ruins of Benkongerike.

2) In the room where you battle the boss, you will find the ‘Black Book: Untold Legends’.

3) Read the book, and be teleported to Apocrypha.

4) Battle your way to the book’s knowledge, and there you will have the choice of three powers.

5) Choose the power ‘Black Market’, and select it in your inventory.

6) Activate the power, and a dremora merchant will be summoned for you to trade with.

Depending on what level you are, he will sell either Ebony weapons and armor, or Daedric.  Usually somewhere around level 48-60 is when he’ll sell Daedric items.  Although this method is quite pricy, you’ll get full Daedric gear extremely fast, and it’s also a handy thing to use if you need to sell quick.

Method 2:  You are able to do this method using vanilla Skyrim.  Follow the steps below, and you’ll have Daedric gear in no time!

1) First check that your Conjuration skill is 90 or above.  If it is not 90, an easy way to get it up is to constantly use soul trap on a dead enemy.  Using that method will take about 1-2 hours.

2) After it is 90+, travel to the College of Winterhold.

3) Search for a man by the name of Phinis Gestor, a conjuration master studying at the college.  He can be found in the ‘Hall of Countenance’ or ‘The Arcanaeum’

4) Talk to him and ask him this: “What else is there to be learned about Conjuration magic?”  This will activate a quest, and will reward you with a master level Conjuration spell and a unique item used for this method; the Sigil Stone.

5) Complete the quest, and then make your way to the ‘The Midden’ located as a trap door in the college courtyard.

6) Find the ‘Atronach Forge’ and place the Sigil Stone in the holder (watch the video for the direct path to the Forge).

[youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywtMlb1U6AU”]

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7) To make Daedric weapons and armor, place the following ingredients into the offering box:

  • Ebony version of your desired weapon/armor piece.
  • One black soul gem. (Filled or unfilled).
  • One Daedra heart.
  • A Centurion Dynamo Core.

If you would like to see all of the recipes for this epic forge, click the following link: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Atronach_Forge_Recipe

Method 3: This one takes a long time, and is very tedious; but it will work.  Simply buy all of the iron ingots and leather strips you can get and just keep crafting iron daggers until your Smithing is level 90.  Invest your perk points into the right side of the tree, and you’ll get to Daedric smithing.  This can take anywhere from one hour to one week.  Just work as hard as you can, and you’ll get there eventually!

I hope you enjoyed this small tutorial!  If you have any other easy and fast ways to get full Daedric gear, let me know in the comments!  That’s all for now guys, and like always; thanks for reading.


Sours: https://eip.gg/skyrim/guides/get-daedric-gear-skyrim-fast/

Armor daedric

Skyrim: How To Craft Daedric Armor And Weapons

By Michael Caruso


We take a look at how to craft Daedric Armor and Weapons, why you'll want it and the other ways to acquire it.

There are a lot of weapons and armor sets to collect throughout The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, and Daedric equipment is one of the best types of combat items that you can obtain. Daedric equipment also has a distinct appearance that is much more unique than most of the other sets of equipment in Skyrim.

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There are a few ways to find Daedric armor and weapons in Skyrim, and one of the best ways is by crafting it. Here's everything you need to know about smithing Daedric items and every other method for acquiring them.

How Powerful Are Daedric Armor And Weapons?

Outside of unique equipment with special enchantments and effects, Daedric armor and weapons are the second strongest set of equipment in Skyrim, including DLC. Dragonbone equipment is more powerful than Daedric equipment, but it's also harder to craft because it requires dragon bones to smith. Daedric equipment also has a very different visual style from Dragonbone armor and weapons.

Although Daedric items aren't the strongest equipment in Skyrim, they are a very close second, and the stat difference is so small between this set and Dragonbone equipment that its appearance and accessibility matters more than stats, especially if you enchant your armor and weapons.

How To Craft Daedric Armor And Weapons At The Atronach Forge

The Atronach Forge is one of the best hidden locations in Skyrim. It's easy to miss if you don't know where to find it or how it functions. You can use the Atronach Forge to craft items out of an assortment of materials, and most of the items you can create are rare or hard to obtain through other methods.

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One of the best types of items you can create with the Atronach Forge is Daedric equipment. First, you need to acquire the Sigil Stone, which is obtained by completing the "Conjuration Ritual Spell" quest after reaching level 90 in the Conjuration skill. You can then use the Sigil Stone at the Atronach Forge, which is located in the Midden under the College Of Winterhold. To craft a Daedric item, you'll need one of each of the following items.

  • One Soul Gem With A Greater Soul Or Better (Black Soul Gem For A Specific Piece Of Equipment)
  • One Daedra Heart
  • One Centurion Dynamo Core
  • One Piece Of Ebony Equipment (Whichever Equipment Piece You Want To Obtain in Daedric Form)

How To Craft Daedric Armor And Weapons At A Regular Forge

Crafting Daedric equipment is as simple as forging other items at a Smithing Forge; however, it's harder than most other sets of armor and weapons because of the material requirements and the skill requirement. You have to reach level 90 Smithing and unlock the Daedric Smithing perk before you can craft Daedric equipment.

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Unfortunately, the material requirements are also very high for crafting Daedric armor and weapons because you'll need Ebony Ingots and Daedra Hearts. The requirements for crafting each Daedric item are found below, as well as how to find Ebony Ingots and Daedra Hearts.

How To Obtain Ebony Ingots

Ebony ore is used to create Ebony Ingots. There are two main locations where you can acquire a lot of ebony ore in Skyrim's base game. The first is Redbelly Mine, located in Shor's Stone. This is the easiest location to get a lot of ebony ore and you'll need a pickaxe to obtain the ore inside the mine.

The second and more difficult location to obtain ebony ore is Gloombound Mine which is found to the south-east of the city of Windhelm. This mine is part of an Orc Stronghold, so getting inside lawfully will require you to complete a quest unless you picked the Orc race during character creation.

You can also defeat the Orcs residing inside of the stronghold to get to Gloombound Mine; however, you'll then become an enemy of the settlement.

How To Obtain Daedra Hearts

There are many places where you can find a few Daedra Hearts; however, the most consistent way to obtain this alchemy ingredient is by purchasing it from Enthir at the College Of Winterhold.

You'll first have to join the faction; however, it's a quick process, so you won't have any problems getting let into the College. After entering the courtyard at the College Of Winterhold, you should enter the Hall Of Attainment, where Enthir is located on the second floor most of the time. Enthir can sell you two Daedra Hearts, and his merchant inventory respawns every two days. If you've completed the Thieves Guild quest "Hard Answers", then Enthir sells items at a regular price.

How To Reach Smithing Level 90 Quickly

The quickest method for reaching Level 90 in the Smithing skill is by crafting a lot of expensive items.The best items to repeatedly craft are jewelry, specifically Gold Rings. The best thing about this method is that you can sell the jewelry for a profit after crafting it, so you'll earn a lot of gold in the process of leveling your Smithing skill.

You need one gold ingot to craft two Gold Rings, and you can find a lot of gold ore at ore veins throughout Skyrim. Another way to obtain gold ore is by casting the Transmute spell when you have iron ore or silver ore in your inventory since it will change them into gold ore.

The Material Requirement For Each Piece Of Daedric Equipment

Daedric HelmetDaedra Heart, Three Ebony Ingots, Two Leather Strips
Daedric BootsDaedra Heart, Three Ebony Ingots, Two Leather Strips
Daedric GauntletsDaedra Heart, Two Ebony Ingots, Two Leather Strips
Daedric ArmorDaedra Heart, Five Ebony Ingots, Three Leather Strips
Daedric ShieldDaedra Heart, Four Ebony Ingots, One Leather Strips
Daedric BowDaedra Heart, Three Ebony Ingots, One Leather Strips
Daedric SwordDaedra Heart, Two Ebony Ingots, One Leather Strips
Daedric DaggerDaedra Heart, One Ebony Ingots, One Leather Strips
Daedric MaceDaedra Heart, Three Ebony Ingots, One Leather Strips
Daedric War AxeDaedra Heart, Two Ebony Ingots, Two Leather Strips
Daedric GreatswordDaedra Heart, Five Ebony Ingots, Three Leather Strips
Daedric WarhammerDaedra Heart, Five Ebony Ingots, Three Leather Strips
Daedric BattleaxeDaedra Heart, Five Ebony Ingots, Two Leather Strips
Daedric Arrows (24)Daedra Heart, One Ebony Ingot

How To Obtain Daedric Armor And Weapons Without Crafting

Besides using a forge to craft Daedric equipment, you can also find Daedric items inside dungeons and by defeating dragons as random loot after reaching level 48 or 49. These will be random pieces of Daedric equipment.

Another method for acquiring Daedric items is to purchase them from the Dremora Merchant, a character that you have the power to summon following the completion of the "Untold Legends" quest. This mission is a Black Book quest that only appears in the Dragonborn DLC.

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