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NA Valorant LCQ LAN uses remote servers as COVID-19 precaution, Riot explains

Despite the North American Valorant Last Chance Qualifier(LCQ) event being a LAN tournament, Riot Games has revealed THAT teams are playing on remote servers as a precautionary measure against COVID-19.

In an official statement communicated via the official Valorant Esports Twitter account, Riot Games confirmed suspicions of teams connecting to remote online servers to play their matches, meaning they'd have ping even if they were in an offline environment. 

Riot explains why NA Valorant LCQ LAN used remote servers

riot statement

"Given strict COVID protocols for in-person events, we felt it was in the best interest of all to shift to a remote server, should any players need to be quarantined. This would allow for teams to continue to compete and not bring in a sub or be forced to forfeit," the statement read.

Day 1 of the Valorant NA LCQ was plagued with server issues, with perhaps the most egregious example occurring during the Luminosity Gaming vs XSET matchup. When LG rep Aproto was in a position to clutch a 1v2, the server lagged out and his team lost the round.

Other pros, such as 100 Thieves' Ethan "Ethan" Arnold, complained about the excessive rubber banding and lag spikes on social media.

"I've never seen this in my life. Our team was rubber-banding and stuttering the whole game playing on a NorCal server. First day things," Ethan said.

It remains to be seen whether Riot Games will maintain the remote servers or whether they will try and switch to a traditional LAN setting, although admittedly, this does seem rather arduous at this stage.

The Valorant LCQ is the final stop before the 2021 Valorant Champions Tour.


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How to check 'League of Legends' server status if you can't connect to the game

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chee gin tan/Getty Images
  • You can check "League of Legends'" server status through Riot Games' website or Twitter account.
  • If there aren't issues on with "League's" servers, you should troubleshoot your own internet connection.
  • For example, try resetting your router and then opening "League of Legends" again.,
  • Visit Insider's Tech Reference library for more stories.

Multiplayer online games like "League of Legends" can be fun, except when you run into server issues and are dropped from your game without warning. When that happens, you can troubleshoot to fix the problem, but first you should check to see if the problems are coming from Riot Games' own "League of Legends" servers.

How to check the 'League of Legends' server status

There are two ways to check "League's" server status:

1. Check the Riot Games service status website. If there's an issue, you should see a notice under "Current Messages."

League of Legends server status 1
Devon Delfino/Insider

2. Check the Riot Games support Twitter account. The developer may post a tweet before it can update the website (though it posts to both areas when something goes wrong), so it's worth checking both.

League of Legends server status 3
Devon Delfino/Insider

Quick note: In some cases, you might also get an error message when you try to start the game, saying there's a server outage. This is especially true if the server goes down because Riot is performing maintenance.

How to troubleshoot 'League of Legends' internet issues

There are a few options for troubleshooting: restarting the game, resetting your router, and exiting out of other internet tasks or downloads. Here's how to do the first two methods:

Restart the game:

  • On a PC, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete/Esc to force-quit. Next, select "Task Manager" and then select the "League of Legends" app and hit "End Task," then relaunch the game as usual.
  • On a Mac, press Option+Command+Esc to force-quit the application, then select the "League of Legends" app in the window and hit "Force Quit."
League of Legends server status 4
Devon Delfino/Insider

Reset your router:

  • Unplug your router from the power supply and wait for 30 seconds before plugging it back in. Once you've done this, restart "League."

For more tips on how to fix a faulty internet connection, check out our article, "10 ways to troubleshoot and fix any Wi-Fi problems you're encountering."

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League of Legends has a massive player base and a roaring esports scene, but the game isn’t without its flaws.

The servers are nothing to write home about. They tend to malfunction, kicking players out of matches or preventing them from joining altogether. If Summoner’s Rift isn’t down, it’s the client or the store.

It’s often difficult to determine whether the issue is on Riot’s end or yours. Thankfully, there are a few easy methods to check if League is down.

Riot’s official service status

If you suspect League is down and you can’t connect to the client or join a game, checking Riot’s Service Status page is your best bet.

If there’s been an issue or outage in the last 24 hours, the page will let you know. It’s not always totally accurate, but it should give you a good idea of what’s going on. If everything is in working order, it will say, “No recent issues or events to report.”


Downdetector is a good alternative. The website monitors server outages in real-time and provides a comprehensive timeline of issues in the last 24 hours. If League is down, the site should light up with hundreds or even thousands of reports in your region.

If everything is normal and the site hasn’t detected any server outages, the issue is most likely on your end.

Riot Games Support Twitter

There’s also nothing wrong with checking Riot Support on Twitter. If there’s a major issue in your region and the League servers are indeed down, Riot will almost certainly tweet about it.

If there’s an issue, Riot will tweet something like “we are aware that some players are receiving an unexpected error when trying to access League of Legends and we are working on a fix.”


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