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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon was raised in southwest Louisiana among the bayous and gators. Her hometown is Carlyss, but you probably won't find it on a map. Her family owned a camp located on a bayou just off the Gulf of Mexico that you could only get there by boat. The most important feature was the rope hammock hanging in the shade on a huge deck that stretched out over the water where Jana spent many hours reading books.

Jana and her brother spent thousands of hours combing the bayous in a flat-bottom aluminum boat, studying the natural habitat of many birds, nutria and alligators. She would like you to know that no animals were injured during these "studies," but they kept makers of peroxide in business.

Jana has never stumbled across a mystery or a ghost like her heroines, but she's still hopeful.

She now resides in Dallas, Texas, with her husband and the most spoiled Sheltie in the world.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Jana-DeLeon/e/B001JSDHZM
Jana DeLeon is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who writes tales of mystery and rom
Swamp Team Three is back on the case!
It's November in Sinful and everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving. But when Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie bag a body on their turkey hunting trip, the quiet enjoyment of fall is over. No one really knew Miles Broussard well, and as he'd recently sold the building his business was in to retire in another state, no one could explain how he'd ended up murdered and dumped in the bayou.
Ally Lemarque has been waiting her entire life to op…


  • Jane Wagman
    p117 "But at least we’d made our peace with the bar owner, Whiskey, and were on good terms."
    Misding word: It should read Whiskey and I were on good terms.


  • Pam Opperman
    Awesome! Congratulations! This is FABULOUS news! I absolutely LOVE your books! Thanks for sharing your talent!!!
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Jana DeLeon


Main Character: Fortune Redding, CIA Assassin

  1. Louisiana Longshot     ’12
  2. Lethal Bayou Beauty    ’13
  3. Swamp Sniper    ’13
  4. Swamp Team 3    ’14
  5. Gator Bait    ’14
  6. Soldiers of Fortune    ’15
  7. Hurricane Force    ’15
  8. Fortune Hunter    ’16
  9. Later Gator   ’16
  10. Hook, Line and Blinker   ’17
  11. Change of Fortune    ’18
  12. Reel of Fortune    ’18
  13. Swamp Spook   ’18
  14. Fortune Furlough   ’19
  15. Cajun Fried Felony   ’19
  16. Swamp Santa  ’19
  17. Bullets and Bread   ’20
  18. Gators and Garters   ’20
  19. Fortune Funhouse   ’21
  20. Frightfully Fortune   ’21

Miss Fortune Series omnibus (contains books 1, 2, & 3)


Main Characters: Maryse Robicheaux, Botanist & Sabine LeVeche, Best Friend & Helena Henry, Mother-in-Law and Ghost Louisiana

  1. Trouble in Mudbug   ’09
  2. Mischief in Mudbug   ’09
  3. Showdown in Mudbug   ’10
  4. Resurrection in Mudbug   ’13
  5. Missing in Mudbug     ’13
  6. Chaos in Mudbug    ’14

The Helena Diaries    ’13  (Novella) (after Showdown in Mudbug)

Rose and Helena Save Christmas  ’14 (novella w/ Denise Grover Swank)

Ghost-in-Law Boxset (contains books #1 – 3)


Main Character: Shaye Archer, Amnesiac, Licensed Private Investigator

  1. Malevolent    ’15
  2. Sinister    ’16
  3. Diabolical    ’16
  4. Wicked    ’17
  5. Unseen ’17
  6. Dreadful ’18

MYSTERE PARISH MYSTERY Series: (Harlequin Intrigue)

(Books 1, 2, & 3 belong to the Mystere Parish series and the next three belong to the “Family Inheritance” Mystere Parish series.)

  1. The Reckoning   ’12
  2. The Vanishing   ’12
  3. The Awakening   ’12
  4. The Accused   ’13
  5. The Betrayed   ’13
  6. The Reunion   ’13


Rumble on the Bayou    ’06

Unlucky    ’07

Bayou Bodyguard   ’11

The Secret of Cypriere Bayou   ’11

The Lost Girls of Johnson’s Bayou   ’12

The Awakening   ’19

Sours: https://cozy-mystery.com/jana-deleon.html
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Louisiana Longshot
  • Length:

    21 Books

  • First:

    July 2012

  • Latest:

    October 2021

  • Rating:

Series List in Order

Book Descriptions for series: A Miss Fortune Mystery

  • Louisiana Longshot
    Louisiana Longshot

    Book - 1

    It was a hell of a long shot.... CIA assassin Fortune Redding is about to undertake her most difficult mission ever—in Sinful, Louisiana. With a leak at the CIA and a price placed on her head by one of the world's largest arms dealers, Fortune has ...

  • Lethal Bayou Beauty
    Lethal Bayou Beauty

    Book - 2

    No one in Sinful liked Pansy Arceneaux, but who hated her enough to kill her? When aspiring actress Pansy Arceneaux returns to Sinful, Louisiana, to head up the beauty pageant portion of the Summer Festival, CIA assassin Fortune Redding knows she’s...

  • Swamp Sniper
    Swamp Sniper

    Book - 3

    From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon, the third book in the Miss Fortune Mystery series. When only a crack shot will do… In the two weeks CIA assassin Fortune Redding has been hiding in Sinful, Louisiana, she’s been ha...

  • Swamp Team 3
    Swamp Team 3

    Book - 4

    From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon, the next installment in the bestselling Miss Fortune series. What’s a little arson between friends? Undercover CIA agent Fortune Redding spent her first three weeks in Sinful, Louisi...

  • gator bait
    gator bait

    Book - 5

    From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon, the fifth book in the hilarious Miss Fortune series. Things are starting to look up for Fortune Redding. Even though her life was at stake, the CIA assassin had balked at taking on a n...

  • Soldiers of Fortune
    Soldiers of Fortune

    Book - 6

    From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jana DeLeon, the sixth installment in the bestselling Miss Fortune series. When Celia Arceneaux was elected mayor of Sinful, Louisiana, Fortune Redding expected trouble. The woman has an unmatched ...

  • Hurricane Force
    Hurricane Force

    Book - 7

    From New York Times bestselling author Jana DeLeon, the seventh book in the Miss Fortune series. A force to be reckoned with… During missions as a CIA assassin, Fortune Redding saw and overcame most every obstacle, but Sinful, Louisiana, keep...

  • Fortune Hunter
    Fortune Hunter

    Book - 8

    Someone has created a fake social media identity and is online romancing the lonely women of Sinful in order to scam them out of money. Because he always seems to pick the perfect targets, Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie think he must be either a Sinf...

  • Later Gator
    Later Gator

    Book - 9

    A poacher is at work in Sinful, Louisiana, and Deputy Carter LeBlanc is hot on the trail of the outlaw, trying to apprehend him before the state gets wind of the crime and sends a game warden to take over his investigation. Unfortunately, he’s hind...

  • Hook, Line and Blinker
    Hook, Line and Blinker

    Book - 10

    Nobody knows speed like Ida Belle. Behind the wheel of her hopped-up Blazer, she’s the queen of the back roads. But when someone tries to kill Hot Rod and steals only black SUVs from his shop, Fortune worries that excessive horsepower is the least ...

  • Change of Fortune
    Change of Fortune

    Book - 11

    Sinful, Louisiana, is always a hotbed of activity, and despite the steamy heat, August is no exception. Godzilla is terrorizing the town, looking for a home-cooked meal, and Gertie is worried someone will take the gator out before she can get him...

  • Reel Of Fortune
    Reel Of Fortune

    Book - 12

    Nothing says Welcome Home like a murder.It’s official. Fortune Redding is out of the CIA and a newly minted resident of Sinful, Louisiana. She never expected her homecoming to be all apple pie and hugs, but a murder wasn’t on her list of things t...

  • Swamp Spook
    Swamp Spook

    Book - 13

    When black cats roam, and spooks are seen, Come celebrate, it's Halloween. Sinful, Louisiana, really knows how to throw a party, and it goes all out for Halloween. The weeklong celebration kicks off with a maze of horror in the park built of h...

  • Fortune Furlough
    Fortune Furlough

    Book - 14

    It’s not a vacation until there’s a murder.Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie are finally off to Florida on the vacation they’ve always talked about. Days filled with white sand, turquoise water, and fruity drinks are the only thing on the agenda. ...

  • Cajun Fried Felony
    Cajun Fried Felony

    Book - 15

    Venus Thibodeaux had a reputation for being trouble. Some said she started at birth. When she finally left Sinful shortly after turning eighteen, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. When she blew back into town four years later, no one was happy abou...

  • Swamp Santa
    Swamp Santa

    Book - 16

    It’s Christmas in Sinful and Fortune is set to participate in all the local hoopla. A Christmas gala, caroling, and a sleigh ride are on the agenda. Murder is not. But when someone bumps off Santa, Fortune is aware a killer is lurking among the hol...

  • Bullets and Beads
    Bullets and Beads
    • May-2020
    • / Police/Detective/Law Enforcement
    • BuyBuy

    Book - 17

    Let the good times roll?It's Mardi Gras time and Fortune is looking forward to seeing the spectacle firsthand, but when a visitor to Sinful is murdered during the celebration there, Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie can't help but wonder what happened. ...

  • Gators and Garters
    Gators and Garters
    • Aug-2020
    • / Police/Detective/Law Enforcement
    • BuyBuy

    Book - 18

    'Til death do us part?Ida Belle, Fortune, and Gertie are gearing up for the big day-Ida Belle's wedding to Walter-but when the caterer goes missing just a week before the big day, it puts a huge black mark on the joyous celebration. Molly Broussard i...

  • Fortune Funhouse
    Fortune Funhouse

    Book - 19

    Death is a roller coaster.The traveling carnival has made its stop in Sinful and everyone is ready for thrilling rides, challenging games, and most importantly, funnel cake. But when a man is murdered in the funhouse and Emmaline LeBlanc is knocked u...

  • Frightfully Fortune
    Frightfully Fortune
    • May-2021
    • / Police/Detective/Law Enforcement
    • BuyBuy

    Book - 20

    Rest when you're dead?It's time for the annual Halloween festival in Sinful, and Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie can't wait to suit up and enjoy the food and activities. But when a dead man gallops through the park on a black stallion and slides to a ...

Sours: https://www.fictiondb.com/series/a-miss-fortune-mystery-jana-deleon~33490.htm

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Rrr, emotions will tear me now. I know what I'll do to you. You will be punished.

Change of Fortune (Audiobook) by Jana DeLeon

There was just a stop and I went out for a lemon and a chocolate bar, quickly returned, strange but I was even a little worried and. My heart seemed to be beating strongly, incomprehensibly). We talked about everything, Sveta was reclining, and when she lifted or moved, I could see her pink panties, I was never interested in women, but then I suddenly became interested in how it was between her legs, I even smiled, Sveta was telling something, I liked her voice, and I relaxed listening to her, sometimes peeping under her dress, she somehow did not hide, sometimes spreading her legs wide apart.

I remembered that in my past family life, my husband and I had everything, and therefore all these pussies are not for me, the pussy is between my legs, Sveta was. Just telling something funny, so remembering the past, I laughed.

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In simple terms, I also learned to draw, like an artist. So today she stayed in the studio. I quickly found her, since it was summer, evening, and most of the creative students had already scattered in all directions - just to drink and indulge in.

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