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Vertical Tube Aquarium (Build Tutorial)

Yo what's up my fellow Minecrafters, welcome to another aquarium build tutorial, and happy Halloween to you guys! I'll be posting more frequently here now that my stupid exams are over! I have a load of things planned, including fixing my dead Youtube channel, reopening my dead Java Edition cracked server, playing more Minecraft (what else) and making more of these awesome build tutorials for you guys! Enough of me rambling on and on, time to move onto the post!

Today I will be showing you guys how to make a vertical tube aquarium, which is a cylinder shaped fish tank that can be viewed over different levels of a building. This is the second build in my line of aquarium builds, hope you enjoy it!

Also thanks for the post feature!

user uploaded image
user uploaded image

Today's Build: Vertical Tube Aquarium

Materials Needed:

-Sea Lanterns


-Coral, coral blocks & fans

-Seagrass, sea pickles & kelp

-Fish Buckets



-A LOT of water

-Imagination & Creativity!

Resource Packs Used:

-Faithful 1.14.4 (32x32)

-Clear Glass (1.13+, recommended for this build)

Step 1: Build a "circle" with sea lanterns. It musn't be too small, but it doesn't have to be very big either.

user uploaded image

Step 2: Fill this circle with sand. Gravel can be used if you're making a coldwater biotope.

user uploaded image

At this point my world crashed for some reason & I had to make a new world. I decided to embed the sea lanterns and sand in the floor. I also made the circle much bigger as the previous one was too small.

Step 3: Start building the glass walls upwards over the sea lanterns.

user uploaded image

The walls should be built upwards quite high. It should be built really tall if the "circle" is very big.

user uploaded image

Step 5: Finish the walls. I added sea lanterns in the walls at intervals of 6 blocks to represent levels, as I wanted to incorporate this tank into a building eventually. Fill in the water. Use the /fill command to be faster and neater.

user uploaded image

Step 6: Once the tank is filled, make a stone spike in the middle of the tank. Use andesite, cobblestone/mossy cobblestone, or regular stone. (I used andesite for mine.)

user uploaded image

Step 7: Make coral "shelves" out of coral blocks on the spike.

user uploaded image

Step 8: Add coral, seagrass, sea pickles and other decorations. I also put coral fans & sea pickles on the stone spike.

user uploaded image

Step 9: Finish the build with fish, squid & turtles! Dolphins aren't good for these tanks because they might drown due to the depth of the water. Turtles can breathe underwater somehow in Minecraft, but don't add too many. Some large corals were added here as well.

user uploaded image

Tips For Building:

-You can add soul sand in the tank to create bubble columns, but if squid are repeatedly pushed out of the water by them they will suffocate. Do NOT use magma blocks.

-Kelp can be added, but it grows tall and block the view so I didn't add any.

-You could incorporate this into a mansion or shopping mall over different levels as a nice decoration. If you do, comment pictures of them down below! I'd love to see your builds!

As an additional note, feel free to buld this and include it in a post, I won't consider it plagiarism as this is a tutorial for you to try and build anyway. Just put the credits in your post.

Have fun building!



Sours: https://aminoapps.com/c/minecraft/page/blog/vertical-tube-aquarium-build-tutorial/xku2_u6P6MLJv5G5KY01LwrL8Ro0ko

Introduction: Minecraft Working Aquaium

This is a really cool build it is an aquarium where fish swim around. I made it in the xbox360. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: What You Need

What you need is

2 chests

126 black clay

2 glowstone

84 ice

5 vines

3 glass

4 dead bushes

47 sand

2 cooked fish

2 raw fish

3 hoppers

3 droppers

4 redstone torches

1 redstone repeater

1 redstone comparator

1 redstone dust

4 blocks for the red stones I used lime stained clay.

Step 2:

First what you do is replace the floor with sand 5x8. Man in the back corners make what you see in picture 2. Then in the middle between them put a double chest.

Step 3:

On the right next to the double chest put a hopper pointing back words. On the 2nd block from the right put a ice block with vines on it. Next to it put a dead bush. In front of the hopper place 2 ice blocks then place vines on the back of the ice then break the bottom block.

Step 4:

Forward one block and to the left of the double chest place another ice blocks and lines on the back of them. In place glass blocks over the to back dead bushes that you just placed and 1 over the chest but forward one block. Now in the block you chose (I used black stained clay) replace some of the blocks around the edge of the sand like you see in picture 2. Then on those clay blocks place ice 3 high. Now next to the 3 high ice you just placed make place 3 high clay and 2 wide Do this on both sides.

Step 5:

Now using your ice blocks you are going to place them along the side of the right wall heading downwards then going to the front wall and then down to the ground heading towards the hoppers. This is where your water will go so your fish swim.

Step 6:

Now where your first hopper you place is place another to hoppers but these two pointing to the right. Where these two hoppers lead place 3 droppers (not dispensers) pointing up. Then to the left of the droppers dig a hole 2 wide and 3 more long it needs to be too deep as well. And break the block under the bottom dropper.

Step 7:

To the left of the dropper one block down place a block then on that block place a comparator. Then place a block to the left of the comparator and on the back of it place a redstone torch.

Step 8:

Right under that torch place a piece of redstone dust. Place a redstone repeater heading into the block that the comparator is on. Place a redstone torch under the bottom dropper.

Step 9:

Place a block over the Redstone torch and place a nother redstone torch on the right side. Place a block over the redstone torch you just placed and place another redstone torch on it to the left of the dropper. All the Redstone should now be working so if you want to you can throw anything into the hopper and it will pop out of the top dropper. If it does not you did something wrong.

Step 10:

Now put a little casing around the top dropper and place water over the dropper and it should go through the little thing you made earlier and stop right before the vine and the hopper.

Step 11:

Now put a roof over the whole thing except for right above the double chest where the double chest is place glowstone right over that hole not in it because it might melt the ice.

Step 12:

Now put your fish one at a time in the bottom dropper and then watch them go. You are now done. I hope you enjoyed this instructable. Don't forget to vote.

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Sours: https://www.instructables.com/Minecraft-Working-Aquaium/
  1. Tony salcedo
  2. Algo traffic
  3. The skindex
  4. Router jointer



Let’s build a nice, cozy aquarium for our marine friends!

Step 1

We’ll make it so our aquarium is built when we swing a Trident! Add to your code and set the item type to Trident.

Step 2

Add a to your code to build the glass structure.

Step 3

A size of 8 x 8 x 20 should hold enough specimens. Change the from position to ~5 ~0 ~-10 and the to position to ~12 ~7 ~10 in your . We use 5 and 12 as the first coordinates, otherwise we’ll end up swimming with the fish!

Step 4

Next, we’ll use a for the water. Add one to your code and set the block type to Water. We only want to fill the inside of the aquarium, so set the from position to ~6 ~1 ~-9 and the to position to ~11 ~6 ~9.

Step 5

The aquarium is ready to be populated! We’ll want multiple fish and coral living inside it, so we’ll need a loop to create them all. Add one to your code.

Step 6

Let’s start with the fish. Put in a inside the loop, and change the animal type to your favorite fish.

Step 7

We’ll now make the fish spawn randomly inside the aquarium. Set a inside the , and change the from and to positions to the same area as the water: ~6 ~1 ~-9 and ~11 ~6 ~9.

Step 8

Time to decorate! Drag a inside the loop and set the block type to your favorite coral. Drag a inside it, and change the positions to ~6 ~1 ~-9 and ~11 ~0 ~9 so the coral spawns on the floor.

Step 9

Bring your aquarium to life by adding more fish and coral in the block! To speed up the process, copy or and insert. When you’re done, go in-game and use a trident to see your aquarium take shape!

Sours: https://minecraft.makecode.com/tutorials/aquarium

If you are wondering how to make an aquarium in Minecraft, you will need to do it yourself through several methods, as there is no official way to do it in the game.

The best way is to start out simple and gather some glass blocks, a water bucket, and some sand.

This is the most simple and best way to make yourself an aquarium in the game, and it doesn't need to be fancy, just something to put fish or other water creatures in.

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Start by placing the glass blocks to your height and width preference. There is no right or wrong way to make an aquarium. Just place the blocks to how you want it or how much room you need.

Once the glass blocks are placed, put the sand in the area on the other side of the glass blocks and then fill the entire area up with water.

You might need to place some blocks starting from one end of the glass blocks to another to fill the aquarium completely up.

When you are done, you should get something that looks like the image above ( again doesn't need to be pretty, it just needs to get the job done).

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Sours: https://progameguides.com/minecraft/how-to-make-an-aquarium-in-minecraft/

Aquarium minecraft

How to make an aquarium in Minecraft

You've been playing a lot lately Minecraft, Mojang's well-known sandbox title, and he's already learned how to do a lot of construction. However, there are some that still get you in trouble, as you don't know where to start to configure them. One of these is the Aquarius.

Well, I get you, it's not really very easy to understand how to make such an object. In any case, do not worry: in this guide I will explain you in detail how to make an aquarium in minecraft and I will analyze the subject in 360 degrees examining all the possibilities that the title Mojang offers. Finally, I will also explain how to beautify the structure that you will mount a bit, to contextualize it in your environment.

Courage: why are you still motionless in front of the screen? Take five minutes of free time and follow the quick instructions below. I assure you that the result will satisfy you. I have nothing left to do but wish you good reading and fun!

  • How to make an aquarium in Minecraft
  • How to create a well designed aquarium in Minecraft

Before going into the details of the procedure in how to make an aquarium in minecraft, I think you might be interested in learning more about this possibility.

Well, within the Mojang title there are different types of fish : Of cod Alabama salmon, Through the tropical fish and Blowfish. The latter are found in the various waterways scattered around the map and can be placed within a Aquarius. However, it is good to know that there is no object named this way, but it can be built.

Some players think it is only possible in Minecraft fishbut actually it's also possible "trap" the latter, using a Bucket. The latter is created by joining 3 units of iron ingots.

To get the latter, you must put del crude iron He was born in any fuel within furnace. For more details, I suggest you check my tutorial on how to make the oven in minecraft, in which I also explained how to "turn it on."

Why concern crude iron, you can find it, for example, in cave, using a peak. For more information, I recommend that you consult my guide on how to survive in minecraft, in which I explain how to build a little bit all the basic elements for the Survival mode of the game (including the stone pickaxe, which you can use to extract raw iron).

In any case, once you get a Bucket, you can 'catch' the fish simply by going to a stream, filling the bucket of water and interacting with me fish while you have the latter in your hand. You can catch practically any fish and you will get, for example, the article bucket with puffer fish.

The latter will allow you to place the fish within Aquarius, taking it out of the bucket, without too much trouble. In short, "fishing" fish in Minecraft is possible.

As for the Aquarius in itself in fact I materials needed are not many. Just get yourself a little blocks of any kind to create wall, the bottle (are created with 6 axis units ) He was born in jar to close the aquarium. For more information, I recommend that you check out my tutorial on how to make glass in minecraft.

For the rest, in case of doubts about how to create a certain object, I suggest you consult the practical tool My search, accessible through the official portal. Just use the search bar located in the upper right, writing the object name you want to build and select the most relevant result.

In this way, the combination of elements needed to create that particular object and you will no longer have doubts about how build it. In short, following my instructions and "leaning" on this tool, you should not have any particular problems to achieve your goal.

How to make an aquarium in Minecraft

After explaining the possibilities that the game offers, I would say that it is time to act and create an aquarium in Minecraft.

To continue, make a wall with any type of block. I advise you to do this 6 x 6, with thickness of 2 blocks.

Now break 4 blocks placed in the center, in order to create a "hole".

Therefore, place 4 blocks above the ground, 2 "in" from the hole e 2 out.

At this point, take some bottle and place them around the outer blocks you just placed.

After that, place gods glass panels to the sides and in front of the front blocks.

Now take the Bucket (I explained how to do it in the previous chapter), fill it with any River and use it for fill the aquarium with water. The hatches must "contain" the water.

After that, fill the bucket of water (in Survival mode, just use it in a water source) and find a River in which there are gods fish.

Therefore, approach the fish you want to 'capture' (you can take one at a time), use the bucket of water and you will get the item in your inventory Bucket with fish (for example, a "cube with cod").

So go back to yours Aquarius and place the fish inside. Perfect, now you can use the bucket again to catch more fish (obviously you have to fill it with more water) and voila.

Once you have caught the fish and put the correct items in place to beautify the aquarium, you can «Close» the upper part With some bottle. Now you have your own aquarium in Minecraft!

How to create a well designed aquarium in Minecraft

How do you say? the aquarium design What I have illustrated does not convince you at all? No problem, I will explain how to beautify it correctly right away, obviously starting from the basis that I explained how to create in the previous chapter.

The first thing you may want to do is remove glass panels, which "stick out" perhaps too much from the structure. Instead, you might think of using gods invisible blocks.

In this case, you must use the mando (in the editionJava Minecraft) or (in the Bedrock version).

Replacing the glass panels with the object Barrier, you will get gods blocks not seen, but I remind you that you are still using "tricks." For more details, I invite you to consult my guide on how to have invisible blocks in Minecraft.

At this point, I would say that the design is already much better than before, but it is possible to work on it a little more, perhaps with the help of some mod for it. Java version of Minecraft for PC. In particular, I would like to advise you to use the Aquaculture mod 2, which by the way is also compatible with the 1.15.2 of the game.

To continue, you must first configure the Forge Profile, required to use Minecraft mods. Therefore, connect to the official Forge portal and press the button Installer, taking care to download the correct version, which is compatible with the Aquaculture2 mod (eg 1.15.2).

Now, start the file forge- [versione] -installer.jar obtained, check the box Install client and press the button Okay. Perfect, Forge has been successfully installed on your PC.

Once this is done, connect to the CurseForge portal and click the button Download which is on the right (selecting the correct version of Minecraft). Then, Move / Copy the file Aquaculture- [versione]. Jar en mod folder of Minecraft.

Su Windows, the way forward is , in the meantime Mac OS es . Speaking of Windows, you may need to follow my guide on how to view hidden folders to get to the path mentioned above.

Now open the Platform Minecraft, click on down arrow icon on the left, select the profile Forge and press the button Theater plays.

To enter, therefore, in a party in Creative mode (maybe the one that created the aquarium earlier), press the button mi at keyboard, click on the right arrow present at the top and select the fishing rod icon (it's top left).

Here you will find everything elements added by the mod, which are mainly myriads of new fish to use in your aquarium. By the way, you can already take the relative Bucket. Just drag what you want (for example Bucket of Synodontis) to the quick inventory and use it.

For the rest, in addition to varying with the cubes available (for example, there is also the jellyfish, which can be obtained through the «Jellyfish Bucket»), you may be interested in putting some Water grass inside the aquarium, to beautify it a little more.

Great, now you have all the information you need to create very nice aquariums from a design point of view. Obviously, you can use this structure as a base, indulging yourself and creating much larger and more complex aquariums.

Since you are a fan of the Mojang title, I also advise you to take a look at the page of my site dedicated to Minecraft, where you can find a large number of tutorials that may interest you.

Sours: https://paradacreativa.es/en/como-hacer-un-acuario-en-minecraft/

How to build a small aquarium in Minecraft

An aquarium is an excellent way for Minecraft players to spice up an otherwise dull house. It comes in various shapes and sizes and can act as a home for the various aquatic life found in the game.

A base with a massive aquarium is sure to shock any visitors who happen to wander by it.

Luckily, aquariums are pretty easy to build for even beginner builders. At its simplest form, an aquarium only requires glass so that players can view their aquatic animals. However, those who want to make their aquarium reflect their personalities tend to spice it up with the various building blocks that Minecraft offers.

Creating a great-looking aquarium in Minecraft

Aquarium design ideas

Adding kelp and seagrass (Image via Reddit)

As stated above, an aquarium can be as straightforward or as complicated as the player desires. Some like to create massive aquariums with hundreds of fish, and others only want a small and detailed aquarium such as the design seen above.

Users looking to create a small aquarium are in luck as they will get a tutorial on how to do so below.

The Reddit post above provides an in-depth tutorial on how to create the fantastic aquarium seen above. It uses a wide variety of blocks to give it a simplistic yet detailed look.

Of course, readers do not have to make a carbon copy of this aquarium, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with doing that.

The creator of this aquarium was wise to use trapdoors atop the tank to prevent the aquarium from having a blocky look.

They also use two quartz stairs to create the sides of the tank. This is another amazing use of block manipulation and adds a lot of detail that isn't too intrusive. Minecraft players are recommended to try different types of stairs to see how the final item would look.

The use of blue terracotta at the back of the tank is a wonderful choice as it gives off tons of aquatic vibes. Sea lanterns are also an excellent choice for players who want to add light while keeping the aquatic vibe.

Of course, the creator of this design added tons of sea life to this aquarium as well. A singular fish can be seen floating in the tank, but readers should not be afraid to add more. Of course, they must add enough water to keep their fish comfortable.

In addition to the fish are ocean plants such as seagrass and kelp. They look fantastic, and gamers are highly recommended to use them in their designs.

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This design is one of the best small aquarium designs on Minecraft Reddit, and it's no surprise that it received 70,000 upvotes.

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Sours: https://www.sportskeeda.com/minecraft/how-build-small-aquarium-minecraft

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