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Here is a fantastically interesting subject talked by The Spartan Life Coach Richard Grannon. Self sabotage comes in all forms and can stem from all manor of issues but one of these is the fear of “Rising Too High”. Have you ever seen a parent who is in competition with their children, they want to be their child’s best friend, hanging out with their friends and wanting others to seem them as sisters or brothers.

The parent can often make the child feel like they can’t be prettier than their parent, and if you rise to high or shine to bright then you are punished for it by your Narcissistic parent. This type of parent can suffer narcissistic injury from their child doing well, then they can punish the child for making them look stupid or feel inadequate.

So it is from a Narcissistic parent that the child can learn to self sabotage, because failure is safe from punishment by the Narcissistic and abusive parent. This in turn can also lead to the parent saying things like “I always new he/she would mess it up” so it’t kind of like the saying “Damned if you do and damned if you don’t”. The child can enter adulthood afraid to success and ready to fail, because at least he/she understands where they are in that hierarchy and relationship.

In the video below, one of our Trusted Coaches and one of the leading names in personality disorder studies Richard Grannon, talks about this subject and gives great advice on what to do and how to handle these feelings.

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Richard Grannon's Bio:

When Richard Grannon graduated from Aston University with a BSc in Psychology and a focus on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), he decided not to settle into one of the existing psychotherapeutic outlets for clients. Instead, he created his own. Richard Grannon is the founder and creator of The Spartan Life Coach course, which uses multimedia to help and support victims of narcissistic abuse. He continues to share insights into the issue, which he feels is chronically unacknowledged in today’s society.Richard Grannon has a BSc in Psychology, trained with Richard Bandler, and has a background in the British education system in which he was a motivational speaker and a programme developer for children and teenagers. He is founder of the Spartan Life Coach system.

Richard Grannon's Experience:

  • Founder, Psychological Trainer/Instructor at Spartan Life Coach

    May 2012 - Present

Richard Grannon's Education:

  • Aston University

    Concentration: BSc Psychology & Management

  • Birkenhead Boys School

Richard Grannon's Interests & Activities:

Martial Arts, Psychology, Philosophy, Travel

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When not torturing his neighbours by dancing (poorly) to early 90's house music in his underwear, Richard Grannon can be found making funny faces in the gym lifting things that he has no business lifting or chasing after his dog Max down the beach bellowing at him to stop eating trash, poopy, sandwiches, children etc.

Richard Grannon is a life coach who can help you find your core values and understand your direction in life. With a BSc in Psychology and a Master Practitioner certification in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Richard is “The Spartan Life Coach” — an expert in applying the Spartan values of strength, self-discipline, and bravery to psychological training. Working with Richard enables you to take back control of your life… and finally be authentic to yourself again.

Some of Richard’s earliest work in life coaching was aimed toward the younger sector. In his early twenties Richard primarily coached teenagers to nurture their emotional intelligence, set goals, and learn how to make informed decisions that benefited their lives. Soon Richard expanded his focus and began creating psychological solutions for clients of all ages and backgrounds. His unique style of life coaching, coupled with his groundbreaking forays into lesser-known issues like narcisstic abuse and complex PTSD situations, quickly made Richard stand out in his field.

Richard’s coaching and motivational speaking has taken him across cities, countries, and even continents. One of his most memorable international experiences was when he lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for three years. He created the Dynamic NLP Group and ran his own meetup groups there, as well as in the UK, where he is originally from. Richard was an integral part of the growth of NLP in Kuala Lumpur; there hadn’t been much interest in the subject beforehand and he is proud to have started a movement within the community. The meetup group still thrives in Kuala Lumpur under new leadership.

To truly connect with someone, a life coach must be able to enter that person’s mindset, and Richard has had the complex, yet rewarding experience of doing this in cultures that are vastly different from his own. Following his eye-opening stay in Kuala Lumpur Richard has now moved to Portugal, where he is learning new political and social structures and understanding how they feed into the nation’s views of psychology. Through his day-to-day work and his international experience, Richard Grannon has cultivated a unique ability to do therapeutic work.


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