Burlap valances for living room

Rustic or farmhouse interior design flaunts natural, repurposed elements, which burlap plays an important part in. This nature-inspired theme embraces the power of distressed materials, neutral tones and vintage-style designs. In rustic-themed homes, it is mainly the kitchen that’s the center of the attention. This is why it is common to find burlap curtains as the focal point of the kitchen.

Rustic burlap curtains add an authentic and natural texture in a farmhouse style home. But if you’ve never heard of such window dressings, you’re not alone. Here we will delve into all the interesting facts about burlap and show you a list of our favorite picks.

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What is Burlap?

Also known as hessian or jute, burlap is a coarse texture material with strong fibers used to weave the material. The term burlap is mostly used in Canada and America. This highly durable fabric can be used in all types of indoor and outdoor projects as it’s heat resistant.

Burlap usually comes in natural tan, brown or beige, but it can also be easy dyed in multiple colors. Since the material is rather coarse and itchy, it doesn’t make suitable clothing fabric. Instead, it is ideal for curtains and covering furniture.

Burlap is usually made from a plant’s skin called jute. However, some burlap curtains are also made from natural flax or hemp fabrics. You may also find synthetic fabrics for making burlap. The jute plant is up to 12 feet long with naturally golden colors. This plant is biodegradable and the stems are used to process the burlap.

This eco-friendly material is once again becoming popular as it’s affordable and easy to decorate your home with.

Why Choose Burlap Curtains?

Burlap curtains have a rustic, distinctive look. These types of curtain materials can make an interesting window treatment thanks to their rough-spun, farmhouse appearance that complements most informal settings. Burlap is best paired with other natural textures and fibers, but it can also work with smooth, modern designs.

In rustic settings, the burlap curtains’ highly textured surface complements any natural element or country-style furniture. These window treatments add an exotic touch to any room of the house, no matter how patterned or plain their design.

If you choose coarsely woven burlap curtains, you can still see some light passing through them while providing privacy. These curtains are a good choice for rooms like kitchens, which don’t need to block all exterior light.

Since burlap is mostly made from jute fibers or natural hemp, it contains no pesticides. However, even if you can’t find natural jute burlap curtains, there are high-quality polyester and cotton burlap window treatments that look just as beautiful and are hypoallergenic. These curtains are extremely durable and resistant to tears. And best of all, they are incredibly affordable!

If you want to decorate your windows with rustic burlap curtains, take a look at our examples that showcase the versatility and beauty of this classic fabric.

Our Selection of Best Rustic Burlap Curtains

Soft Burlap Short Curtains

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Brighten up your dining room or kitchen with these short-length burlap curtains. They are the stylish way of maintaining your privacy while allowing natural light into the room. The tan curtain is made from quality polyester with the same look of burlap to create a rustic style in your home.

Burlap Weave Grommet Curtains

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Featuring an intersecting texture, this burlap weave thermal curtain offers 100% blackout and can be installed on grommet. The curtain adds a hint of farmhouse chic style to any living space. It comes with built-in metal grommets for easy installation on standard curtain rods. The energy-saving curtain will filter 100% light and reduce outside noise by around 40%.

Triple Ruffle Burlap Valance

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Window valances aren’t just decorative necessities. They can also make your windows appear taller and hide the drapery hardware. These stunning ruffled burlap curtains add depth and detail to your living room or kitchen as well as conceal any architectural flaws like uneven window frames. These  cotton tan color window dressings are the perfect valances to incorporate into any rustic or farmhouse decor.

Burlap Swag Curtain for Small Window

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This semi-circular floral hem burlap curtain looks stylish in any room with small windows. The 3-inch rod pocket is easy to hang the curtain on and each package comes as 2 panel sets. The tan color swag curtain is made from high-quality, durable polyester with a soft and flowy feel. It looks just like burlap but without the coarse texture. The textured polyester is soft to the touch, drapes beautifully and nowhere near as stiff as real burlap.

Burlap Curtain with Burgundy Stencil Stars

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Now how about a natural burlap curtain featuring stencil stars. This traditional curtain style will complement any rustic or country home and is made to last thanks to the 100% cotton material. The unique and versatile texture of this curtain will frame your window beautifully. When paired with other rustic furniture, it will blend with your decor. Each package includes two panels with matching tie backs. The curtain measures 40 inches in width by 84 inches in height with a rod pocket for easy hanging.

Full-Length Burlap Curtain with Rod Pocket

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We’ve already shown you short-length cotton and polyester burlap curtains, but how about full-length real jute drapes in a neutral earthy tone? This luxuriously textured burlap weave material slides onto rods via the sewn rod pocket. The curtain is crafted from 100% jute to allow plenty of natural light to enter the room. The natural appearance and its unique texture add depth to any room. So if you want a focal point in your traditional interior, pick these natural burlap curtains for extra luxury. They will drape beautifully from any window.

Burlap and Check Valance

Check Price on Amazon

Another rustic burlap curtain that reminds us of the old days is this natural jute window valance. It is ideal for kitchen windows and can easily be installed on a rod using its 2 inch rod pocket.

Burlap Applique Star Prairie Short Panel Set

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While all burlap curtains are suited for traditional style interiors, this short-length window treatment is especially ideal for country homes. The curtain features red-orange natural burlap with appliqued star design. The curtain includes a rod pocket for easy installation and built-in adjustable drawstring ties with a straight bottom edge to complete the look.

Lace Cafe Kitchen Valance

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Spruce up your kitchen or bathroom with this beautiful lace cafe valance. The sheer burlap curtain features an interesting lace accent in beige color and two cream bows that raise the bottom of the valance to highlight the lace. The burlap curtain’s rod pocket tops make it super easy to hang on your kitchen or bathroom window.

Natural Jute Burlap Valance

Check Price on Amazon

This versatile natural jute valance fits into all decor styles, including farmhouse chic or rustic interiors. The decorative valance effortlessly slips across your existing curtain rod for quick and easy installation. The valance is available in multiple color and size options, thus making it easy to find the perfect match for your rustic decor. It is particularly ideal  for minimalist or modern decors. We love the way this valance adds a subtle elegance thanks to its classy pattern. Just choose the color that best suits your rustic decor.

Farmhouse Burlap Tan Balloon Valance

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Who doesn’t like balloon valances made from 100% cotton burlap. This versatile rustic design gives plenty of texture to the kitchen, bathroom or dining window. The biggest advantage of this curtain is its softer feel when compared to traditional jute burlap. Since the valance is unlined with a loose weave texture, it lets plenty of light into the room without being too sheer so you’ll still enjoy a little privacy while the sunshine brightens up your living space.

When you pair this farmhouse style tan valance with your rustic decor, its unique texture will give your windows a refreshing look. Mix and match it with burlap table cloths or furniture for a cohesive decor scheme.

Rustic Short Paneled Scalloped Curtain

Check Price on Amazon

Who doesn’t like balloon valances made from 100% cotton burlap. This versatile rustic design gives plenty of texture to the kitchen, bathroom or dining window. The biggest advantage of this curtain is its softer feel when compared to traditional jute burlap. Since the valance is unlined with a loose weave texture, it lets plenty of light into the room without being too sheer so you’ll still enjoy a little privacy while the sunshine brightens up your living space.

When you pair this farmhouse style tan valance with your rustic decor, its unique texture will give your windows a refreshing look. Mix and match it with burlap table cloths or furniture for a cohesive decor scheme.

Blackout Curtain for Small Window

Check Price on Amazon

Our last burlap curtain on our list is this sophisticated design that allows you to dress your small window with style. It is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens. The microfiber blackout curtain is heavy and interwoven by innovative triple weave technology. We especially like the cappuccino color, which is the perfect shade for filtering 90% light.

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13 Rustic Burlap Curtains for a Distinctive Look

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How to make curtains using burlap 2021

Learning How to make curtains using burlap is probably the easiest and most inexpensive way to decorate a room in your home especially if you have a lot of windows. Curtain panels are expensive so why not make your own window treatments?

Our modern farmhouse family room at our old house had 10 large oversized windows and needless to say, purchasing curtains, custom or not, would have cost a pretty penny.

The curtain panels I wanted were a light brown and cost $55 a panel. Yikes!  I decided to purchase burlap fabric in a natural color and if you know anything about burlap, it’s cheap! DIY burlap curtains are the best solution for filling a room with a lot of windows if you are trying to save money.

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.

How to make burlap curtains


It always amazes me how our burlap curtains trend on google year after year especially during this season. Looks like I am not the only one who loves the farmhouse transitional home feel. I have updated this post for 2021 providing the latest source links and tips. 

Michael’s Crafts offers many coupons online so I printed one for 50% off . I paid $1.50 per yard with the coupon. I used 3 1/2 yards per curtain panel. Not only did the burlap add a great color to the room, the texture was the icing on the cake.

The burlap fabric provides a nice light filtering curtain panel.

Burlap Curtain Ideas

Burlap curtains  add phenomenal texture to a space. Our family room is large and the burlap texture helps create warmth without leaving a heavy look around the windows.

If you wanted to line your curtains panels to block the sun, you could definitely do that too!

Each window has two burlap curtain panels.

Curtains made from burlap fabric are also perfect to create a farmhouse feel. 

Buy slipcovered sectional chaise sofa 

I love how the light brown burlap curtain panels look against the blue/green wall color.

The wall color is call Wythe Blue by Benjamin Moore.

So fresh and clean.

How to make curtain panels without sewing 

So lets get started.

I found most of the items needed to make the burlap curtains at Michaels Crafts. You can buy these items though at just about any store.

Items needed:

Stitch Witchery to make a hem on the curtain panels

Curtain panel pins

Scissors to cut the curtain panels

Iron filled with water (for steam) to attach the stitch witchery to the burlap fabric 

You will need to make sure that your iron is nice and hot and has a steam feature. I would suggest that you have a large area (like the floor) to work on.

Step 1

Simply fold a hem (I folded about 10 inches for deep pocket) and pin.

Step 2

Next, place your stitch witchery (bought at Michael’s Crafts)  where you would normally sew a hem on the burlap fabric.

You may want to consider having a towel or large blanket under your burlap curtain panel to protect the carpet.

If you find that your burlap fabric curtain has an odor, be sure to read my post on how to eliminate burlap odor.

The stitch witchery really works well and the burlap fabric stuck great to it.

You can use the stitch witchery all around the sides if you want a hemmed look throughout your curtain panel. I chose to have a deep pocket top hem on my curtain panel,  the edges frayed on the sides and a small hem on the bottom of the curtain panel.

It’s a matter of preference so go with what you like!

Here is a picture of the family room during Christmas. 

These no sew curtain panels were so easy to make and look gorgeous!

In about 45 minutes, I made 10 burlap curtains  for this room and the curtain panels look amazing!

If  you are looking for a lighter colored burlap fabric curtain panel, be sure to check out our no sew “white” burlap curtain project embellished with twisted sisal polka dots.

We have burlap curtains hanging in two rooms now in our home. It’s such an easy and inexpensive way to add curtains that look great.

I remember when the photographers showed up for the This Old House magazine photoshoot (click here to see that post), they couldn’t believe the burlap curtains were made from raw burlap. 

Curtains are expensive and DIY Burlap Curtains are cheap and inexpensive.  

Burlap Curtains alternatives

If you are not a fan of burlap curtains, you can purchase any type of fabric and follow this same process. I prefer fabric with some polyester and not 100%. You want to make sure that the fabric has a bit of texture to it and curtains hangs nicely.

If you don’t want to make your own curtain panels, these curtain panels are very similar to mine and very affordable!

If you are in the market for a white slipcovered chaise sectional sofa, this sectional is similar to mine in this picture.  If you prefer a more traditional sectional, we also have this white sectional. 

I have these curtain panels in our new family room (we moved to this Mediterranean house) 

This tutorial of how to make curtains using burlap is I think, the best money saving project I have done so far.

Not only do the burlap curtains add great texture, character and color to the room, I think it gives the overall room the light and airy feeling I was going after.

The only downfall is you cannot wash burlap curtains but for the cost, I am happy to just shake the curtain panels outside a couple times a year.

You can see many more pictures of these curtains in our family room + “Fall Home Tour” post as well as how we added wide pine planks to the walls to create a modern cottage feel. 

This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience.

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Sours: https://www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com/how-to-make-curtains-using-burlap/
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jinchan Burlap Valance Curtains Damask Printed Paisly Rod Pocket Drapes Multicolor Medallion Flax Kitchen Living Room's Window Curtain 1 Panel 45" Blue

jinchan Burlap Valance Curtains Damask Printed Paisly Rod Pocket Drapes Multicolor Medallion Flax Kitchen Living Room's Window Curtain 1 Panel 45" Blue


200 ratings Write a review

Item #:


Order now and get it around Friday, October 29

Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on (110-120) volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • Ready Made: 1 panel tie up curtains for window, W42xL45|panel.
  • Light Control: With these linen textured blue panels you get 50% sunlight out for bedtime.
  • Energy Smart: These thermal insulated curtains will make a budget noticeable difference, lower your heating & cooling cost by preventing sunlight & draft from getting in.
  • Easy Care: Machine washable in cold water, tumble dry. Quick ironing or steam clean as needed.
  • Visit our store to find coordinating accessories and hardwares.
Product Dimensions45 x 42 x 0.01 inches (114.3 x 106.7 x 0 cm)
Item Weight13.8 ounces (391.23 grams)
Item model numberJCUSRPDM-4245C02
MaterialPolyester, Polyester Blend
BrandJinchan (0 cm)
SizeW42 x L45


jinchan Burlap Valance Curtains Damask Printed Paisly Rod Pocket Drapes Multicolor Medallion Flax Kitchen Living Room's Window Curtain 1 Panel 45" Blue

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For burlap room valances living

$13 jinchan Burlap Valance Curtains for Kitchen Living Room 45 inche Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Window Treatments jinchan,www.5asec.cl,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products , Window Treatments,Curtains,Kitchen,inche,/balalaika278492.html,$13,45,Living,Valance,Room,Burlap,for $13 jinchan Burlap Valance Curtains for Kitchen Living Room 45 inche Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Window Treatments jinchan Burlap Valance Curtains for 45 Kitchen Online limited product Living inche Room jinchan Burlap Valance Curtains for 45 Kitchen Online limited product Living inche Room jinchan,www.5asec.cl,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products , Window Treatments,Curtains,Kitchen,inche,/balalaika278492.html,$13,45,Living,Valance,Room,Burlap,for

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Rustic décor has certainly carved out its well-deserved spot in the world of interior design. This nature-inspired theme harnesses the decorative power of natural and unfinished materials, vintage-inspired designs, neutral tones and repurposed fixtures. And no room in the home lends itself to the beauty of the rustic theme than the center of the home – the kitchen.

Window treatments can really tie a room together in terms of theme or color, and a rustic-themed kitchen is no exception to this basic rule. Below I’ll show you 17 examples of stunning rustic kitchen curtains that invoke the classic and versatile look of aged burlap.

Collaged photos of curtains, 17 Adorable Rustic Burlap Kitchen Curtains

17 Rustic Burlap Curtains That Will Transform Your Kitchen

While the word “burlap” might not inspire the most vivid of imagery when you first think of it, I urge you to think again. These 17 examples of burlap valances and curtains showcase the versatility and the beauty that is inspired by classic burlap colors and patterns.

Rustic Burlap Valences

1. Triple Ruffle Country Valance

Fashioned from 100% jute, this ruffled and rustic valance offers a beautiful accent for your kitchen windows. This valance measures at 72 inches across, so you can use just one to create a beautiful single window accent. Using more than one will create a cohesive, rustic country look that will make your kitchen the envy of the neighborhood.

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2.  Primitive Country Ruffled Window Valance

For a rustic look that really calls back to the old days, this jute burlap window valance is a must-have. This opaque valance measures in at 72 inches by 14 inches and works splendidly at muting even the brightest of the sun’s rays. Install this valance on your window to create a whimsical, countryside kitchen look.

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3.  Natural Jute Valance 2-Piece Set

Whether you only want to accent a single window or create a cohesive theme across multiple windows, this 2-piece set is a brilliant find. Each valance in the set is 72 inches by 16 inches and feature a 3-inch rod pocket for easy installation. Spot clean as needed to keep these beautiful window treatments looking exceptional!

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4. Rose and Ruffle Window Valance

For a classically rustic curtain with a touch of something whimsical, check out this window Valance from AT! This 100% burlap curtain contains three beautiful rosettes, which would be the perfect touch to any country-inspired, French or rustic-themed kitchen space. This heavy jute burlap valance is 72 inches by 14 inches, large enough to decorate most windows without blocking out all the sunlight you want in your kitchen.

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5. Classic Burlap Tie-Up Window Valance

From Curtains by Jinchan comes this eye-catching tie-up window valance made entirely of cotton while still maintaining the hearty and home-warming appearance of jute burlap. The standard window valance is 72 inches by 14 inches, but you can contact the seller for a customized size to fit your kitchen window of nearly any size!

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Burlap Curtain Sets

6. VHC Brands 2-Piece Set

Are you not fond of the heavy feeling of traditional jute burlap but you love the look? These cotton window curtains from VHC Brands are a terrific find for you! Each set is sold in 2 pieces, with each measuring at 24 inches in length and 36 inches in width – perfect for top and bottom window treatments!

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7.      Cappuccino Tie-Up Blackout Curtains

At an impressive 46 inches in width and 63 inches in length, this blackout curtain can cover a window of nearly any size – in any room! Tie them up when you want to let some natural light into your kitchen or leave them down when you want some privacy or indoor shade. Made out of microfiber in a beautiful shade that mimics jute burlap, this curtain is remarkably easy to clean. Wash in cold water and then tumble dry!

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8. Classic Country Farmhouse Burlap Curtains

From VHC Brands comes this matching 2-piece set of tie-back cotton curtains sold in natural burlap color. 84 inches long and 40 inches wide, this full-bodied set of curtains look great in any room, but especially in a rustic-themed kitchen or dining room. Tie them back to let the sunlight in or let them hang to invoke a classically farmhouse-inspired look in your kitchen.

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9. Country-Inspired Burlap Curtains

Two identical drawstring panels in this natural tan shade are classically cozy-looking, straight out of a country kitchen! These curtains are made of 100% cotton burlap and boast a width of 36 inches and a length of 63 inches when used together. These curtains are the perfect window treatment for any country or rustic-inspired kitchen that’s looking to harness the beauty of burlap and neutral tones.

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10.  Burlap Tan Tier 2-Piece Pair

Another smashing selection from VHC Brands, this two-piece burlap kitchen curtain set is the perfect accent for any kitchen window. This set is available in 2 different dimensions: L36’’ by W36’’ and L24’’ by W36’’ so you can pick the size that best fits the window you have in mind. These durable curtains are surprisingly soft, allowing a gently muted light to come through during the day.

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Primitive Rustic Burlap Curtains

11.  Burlap Curtain with Black Stencil Stars

“Plain” burlap on its own looks amazing in a kitchen space, but as this design from VHC Brands shows, there’s something to be said for adding a little extra flair. This 36’’ by 36’’ curtain is fashioned entirely from cotton and woven into a pattern designed to resemble burlap, and then accented with eye-catching black stars throughout.

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12.  Berry Vine Valance

This lined burlap valance dials up the country style a touch with berry and white plaid and the depiction of a berry vine across the brown of the burlap. At 72 inches wide and 15.5 inches in length, this valance is a perfect accent for any red and white country kitchen or any primitive kitchen that could use a pop of something classically colorful.

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13.  Black Star Burlap Valance

Bold, black stars against a burlap backdrop make for an incredible accent in any country or rustic-themed kitchen or dining room. At 16 inches in height and 72 inches in length, this beautiful valance will fit in the average kitchen window with no hassle. The curtain is fashioned of 100% cotton, with tan fibers loosely woven to mimic the classic appearance of real jute.

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14.  Patterned Star Burlap Curtain Pair

VHC Brands knocks it out of the park again with this 36’’ by 36’’ swag set, featuring patterned stars against a neutral backdrop. The warmth of red, yellow and orange tones will look great in an Americana, country or rustic-inspired kitchen, especially in the window above the sink! We’ve shown you curtains featuring solid black stars, but these more subtle star shapes might blend a bit more seamlessly into your interior design.

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Burlap and Lace Curtains

15.  Rustic Burlap and Cream Lace Window Valance

Though this valance is fashioned out of polyester, it perfectly illustrates the look you’re going for when choosing burlap curtains for a truly rustic look in your kitchen. The added element of lace along the bottom adds a classically country touch for any window that can accommodate 60 inches in width and 16 inches in length.

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16.  Sheer Burlap Lace Café Curtains

These billowy, beautiful jute curtains fuse country with sophistication through a unique composition and ruffled embellishments. Each 2-piece order of curtains is hand-made to meet your specifications. To get your hands on a set of your own.

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17.  Off-White Window Treatment with Burlap Lace


When you think of burlap curtains with lace, you generally envision the lace being white. This curtain turns that tradition on its head with burlap colored lace against an off-white curtain backdrop. At 43 inches wide by 14 inches long, this valance looks incredible in any kitchen space. If you want a custom size to fit your kitchen window to exact specifications.

Contact the seller on Amazon by clicking here.

Burlap is as Rustic as it Gets in the Kitchen

Rustic design has a lot of repurposed and natural elements, of which burlap is both. So, it makes sense to add these features into your kitchen if rustic is the name of the game. Hopefully, the 17 examples above will help guide your interior decorating as you move toward having the rustic kitchen of your dreams.

Love the rustic look? Want to learn more about creating it in your home? Make sure you read our thorough guide on Rustic Home Decor here.

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